Thursday Thoughts: Horror, Hatred, & 584 Days…

Just a few random thoughts from me today, as I catch up on reading blogs and recent events in the world. It appears that the mastermind behind the attacks in Paris, France, was killed in a raid. People still put virtual candles up on their blogs, or real candles in their homes, for the people who lost friends and loved ones. It would be nice if they put candles up for the victims of recent bombings in Kano and Yola, cities located in Nigeria. For that matter, keeping candles lit in solidarity for the girls and young women who were abducted from Chibok, Nigeria, last year. Does anyone remember them? They have been gone from their friends and loved ones for 584 days, now…I will continue to count the days until they are returned, but when something like this occurs, my hope wanes and dwindles.

The city of Minneapolis, in the state of Minnesota, has been a hotbed of contention over a story that has been overshadowed by the Paris attacks. Police officers in that city shot and killed an unarmed Black man on Sunday, 15 November, and the expected over-reaction and over-reach by authorities in the face of justifiable anger and outrage is, once again, leading them to unreasonably and violently harass and detain people who are protesting peacefully.

The hysteria and anti-Muslim rhetoric continues to grow in the U.S., and I find it disgusting and abhorrent. Knee-jerk reactionaries screech for the annihilation of an entire group of people, for the actions of a few, per usual…but only selectively, of course.

At least there are good things, too – I congratulate the governor of Connecticut for his compassion and humanity. Kudos to you, good sir.

In other news, scumbag Charlie Sheen finally admitted to paying much money to keep his HIV-positive status secret – status that he was aware of for four years. Oh, but that’s right…that will be swept under the rug because he already had a “bad-boy” reputation, and “boys will be boys,” so – nothing to see there! The witch-hunt for Bill Cosby, meanwhile, continues…and keep in mind, he STILL hasn’t been OFFICIALLY CHARGED WITH RAPE, unlike former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle, who has apparently been sentenced to 15 years in prison for preying on children – and fucking BRAGGING ABOUT IT. Do I think that Bill Cosby did some scummy, shitty things? Of course. Is he the only one guilty of doing so? Hell to the no. There are far worse predators out there than Bill Cosby ever thought of being…and many of them could easily be texting, sexting, and otherwise soliciting a young person you know, right this very minute. My own niece, who just entered middle school, is already getting inundated with inappropriate shit…and it pisses me off to no end.

I’ll close with something good so that I can get the bad taste out of my mouth – here is some profound knowledge dropped by the estimable Neil deGrasse Tyson:

If you cherry-pick scientific truths to serve cultural, economic, religious or political objectives, you undermine the foundations of an informed democracy.

Science distinguishes itself from all other branches of human pursuit by its power to probe and understand the behavior of nature on a level that allows us to predict with accuracy, if not control, the outcomes of events in the natural world. Science especially enhances our health, wealth and security, which is greater today for more people on Earth than at any other time in human history.

The scientific method, which underpins these achievements, can be summarized in one sentence, which is all about objectivity:

Do whatever it takes to avoid fooling yourself into thinking something is true that is not, or that something is not true that is.

This approach to knowing did not take root until early in the 17th century, shortly after the inventions of both the microscope and the telescope. The astronomer Galileo and philosopher Sir Francis Bacon agreed: conduct experiments to test your hypothesis and allocate your confidence in proportion to the strength of your evidence. Since then, we would further learn not to claim knowledge of a newly discovered truth until multiple researchers, and ultimately the majority of researchers, obtain results consistent with one anther.

This code of conduct carries remarkable consequences. There’s no law against publishing wrong or biased results. But the cost to you for doing so is high. If your research is re-checked by colleagues, and nobody can duplicate your findings, the integrity of your future research will be held suspect. If you commit outright fraud, such as knowingly faking data, and subsequent researchers on the subject uncover this, the revelation will end your career.

It’s that simple…

That is a code of conduct that all professions should strive for, no?

Midweek Musings & Music!

Power outages are so annoying! The windstorm over the weekend didn’t knock the power out, and we’ve finally gotten some measurable rain, but the combination of both has saturated the soil, causing some weakened trees to fall on some power lines. So, the power was out for a little over 3 hours today; mildly inconvenient, but not the end of the world. The local utility company gets things back up and running fairly quickly, at least!

I use an old-school, manual typewriter for my writings, so the topic I was going to post originally is ready – I just have to re-type it here on the computer so it’s ready to post tomorrow. Speaking of topics, there seem to be some knee-jerk reactions to some of mine. Here’s a little tip: if you don’t like a post, don’t hit the ‘Like’ button. If you have a negative response, then take a deep breath, close the browser window, and do something else. Disconnect and disengage – it’s really easy to do! I see a shit-ton of things that I dislike, on the interwebs and IRL, and guess what: it’s called life. Deal with it. My blog isn’t about anyone else’s precious little fee-fees, just like other people’s blogs aren’t about my precious little fee-fees. That’s why I don’t have ‘trigger’ warnings or ‘NSFW’ warnings – this is an adult blog for adults, plain and simple! Anyone who wishes to try to bait me or debate me here will meet with silence: I DON’T ARGUE ONLINE – PERIOD. END OF FUCKING STORY. Some people like wading into that nonsense – me, I do my best to take the high road. Am I always successful? Of course not. Unlike some people, I don’t pretend to be perfect or know all of the answers. If I start feeling like I’m being dragged into a futile conversation, I disengage. Gaslighting is a petty act, and one that I can see a mile away. So, back up, Chuck – save the drama for your mama!

