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Wednesday before a holiday weekend…

So, where to begin?  The past month has been very trying for my patience, and my goodwill towards my fellow humanoids is at a nadir.  I started this blog after having a number of my comments deleted from a blog that I regularly subscribe to – I followed the rules of that blog, but apparently I missed some fine, minor detail that the blog author didn’t feel the need to make me aware of.  I’m not banned from that blog as far as I know, but I like to have my say on my own terms, not the petty whims of someone who may be having a migraine at the time I click the ‘post comment’ button!  Anyway, I digress…I suppose I should say a little bit about myself, but since I’m not a self-promoting braggart with an ego that would put Donald Trump’s to shame, it’s difficult for me to wax eloquent – but, I’ll do my best!

I work for an engineering firm in Portland, Oregon, and reside in Vancouver, Washington – the REAL, original Vancouver!  The company I work for is great, but there are a number of issues as far as management and some of my co-workers are concerned.  For example, a great office manager was let go during a mass layoff a couple of years ago.  Last August a new one was hired, and this woman is a psychotic, insecure wretch who has no business managing ANYTHING – picking up dog leavings would be too complex for her tiny brain!  This woman is solely invested in the ass-kissers and suck-ups; making sure that her “BFFs” get extra time off or longer-than-normal lunches, and just being easier on them in general.  If you work hard, don’t complain or make waves, or are a self-driven individual such as myself, then she has no time for you on any personal level, even if it’s work-related.  Then she labels you as “difficult” and will do nothing to facilitate your professional development, and pads your personnel file with outrageous claims and fabrications – I’m currently in the process of getting those lies eliminated.  The HR department for a lot of businesses used to be a means of mediation, now it’s merely a tool for managers to legally get rid of  people that they have a personal issue with.

That’s it for now…I’m tired of the rain this year – it’s almost June, but it feels like the end of March!

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