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Eyrie Of An Aries

I couldn’t think of a good title for this post! It sort of deals with labels and how people define themselves and others by these ever-changing, subjective definitions.

These thoughts began percolating over the past week. Whenever I hear a discussion being had by others, or read dialogue in the comment sections of blogs, news articles, YouTube videos or in-game zone chat, the inevitable accusation made by one person to shut up another is this: “You’re such a politically correct, overtly sensitive SJW – get over yourself!” Merely telling someone not to be an asshole or a douchebag will have people hurling that label at you wherever you go.

It is almost as if being “PC” is the worst thing for a human being to be. It’s perfectly fine to be a racist, rapist, thief, liar, murderer, child molester, or abuser of anything and everything you can get your hands…

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A Short Monday Musing…

I couldn’t think of a good title for this post! It sort of deals with labels and how people define themselves and others by these ever-changing, subjective definitions.

These thoughts began percolating over the past week. Whenever I hear a discussion being had by others, or read dialogue in the comment sections of blogs, news articles, YouTube videos or in-game zone chat, the inevitable accusation made by one person to shut up another is this: “You’re such a politically correct, overtly sensitive SJW – get over yourself!” Merely telling someone not to be an asshole or a douchebag will have people hurling that label at you wherever you go.

It is almost as if being “PC” is the worst thing for a human being to be. It’s perfectly fine to be a racist, rapist, thief, liar, murderer, child molester, or abuser of anything and everything you can get your hands on; if you actually give a shit about how another human being is treated, people act as if you should be strung up from the highest tree by a tiki-torch-waving mob.

In the spirit of calling things what they are – you know, calling a spade a spade – I figured I’d get all that icky, gooey, PC-speak out of my system. It is hard to be completely honest if I’m always biting my tongue or walking on eggshells, so it is time to purge.

* You don’t have CPTSD from your daddy looking at you cross-eyed when you were four. You’re a mentally imbalanced, sobbing, incoherent mess who lashes out mindlessly at everyone who asks you what is wrong. The people who enable your bullshit are just as psycho as you are.

* You don’t have ADD / ADHD or whatever other alphabet soup acronym you choose to excuse your disordered behavior. You’re a scatterbrained, disorganized, unreliable flake who is unable to commit to anything unless you deem it important to or for yourself.

* You don’t have a hoarding disorder due to OCD. You are a disgusting, subhuman creature who chooses to exist in mountains of your own filth.

* You don’t have DID. You get attention by feigning helplessness and by being chronically manipulative.

* You’re not bipolar. You’re incapable of taking responsibility for your impulsive, immature actions and want a free pass for them.

Do you like me better now that I’ve posted something that isn’t oozing with what you determine to be political correctness? No ranting was involved, either.

I’m finally getting the hang of this blogging thing!


F**K it Friday!!!

LOL – no, I’m not in a bad mood. A little snarky, feeling aggro and frustrated, perhaps, but not necessarily in a bad mood! Exasperatedly amused is another way to describe how I’m feeling, I suppose. What is causing this consternation? Simple: nobody knows how to socialize face-to-face anymore! I used to think that I was socially inept because I could read people TOO well and never played the ‘social butterfly’ at parties. I’m a very sensitive ISTP, meaning that I feel drained by people sometimes. My husband’s energy can be chaotic – mine can too, of course – but it grates on me when I’m trying to relax and focus.

Anyway, back to the topic: socializing. The way people socialize has (d)evolved dramatically with the age of the internet, and it appears I have to catch up with the times. Face-to-face interactions are now done on webcam, through mediums like Skype or Twitch. People ‘stream’ themselves into other’s homes, virtually. Mere conversations aren’t enough…the pressure to prove that one isn’t a robot or a bottom-feeding ‘catfish’ seems constant. At the same time, every so-called ‘social’ website seems to do little more than create drama and nonsense, especially among those whose need for attention drives them to interfere in the lives and relationships of others. People create phony online personas out of sheer boredom, not caring about whose lives they might turn upside-down.

I like my privacy and my ‘fortress of solitude’ – but, I also know that I have to be a little more open if I’m going to sell my books. I have to step outside of my walls and my comfort zone…and I hate it. I don’t want to, but I have to. Sometimes in life, we have to do the things we don’t like to get ahead and accomplish a life-long dream. I have to be seen, be known, and become familiar to others. I have to put in ‘face-time’ – and that really chafes my buttocks!

Time for a bit of honesty and levity from the past week. I watch The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien regularly – they are my main means of getting news and information without raging or weeping…a dose of comedy eases the bad taste of events around the world. Below are three great discussions – enjoy!

The Nightly Show: Science vs. Religion

The Late Show: Stephen is a sexy teenaged vampire!

The Nightly Show: “Journalistic Jerking”

Today marks the 201st birth anniversary of Adolphe Sax…so, here are three songs that don’t have saxophones in them!