On that note, enjoy these three songs…time for some fun!


Thursday Thoughts…


The weekend draws near and I have some things on my mind…so I’ll pull them out and put them on the table! First off, there was a much-anticipated announcement regarding The Daily Show, and who would be replacing Jon Stewart, after he announced not long ago that he would be stepping down after hosting the show for over 15 years. That person is Trevor Noah, a comedian and talk show host from South Africa. From the Huffington Post:
The Daily Show finally has its new host: Trevor Noah. Noah, a South African comedian and one of the newest “Daily Show” correspondents, was mentioned Friday as the front-runner to replace Jon Stewart on the Comedy Central show. On Monday, The New York Times reported that Noah would officially take over hosting. Since Stewart announced in February that he’d be stepping down from the show after hosting for over 15 years, a handful of possible replacements have been considered. Lists of the potential next host have included Jason Jones, Samantha Bee, Tina Fey and Jessica Williams, who said she was under-qualified for the position.”

I’m pleased as hell over the announcement, personally – but I appear to be one of few, if the comment sections of every online article about it are to be believed! Knee-jerk reactionaries are already claiming that this is the “death of the Daily Show,” which is friggin’ ridonkulous…I personally, never watched the Daily Show when Craig Kilborn hosted it, so I have no idea what shoes Jon Stewart had to fill. Still, people gave him a chance and the show continued…so, why such an outcry now? Yeah, I know the reason…just wanted to make certain you’re paying attention. We all know that people are up in arms because they think their precious late-night programs are getting too “ethnic,” hence the shitty comments made by others about how Larry Wilmore’s show is an “epic failure” just because he isn’t Stephen Colbert. Well, I liked Colbert’s show and can’t wait to see what he does when he takes over the helm from David Letterman. I am also enjoying Larry’s show immensely, and think that his approach is refreshingly different. It’s a shame that he only accepts questions from the Twitterpated Tumblrs and Mumblrs who ‘swipe left’ at everything that isn’t about a Kar-trash-ian or some random white slag, but I don’t need to ask anything…I’ll continue to watch.

Next, Serena Williams is the first Black female athlete to grace the cover of Vogue magazine. From Good Black News:

Game, set, Vogue!

Serena Williams is the first black female athlete to land a solo cover of Vogue, and the tennis pro looks absolutely breathtaking (she last fronted the magazine for the June 2012 issue alongside Ryan Lochte and Hope Solo). Serena sports long natural curls and a slim-fitting blue sheath dress on the cover, finishing her look with minimal makeup and a simple tennis bracelet (natch). Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the stunning spread, which also features tennis star (not to mention Serena’s best friend and top competitor) Caroline Wozniacki.

The tennis maven joins Lupita Nyong’oBeyoncéRihanna and Michelle Obama as high-powered black women to front Vogue in recent years. (One other black athlete has graced the magazine’s cover: LeBron James shared the April 2008 Shape issue with Gisele Bündchen for what became a much-debated spread.)”

I’ve admired the Williams sisters from the first day they exploded onto the tennis courts, and I wish I could afford to hire their trainer! The dress that Serena is wearing in the article is dynamite – I love that shade of red…it wouldn’t look bad on me, either! I was glad to read this article, especially after there were *CRICKETS* when some hateful, racist arsehole in the International Tennis Federation made some disgusting statements about Serena and Venus back in October of last year. Only Martina Navratilova had the guts to say something about the prick! From BBC Sport:

Martina Navratilova has criticised the “silence” of the International Tennis Federation after comments from one of its members about the Williams sisters. Russian Tennis Federation president Shamil Tarpischev described world number one Serena Williams and older sister Venus as “brothers”. The Women’s Tennis Association banned him for a year and fined him £15,500 but Navratilova wants ITF action. “The silence from the ITF has been pretty deafening,” Navratilova said.”

The silence from other, “pro-Black” blogs has been deafening as well…go figure.

Lupita Nyong’o will grace the cover of the May edition of Harper’s Bazaar UK, and I think it’s marvelous. I am pleased as hell to see more women that I can relate to on magazine covers, and there should be even more! We ‘Dark Girls’ have been shoved aside for too gawddamned long…guess what? We are beautiful, too. We don’t need to be pasty or pale to shine!
You wonder why I have “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” picture at the beginning of this post? It’s simple: the articles I listed are very good. The bad are the reactions and responses by hate-filled people who simply cannot accept that others don’t care to live in their shallow little worlds. The ugly is their hatred. Those people need to follow the advice in the closing picture, below. Heed it well!
Last, but certainly not least – today is the birthday of the incomparable Barrett Eugene “Barry” Hansen, another Aries who is better known as crazed radio personality Dr. Demento! In honour of his 74th year on this little planet, enjoy these three songs that I heard on his show as a radio-obsessed child.
Ray Stevens: “The Streak
‘Weird Al’ Yankovic: “Another One Rides the Bus
The Pipkins: “Gimmie Dat Ding

Aaaaahh…It’s April – 2014!!!

