Friday Fun: Miscellaneous Memes & Music!

I think that it’s time for a few Friday memes, followed by a bit of music! The sun is out today, so it’s time to ride over to the beach and take a walk on the sand. Later, ‘gators!


Friday Fun Facts: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Edition!

Well, here it is – the 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony takes place tonight! It will be held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, for the third time. Presented by Klipsch Audio, the ceremony will be broadcast on cable channel HBO, and will also be aired on SiriusXM. From the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame website:

Artists are eligible for inclusion in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25 years after the release of their first recording. The 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Performer Inductees were chosen by more than 900 voters, as well as the aggregate results of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s online fan vote. The top five artists from the fan vote comprised the Fans’ Ballot that was tallied alongside the other ballots to determine the 2017 Inductees. Four of the winners of the Fans’ Ballot (ELO, Journey, Pearl Jam, and Yes) will be inducted as performers in 2017…Klipsch Audio, a leading global speaker and headphone manufacturer, is a strategic partner and presenting sponsor of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, its Induction Ceremony events and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame’s Main Stage. Klipsch’s renowned products deliver the power, detail and emotion of the live music experience throughout the iconic museum.”

Six bands / artists are in the Performer Category, and one musician / producer won the Award for Musical Excellence. For this “Five on Friday” post, I will list the ones who have made the biggest impression on me in my life with their music. I’ll do it “Top 40” style, listing them from fifth to first – so, here we go!

The band Journey is at number five for me. They were big in the 80s, with many great hits such as “Lights,” “Send Her My Love,” “Oh Sherrie,” and, of course, the well-known smash “Don’t Stop Believin’.” From Wikipedia:

Journey is an American rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1973, composed of former members of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch. The band has gone through several phases; its strongest commercial success occurred between 1978 and 1987. During that period, the band released a series of hit songs, including “Don’t Stop Believin'” (1981), which in 2009 became the top-selling track in iTunes history among songs not released in the 21st century.[2][3] Its parent studio album, Escape, the band’s eighth and most successful, reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and yielded another of their most popular singles, “Open Arms”. Its 1983 follow-up album, Frontiers, was almost as successful in the United States, reaching No. 2 and spawning several successful singles; it broadened the band’s appeal in the United Kingdom, where it reached No. 6 on the UK Albums Chart. Journey enjoyed a successful reunion in the mid-1990s and later regrouped with a series of lead singers.”

The Journey song that I selected for today is “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” – I love the guitar work in it!

Nile Rodgers, fourth on my list, is the genius behind the band Chic, described as a “sonic innovator” on his official website. Rock, funk, disco, and EDM – his notable riffs have been fundamental in all of those musical genres. I think that nearly everyone is familiar with the Chic smash hit “Freak Out / Le Freak,” but the song that I selected by them features Carly Simon on lead vocals. The song, called “Why,” had an instrumental-only version on the B-side of the single. I always enjoyed listening to the song and singing along, then flipping the record over and singing with the B-side – it was excellent practice for choir!

I was elated to see the band known as Yes finally get inducted! Their induction was long-overdue, and I know that I’m not the only one who thinks so. The progressive-rock band from London was originally formed in 1968 by singer Jon Anderson and bassist Chris Squire, and has undergone many formations over the years. Chris passed away on 28 June 2015 – you can find my tribute post to him here. I have enjoyed their music for as long as I can remember, and some of their music videos aired on MTV were ones that I looked forward to! “Owner of a Lonely Heart” was their biggest hit of the 80s, but I’d have to say that a good majority of their musical offerings are well-worth listening to. Transcendental, multi-layered, and semi-operatic are words that I would use to describe this fantastic band. The song that I selected is one of my personal favourites: “Love Will Find a Way.”

Number two on my top five list is the Seattle grunge-rock super-group, Pearl Jam. I first saw them at a downtown Seattle club called The Vogue, and was instantly hooked on their style of music! They, along with groups such as Nirvana and Soundgarden, placed Seattle back on the musical map. The city is now known for more than rain and the Pike Place Market, I’d say! The song that I selected is “Even Flow” – I love the lyrics and the musical arrangement, and Eddie Vedder’s voice is sublime.

Finally – number one on my list of the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees! That honour goes to the supergroup known as the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). This band formed in Birmingham in 1970. I think that I’ve heard more songs by ELO than almost any other artist or band, and that’s saying a lot! I’ve listened to hours of The Moody Blues, David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and Fleetwood Mac, to name just of few of the many artist that I enjoy. I think that the first song of theirs that I heard was down at a little, local burger joint called The Snack Shack. I was walking past on a fairly nice summer day and heard an awesome beat and crazy sounds drifting out of the open door. I wandered in and looked at the jukebox to see what song was playing; it was “Don’t Bring Me Down.” I had a couple of quarters on me, so I played the other two ELO selections offered on the machine: “Telephone Line” and “Twilight,” respectively, and I was hooked on them from then on. My dad had started working at the local radio station at that time, and he liked playing “Rockaria” and their rendition of “Roll Over Beethoven” quite often! I never saw the movie “Xanadu,” but absolutely loved the ELO-backed soundtrack. The ELO song that I chose is “Evil Woman,” of course – it’s one that I always crank up and rip the knob off when I hear that familiar opening of the stringed orchestra. Such a versatile band, more than deserving of their induction!