Thursday Thoughts…15 October 2015

Sitting here with a cup of coffee in hand, just thinking…I’ve always been more introspective than anything. If something goes wrong, I go inside and analyse it – must be the moon in Virgo thing. Instead of (or after) getting emotional, I turn it over and over in my hands, looking at it and picking it apart. The dog with the bone, shredding the gristle and cracking it open to get at the marrow inside. Tenacity. Grit. Drive, dedication, and determination – those are my qualities. Those are the things I live by. For some reason, though, there are people who want to slam your life and experiences. They choose to dismiss what you have gone through and demand that you acknowledge THEM. THEY are important, not you! Such psychopathy and narcissism is literally, physically nauseating to me.

I was thinking about this because of a recent comment made to me. Instead of reacting and responding to the vitriol and nonsense, I decided to sit and examine it for a bit this morning – I do my best thinking and writing in the mornings, and pretty much always have…my night owl tendencies are another topic, entirely! Anyway, while I was examining the comment, the town sirens began to sound. For those who live in areas where natural disasters are common, you might have a similar emergency system: if there is an event that requires evacuation, the sirens will sound and you must take prompt action pertaining to said event. There are monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly tests of these various systems, ranging from tsunami warnings to Amber Alerts. Growing up in Southeast Alaska, our emergency warning systems were the public radio and any CBs, shortwave, marine, or HAM radios various residents owned and operated. Living in South Dakota for a time exposed me to the klaxon system: massive sirens clustered on a single pole, radiating in all directions in a specific neighbourhood, or a single rotating horn of impressive decibel volume – the rotating ones were usually located near schools or hospitals, from what I saw.

At any rate, I have survived earthquakes, tornadoes, intense thunderstorms, and blizzards. I know about wildfires, flash-floods, tsunami, and avalanches. There are some people who are clueless about those events, just as I am clueless about dyslexia or privilege. I know that these things exist, but I have never experienced them personally. I won’t tell another that their experience is right or wrong, or that it didn’t happen…but for some reason, other people have done this to me throughout my life. Those people demand that I acknowledge THEIR lives without giving so much as a thought to my life, my experiences, and what I attempt to communicate. ’tis a strange thing, indeed…

Oh, well – there are some things in life that will never be answered, no matter how much we try! Enjoy these three Thursday songs…time for me to run some errands and do a little bit of housework.

Talkin’ About My Generation…

Before this scheduled post, I wanted to acknowledge a major event in this country. 50 years ago the governor of Alabama, George Wallace, blocked the entry of Black students to the University of Alabama. President John F. Kennedy acted to remove him from the steps of the school so the students could attend. Today marks the day that NAACP activist and civil rights pioneer Medgar Evers was gunned down at his home. The vitriolic political climate today rivals the hatred of that time, even though people keep claiming that we’re in a ‘post-racial’ society (whatever the fuck THAT means)! It’s an amazing, fascinating, and very sad thing. From the Huffington Post:

“Evers was 37 when he was shot and killed outside his home in Jackson, Miss., on June 12, 1963. The man accused of his murder, Byron De La Beckwith, was freed in 1964 after two trials ended with deadlocked all-white juries. In 1994, he was retried and found guilty of murder. He died in prison in 2001.

Bill Clinton called Evers the first assassination victim of the civil rights struggle. The former president said it was a time when African-Americans could fight and die in combat overseas but, in many Southern states, couldn’t vote or run for office.

“The next time you hear people complaining around Washington about what a rough business democracy is, we might do well to remember what it was like 50 years ago and the sacrifices that were made,” he said. “When you get angry about what you see and frustrated in Syria and the aftermath of the Arab Spring, remember 1963 when we lost a genuine soldier, citizen, hero, and left his wife to chart her own course for 50 years.”

I would add that Emmitt Till might be called the first recognized assassination victim, for many reasons!

On another note, Tata Madiba is gravely ill. He’s been in hospital for five days now, battling a recurring lung infection. He looks so frail…Winifred has been to see him; one of his daughters flew in from Argentina, where she is an ambassador. They are saying their good-byes to that great man. He’s a true king; a legend, a giant among men. I remember when he was released from that South African prison…I thought, “Wow…this man has been behind bars longer than I’ve been on this earth.” Some things are very humbling when you take the time to think about them. He’s fought long and hard for his entire life, it seems. It’s time for him to rest, and I will be saddened by his passing…I, and multitudes of others.

Back to the topic: The ‘generation gap’ has been on my mind recently, due to conversations I’ve had with my son about things in his life that he’s wrestling with. Like many ‘millennials,’ he’s on Facebook and tends to be very vocal about his life; I’ve tried to let him know that he leaves himself very open and vulnerable to heartless sociopaths by doing so, but he doesn’t listen. He thinks that having an assload of online ‘friends’ means something, even though his loved ones are merely a phone call, text, or email away – and always available if he wants to talk. It frustrates me at times that he places so much value on some faceless interweb denizen’s opinion! Anyway, there was some ‘news piece’ on a local channel, talking about how the generation labeled ‘baby boomers’ are experiencing hearing loss at an earlier age than, say, the ‘greatest generation’ did. It made me reflect a little bit on my own, ‘lost’ generation – the one labeled ‘Generation X.’

