MLB Opening Day

Major League Baseball began the regular season last night, and my Seattle Mariners hung on to win a nail-biter of a game. Final score vs. Cleveland: 2 – 1. Nelson “Boom Stick” Cruz scored those two runs with an awesome homer in the first inning.

It was great to see, and having the sound system back in operation made it excellent to listen to. Felix Hernandez was the starting pitcher and made it through five innings. That was refreshing to see after that line drive he took to his arm back during spring training a few weeks ago.

Also, Ichiro Suzuki is back in Mariners blue and he garnered a massive standing ovation when he took the field. He is one player who has always been well-loved and respected by most Mariners fans. Even when he played for the Florida Marlins and was an opponent of ours last season, he was never booed or ridiculed like *Alex Rodriguez.

Bonus points to those of you who know what the asterisk is for.


Talkin’ Sports: Football & Baseball

Amazing. Two major stories in Seattle sports occurred over the past couple of days and I’m still digesting them.

In football news, the legendary, animated, personable and talented cornerback Richard Sherman was unexpectedly released from my home team, the Seattle Seahawks. Not long afterwards, the announcement was made that Michael Bennett would be traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. I am not the only “Number 12” who is surprised and dismayed over the announcement. No real reason has been given yet so we’ll see what excuse is made by management, if any.

* UPDATED Monday, 12 March *
I was reminded of the fact that Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett were two of the most outspoken members of the Seahawks. They weren’t shy about their support of Colin Kaepernick and his silent protest, and the criticism they have received from the knee-jerk reactionaries has been mind-numbingly racist, to say the least.

On a far better note, legendary and talented outfielder Ichiro Suzuki is making a triumphant return to the Seattle Mariners, the team – and city – which welcomed him with open arms when he was brought over from Japan. If nothing else, please read the article in the link. It is very deep and quite poignant; an interesting insight to a fascinating, enigmatic man.

I’m Back – No April Fool!

Aaaaaahhhh…it’s great to be back! I had a few minor, unexpected internet issues which were far easier to solve than they should have been. Basically, I can sometimes look for the most difficult solution to the easiest problems – for instance, if a television has a fuzzy picture, I would probably give it one or two light taps with a 50-pound sledgehammer, LOL!     😆

Anyway…what to talk about? Oh, yes – the Seattle Mariners beat the Oakland Athletics 2 – 0 today, this opening day of beisbol season…the “boys of summer” are back! “King Félix” had to go at the bottom of the 8th inning, but the team got the win!

Morales Jesus Montero, the catcher for the M’s, seemed to have a huge target on him because he got smacked but good! Ye gawds – I don’t blame him for looking rattled at the end…also, the field looked a bit barren without Ichiro  (鈴木 一朗, Suzuki Ichirō) out there in “Area 51”. Still, I wish him the best with the Yankees – perhaps he’ll get a much-deserved championship ring!

I’ve been puttering in my garden, doing some weeding in the yard and deadheading the flowering bushes. We finally figured out where to place the black bamboo, now we just have to find the right place to get it from! Decisions, decisions…otherwise, watching the hummingbirds, crows, and eagles has been grand – and we even heard a woodpecker drilling yesterday morning! It’s nice to live close to nature. We see deer on a regular basis, so I’m thinking of getting a motion-activated camera to go with the security lights in hopes of visually capturing the deer in the yard – we see evidence of their presence often!

Well, that’s it from me for now – the rain will be moving in soon, so I’ll be indoors and writing more…April showers and all that! It’s actually been dry for a time, so I was able to get outdoor stuff tended to. I don’t live in the snow-socked sections of the U.S., and I’m glad that I’m not one of those unfortunate souls living on the part of Whidbey Island, Washington that is collapsing into the water!

Oh, and please…don’t say you missed me, because that would be a lie! I’m back, so all is right with the world – everything in perfect balance…



The M’s did it again today! They soundly trounced the A’s 7 -1, with starter Iwakuma Hisashi delivering solid pitches through the bottom of the 5th inning! I have to say, though, that two of the biggest hits were IN the stands: first, the lone Seattle fan in the stands sporting his foam crown and yellow shirt proclaiming his membership in the “King’s Court” – dude, you have balls! Last but certainly not least, the headbanging sistah rocking out two or three rows down from the above-mentioned fan, whipping her ‘locks to Metallica’s song “One” – you go, girl! Rock it and whip it for all of us “Chocolate Thunder” bronze metal babes! With that, here are three songs to ring in the season of baseball…enjoy!

AC/DC: “Big Balls

John Fogerty: “Centerfield

Don Henley: “The Boys of Summer

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