Political Pondering…

If Congressman Conyers and Senator Al Franken are required to resign due to the allegations being made against them, then why is there even going to be an election for Senate candidate Roy Moore?

I’d ask someone from Alabama, but I don’t think I’m up for their unhinged psychosis. Inbred southerners are prone to snap in the same way Dobermans and pit bulls are reputed to!


Full Frontal Thursday: Sports, The Federalist Society, and MORE Sports!

This fake Facebook profile is one of many that have been discovered during the investigation over Russian meddling in U.S. politics

In this installment of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam reminds us that Drumpf the Divider is using the #takeaknee NFL protests to distract his mindless, rabid followers from the fact that he, himself, isn’t doing his job. Also, she reveals the Federalist Society and the ways that it produces and promotes shitty, future judges and SCOTUS members.

North Korea, the people of Puerto Rico, and – oh yeah – the irrefutable FACTS that fake profiles are rampant on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other “social” media platforms, are still quite relevant. There is an ongoing investigation about those Russian-paid ads, but plenty want to keep their heads imbedded in the sand…or, elsewhere!

One final note: those who think that multiple selfies on blog or a Facebook page makes you more relevant and “real” are those who are creating, or easily fooled by, fake profiles!


Week In Review…

Another week nears its end; a new month draws nigh. Let’s take a look at some of the happy ‘news’ from the past week, shall we? Forgive the formatting errors, as well – I get in a rush at times, LOL

First, a white nazi terrorist deliberately smashed an aeroplane into the French side of the Alpine mountain range, killing all aboard. This heartless cretin locked the captain out of the cockpit and set the auto-pilot on ‘descend.’ According to various transcripts of the voice recorders, the pilot can be heard pounding frantically on the door whilst passengers scream in horror in the background. The nazi, meanwhile, breathes quietly and calmly during those final moments. It truly takes an unfeeling, callous bastard to do something like this! As expected, reports have handled this with kid gloves, posting a benign picture of a smiling young white guy sitting on a seawall near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The questions of “why?” and the desperate search to make sense of something senseless begin anew…the only person who can answer the “why” is dead. He chose to take a bunch of people out – it’s as simple as that. A suicidal individual dies alone. A homicidal maniac with megalomaniacal tendencies does what this guy did…and he thought it out beforehand. That’s the act of a sociopath – end of story.

‘March Madness’ is apparently in full swing…young athletes pound themselves ragged on basketball courts for nothing but applause, whilst gamblers, coaches, team owners, and EA Games make insane amounts of money. Modern-day enslavement that a majority of people happily engage in…I’m not one of them.

Speaking of sports, young sister Mo’ne Davis has shown exemplary class and grace in the face of some prick who decided to slur her on social media. Some fuckwad thought it was funny to call her a ‘slut.’ Really? A 13-year-old baseball pitcher is a ‘slut’ simply for being female? Wow. Reminds me of that Onion ‘article’ which labeled 8-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis a ‘cunt.’ Yes, how classy. People will call young girls horrible names, solely for having dark skin. On top of that, it seems that many people who get up in arms over non-issues like ‘Kimye’ are silent when Black women are insulted. I can’t find one blog that said anything about the insults heaped on Venus and Serena Williams. I’ve only found one that half-assedly acknowledged the latest racist insult hurled at Michelle Obama, as well as Raven-Symone’s subsequent shit-mouthing. Outrage will abound if someone dares to say anything negative about Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes knockin’ boots, but it’s *CRICKETS* when we ‘Dark Girls’ draw unfavourable, untrue comparisons. I can’t say that I’m surprised that Mr. Foxx likes scrawny, pale toothpicks – he enjoyed dressing up as ‘Wanda’ far too often during his time on ‘In Living Color.’ His hatred of Black women has been apparent for some time! I guess having Tom Cruise’s sloppy seconds tastes like heaven to him…go figure.

