Happy 4th of July

New Moon Tuesday…

It’s the ‘Dark of the Moon’ again…time for some introspection and reflection. Thinking about strengths and weaknesses – we have ones that others point out, which might be different from the ones we think we have.

I hate that I need to have a picture taken of myself, in order to promote any of my writings. As if I’d be taken seriously if people could see what I look like? “Face-time” is overrated, IMHO…why are people so obsessed with looks and appearances? Why are they so desperate to see you – then toss you aside and ignore you if you show them? Perhaps it’s just me, LOL…go figure.

I’ve been uninspired to write much, still, but I do my best to write something every day – even if it’s only a short sentence or two. My family isn’t communicative at the moment; my so-called friends are busy with who-knows-what, and my acquaintances all have things going on. Still feeling out-of-sorts, blah, and kinda…meh. Better than the weekend, at least – but still…
It’s been awhile since I’ve felt depressed for no reason, so it irritates me.

I think I’ll binge-watch some Doctor Who episodes…I DVRed some of the older ones with Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor but haven’t sat down to them yet. I also had an internet outage yesterday afternoon, so I really couldn’t post anything or check emails after 6:30 p.m. At least it was back up and running this morning, but the outages have been occurring far too often, recently.

Anyway, if I can’t cheer myself up with 1970s Doctor Who then I’ll go kill morons in my MMORPG…there’s a bunch of useless pricks in PvP who are just begging for me to take them out. Talk with you all later – for now, enjoy this song.

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