Vigilante “Justice”…

Ye gawds…people continue to go apeshit in my neck of the woods. I’m glad I live in a quiet community; I’m aware that there are those types of freaks pretty much next door, but in a smaller town there is a smaller percentage of them and I know where they are clustered – far from me!

First off, we have a cop in Vancouver, WA, who shot a young man in the back. Doug Combs, 16, died in a downtown Vancouver neighborhood at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 26th. He was suspected of a home invasion shooting in the Hazel Dell neighbourhood, as well as the armed robbery of two convenience stores – but there are no details on what happened in the minutes before the shooting. The number of people shot by cops in the back, here in the Pacific Northwest, is an interesting study. Aaron Campbell was murdered by cops in that fashion, a few years ago.

Just this morning, in another Vancouver neighbourhood, a man called 911 and reported a “prowler around his house”. Minutes later, the same homeowner called 911 again, telling operators that he had shot the prowler – a neighbour reported hearing four gunshots ring out. The suspected prowler was found dead in the street outside. No identifying details have been released about either the shooter or the victim, except that they are both male. If you happened to click on the link about the story, I hope you noted the comment section – some clown had to made a reference to Trayvon Martin and how he deserved to die because “you shouldn’t be prowling where you don’t belong!” Interesting comment and language used, no? I’m all for defending your property, but there is something called “overkill” – horrid pun intended. The law, supposedly, looks for something called “reasonable force”, and I don’t see how gunning someone down in the street can be considered defending your home with “reasonable force”. I wonder if the “prowler” was shot in the back? I wouldn’t be surprised, and I have a suspicion over what the respective “races” of the individuals will be…time will tell – I’ll keep you posted.

On another note, here’s a story dealing with a different type of vigilante justice – that of the FBI and their entrapment of a local, Somali-born young man. Mohamed Mohamud was depressed and isolated – the perfect target for any sort of predator. People such as that tend to be easily manipulated into unthinkable, unspeakable activities and this young man was no exception. He’s being used by the FBI to set an “anti-terrorism” example, while home-grown terror cells are allowed to flourish in the whites-only backwood areas of the USA. White fringe groups are overlooked while the microscope is focused on any and every organization with “suspicious, foreign” (read: African) ties.

Finally, a word on the Parrish Bennette trial. He’s the young man who murdered his girlfriend, Yashanee Vaughn, in March of 2011. He was apparently sentenced to 18 years in prison under some sort of plea deal. The question of “Why?” still remains, and it appears it will never be answered. Any answer would most likely be unsatisfactory, as taking the life of another isn’t something that should be reveled in or taken lightly. That’s a heavy thing to do, even if it’s justified – how a person can live with themselves when they’ve done so for no reason is beyond me.

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Rainy Weekend!

It’s raining now – first time since the beginning of June, according to the local meterologists! It’s been such a wonderful summer and early autumn; even with little rain we had no fear of drought, and the fires around here were nowhere near as bad as the ones throughout the rest of the country. The rain doesn’t bother me much since it’s been a while, and the temperatures are still mild so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to freeze anytime soon. I think we’ll have a decent winter here – maybe a storm or two will blast the coast, but I don’t think there will be much, if any, snow. The animals I’ve observed aren’t frantic about their daily business; the geese are still foraging and not in a rush to migrate, deer and bear are seen frequently, and even the little ‘woolly-bears’ aren’t super-fuzzy! It will be a pleasant season. Spring might be a bit wetter than usual, but next summer should be similar to this one – we’re due for a couple of nice, hot summers in a row. Summer is definitely over, though: the leaves are changing and falling everywhere. Gotta go out and sweep the driveway and the vehicles on a daily basis!

We spent last week at the coast, looking at houses and treating ourselves to fresh oysters! The weather was perfect – breezy and in the low 70s. We drank at a restaurant overlooking a beach and watched a minivan get stuck in the sand and a guy crash his kite. Saw some beautiful houses with some fantastic floor plans and nice, big shop-buildings, perfect for our motorcycle and car projects – and our forge!