College shenanigans continue – hate runs rampant. A noose was draped over the neck of the statue of James Meridith down in ‘Ole Miss.’ A Facebook page dedicated to the sexual exploitation of drunk, drugged women has been linked to yet another fraternity. Makes one wonder how any studies get done, what with all of the time spent partying and racially or sexually harassing your fellow students. Fills me with such a sense of confidence that these pricks will one day be running a corporation or running for office!

The brutality of cops against Black and brown people escalates: Martese Johnson was beaten last week after he was denied entry to an establishment. An older gentleman, Floyd Dent, was violently pulled from his car, Tasered, and struck in the head 16 times. A 57-year-old man, Sureshbhai Patel, visiting from the country of India, was hospitalized in February after being beaten by a former police officer in the state of Alabama. The suspicious death of a homeless man, 54-year-old Otis Byrd in Vicksburg, Mississippi should be called what it is – a lynching. “Strange Fruit,” indeed… *SIGH*

It is Ram Navami…so I will close with these three songs. Also, belated birthday wishes to the legendary Chaka Khan! Aries woman, birthday on 23rd March – you rock!
George Harrison: “My Sweet Lord
John Denver: “Looking for Space
Steve Winwood w/ Chaka Khan: “Higher Love

Tumultuous Thoughts…

So much going on, lately – almost too much for me to bear. I feel like a tsunami or a volcano from recent events, and my soul feels raw. Mere days before the 50th anniversary of the “Bloody Sunday” brutality Selma, Alabama, another unarmed young man was shot and killed, this time in Madison, the capital city of Wisconsin. From Al-Jazeera America:

“March 7, 2015 11:39AM ET

Wisconsin police fatally shot an apparently unarmed African-American teenager on Friday, prompting dozens of people to protest at the site of the killing, according to police and videos published on social media.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval told reporters that an officer responded to a disturbance at around 6:30 p.m. local time and later forced his way into an apartment that the 19-year-old, who was also suspected of a recent battery, had gone into.

Koval said that a struggle between the suspect and the officer ensued and the teen was fatally shot, according to a recording of the news conference published by broadcaster WKOW.

“The initial finding at the scene did not reflect a gun or anything of that nature that would have been used by the subject,” Koval said.

The shooting comes at a time of heightened scrutiny of police violence against minorities across the country. Protests have been held in Los Angeles and Washington state in recent days over police killings of unarmed men from minority groups.

Earlier this week, the Department of Justice released a report lambasting the Ferguson, Missouri police department for routinely violating the rights of African-Americans. The report includes evidence that freedom of speech was regularly denied to residents who talked back to officers.

Videos published on social media showed around 100 Madison protesters at the scene of the shooting chanting slogans like, “Who can you trust? Not the police,” in front of a row of officers.”

On Monday, 2nd March, a homeless man was shot and killed by police, after he was already on the ground after being Tasered – the claim was that he was “reaching for the officer’s gun,” yet the still photo of his hand in the air shows a hand that is NOT trying to grasp anything…his body is in involuntarily spasm from the Taser!

“Three Los Angeles police officers fired on and killed a man on the city’s Skid Row during a struggle over one of the officers’ guns, and authorities said they planned to use video captured by a bystander in their investigation.

The graphic video widely circulated on social media within a few hours of the incident Sunday brought heightened attention to the death of the man who wound up wrestling with police amid the tents, sleeping bags and trash of Skid Row, where many of the city’s homeless stay.

The three officers, one of whom is a sergeant, shot the man as they struggled on the ground for control of one of the police officer’s weapons, after a stun gun proved ineffective, LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said. They were answering a report of a robbery.

Smith said the department was aware of the video, and would attempt to amplify its sound and pictures to figure out exactly what happened.

“The video is disturbing,” Smith said at a briefing with reporters late Sunday night. “It’s disturbing any time anyone loses their life. It’s a tragedy.”

Smith said at least one of the officers was also wearing a body camera.

Police did not release the man’s name or give any other identifying details, and Smith said he did not know whether the man was homeless.