Last, but certainly not least, I’m very happy that Tupac Shakur was also finally inducted. Many will disagree with him being honoured in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but I think that he deserves it as much as Joan Baez – if not more so! From Rolling Stone:

Two decades after his death on September 13, 1996, Tupac Shakur endures as one of hip-hop’s most iconic figures and its most powerful enigma. His life was a tapestry of often contradictory images: the concerned young father cradling his son in the video for “Keep Ya Head Up”; the angry rapper spitting at cameras as they swirled around his 1994 trial for sexual assault; the artist who animatedly, yet eloquently, pushed back at Ed Gordon’s questions during a memorable BET interview; and the man who seemed to predict his own demise when the “I Ain’t Mad at Cha” video, released weeks after his death, depicted him as an angel in heaven. Although he is no longer with us, the myth of 2Pac the thug angel remains. No other artist better illuminates hip-hop’s fault lines between regional pride and mainstream success, and the struggle to transcend and elevate beyond humble origins while honoring the streets that raised you. His wayward, conflicting expressions of pride, militancy and gangster-ism resonates in a world when black men and women celebrate their heritage and collectively organize against a racist America, yet are also cautious to protect themselves from each other.

Fans – particularly East Coast rap listeners who, after all these years, still harbor a grudge against him – will continue to debate whether 2Pac’s albums can measure up to Nas’ Illmatic, the Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die, or Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt. But no one can deny the way he transformed hip-hop into his singularly muscular, tattooed, bald-headed, bandana-clad image.”

Love him, hate him, or even if you’re completely indifferent – there is no denying Tupac’s influence and sheer genius. I wonder what music he would be putting out if he had lived to see the current social and political quagmire here in the USA? I’m betting that it would pull no punches, and would make more than a few people uncomfortable and angry. That is how it should be, in my not-so-humble opinion!

Final Friday Fun Facts: 31 March 2017

This is an “official” final Friday, where the last day of a given month falls on a Friday! My five fun facts for today involve my first love: music, and my favourite radio DJs who make it come alive.

SiriusXM(R) Satellite Radio is what I listen to; yes, I have a lifetime subscription. Some things are worth paying for, and the saying is true: “You get what you pay for!” I love it for multiple reasons, the main one being how necessary it is when travelling cross-country. Only with satellite radio can you enjoy the music of your choice, instead of being driven batty by local radio stations and the limited crap they push out. Nothing but cows mooing and spittoons ringing from stations in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Nothing but bible-thumping hypocrites on stations in the Dakotas, Nebraska, and Missouri. Or, on those long stretches of road in Nevada, nothing but static! With satellite radio, you take all of your music with you to be enjoyed anywhere, at any time.

The portable control panel can be anywhere: your home or an outdoor shop; in your car, or even on your motorcycle. We have 10 stations programmed and can switch them at the touch of a button – but, there are literally hundreds of stations to choose from! For those people who only want to hear people jaw on and on about nothing, there are talk-radio stations. For the person obsessed with sports, there are sports-related stations. There are apparently even (GAG) porn stations for people who want to hear the contrived moans and groans of people being paid to simulate sexual activity. Yep, there’s something for everyone on satellite radio!

I listen to many different stations, some more than others, but I have a few favourite DJs whom I love hearing more than others! Here are my top five, along with the respective station that I listen to them on:

1. Earle Bailey – Deep Tracks: He’s on top of the list because he plays the variety of music that I like. He doesn’t limit himself and plays a bit of everything on any given day. His show runs on weekdays from 0900 to 1600 (PDT), and for one of those hours he does his “Daily Bailey Head-trip” in which he plays songs with a specific theme. I’m most likely to hear at least one Frank Zappa song when Earle is on the air, which certainly makes him the most versatile and eclectic DJ on my list!

2. Pat McKay – The Joint: I hear Pat’s soulful, soothing voice on “Marley Mondays.” Every hour, on the hour, a great Bob Marley song is played, but those songs aren’t just limited to hourly offerings! I get my reggae fix on this day, which is the way I start my week off. It’s also nice to hear a bit of reggae after I’ve gotten my blues fix on Sunday; makes each day flow into the next in a smooth, relaxing fashion.

3. Luc Carl – Ozzy’s Boneyard: The self-proclaimed “Ayatollah of Jack & Cola” is always upbeat and entertaining, playing all of the metal that I thrash to on Thursdays! He plays all sorts of hard-rocking songs, from AC/DC to ZZ Top, and everything in between. Of course, the Boneyard wouldn’t be complete without some classic Black Sabbath, stuff from Ozzy Osbourne himself, and of course, tour dates of whichever metal bands are touring at any given time. He’s also a fan of sports, and lets his listeners know when certain basketball, baseball, or football teams are playing – college or pro! His sign-off at the end of his show always gets me giggling, too…you’ll just have to listen to his show sometime to hear it yourself. I don’t do spoilers, LOL!