To me, the ‘boomers’ seemed to be the most self-centered generation. They acted like the only historical events occurred during their lifetimes, even though plenty of events have happened since they stoned it up at Woodstock. They spoke of Vietnam, murdered politicians, marches for everything under the sun, and The Beatles. They think that, because the ‘civil rights’ and ‘equality for women’ era was in the forefront, they’ve solved all of the problems and “nope, nothing more to see here – we’ve done it all!” They talk about the four students killed at Ohio State as if nobody else has ever been murdered by police during peaceful protests. They were the most vocal about childbirth, sexual development, and sex after 40…now they’re vocal about geriatric sex. Come to think of it, obsessing about sex-related things seemed to define their generation the most – and, I can see that ‘millennials’ have the ‘boomers’ beat when it comes to sexual obsession and blind self-absorption! It’s so strange…I recall a time when knowing how to ‘read’ people was an important skill. Because of this, I much prefer face-to-face interaction when I have to talk with people – they can’t hide their thoughts, because their expressions give them away!

I’m a GenXer, but I was born after my time…I also feel, in some ways, that I was born before it. Where and when I ended up in the world when I was born is just that – I’m here now, at this time. I’ve never ‘fit in’ anywhere, with anyone, so being a solitary loner is my nature. I observe anything and everything that catches my attention. I also enjoy life to the utmost – it’s a treasure to appreciate!

What defines Generation X? Depends on who you ask, I guess. Lots of people would say, “Apathy – GenXers don’t care about ANYTHING!” Not true, not true at all. Speaking for myself, I would say that I care TOO much sometimes – I have to step back at times and ask myself, “Is this really what it seems?” The Cold War was at its height during my youth, so propaganda about the ‘evil Russkies’ and the ‘great bear’ was everythere, much like the anti-Muslim propaganda is now. The point is, those of us who were exposed to propaganda tend to recognize it for what it is – although, admittedly, a lot of people still fall for it! Personally, I try not to jump on a bandwagon or ride coat-tails, and that’s why I’m accused of not caring. I care, but I don’t need people pushing my buttons or demanding that I see things exactly the way they do. It’s impossible! Cynicism and skepticism is big amongst us, too.

My generation shares common experiences. Here are but a few:

  • The launching of the first space shuttle.
  • Owning a ‘personal computer’ – the home-based PC.
  • Video games! Atari, Coleco, Activision, etc.
  • The fear of nuclear war.
  • Personal stereos: if you had a boom-box, you were righteous; if you had a Walkman that had two headphone jacks, you were too cool for school!
  • Making those gawdawful fashions of the ‘70s and ‘80s work – it was tough, but doable! Best leftover fashions of those days are bell-bottom jeans, platform shoes, and big hair. Yes, I rocked ‘Afro-puffs’ before they were in style!
  • “I want my MTV!!!” – those words were on EVERYONE’S lips! The video age was in as ‘video killed the radio star.’ Music took evolutionary leaps with the mighty Moog synthesizer, amongst other things.
  • We were called “latch-key kids” because we were the first generation to come home to an empty house after school. Both parents working; the baby-boomer ‘hippies’ morphed into ‘yuppies.’
  • Corporal punishment still occurred in schools – the teacher could beat your ass at school, then you would get another ass-whipping when you got home for acting up! No worries about some psychotic fucktard shooting up the classroom, or getting shot yourself for giving some nerd a wedgie.
  • If you don’t remember Esperanto or the real ‘generic’ foods that used to be sold in stores, then you’re most likely NOT a GenXer.
  • The news stations hadn’t quite gotten into the entertainment industry, so you could still trust what was reported. Being a journalist still meant something, so you could still see ‘real’ journalists in action. No, Geraldo wasn’t counted even then because of his moronic stunt with Al Capone’s vault, along with everything he did on his fucked-up ‘talk’ show.
  • Video cassette recorders and video-discs. The original DVDs were larger than LPs! The question to ask in stores was, “VHS or BetaMax?”
  • Cassette tapes, 8-tracks, and vinyl could all be found in the same place – now, what stores remain will turn over entire departments to fit in the ‘latest technology’ and get rid of the tried and true, all because of some blast on Facebook, Twitter, or Yelp.

That was merely a tiny sampling of common experiences that link a lot of GenXers. I’ll leave you with a few more songs, because I can’t stop looking out of the window. The sun is peeking through the clouds, I saw a rabbit just outside of the fence this morning, and the fawnless doe was bedded down next door for a few hours. I enjoy living in an area that’s like a nature preserve…it keeps me in touch with reality!

Before the music, one final thought: what do you do when you go to a baseball game and a hockey game commences? Wow…

Steve Miller Band: “Serenade

Howard Jones: “New Song

Bruce Hornsby & The Range: “The Way it Is

Faith No More: “We Care a Lot

Dire Straits: “Money For Nothing

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