The shooting is the latest in a recent series of fatal police shootings in Missouri, New York and elsewhere around the country that have drawn widespread protest, including the killing of a homeless man in Albuquerque, New Mexico in March, a shooting in Los Angeles in August and migrant worker in Pasco, Washington on Feb. 10.”

A fraternity associated with the University of Oklahoma has been closed, after a horrid video came to light:

March 9, 2015 3:30AM ET

The University of Oklahoma has severed ties with a fraternity and ordered its immediate closure after the group’s national headquarters confirmed their chapter at the university had produced a video showing members participating in a racist chant.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) said Sunday that an investigation had validated the contents of a video showing people chanting a racial slur against blacks and indicating that blacks would never be admitted to the fraternity. The chant also references lynching.

OU President David Boren confirmed on Monday that the university had severed ties with SAE. He directed the chapter’s house be closed and said residents needed to remove their belongings by midnight on Tuesday.

“To those who have misused their free speech in such a reprehensible way, I have a message for you. You are disgraceful. You have violated all that we stand for. You should not have the privilege of calling yourselves ‘Sooners,'” said Boren, referencing the university’s nickname.

The national Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity earlier said in a statement on its website that it had closed the Oklahoma chapter in question “following the discovery of an inappropriate video,” adding it was “embarrassed” by the “unacceptable and racist” behavior.

“I was not only shocked and disappointed but disgusted by the outright display of racism displayed in the video,” said Brad Cohen, the fraternity’s national president. “SAE is a diverse organization, and we have zero tolerance for racism or any bad behavior.”

How charming…oh, wait – this must have been faked! No such thing as racism exists in our esteemed, elite bastions of “higher learning!”


The sickening comments in each item I linked are testament to how insidious racism is…and people still want to believe the lie that the entire world has somehow transformed into a ‘post-racial’ utopia, simply because the U.S. has a “Black” president – I put the term “Black” in quotes, because that is how it’s stated by anyone who says it! Especially when they immediately jump to the immediate heritage of President Obama, almost gleefully pointing out that he “has a white mother and was raised by his white grandparents” – code for, “See? The only way ‘you people’ can succeed is if you learn the WHITE RIGHT way to do things!”

Speaking of the President, it fascinates me to note the how the vitriol being heaped upon him has escalated exponentially as his second, and final, term in office draws to a close. He is labeled as a “wimp” and an effeminate “mom-jeans-wearer” – and those are the ‘polite’ insults! At the same time, he is called “King Obama,” compared to Adolf Hitler, and labeled a “dictator” who is single-handedly “destroying this country and all that it stands for.” He must certainly be Superman, to pull off being a “dictator” and a “wimp” at the same time! One thing I’ll say, though – the people who wish that he was more like Vladimir Putin are so delusional, I don’t know where to start dismantling their nonsense! Seriously – if Obama was as much of a dictator as those paranoid fools believe, do you think he would stand for the insults hurled at him? Do you think that the Secret Service would be the bumbling, careless idiots they’ve become since the first day of his first term? Do you believe that John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of “Team Tea-Bag” would be as smug as they currently are? Please…spare me. We know how Putin has dealt with his foes in the past, and how he deals with those who dare to criticize him. Nemtsov knew that his life was forfeit from the first word he uttered against Putin…it was only a matter of time. The people at FauxNews are raging psychopaths and sociopaths – small wonder that the likes of Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Donald Trump, Geraldo Rivera, Sarah Palin and ‘Judge Jeannine’ are their darlings! *RETCHES* Sorry…I just threw up a little bit in my mouth at having to type that filth – my apologies.

One, final note…R.I.P. Sam Simon, co-creator of “The Simpsons,” which has been a main part of my life since they debuted on the Tracy Ullman show back in the late 1980s. He passed away after a long battle with colon cancer…he was 59 years of age.

