Tuesday Tunes

Here’s a little trio of tunes on this hot summer day. We stay cooler here at the coast, thankfully. I feel for you who are enduring this coast-to-coast swelter!

Short Post for the Weekend…

The weather has been spectacular ever since we returned from Alaska, and I’ve been out enjoying it every chance I get! We rode to Mt. St. Helens last weekend and plan on doing so today, too – temperatures will be in the low 90s again and the bike is calling!   😎

Not much to say today; just sitting here drinking coffee and listening to B. B. King’s Bluesville on Sirius XM – that’s a Sunday treat! I’m working on a few topics for next week, including my continuing thoughts on mental illness, and noting the passages of some notable people. I’m also eager for the ongoing apartment construction to end – it’s been going on in our sector of the property for the past two weeks. The management company of the townhouse complex hired contractors to re-do the siding on all of the buildings; the roofs were re-tiled last year, and the parking areas were repainted, so there has been a lot of noise going on – makes it a little hard to concentrate at times, but not impossible. The nice weather makes it extremely difficult, because it’s easier to stay inside and focus on writing when it’s raining – and there’s no rain in the local forecast for the next 10 days, at least!

Since I’m not in the mindset of writing or doing research at the moment, I’ll leave you with a great song from The Who, and my belated congratulations to beautiful Jamaica on her 50 years of independence!

The Who: “Pure & Easy”


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