Baseball season has begun! I was pleased to see my Seattle Mariners whomp on the L.A. Angels, sweeping the 3-game series quite decidedly! Outscoring the ‘Halos’ 26 – 8 through the series, giving the mighty Ms their first 3 – 0 start since 1995…I remember those days! “King Felix” got the 10 – 3 win in the first game; great pitching was also done by Tom Wilhelmsen and Danny Farquhar, while a line drive from Mike Trout connected solidly with the lower leg of Charlie Furbush…I hope he’s all right. The bats were on fire as well, with explosive blasts from Justin Smoak, Kyle Seager, Mike Zunino, Brad Miller, and Robinson Cano. Michael Saunders made an unbelievable catch as he was falling which robbed a double from the afore-mentioned Mike Trout; it was spectacular to see. Erasmo Ramirez was dynamite in the second game (final score 8 – 3), and southpaw rookie James Paxton was sure and steady through his 7-inning appearance during the third game (final score 8 – 2). Hisashi Iwakuma, Stephen Pryor, and Taijuan Walker are on the 15-day DL; I wish them speedy recoveries and hope to see them back on the field soon. Also, I must admit that I was surprised to see Raul Ibanez wearing an Angels uniform, as I hadn’t heard that he’d been traded. That’s the way it goes in the sports world!

Seattle Mariners 2014 Schedule

Speaking of sports, it appears that the owner of the Washington, D.C. football team is sponsoring an ill-named ‘charitable’ foundation, which is a direct slap in the face to the First Nations peoples. Why, then, are none of the Twitterpated idiots (a.k.a. ‘twidiots’) jumping on that bandwagon? You would think that the ‘hashtivists’ would be tweeting, tumbling, Insta-gramming, Reddit-ing and Facebooking over that. No; they would rather go apeshit on Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A., over a Tweet that he didn’t even send, from an account that he has no control over. What’s really amazing is how many of them have sided with Michelle Malkin! Yes, that Michelle Malkin, the Asian darling of FauxNews and the self-hating slagheap who wrote a book justifying the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. Back to the ‘hashtivists’ – those same people also sided with the ‘female’ who started the #CancelColbert campaign. From what I saw, the picture associated with that account shows some slutty-looking Asian chick, and we all know that some overly-made-up, barely-legal-looking female striking a ‘sultry’ pose will always garner attention. What gullible fools the knee-jerk reactionaries are! No surprise, there…

It’s easy to distract people whilst getting their attention!

Speaking of fools, I want to shout this from the rooftops: “P.E.T.A., STFU!” Ye fucking gawds…Michael Vick, whether you like it or not, has done his time and paid his debt for that long-ago incident. Time to move on and get over it! Fucking hypocrites, anyway – if you’re so concerned about animals, why aren’t you bitching at the people working to find bodies after the landslide in Oso? Those poor dogs are being exposed to harmful chemicals from ruptured septic tanks and overturned diesel drums; why not go protest there? Oh, that’s right…it’s easier to target a single Black man – heaven forbid that you might piss off an entire group of grieving rednecks! I really can’t get behind a group that needs to use nude women for promotional purposes, anyway…seriously, though, animal-rights ‘activists’ are a hypocritical breed. Case in point: there is a veterinary hospital here on the Washington coast, located in the community of Raymond. A recent news story  on KOMO News spoke of how the employees lauded ‘Barefoot Bandit’ Colton Harris-Moore, who apparently ‘donated’ some of his ill-gotten gains to that hospital – that money is now up for auction. So, in a nutshell, these P.E.T.A. pricks want to hang Michael Vick from the nearest tree for actions done in 2006, but have no problems accepting a donation of stolen money that is mailed to them by a white criminal. That’s PERFECTLY logical, right?!? Sheesh…

What a sweetheart that thief, the “Barefoot Bandit,” is!

All right, enough from my soapbox for now. I’m off to Tamriel with my mighty, fighting Uruk-Hai! If you have to ask what I’m referring to, then don’t worry about it. It’s a gaming-geek thing…you wouldn’t understand!

Hellacious battles, anyone?