I am also conflicted over a deep, personal matter…it occurred unexpectedly. C’est la vie…

Black vs. Black: A Community Divided, Pt. II

Part II: Self-Hatred & Crabs In a Bucket

Reviewing so far: Black self-hatred is a psychological condition (or should be considered so) resulting from centuries of slavery and dehumanization. ‘Divide and conquer’ is one of the most successful tactics that has been used on us; part of that was accomplished via the fight for civil rights and racial equality. White women basically infiltrated groups like the NAACP and the Black Panthers, sidetracking brothas from their objective by dangling the formerly forbidden fruit of sex with them in front of brothas – and brothas bit the bait and swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. This post focuses on what I encountered during my dealings with self-hating Blacks in the Pacific Northwest, after I left Alaska and moved to the lower 48 and ‘diverse’ Seattle, the city of my birth.

1991 and I was ‘home’. I was excited – no more mail-order cosmetics! I could go to a store and find makeup and hair products just for me, which was heaven. I was certain that I would find happiness now that I was around other Black people. I thought that I would find the acceptance that I’d been searching for. I hadn’t heard about self-hatred yet; I knew that I’d felt twinges of it in myself, but hadn’t put a name to it. I’d wished hard to be white between the ages of eight and ten years old, knowing that life would be easier if I was, but I couldn’t change reality so I had to figure out how to deal with my personal situation. Wanting to be white wasn’t the answer because it wasn’t realistic, and racism wasn’t (and isn’t) going away anytime soon. I had to stop running from my anger and fears, face them head-on, and embrace them. My autobiography details that process, and it’s a fascinating thing!

Anyway… self-hatred varies between whole families, and those who have been split by divorce or were “adopted out”. Adoptees have their own special type of hatreds; I think that mine differs from those children who were raised with their siblings or other kids who shared their skin color. I’ve met only two other people who have a similar background to mine, but one of them was only five years older than my own son. His parents never let me and my son around him, much like my parents didn’t encourage friendships with the other Black kids in school. This is one reason why Black children who have been adopted by whites don’t have any sort of support network – their white owners parents won’t allow it; or at least, they didn’t, in my day – I suppose that modern technology has alleviated that, somewhat. Still, if Black adoptees aren’t encouraged to socialize with each other IRL, why would they seek each other out online, especially if they’ve been indoctrinated into, and poisoned by, white supremacy?

Digressing…when I first arrived in Washington state, I looked up an acquaintance of mine – a Black woman named Brandi who had worked at the same fish processing plant as my then-husband. I’d told her that I was planning on moving back to Seattle; she said to contact her if I did, since she lived in Tacoma. I was saddened to see how she’d changed in such a short time, and it turned out that she’d been bitten by the crack bug. She sat at home watching the TV preachers, while her husband busted his ass driving a delivery truck. I hung out with her for a weekend and she was nice enough to do my hair…first time I’d had braids, and I loved them – she did a fantastic job. What I didn’t like was when she broke a cheap-ass lamp that she probably paid $20 at Target, then blamed it on my son and demanded that I pay her $50 for it. I guess she needed some money for crack but had spent her welfare check on the TV preacher, who she prayed to so that she could get pregnant with another child (?????) – I threw her $25 and got the fuck out of there. I told her to look me up if she ever got off of the drugs, and not before! I was disappointed…she was a good friend before she got hooked.

My marriage was ending, so I was looking for work to support myself and my son. I also hoped to further my education so that I could find better work than fast-food restaurants, serving drinks at strip clubs, or being a bartender or bouncer at various pubs. I was fortunate enough to find a place called Washington Works, which offered free training in office etiquette and machinery to women on public assistance – I depended on it for a time after my divorce, since my ex was a deadbeat who refused to support his son. Long story short, I learned enough to get work in offices and was finally able to earn a salary and get jobs with good benefits. This exposed me to phony white women, and their Black lapdogs who would throw you under the bus in a hot minute. I’ve dealt with these types in Seattle, Portland, Oregon; and Vancouver, Washington. Some of my more notable encounters include:

