A Feathered Friend

I hear these birds every morning, but they have always been hard to locate. The plants and trees in my yard are flourishing and the birds are nesting, so all of the shrubbery will stay thick and full until autumn.

Anyway, after a few weeks of “talking” with this specific species, one finally decided to strike a pose for proper identification:

It is a white-crowned sparrow – very pretty!


Thursday Thoughts; Small Update

Hello, all – just a tiny update of what I plan on doing through the year’s end and well into next year: writing, blogging, vlogging, and getting myself and my little face out there more! Peeking out from behind my walls and seeing the world…and letting the world see me. So terrifying, but I have to do it…I must! So, I’ll be getting my new cell phone next week and checking on getting my computer upgraded. I need a better video card, and I’m pretty sure I can expand the memory considerably, so I just have to look at what awesome, LED-riddled gamer case I want!

My ‘locs need some professional tending, so I will be getting my hair done next week as well…it’s been a while since I splurged on any beauty-salon visits – definitely past due! I need to make sure I can put my best face forward, LOL – here comes my vain streak. I don’t like being vain, but sometimes I am…sad but true. This means that I’ll be taking *GASP* selfies! Ermehgerd…stop the presses! I like clothes, and I love steampunk fashions – I think the only reason I wanted to model was for the clothes, but that was before I learned that you don’t always get to model the clothes that you like!

I’m going to be playing around a bit more with the settings and features of my blog…there are quite a few that I haven’t explored yet, and seeing what others do with their blogs has inspired me a bit. I won’t make any drastic changes because I like the layout and appearance of my blog, but there are things that I’ve wanted to add for some time – so I’ll experiment here and there, as necessary.

Tomorrow is the last 13th Friday of this year, so I am working on a post to publish first thing in the morning…local time, that is! For now, enjoy this song and a pretty picture of a tired little lady. Running, prancing and dancing with rampant stags wears a gal out! Shhhhh…nighty-night.

Sunday Scenery…5th July 2015

Some soothing Sunday scenery, right outside my home…


No Rest For the Wicked or the Weary!!!

I’m back, and I’m still alive – but this will be a short post, LOL

Aaaahhhh…we returned home last night at 9:00 p.m. and slept until 9:30 this morning. In a couple of hours we will be travelling again, but by our preferred mode – the bike – and are headed to the Seattle area to attend a family member’s wedding. We will probably return on Sunday evening, but if we are too crapped-out we will come back on Monday. Either way, we literally have only been home for one week out of the past three months! Gawds…I hope we don’t have any other surprises happen during August, because I just want to relax…I’ve been keeping up on my writings at least, but there are still some major topics that I’ve been wanting to tackle. I’m glad I was able to keep up with the world news while back in the wilds of Alaska – there is some form of internet and cable service, so I didn’t completely feel that I’d returned to the Dark Ages! Man…I was heavily reminded of the reasons I left that gawdsforsaken, backwater, inbred-loving state…I missed the wildlife, but the shrunken Mendenhall Glacier filled me with sorrow and dismay – it wasn’t the same mighty sheet of ice I recall from my childhood. So massive, it looked like you could reach out and touch its frigid face…the chill winds blowing off of it were so much stronger back then.

It was good to see my son finally smiling – that sunny beam glowing on his face, not the thundercloud that shadowed his forehead for the past three weeks. He has some small hopes, but had to face some harsh facts as well…but, he is a fighter and will bounce back – he has my heart, my soul, and my iron will! He will make it if he remembers the advice we gave him before we left…

Anyway, it’s time to have a meal before setting out on the road…I’ll return in a few days, dear readers, and will have many topics to post when I get back! I’m looking forward to writing…and writing…and writing…then posting! Talk at ya soon…

Good song, here…

John Denver: “Calypso”


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