Bombs In Boston…

As I type this, the “breaking news” is splashing across the television screen…two bombs have exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Footage shows athletes running and then you see smoke billowing from the left side of the screen and some of the runners collapse. From the camera’s perspective, you see the smoke from the second explosion a little ways down the street from the first, on the same side of the street. Two people were confirmed dead at that time, and bits and pieces of the reports of the blasts were beginning to scroll across the bottom of the screen. Some mentioned a fire at the JFK Library, which is located a few miles away from where the bombs were detonated. A witness said that he “saw a garbage can explode.” Also, some reports were stating that officials weren’t certain if these were “acts of domestic or foreign terrorism.” To me, it has all of the earmarks of a domestic attack – the supremacist fuck in Spokane, Washington, was going to set off a bomb at a parade honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. a couple of years ago – this attack is too similar to the other which, fortunately, was caught in time. The sick bastard had loaded a backpack with ball-bearings and other metallic objects in order to do a lot of damage to innocent people, just like what happened today. Crazy, crazy shit…so much seems to be going on when it comes to these mindless, violent acts which are occurring on a daily basis as of late.

Some dude shot himself at an NRA-sponsored NASCAR racing event – how fitting! I just SMDH at that…it’s fucking karma from my viewpoint.

A number of white children have killed – or been killed – by senseless, preventable incidents involving morons with guns, but nobody is screeching about “white-on-white” violence and holding all whites responsible for every mass shooting, meth-lab explosion, DUII incident, or act of paedophilia or bestiality…again, it all boils down to karma. Shit like this happens all the time, and it has been happening in this country (and many others) for centuries – blaming non-white people for those acts is ridiculous, especially in those countries which are exclusively white – yes, they exist, and they aren’t violence-free utopias! People seriously need to get over themselves. Man is a violent beast and we do vicious things to each other, then pathetically attempt to justify those sick, reprehensible acts. We aren’t civil, yet pretend to be so! Ye gawds…

Now it seems that “a man of Arabian descent,” who was seen “running from the scene of the bombing with burns,” is being questioned in hospital. Interesting, but not surprising, that he was targeted for questioning. It’s exactly what happens to Black people when we go to any store with white proprietors: we are stalked, harassed, and questioned as if we’re born criminals, while whites with sticky fingers walk free. Shades of Oklahoma City, no? Disgusting racial profiling…Timothy McVeigh wasn’t automatically questioned outright! It will be interesting to see who claims responsibility for this, if anyone. * SIGH *

I’m waiting for the reports to be shown on the international news-sites that I read – the local and national ‘rags’ are just too predictable, anymore…

One final interesting note; today is a state holiday in Massachusetts: it is Patriots Day, celebrating and commemorating the first battles of the AmeriKKKan Revolution in 1775. I smell Teabaggers and the stench of so-called ‘patriotism,’ combined with the thinly-veiled racism of those who foment sedition and secession via sub rosa rhetoric and propaganda.

Let’s see what develops…

In Memoriam: Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin: 5 February 1995 – 26 February 2012

Today marks the day that, one year ago, a young man named Trayvon Martin was gunned down by a colour-aroused racistnamed George Zimmerman in a Florida neighbourhood. Trayvon was visiting his father and had gone to a convenience store to purchase some snack foods. As he returned, Zimmerman, a self-described “neighbourhood watchman” (read: trigger-happy vigilante wannabe), followed Trayvon, harassed him, and instigated an altercation which resulted in Trayvon’s murder. It was all needless, of course, but there are some very sick fucks out there who truly feel that Trayvon deserved to die, even going so far as saying that HE was the one who instigated the incident!

The Huffington Post reports:

“Today marks the one year anniversary of the Trayvon Martin shooting, the incident that sparked an international conversation about race, gun control and law enforcement.

Martin was headed back to the home of his father’s girlfriend shortly after 7 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2012, after a trip to the convenience store. George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old neighborhood-watch member, reported Martin to the police and told the 911 dispatcher that the teenager looked “suspicious.” Zimmerman was told by the dispatcher not to follow Martin, but a few minutes after the police call, Martin lay dead from a gunshot to the chest.

Zimmerman admitted to police that he shot Martin, but claimed he acted in self-defense. He was later arrested and charged with second-degree murder, and is currently awaiting trial set for June 10.

The case garnered national attention, with protests and rallies around the country calling for the shooting to be investigated and for Zimmerman to be prosecuted.

However, sentiments surrounding the case have been split. While many have asserted that the former neighborhood watchman racially profiled the teen, others have implied that he was justified in his actions, an opinion that hits home for Martin’s mother, Sybrina Fulton.

It really is disheartening to know that people in general are trying to justify why this adult male went after this teenage, young man. You can’t justify it. You can’t give a reason why. Because he was wearing a hoodie? Because of the color of his skin? Because of what he thought?[I]f this adult had remained in his vehicle, like the police dispatcher advised him to do, then this situation could have been avoided. He chose to follow my son. He chose to pursue my son. He chose to confront my son. And the result is my son’s death. I believe the responsibility lies on him as an adult because my son was not following him. He did not confront him. He did not chase him. And he did not have a weapon.”

The comment below followed that article, and it is the same load of scheisse that every racist, white-trash, inbred asshat out there regurgitates as they try to justify the cold-blooded murder of a 17-year-old who was minding his own business – because, after all, it’s only the racists who are justifying this murder. Check it out:

View All


Recency |


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5 minutes ago (12:49 PM)

“It doesn’t make sense that Zimmerman just shot Trayvon, without Trayvon attacking beforehand. The evidence points in this direction. If you can’t accept that, then you probably have a chip on your shoulder. Mixing your implicit or explicit memories with a case like this is a bad idea.
Everyone sees a cause and effect in this event. Some people jump immediately to the race factor, and others will ask themselves who attacked first. If you are in the latter group, then it makes sense that Zimmerman was provoked, and the evidence shows he was attacked brutally before taking a shot.”