I see that I have a couple of new followers – welcome to one and all! I hope you’ve been enjoying my writings and musings, and appreciate when one of you ‘likes’ a post…it’s a nice compliment. If any of you feel that someone else would like my blog, feel free to mention it to them, or provide the link – and, thanks to other bloggers who generate traffic here by giving me honorable mention on your respective spaces; I do my best to return the favor as matter of courtesy and respect, but it isn’t expected! “Thank you for your support,” as Bartles & Jaymes used to say in their commercials, LOL

I had a fantastic dream last night and just have to share it here! I told my fiancée about it when I woke up and it has had me laughing and in a good mood all morning – I have some very vivid dreams, and this one was amazing and phenomenal…join me on a ‘dream-stride’, won’t you? Here we go…

I’m walking down a street in Vancouver, Washington, heading towards a bus stop. As I walk, the world morphs somewhat, and I find myself strolling through the stone streets of one of the cities in Skyrim, and everything is completely tangible: the breeze pushing against my face, the people passing me on the street, the distant calls from the marketplace vendors hawking their wares. I glance down as I walk, and a gleam strikes my eye – someone has dropped a small sum of gold! Always seeking an opportunity to line my purse with coin, I quickly reach down, nab up the gold pieces, and tuck them into one of the leather pouches hanging from the belt of my tunic. They clink and jingle slightly as I drop them in, their weight warm and heavy in my palm before sliding into the purse. Twenty pieces of gold coin – a tidy sum! I continue on, thinking of having some ale or mead at the local tavern and catching up on local gossip about bandits or dragons. I near the tavern; the doors open and a man exits, dressed in a dark cloak which nearly obscures his face. He drops a wink at me and scurries down a nearby alleyway, and I note that he has dropped some gemstones, whether by accident or deliberately, I know not – all I know is that I can use the gems to make some jewelry and sell for more coin! An emerald, a sapphire, two rubies, an amethyst and a diamond join the recently-found coins. Fortune is certainly smiling on me this day…but wait – people are shouting and pointing! What’s going on? Oh no…horrors! A dragon is perched on top of one of the high, stone towers! It’s good that this city is surrounded by high walls, and the stone houses themselves provide excellent defense – but there are so many people outside at the moment! I see the guards rushing from the castle keep, and others are drawing bows and firing at the beast, when it suddenly takes to the air! I must get under cover – my armor and weapons are at my house; I certainly didn’t expect to see a dragon inside the city walls! A rare occurrence, indeed…quickly now, inside the tavern! I’ll be safe there…

 The heavy, metal door slams shut behind me with a resounding clank and the bartender and his assistants rush to bar it shut – I was fortunate yet again. Others have made it inside, and we wait. Isn’t there a small window or peephole to see out of? This tavern is a veritable fortress…the noise from outside is muffled so we are not sure how the battle is going. We don’t expect it to last long, as the guards are well-trained for any eventuality – but dragons are so rare, we wonder if their training has been sufficient. Only two of the oldest residents remember the last time a dragon landed behind the walls, and they aren’t in the tavern at the moment. We can only hope that they are secure at their homes, or perhaps in the castle keep visiting the Jarl as honored guests. We wait for a signal that the battle is over…

