Midweek Memes…25 January 2017! (Re-blogged)

Warm sunshine on the beach today made hot-rodding enjoyable! I missed out on scheduling my weekend posts, so re-blogging this worthwhile post of mine is the next best thing.


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Sunday Solstice Eve…June 2016!!!

’tis Solstice Eve…and a beautiful full moon on the first day of summer! Enjoy a bit of music whilst dancing in the moonlight. Also, my gaming schedule has been extended – if you happen upon my live broadcast, share the link and toast me with a drink! More posts forthcoming on Monday…so, stay tuned!


Random Thursday Thoughts…5 May 2016

Ah…remember when? Do you remember all of those bright, shining, hopeful faces? It seems like an eternity ago – and now we know who the Republican nominee is. Just think about it for a moment, people…let it sink in. Just contemplate – without emotion, if you can. Me? I’m still munching my popcorn and swilling my beer, because this spectacle is fantastic to watch. It has its own terrible beauty, in a way!

Thank goodness that I’m an ISTP, and that my Moon is in Virgo – that seems to settle down the Aries Sun and Leo Ascendant at times, especially during this retrograde Mercury! My mind goes into mechanical mode – I tap into the geeky, nerdy ‘Dilbert’ brain and dissect, deconstruct, and dismantle things…internally of course! I’m not shredding things, LOL – although, if I knew how to play a guitar, I would shred on it for a bit! For example, it’s annoying when a person thinks that they need to “man-splain” something to me…but it’s downright loathsome when someone thinks that they need to “white-splain” something!

Many people that I try to talk with seem to be angry. Others are frightened. Quite a few others seem extraordinarily depressed, or in unknown states of distress. Inquiries garner no meaningful response, which causes me to withdraw. If you don’t want my time or attention, then fair enough! I won’t waste either of those precious resources on those who don’t want it. Watering the Sahara would reap more rewards, for me – and besides, desert flowers are beautiful!

I’m putting the final touches on my verbal thrashings, especially since a bit of analytical digging uncovered something very amusing – so, I have to re-write part of my posts for accuracy. They will be worth the wait, though!

Enjoy a few images from the political circus this past week (and last month), along with a bit of music…and, I hope that you found my choice hidden links!

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Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It’s Monday and I haven’t had my morning coffee yet; I’m feeling a bit lazy and this blog award can be tackled easily. Thank you for providing an award that my fuzzy morning brain can deal with.

It’s Monday and 1st February…the perfect day to do an awards post!

The Rules:

Display the award and thank your nominator. Then answer these questions:
Who are your top 5 bloggers and why?
What type of posts do you like to read?
Do you plan to change any styles regarding your blog?

The types of posts I like to read will sometimes vary, depending on my mood, but I always love a post that makes me laugh out loud – no matter what my mood is! I could be feeling most foul, but a good laugh can shake me out of my doldrums pretty quickly.

As far as changing any styles regarding my blog, I have no plans to. I like the ‘Koi’ theme and settings, and I will always write what I feel like, when I feel like it! I’ve definitely started re-posting more, which has greatly increased my viewers and followers, so I won’t quit doing that. Getting involved in at least one “Meet & Greet” per month is a lot of fun, too. Otherwise, I have decided to start ‘protecting’ some posts, both past and future, with passwords. The past ones have passwords to thwart moronic, obsessive trolls with no lives. The future ones will be posts strictly for myself: posts with questions, observations, realizations, and both present and future plans and goals.

Next, tell a little bit about yourself: who are you, what is your blog about, and why did you start blogging? Then, nominate between 3 – 5 other blogs, not including the nominator or your top fives. Keep it low-maintenance! After your post is complete, copy the link and put it in the comment section of your faves and nominees so that they are at least aware of it.

Who am I? That depends on who you ask.
What is my blog about? A little bit of everything.
Why did I start blogging? Because I’ve always needed some sort of creative writing outlet, and this is the perfect means of doing so.

That’s it for this award. Time to get some coffee.

F**K it Friday!!!

LOL – no, I’m not in a bad mood. A little snarky, feeling aggro and frustrated, perhaps, but not necessarily in a bad mood! Exasperatedly amused is another way to describe how I’m feeling, I suppose. What is causing this consternation? Simple: nobody knows how to socialize face-to-face anymore! I used to think that I was socially inept because I could read people TOO well and never played the ‘social butterfly’ at parties. I’m a very sensitive ISTP, meaning that I feel drained by people sometimes. My husband’s energy can be chaotic – mine can too, of course – but it grates on me when I’m trying to relax and focus.