Yeah, sure. Trayvon just attacked Zimmerman with no provocation, right? Newsflash, genius – a person who stalks another, needlessly, deserves to get a fucking beat-down! I’ve been needlessly followed by men on city streets as I walked from my bartending job at the Kingdome to my apartment in Belltown, and you can bet that I didn’t stand for it. By this fucktard’s logic, I would have deserved to die for protecting myself against rape or worse!

Here are the facts:

  • Zimmerman profiled Trayvon because of his skin colour: he thought he “didn’t belong” in the gated community.
  • Zimmerman stalked Trayvon by following him in his vehicle. He didn’t identify himself as anybody with any genuine authority to Trayvon, but he called 911 and reported Trayvon as being “suspicious.”
  • Zimmerman was told to stop following Trayvon, but he didn’t – he continued his stalking, then exited his vehicle – why?
  • Finally, mere minutes after the 911 call, Trayvon lay dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. That’s up close and personal…

It’s 2013. We’re well into the 21st century, yet there are still places that fly the confederate flag and insist that “It’s history, not racism!!!” Yeah, just look at Mississippi’s state flag, and then let it sink in that they only ratified the 13th Amendment on 7th February of this year – and then, only because of a fictitious movie! Alabama and Florida only recently removed the confederate flag as part of their state banner, but they kept it in aspect – so it was really a meaningless gesture!

Marian Wright Edelman, President of the Children’s Defense Fund, has an excellent article on the Huffington Post which asks this question: “What Killed President Kennedy & Trayvon Martin?” Here’s an excerpt:

“Shortly after President Kennedy’s assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that it was time for our nation to do some soul-searching, and while the question “Who killed President Kennedy?” was important, answering the question “What killed President Kennedy?” was even more critical. Dr. King believed the answer was that “our late president was assassinated by a morally inclement climate”: “It is a climate filled with heavy torrents of false accusation, jostling winds of hatred, and raging storms of violence. It is a climate where men cannot disagree without being disagreeable, and where they express dissent through violence and murder. It is the same climate that murdered Medgar Evers in Mississippi and six innocent Negro children in Birmingham, Alabama.” Dr. King further noted that the undercurrents of hatred and violence that made up this morally inclement climate were fueled by our cultural embrace of guns: “By our readiness to allow arms to be purchased at will and fired at whim, by allowing our movie and television screens to teach our children that the hero is one who masters the art of shooting and the technique of killing, by allowing all these developments, we have created an atmosphere in which violence and hatred have become popular pastimes.”

This climate is certainly prevalent today, and has been ever since President Obama took office – it isn’t coincidental. One look at the comment section following the article proves this, as most commentators completely missed the point of the article. They have an immediate knee-jerk reaction when the word ‘gun control’ is mentioned, and immediately start spouting off the usual skewed statistics about so-called ‘black-on-black’ violence.

You have people saying inane shit like “I don’t like the way he talks down to me during his appearances and speeches!” when you ask, specifically, what about Obama’s politics and practices they dislike. When I ask about a specific thing and the answer has nothing to do with the question, I pretty much figure that the person doesn’t have a leg to stand on and the conversation is over. I won’t argue or debate with people like that, because they’re not interested in a meaninful exchange of ideas. They’re the same people who will flood your inbox with old, unfounded hoax articles that have long been discounted by sites like I recently heard two old bags in a grocery store talking about how Michelle, Sasha, and Malia all “inconvenienced a bunch of shoppers” on a “recent trip to France.” Funny thing about that is, the trip was in 2009 – that’s not exactly recent!

* SIGH *

I fear that Trayvon and his family will not get their due justice – hell, this whole incident was buggered from the beginning – and it’s sickening. A young man’s life taken, solely because of the colour of his skin. A young man who could have been my own son. Maybe my nephew. He could have been a younger brother, a student, a family friend. Zimmerman gets to be fat and happy with his hateful family, while Trayvon’s family and friends mourn him. His promising life was cut short – stolen by a racist fuck with festering slag between his ears. And his ilk stand by him, supporting and justifying this unjustifiable act.

It’s Not Going to Stop, Is It?

Wow…just – wow…I’m speechless, but again – not surprised. I plug in the news this morning, and this gawdawful story smacks me in the face. Some freak in Alabama boards a school bus, takes a 6-year-old boy hostage, then kills the bus driver who tries to rescue the boy. The child is also medically fragile and requires daily medication to manage his condition – this is not good. The thing more disturbing than the incident itself, however, are the comments. We can assume that the perpetrator is white because of the nature of the crime, and that is evidenced in the comments minimizing the actions of the perp – I listed a few below and marked some points in bold, just for the hell of it:

Amber18922 hours ago

He is just crazy.. I am from Ozark/Midland City area and this man has many mental problems… The shooter called the police after he shot the bus driver and told them where he could be found in his bunker. He is communicating with the police thru a PVC pipe he made sticking out of the shelter.

