Those Poor Kids

What went through their minds as the freak behind the wheel stomped her foot down on the gas pedal and sent the van hurtling off the cliff?

Innocent kids killed by the people who had adopted them. Murdered by the people who were supposed to care for and protect them.

Instead, they were used by self-absorbed narcissists who felt that children are merely props to decorate the stage of their shallow lives.

Tools to put in front of cameras at tragic events in the hopes that their YouTube video goes “viral” and their blog gets “freshly pressed.”

People who have children solely to get attention or for dark, selfish gains aren’t equipped to be parents.

I feel sorry for kids with parents like that. Said parents tend to be overly opinionated shitholes filled with hate and self-loathing, and they take out that hate and rage on their kids behind closed doors. They always show bright, shining faces in public.

That atmosphere is toxic.

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