  • Selene, a girl from New York. Her dad was Black and her mother was Jewish; dad had left when Selene was 11 and mom was angry and hateful. Selene was one of the most mixed-up, two-faced people I’d ever met. She was a nice girl when she wasn’t bitching about everything under the sun – if she’d only worked on her attitude and laid off the hysterics, she could have been happier.
  • John, a brotha and wanna-be comedian who was dating a white girl named Leah – I knew them from the karaoke circuit. Leah was overly pushy and insisted on sitting at any table I was at if there was no space available, but if the place was crowded when I came in, she would never make room for me. My fiancée at the time was friends with John, because my fiancée was a promoter, and I would get annoyed with how they always made excuses for Leah’s shitty behavior. One evening, I was sitting with a friend of mine named Pam who had moved to Texas, but was back in Seattle visiting her aunt. We were catching up on everything when Leah shoved her way in and demanded that I introduce her. I told her off for interrupting my conversation and added a few choice observations about her insecurities and attitude. Apparently she turned on the white woman waterworks and went crying to John, who bitched to my fiancée, who felt the need to correct me for hurting poor widdle Leah’s fee-fees! Needless to say, that incident was one of many reasons why that fiancée became an ex, LOL
  • Ahmed is a young brotha and is the only other Black person I know who was adopted by whites with no other Blacks as siblings to act as a ‘buffer’ of sorts. He worked at one of the construction firms that I did and had his nose firmly buried in the asses of all of the white people there. They tolerated him because his ‘mother’ worked in the accounting department. He would speak to me on rare occasions, complaining about the way he was treated at home. I offered to be a sounding board for him because I knew what he was dealing with, but he was only comfortable around whites and never responded to an email I sent him when he was let go. He was shitcanned about a year before I was.
  • “Gerbil”, a brotha around my age who is a proud gutter punk and an obvious self-hater. He only dates white women, sports an iron-cross tattoo on his arm, and had a brief bisexual relationship with a bipolar, suicidal nazi (!!!!!) – yet, he had an issue with me dating a white guy at the time. It didn’t make much sense to me!
  • Malcolm, a guy with a Black father and a white mother – we worked in a medical office together. He bragged at times about how he was able to ‘pass’ and didn’t get harassed by people when he went to bars, clubs, or motorcycle runs – but he stated that he was uncomfortable by the casually racist conversations he would overhear because he was “just another white guy”. I looked at him and said, “Well, you put yourself in those positions so it must not bother you that much.” He also had a stinko attitude and was a bummer to be around; I was thankful that I was merely a temporary employee and only had to deal with him for three months.
  • Then there’s Jan, a white worshipper who worked at a title insurance company with me. She would stick her nose up in the air anytime I tried to speak with her, and would ignore my attempts to be friendly – we had cubicles next to each other for a time, and she would put on her headphones to shut me out. When I was promoted to a different department, I could see her talking and laughing with the whites around her…no headphones on her ears, now!

I was a bit surprised by these encounters, but I was learning – Black folks could hate each other just as much as whites did, and apparently, for the same bullshit reasons! That hate is evident everywhere, including on the Interwebs, and it’s very sad to see.

It’s All To Be Expected…

Just when white folks here were getting over the mall shooting that hit too close to home, the Friday, December 14th violence at the elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut knocked them (and everyone across the country and around the world) for another loop. The worst school shooting since Columbine; it even put the more-recent shooting at Virginia Tech University down a couple of notches. Once again, white faces streaked with tears are asking the same rhetorical questions of “Why? Why? WHY?!?” while spouting thinly-veiled, racist statements about how “things like this just don’t happen in OUR neighborhood,” and “it’s just not SAFE anymore, ANYWHERE! We don’t feel SAFE.” After I saw this jackass practically take responsibility for the Crack-o-my-ass Mall shooter taking his own life, I pretty much hit the roof and the wall. What I’m about to say might seem cruel and insensitive to some, but I’m beyond the point of giving a good gawdddamn – I’m going to state my piece and my observations. Take them as you will.