HS99an hour ago

He is a veteran. He owns guns, just like many of us down here in the South. He is just a sick, sick man. But guns arent the problem. PEOPLE are the problem. We need more regulations on WHO is capable of owning a gun. I have a gun, but you don’t see me acting crazy and shooting innocent kids or anyone of that matter. Its just a sad situation. Keep Ethan in your prayers, and also the heroic efforts of Mr. Pollard who saved more kids by being a HERO.

Anthony ryanan hour ago

It’s being perpetuated because we’ve done our homework:

To disarm the people… was the best and most effectual way to enslave them. -George Mason

That the said Constitution shall never be construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United states who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms… -Samuel Adams

A free people ought not only to be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government. -George Washington

I ask sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people except for a few politicians. -George Mason

Americans have the right and advantage of being armed, unlike the people of other countries, whose leaders are afraid to trust them with arms -James Madison

What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. — Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith

I could go on with these accounts for days…

The ironic thing about the quotes in the last comment is that they were made by white slaveowners who had instigated war with the indigenous tribes of this country. Obviously, the only “rights” they gave a shit about were their own – the mentality of the gun fetishists is the same. Racist white fucktards with a superiority complex based solely on the color of their skin demand that they be allowed the “right to keep and bear arms,” while demanding in the same breath that Black people give up their guns to “buy-back programs” because of the “violent culture of hip-hop that glorifies guns and has 14-year-old kids packing Glocks”. Bob Costas completely lost it when he uttered those words on The Daily Show the other night; he made a couple of valid points before he jumped right onto the racist, “blame Blacks” bandwagon. Listen to the interview and see what you think; the link is above.

See, blaming some supposed “hip-hop culture” as the sole reason and cause for the gun violence in this country is fucking moronic, to put it bluntly. The area of the country that I live in is not filled with Black people listening to “gangsta rap” or “hip-hop”, it is filled with whites who listen to country music and drive trucks with big tires. There are the odd pockets of white hipsters who drive mopeds, recumbent bikes, and skateboards, but they listen to country music or “hatecore” nazi metal – nothing that they feel is directly “Black-influenced”, by any means! Don’t let the name of the Waterfront Blues Festival fool you, either…it’s whitewashed blues at a whites-only venue in a whites-only city! No, the gun culture is directly related to how this country was founded, and the desperate need for whites to “take their country back” from a president who doesn’t have paper-white skin. That’s an obvious fact, and denying it essentially cuts out a huge part of the debate about guns. The footage you see of the lily-white crowds at gun shows is no accident; that is exactly how they are populated. Another whites-only venue intended to keep non-whites, especially Blacks, outside and excluded. My personal thought on this is that we need more powerful, strong political leaders. We need our own gun-rights organization – the NRA is not for us, it’s for neo-nazis and the other racist, paranoid whites with ‘Final Solution’ ideologies. Case in point – following are the links to two news stories; one in Utah, one in Oregon. Read the articles and the comments following them. The disparity in the reactions and responses to the gun-toting men are obvious and speak volumes about how divided this country is, in many ways.

Portland man arrested for an Uzi in a barber shop

Utah man shops at JC Penney with an AR-15

Speaking of this, here’s an update about the early-morning murder of a so-called “prowler” in a Vancouver neighbourhood. I’m not surprised to see that the murderer and the victim are both white, nor am I surprised to see the tone of the comments following the article. If the victim had been Black, you can bet that people would be screaming that he “deserved what he got” for “being in the wrong neighbourhood”! The first comment says it all (and Furuno USA seriously needs to fire that racist cunt of a bookkeeper they have working for them – but that won’t happen!):

Yvonne Brown McKim · Top Commenter · Full Charge Bookkeeper at Furuno USA

You have the right to protect your life, property & family.  If this person was prowling outside & the homeowner went out to get him to leave and became threatened physically  – he was within his rights to shot.  BTW-don’t prowl where you shouldn’t be (i.e. on others property) and you won’t have to worry about getting shot!  ALSO – still no proof that Treavon was an innocent victim!
Talk about “playing the race card”…whites do this ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!!

…and, this just in from Arizona – isn’t it nice to know that, in some states, your co-worker could be carrying a CCW and decide to drop you in the lobby simply because they “didn’t like the way you looked at them”? Yeah…how comforting.

Vigilante “Justice”…

Ye gawds…people continue to go apeshit in my neck of the woods. I’m glad I live in a quiet community; I’m aware that there are those types of freaks pretty much next door, but in a smaller town there is a smaller percentage of them and I know where they are clustered – far from me!