Anyway, back to the topic: socializing. The way people socialize has (d)evolved dramatically with the age of the internet, and it appears I have to catch up with the times. Face-to-face interactions are now done on webcam, through mediums like Skype or Twitch. People ‘stream’ themselves into other’s homes, virtually. Mere conversations aren’t enough…the pressure to prove that one isn’t a robot or a bottom-feeding ‘catfish’ seems constant. At the same time, every so-called ‘social’ website seems to do little more than create drama and nonsense, especially among those whose need for attention drives them to interfere in the lives and relationships of others. People create phony online personas out of sheer boredom, not caring about whose lives they might turn upside-down.

I like my privacy and my ‘fortress of solitude’ – but, I also know that I have to be a little more open if I’m going to sell my books. I have to step outside of my walls and my comfort zone…and I hate it. I don’t want to, but I have to. Sometimes in life, we have to do the things we don’t like to get ahead and accomplish a life-long dream. I have to be seen, be known, and become familiar to others. I have to put in ‘face-time’ – and that really chafes my buttocks!

Time for a bit of honesty and levity from the past week. I watch The Daily Show, The Nightly Show, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and Conan O’Brien regularly – they are my main means of getting news and information without raging or weeping…a dose of comedy eases the bad taste of events around the world. Below are three great discussions – enjoy!

The Nightly Show: Science vs. Religion

The Late Show: Stephen is a sexy teenaged vampire!

The Nightly Show: “Journalistic Jerking”

Today marks the 201st birth anniversary of Adolphe Sax…so, here are three songs that don’t have saxophones in them!

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Friday Milestone…100 Followers!!!

I am ecstatic, elated, humbled and honoured! After grinding in my MMORPG from 2:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. PDT (-8 GMT) and taking a much-needed nap after completing an in-game campaign, I woke up to this wonderful notification: 100 WordPress followers…wow!

I’m speechless, LOL – I didn’t think I would reach 100 followers before the end of the year, especially since I sometimes seem to lose as many followers as I gain! There is at least one person who has been here from day one…I STILL SEE YOU, HERNIE!!! For now, I’ll simply post five in-game screenshots from the past 24 hours:

…also, here are five great songs to start the weekend off right – enjoy!

Thursday Thoughts…15 October 2015

Sitting here with a cup of coffee in hand, just thinking…I’ve always been more introspective than anything. If something goes wrong, I go inside and analyse it – must be the moon in Virgo thing. Instead of (or after) getting emotional, I turn it over and over in my hands, looking at it and picking it apart. The dog with the bone, shredding the gristle and cracking it open to get at the marrow inside. Tenacity. Grit. Drive, dedication, and determination – those are my qualities. Those are the things I live by. For some reason, though, there are people who want to slam your life and experiences. They choose to dismiss what you have gone through and demand that you acknowledge THEM. THEY are important, not you! Such psychopathy and narcissism is literally, physically nauseating to me.

I was thinking about this because of a recent comment made to me. Instead of reacting and responding to the vitriol and nonsense, I decided to sit and examine it for a bit this morning – I do my best thinking and writing in the mornings, and pretty much always have…my night owl tendencies are another topic, entirely! Anyway, while I was examining the comment, the town sirens began to sound. For those who live in areas where natural disasters are common, you might have a similar emergency system: if there is an event that requires evacuation, the sirens will sound and you must take prompt action pertaining to said event. There are monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly tests of these various systems, ranging from tsunami warnings to Amber Alerts. Growing up in Southeast Alaska, our emergency warning systems were the public radio and any CBs, shortwave, marine, or HAM radios various residents owned and operated. Living in South Dakota for a time exposed me to the klaxon system: massive sirens clustered on a single pole, radiating in all directions in a specific neighbourhood, or a single rotating horn of impressive decibel volume – the rotating ones were usually located near schools or hospitals, from what I saw.

At any rate, I have survived earthquakes, tornadoes, intense thunderstorms, and blizzards. I know about wildfires, flash-floods, tsunami, and avalanches. There are some people who are clueless about those events, just as I am clueless about dyslexia or privilege. I know that these things exist, but I have never experienced them personally. I won’t tell another that their experience is right or wrong, or that it didn’t happen…but for some reason, other people have done this to me throughout my life. Those people demand that I acknowledge THEIR lives without giving so much as a thought to my life, my experiences, and what I attempt to communicate. ’tis a strange thing, indeed…

Oh, well – there are some things in life that will never be answered, no matter how much we try! Enjoy these three Thursday songs…time for me to run some errands and do a little bit of housework.

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