First off, we are shown the crying children filing out, terror on their faces. The images invoke a protective reaction in anyone with a heart and soul, certainly, but it isn’t the first time that children in this country have been the senseless victims of brutal violence. I’m reminded of four little girls at a church in Alabama who thought they were in the safest place they could be, next to their own homes. Inbred, racist white-trash fucks BOMBED that sanctuary, hoping to take out as many human beings as possible, solely because those human beings had a different shade of skin. Oh, is that too far back in history for you? Okay, what about the white-trash, racist shitbag in Spokane, Washington who was caught plotting an act of domestic terrorism by placing home-made IEDs at a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. parade? Many children were present at that event, with their families, but if that fucktard had been successful, do you really think the whites around the country would say one word against it? No, you can bet that the victims would be blamed for some imagined transgression while people bend over backwards to find the “deeper motive”.

The shooters themselves, both here and in Connecticut, have practically been absolved of their crimes by virtue of their “troubled” childhoods. Yeah, there’s ALWAYS a reason why whites ‘snap’ – please tell me, what EXACTLY did the latest Florida murderer ‘snap’ over? If I’m in a store parking lot (or ANY parking lot), I’m aware of the fact that it is a PUBLIC space. Loud music blasting from a vehicle in a PUBLIC SPACE is nothing to ‘snap’ over, any more than a person getting the parking space you wanted is. You suck it up, close your ears to the noise or ignore the smug bastard who pulled into the space that you KNOW they know you wanted, and keep on keepin’ on. My personal experiences show me that white people seem incapable of even the most basic humility, common sense, and/or common courtesy. The self-absorbed, “me first, it’s all about ME” attitude is prevalent even in their homeless denizens!

Secondly, we must talk about the cultural history here in AmeriKKKa – here it is, in a nutshell: The so-called, white, “forefathers” were religious extremists who really weren’t wanted in their various townships and countries of origin, so when they launched their ships to escape the supposed tyranny they were forced to endure, their countrymen waved them off with “smell ya later, write often, don’t come back!” Those who were half-crazy before the onset of the voyage (assuming they survived) arrived on these shores nuttier than squirrel shit and proceeded to “claim these lands as their own” – then commenced dying off from starvation and disease. Somehow, their ‘leaders’ connived with some of the locals and managed to survive after utilizing the “divide and conquer” trick, which has been the main part of their repertoire since time immemorial. Keep in mind that they didn’t trust the people that helped them, which is where the FEAR that is intrinsic to them comes into play. When the rules for the country were written up, there is the lie of “all men are created equal” near the top, because they cleverly were able to define, in their eyes, what constituted a “man” – problem solved. Simply dehumanize other human beings, relegate them to being lesser beasts and treat them as same, and slaughter those who dare to demand human treatment. See how easy that is? Oh, but wait…it ISN’T that easy!

Jumping forward a bit: the ‘others’ know that they are also human, and resent and reject the sub-human definition. “Divide and conquer” is utilized to pit the Red peoples against their cousins, the Black peoples (brought to this country by whites to be beasts of burden), while the whites laugh at both groups – and carefully write up “the right to keep and bear arms” and have a “well-armed militia”. This brings me to the National Rifle Association (NRA) and their blatantly racist propaganda, which I used to receive when I was a member of that organization between 1987 – 1990. Now, this was during the administration of the first Bush, that of George Herbert Walker. The NRA is mostly relaxed when a RethugliKKKan is in office, even though the Brady Bill was introduced because of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan. When Bill Clinton began his run, the tone of the NRA newsletter changed drastically – suddenly, there were shouts of our “rights being threatened” by the “gun-grabbers” who were “insanely afraid of guns”. The bumper-stickers began arriving en masse, even though I hadn’t requested them: “Guns don’t kill people, PEOPLE kill people!” “You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.” “If guns are outlawed, then only outlaws will have guns.” And so on. When Barack Obama was running for president, it ramped up 100-fold; since his second term, it has multiplied exponentially on a daily basis. The “It Factor” I speak of? Paranoid propaganda – that’s all it is. Any and every time I see it, in any shape or form, I get disgusted. Living in fear creates the atmosphere that leads to all of these shootings, and nobody wants to recognize and acknowledge it! On the same day that people are preparing to attend memorial and funeral services, locals are lining up at various gun stores grabbing boxes of ammo and getting on whatever waiting-list to get a gun that “the president is going to outlaw!  It’s all OBAMA’S FAULT!!!!!” Never mind the fact that it is the gun and ammo MANUFACTURERS who are creating this massive, unnecessary supply-and-demand discrepancy! It’s obvious, predictable, tiresome, and frustrating…