First off, we have a cop in Vancouver, WA, who shot a young man in the back. Doug Combs, 16, died in a downtown Vancouver neighborhood at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 26th. He was suspected of a home invasion shooting in the Hazel Dell neighbourhood, as well as the armed robbery of two convenience stores – but there are no details on what happened in the minutes before the shooting. The number of people shot by cops in the back, here in the Pacific Northwest, is an interesting study. Aaron Campbell was murdered by cops in that fashion, a few years ago.

Just this morning, in another Vancouver neighbourhood, a man called 911 and reported a “prowler around his house”. Minutes later, the same homeowner called 911 again, telling operators that he had shot the prowler – a neighbour reported hearing four gunshots ring out. The suspected prowler was found dead in the street outside. No identifying details have been released about either the shooter or the victim, except that they are both male. If you happened to click on the link about the story, I hope you noted the comment section – some clown had to made a reference to Trayvon Martin and how he deserved to die because “you shouldn’t be prowling where you don’t belong!” Interesting comment and language used, no? I’m all for defending your property, but there is something called “overkill” – horrid pun intended. The law, supposedly, looks for something called “reasonable force”, and I don’t see how gunning someone down in the street can be considered defending your home with “reasonable force”. I wonder if the “prowler” was shot in the back? I wouldn’t be surprised, and I have a suspicion over what the respective “races” of the individuals will be…time will tell – I’ll keep you posted.

On another note, here’s a story dealing with a different type of vigilante justice – that of the FBI and their entrapment of a local, Somali-born young man. Mohamed Mohamud was depressed and isolated – the perfect target for any sort of predator. People such as that tend to be easily manipulated into unthinkable, unspeakable activities and this young man was no exception. He’s being used by the FBI to set an “anti-terrorism” example, while home-grown terror cells are allowed to flourish in the whites-only backwood areas of the USA. White fringe groups are overlooked while the microscope is focused on any and every organization with “suspicious, foreign” (read: African) ties.

Finally, a word on the Parrish Bennette trial. He’s the young man who murdered his girlfriend, Yashanee Vaughn, in March of 2011. He was apparently sentenced to 18 years in prison under some sort of plea deal. The question of “Why?” still remains, and it appears it will never be answered. Any answer would most likely be unsatisfactory, as taking the life of another isn’t something that should be reveled in or taken lightly. That’s a heavy thing to do, even if it’s justified – how a person can live with themselves when they’ve done so for no reason is beyond me.

Lip Service

My inner cynic has been running rampant as of late – the recent incident of white AmeriKKKan terrorism has aroused the slumbering beast. Yes, it is sad that a bunch of kids were gunned down in cold blood; there is no denying that…but – and this is a BIG “BUT” – the sad, hard, cold fact is that kids die every day, horribly, from a number of causes. Children are murdered by their parents. They are murdered by complete strangers. They die in preventable household accidents. They are killed via acts of war. They die due to uncaring socio-political policies. They die at the hands of vile people who wish to use them for their own sick, selfish means and then are thrown away like so much trash. Even worse is how people seem to want to quantify the value of one child’s life over another. The media’s soft-touch approach on Adam Lanza’s mother is nothing short of amazing, given how they vilified Trayvon Martin AND his family, while painting Zimmerman with god-like status and foresight.

Justice™ For Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin was murdered by a colour-aroused racist fucktard named George Zimmerman. Trayvon Martin was profiled by a “neighbourhood-watch leader” who felt threatened by the presence of a Black, male youth walking down the street in “his” gated community. Trayvon Martin was gunned down because he had the temerity to buy some brand-name canned tea and a bag of Skittles – but there were no calls to ban CCWs or tighten restrictions on who can qualify. Certainly there are no calls to make the background and mental-health checks more extensive!

More recently, young Jordan Russell Davis was gunned down in a convenience-store parking-lot by a colour-aroused, racist shitbag named Michael David Dunn who felt threatened by “loud music blaring” from a vehicle occupied by Black, male youths. He felt he had the white right and duty to inform these miscreants that they were disturbing the peace and should turn that “rap crap” down! I’m sure that he used more inflammatory “choice” words in order to escalate the situation that he needlessly instigated, then claims he “feared for his life” at the sight of a “brandished weapon” that has mysteriously never been found. Again, no calls to ban concealed weapons in any form, and the runs on gun stores continue unabated. Whites line up in droves at local gun stores, willing to wait upwards of four hours for their background checks which are merely for show. Even the most rabid psychotic will get a pass, all for the purpose of buying .22 calibre ammunition which will supposedly be “banned” according to the NRA-backed propaganda which is blasted on FauxNews by the Teabaggers 24/7. Stand your ground, my happy ass – a Sig Sauer or a .223 Bushmaster are not home defense or hunting weapons by any means…unless, of course, you’re hunting the “world’s most dangerous game”!

Another maddening thing is President Obama’s response to all of this; granted, he was made into a villain by saying that if “he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin.” – yet, he seems to show more support for white victims. People are angry over his foreign policies and want him to blindly side with Israel whilst overreacting to every incident, real or imagined, of sabre-rattling from “dangerous dictatorships”. His use of drones in foreign lands puts Dubya’s record to shame. However, going over-the-top in responding to a shooting at a white school in the suburbs, while ignoring deaths of children in your own home-state and hometown, reeks of hypocrisy and political grand-standing. That offends me greatly. On that note, there is a lot of other disturbing hypocrisy that is exploding as of late and I wanted to throw it out there on the cyber-table and see who feeds.