A loud bang echoes at the door and we cringe – then nothing for what seems an eternity. Then, the bells above the door chime once, twice, thrice. The bartender unbars the door with shaking fingers and opens it, and a bloodied guard stumbles in. “We beat the monster…” he gasps out, then collapses. I and one of the maids rush to his aid, pulling out various healing potions and reagents to ease his pain and speed his recovery. The others in the tavern peek outside, then quickly rush out to render assistance to any injured. Good news – only two deceased persons, and the dragon itself lies dead near the smelter. Its body is already being consumed by the dragon’s internal fire, and I feel its soul rush towards me as my dragonblood absorbs the beast’s power. Others back away as they witness this phenomenon, and nobody questions me as I search the dragon, harvesting its scales and bone and taking the few treasures I find lodged it its craw. I have necessary materials to forge myself some decent armor, now! I walk towards my house to gather more equipment, and suddenly I’m back on the streets of Vancouver and I’m being approached by a guy I dated years ago, who unexpectedly broke up with me for no reason that he ever stated to me. He had never let me know that he wasn’t happy in the relationship because he had horrible communication issues. Honesty was NOT a strong suit of his! He referred to himself as the “Reverend Johnny Free-Beer” (yes, he was an ordained minister of some mail-order “church”); here in the dream, he grabs me and gives me a big hug and invites me to a club to see him sing as the frontman for his metal band. I’m surprised that he’s acting like nothing is different between us, but don’t let on much. I merely ask why he wants me to see him sing, and he just says, “I know you like this type of music and I thought you’d want to see me in my band.” I say, “Well, is my fiancée invited? I want him with me, of course.” He looks surprised for a second, then says, “I guess so, if that’s how you want it.” I laugh and say, “How else would it be?” He laughs too, and hands me the passes for the concert. I call my fiancée and tell him to meet me outside of the club. When I arrive, the doorman hands me two helmets and says, “This place gets rowdy so you’ll need these!” I accept them and think, “Do I really want to go to a place where violence will erupt? I just want to be with my fiancée riding somewhere!” Just then, some metrosexual asshole I used to work with comes walking by with his so-called ‘girlfriend’. He made a huge deal about attending the Burning Man festival in 2011 and seemed to think he was a ‘bad-ass’ for doing so, so I give them the concert passes and the helmets and tell them to have a good time. My fiancée arrives and we walk off holding hands, and I tell him that the concert just didn’t seem like it would be a good idea – and I tell him all of the reasons why!

The dream ends there – I woke up smiling. I understand that I have truly let go of the pain that the specific breakup caused. I finally realized that he was damaged goods from the beginning and he hid it well. I wasn’t at fault and did nothing wrong – if he wasn’t mature enough to be honest and straightforward, then that was his problem, not mine. He chose to go back to his drug-using, cheating, damaged-goods drama-queen slut of an ex-girlfriend – I should never have thought that I was to blame, and I can say that it was a blessing. I’m happy and I’m with someone who completes me – life is grand! I wish that others could be happy, too. The malcontents in the world are the shit-stirrers, as they want others to be just as miserable as they are. Happy people simply want others to be happy, too – but, we know that happiness is a state of mind that can only be achieved by the individual. When you see people retreating into paranoid isolation, you can only shake your head – that toxic mindset only leads to destruction. Remember Rapa Nui and how that enterprising culture collapsed on itself…the island is a mostly-barren, natural fortress. Yes, people still dwell there, but not at the numbers of old. Resiliency is valuable!

Here are some Friday songs for your enjoyment, since I’ve been slacking the past week! The first song is one that I heard a while ago, but never knew the name or who sang it. I finally heard it on ‘Deep Tracks’ the other day and wrote down the name and the artist. The middle two are about how the winds of change are constantly blowing. Change is inevitable: mountains and kingdoms rise and fall; continents change shape, galaxies grow further apart. Animals evolve or go extinct. It happens all around us, whether we see it or not. The final song is dedicated to my human family with this admonishment: I have to love my fellow humanoids from a distance, especially those of you who are toxic! The final line in the song says it all: “We are fools to make war on our brothers in arms.” Willingly absorbing poison is crazy, and wasting time on bitterness and hatred is foolish. My ex-husband was so consumed with bitterness and hatred about our divorce that he is now in an early grave. Me? I spent my time on raising my son and bettering myself, and here I still am…happy, healthy, and looking forward to the future! Think about that a bit, won’t you? Have a great weekend, all…blessed be.

Gin Blossoms: “Found Out About You”

Jefferson Starship: “Winds of Change”

Scorpions: “Wind of Change”

Dire Straits: “Brothers In Arms”

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