This brings me back to the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. The first victim was, apparently, the mother of the gunman. She was an avid collector of guns; I question if she was a responsible, educated gun owner – we are few and far between, from what I see! Many things are disturbing about all that, and let me list them, in no particular order.

A person interviewed after the shooting stated, tearfully, that “this place is supposed to be SAFE…that’s why we moved here, to be SAFE…” Next, we see the former sister-in-law of the shooter’s mother (essentially, the shooter’s aunt) in front of the cameras, defending the woman’s need for owning guns, which the shooter used in the terrorist mass murder. She states that her former in-law was “a divorced woman…a single mother living on her own…she NEEDED PROTECTION.” *Needle scratches record* Wait a sec…um, excuse me, but if she lived in such a “SAFE place”, then what the ever-lovin’ FUCK did she “NEED PROTECTION” from?!? This will be answered momentarily.

Another person interviewed has made the requisite statement that the shooter was “quiet…obviously troubled.” Hmmmmm…let’s see…so, you KNOW that the shooter was troubled, but did nothing to intervene? You didn’t call the local mental health professionals and the school faculty when this young man first displayed symptoms of psychosis? You claim that he was ‘autistic’ and not ‘psychotic’ or a ‘sociopath’? You didn’t contact the police force and HIS OWN MOTHER to let them know of your ‘concern’? There certainly are a lot of people who come forward, after the fact, when a white person commits an act of mass murder. They come forward to try to explain away EVERYTHING. “He was a good kid – a little bit quiet, but nothing that showed any red flags – NOTHING that would explain something like this.” Well, it seems to me that those factors are in place far too often, and solely for the convenience and benefit of white criminals. The questions I posed are similar to the questions that whites ask of the ‘Black community’ via FauxNews, or some local right-wingnut, when a “gang-related” drive-by shooting occurs, or when a young Black man like Aaron Campbell is gunned down in the street by a cop, or when a young lady like Yashanee Vaughn is killed at the hands of her boyfriend, or when people are gunning others down at funerals. They always ask, “why aren’t THOSE PEOPLE doing SOMETHING about the VIOLENCE rampant in THEIR COMMUNITIES?!?” They point fingers over the murder-suicide involving Javon Belcher, and how the ‘violent atmosphere’ of football with all of its related machismo and god-like status of the stars is a main contributing factor – but when white sports stars ‘behave badly’ there are *crickets chirping* and “oh, it must be related to a concussion from back in aught-nine…” Nobody said a word about the “Bullshit Rasslin’” WWE stars (formerly the World Wrestling Federation; should be called the WHITE Wrestling Federation, they lost the WWF acronym to the World Wildlife Fund) who were known wife-beaters (cough cough RANDY SAVAGE, RODDY PIPER cough cough), and the well-known murder-suicide of Chris Benoit, a popular wrestler who was hooked on steroids and other ‘performance-enhancing’ drugs. People seem to forget that another wrestler, Lex Luger, was arrested as a person of interest following the death of one of the original female wrestling “side-kicks”, Miss Elizabeth – she and the other slags were basically rasslin’ groupies, to put it bluntly! Whites absolutely LOVE it when non-white celebrities fail, and seem excessively gleeful over any personal failings of Black celebs, but are volubly silent over the countless white celebs who become infamous and notorious for their lack of control: Lindsey, Britney, Ke$ha, Courtney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, “Snooki”, et cetera, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Even “Dubya’s” dear daughters, Barbara and Jenna, were protected from their own horrid ‘Girls Gone Wild’ behavior that surfaced on a regular basis on the interwebs – but Sasha and Malia Obama are portrayed as apes with targets over their faces?!? The hypocrisy is nauseating. The racism is unconscionable. It all has to fucking STOP.