Racism, separatism, classism and politico-religious extremism are all dangerous elements. Combine them and you have an explosive concoction which destroys all in the midst. There are horrible, gawdawful websites out there in cyberspace which make me want to vomit from the sheer poison they spew. I’m no stranger to racism and bigotry; my childhood was immersed in that nonsense and I can spot an evil, hateful person a mile away – I also give them plenty of rope to hang themselves with, because I get a perverse delight in watching them twist in the wind. This can only be accomplished via face-to-face encounters, though – and that’s why arguing or debating in cyberspace is a useless waste of time, IMHO. See, most websites and blogs are designed to attract like-minded people who will lap up everything you say with no questions asked. Human nature being what it is, you can guarantee that there will always be detractors on a “love-to-hate” mission, who will never have one good thing to say about the blog or author. Others choose to troll said sites obsessively, loading up the comments section with idiotic, attention-seeking statements and questions. The traffic is always revealing to me: who visits, who ‘likes’ what, who comments the most, and the comments themselves. Even more revealing is how people focus more on your avatar than on your comments, assuming your comments are even noticed – trolls are great at hijacking comment sections, much like they are adept at hijacking entire blogs! It’s fascinating…

Some online activities I’ve noticed lately are the exhortations, ostensibly being made by Black people, for everyone in the ‘Black community’ to “Stand up, stand together, stand against whites and stand for each other!” Unfortunately, that all amounts to empty, meaningless ‘lip service’ – here are some personal examples.

I lived in Seattle for 10 years – I was born there and wanted my son to have more opportunities in a larger town. I didn’t want to raise him in a “whites-only”, water-locked, provincial island with no escape routes, as I was. I wanted better for him, like any normal parent wants for their child. Now, Seattle had a few things that weren’t available to me in Alaska, and one of those things was access to Black business owners. I was convinced, positively, that I would be a shoo-in with others who had also faced discrimination and knew what it was like and how it felt. I was certain that for every door slammed in my face by a white hand, there would be two doors being opened by Black ones. How wrong I was! They seemed MORE invested in hiring whites than other whites were! I was flabbergasted and disappointed to say the least…whites were still given preferential status by Black people, at the expense of other Blacks. The ‘quota’ system was most beneficial to white women, from what I saw. Restaurants, clubs, and music stores were owned by Black people, yet the staff was exclusively white – I couldn’t believe it. On a side note, up to that point, the only time I’d been called “the ‘N’ word” had been by whites. I was hanging out with the Black motorcycle group, the Seattle Magic Wheels. One of the members (who had some white woman hanging all over him) looked at me and stated, “I didn’t know there were n!@@#rs in Alaska!” I looked at him and fired back: “I never saw any up there, but I’m sure you could change things in a second!” I was well-respected by the others with that statement, but I didn’t understand why being racist to someone with the same shade of skin and texture of hair was necessary. Learning about internalized racism and self-hatred explained a lot, but not everything…

I noticed how Black celebrities seemed to surround themselves with a white entourage (cough cough MICHAEL JACKSON cough cough), only hire whites, and cater to white audiences. Oprah’s show was huge for white women; they seem to be her biggest fans. She seems to exclusively promote white authors, even when they are selling a lie as a “life story”. I’ve been submitting excerpts of my manuscript to various publishers, and of course, with no white protagonists in the story, I’m skipped-over for The Hunger Games and Save the Pearls. I am in the process of self-publishing, and it’s a shame that there are no Black people helping others get it done…it appears that I have to put my trust in white publishers. If there are any Black publishing houses or agencies out there, they aren’t advertising or sharing the information on how they’ve done so – they are being just as selfish and stingy with the ‘keys to success’ as any white person, which strikes me funny in a way! Tyler Perry comes to mind, as well – he is invested in giving jobs to Black men almost exclusively; he’ll hire Black women for love interests and ‘sex-pots’ as long as they have straight hair, light skin, and European features. The dark-skinned women are always fat and play to one stereotype or another, while Mr. Perry himself loves to dress up in drag and be some over-the-top caricature of I-don’t-know-what. Dark-skinned Black women are placed lowest on the totem pole for desirability; highest for derision and insults. I got really tired of being told that I was “really hot – for a BLACK GIRL.” As if being dark and Black immediately made me into a hideous troll? Thank the gawds for my self-esteem: it may have been battered and bruised and in need of life-support for a time in my life, but it has held up and seen me through some very rough moments.

Back to the subject of “lip service”: I hear people say it’s “us versus them” – but THEY act like US and WE act like THEM…because we’re all fucking humans with human fucking failings! If something pisses you off, fine – but eventually, it gets to a point of “shit or get off the pot!” Talk all you want; sooner or later, people like me want ACTION – and we stop listening and get to DOING and BEING.

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