The title of my post is essentially the answer to all of the “whys?” that people are asking, but I’ll put it in sledgehammer form. Why does this happen? Answer: Whites With Guns. They are overtly concerned with the need to own a military-grade, assault-style weapon, which is designed for killing a large number of people in a small area in a short amount of time, and claim that it’s necessary for ‘hunting’ or ‘self-defense’. Sorry, that bullshit excuse doesn’t fly with me. You see, I am a hunter (or huntress, if you prefer) and I’m a dead-eye shot. I only need one long-range bullet to bring down my prey, and one bullet from a pistol at close range to finish off the kill if necessary – I don’t want the animal to suffer if I hit it wrong, which does happen. A semi- or fully-automated weapon with a clip designed for multiple bullets has been manufactured for one purpose only. The hunting rifles I’ve used, as well as the handguns, have never been either semi- or fully-automated. Why? Because I’ve never needed that many bullets to bring down a deer, moose, or elk, that’s why. Heading out into the woods carrying two rifles and one handgun has always been ideal for me. Both rifles could hold five bullets each, while the handgun (a double-action .44 magnum revolver) was a six-shooter. That amount should also suffice for personal self-defense in your vehicle or at your home, especially if you’re not out to be a hero or looking to ‘legally’ murder someone by claiming that you’re “standing your ground” after instigating and elevating a situation! *SIGH*

My final question: Did the shooter still live with his mother? If so, then HE was the threat that she was in fear of – and, as any person who works with, or has experienced personally, the threat of domestic violence can tell you, the person to fear the most is the one closest to you. It doesn’t matter where you live – the shittiest trailer park, the biggest nouveaux riche McMansion, or that fine antebellum-era ‘Tara’ …domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. AmeriKKKan culture glorifies racism, sex, and violence in almost every medium. It was fine for whites when non-whites were the sole victims of this senseless violence, but now the pigeons are coming home to roost: you can’t advocate and encourage violence on certain groups and expect to remain untouched. If you live by the “an eye for an eye; a life for a life, never forgive or forget, us versus them,” mentalities, then you’re begging to be another statistic. Expecting to be SAFE just because “this isn’t THAT type of neighbourhood” is foolish. White and Asian criminals and gang-members are glorified, which is evidenced by the various shows on the ‘educational’ networks; while Black or Latino gangs, or Mexican cartels, are looked at under a microscope. All are brutal, but some get a ‘worse’ designation than others – and it’s obvious why. Davey D’s Hip-Hop Corner, a fantastic blog that I’ve been following for some time, sheds some interesting insight on all of this as well – the links are listed below.

Davey D: Newtown School Shooting, Pt. I

Davey D: Newtown School Shooting, Pt. II

The first memorials and funerals for the local victims are happening today. Radio stations are going overboard with the R.E.M. song “Everybody Hurts” and the Eric Clapton song “Tears In Heaven”. People crow over the success of the ‘12/12/12/’ concert for the (white) victims of Hurricane Sandy, while I wonder why there was no such showing for the victims of Hurricane Katrina – only blame for being so “stupid as to live in a storm-wrecked floodplain”! I disagree with Bruce Springsteen’s sentiment that “we take care of our own”, as I see evidence to the contrary wherever I look – unless you’re talking about how whites open their wallets unquestioningly for other whites, or news stations focus solely on the good deeds that white kids are doing for other white kids. Whites-only crowds have ramped up a show of solidarity for the Newtown victims nationwide. Even the Seattle Seahawks were forced into a moment of silence before they stomped the Buffalo Bills in a Canadian stadium. I’d love to know why they can’t or won’t show that same support and solidarity for the Aaron Campbells, the Trayvon Martins, the Rekia Boyds, the Yashanee Vaughns, the Amadou Diallos, the Emmitt Tills, the…

Wouldn’t you love to know why, too?

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