4. Jim Ladd – Deep Tracks: From “high in the Hollywood Hills,” Jim Ladd picks up where Earle Bailey leaves off. He’s most likely to start off with a selection from AC/DC, then toss on some U2, Jimi Hendrix, Cars, Rush, and a bit of ZZ Top before slowing things up with something by Fleetwood Mac or Dido. He’s also fairly well-rounded with his musical choices, and like Earle Bailey, he will have an interesting story or anecdote about some of the songs or background history of the bands. He’s solid gold, in my not-so-humble opinion!

5. Keith Roth – Ozzy’s Boneyard: Keith plays an awesome selection of tunes and is a lot of fun to listen to. The only reason he’s last on the list is because he loves “Uncle” Turd Nugent just a little bit too much! Letting people know your political leanings is all well and good, but pretending to not understand why “the Nuge” is a waste of air, space, and skin is mildly annoying. Other than that, he’s almost as funny and engaging as his colleague, Luc Carl – still worth listening to, as far as I’m concerned!

I’m working on a proper post for tomorrow, putting the finishing touches on the next excerpt from my NaNoWriMo short fiction, and getting ready to watch the latest live broadcast from Bethesda studios before jumping into my game for some more merry mischief-making! With that, here are three radio-related songs to get the weekend started off right. I think that it’s been a while since I last played these songs, so I’m fairly certain that I’m in no danger of being redundant! Have a wonderful weekend, all…now, get up and dance!


Final Birthday Friday Festivities!

It isn’t the final Friday of March; that falls next week – but, today IS the final Friday celebration of my week-long birthday celebration! It’s been loads of fun: phone calls and cards from family, breakfast in bed, and a surprise sushi platter rounded things up. All food was washed down with plenty of potables, both potent and non! All in all, it has been fantastic…life is good!

Here are my five musical selections for this Friday, along with some selected gaming screen-shots of fun and frivolity. My “Five for Friday” fun facts will return next week, but I’ll give you one, here: every song that I post here on my humble blog are ones that I know by heart, and sing loudly and proudly. The key to great singing isn’t something that can be taught, at that’s all I can say. Either you feel it, or you don’t!


Happy Friday, everyone…enjoy your respective weekends, whenever and wherever you are!


Five Friday Facts: St. Paddy’s Day 2017!

I was thinking of what five fun, Friday facts to post today – so, here’s my St. Patrick’s Day edition!

1. My maternal great-great-great-grandmother was of Irish descent, as was my paternal great-great-great-great-great-grandmother…so, the mitochondrial DNA on both sides clinches it!

2. I only have one tattoo – my first (and only, so far) is a Róisín Dubh. I love the Thin Lizzy song of the same name, obviously!

3. I’m a natural redhead who, thankfully, doesn’t suffer from pasty, freckled skin. I do use a higher SPF than others who share the same ethnicity and natural hue as I, though! My hair looks very, very, VERY dark brown, most days. In the summertime, when I relax in the sunshine and let my dreadlocks hang freely, the dark auburn highlights come forth and shine brightly. That, along with the fact that dyeing one’s hair needlessly exposes it to harsh chemicals, is why I quit dyeing my hair in my mid-20s. If your hair is like straw, you’ve most likely screwed it up permanently for the sake of stupid, silly vanity! Age has nothing to do with hair health…just sayin’.

4. “Irish-American” whites hate me – but nearly every person from “the Eire,” face-to-face, have been quite open, honest, and genuine. (On a side note, I prefer speaking with people in person, since it is really the only way that I’m able to successfully communicate with others. Face-to-face interactions make it far easier to determine how honest any individual is, IMHO!)

5. Ireland has always been one of the countries on my “must-visit” list, for as long as I can remember! Some parts of the world “call” to me louder than others do. Ireland’s voice isn’t as loud as the ones from Ghana, the Ivory Coast, or Somalia, but it is far louder than the voices from New Zealand or Japan! Don’t bother me with any assumptions on that…if you can’t relate, then kindly STFU.

With that, here are five fun, Friday songs to really get the weekend started with a bang! Happy St. Paddy’s Day, dear readers – be sure to check out my epic gameplay on my Twitch channel, as this weekend will be devoted to shameless laziness and hedonism as my birthday approaches!


Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2013!!! (Updated for 2017)

This is my favourite St. Patrick’s Day post, so it’s more than deserving of re-posting! I left it as originally written; the only difference between then and now is that I’m not going on hiatus, and I wanted to add two songs by Thin Lizzy. Lá Fhéile Padraig, everyone!

Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

This past week and the upcoming one promise to be hellaciously busy, so I’m sending out my St. Patrick’s Day greetings in advance – Lá Fhéile Pádraig! Yes, I have Irish kin out in the world somewhere; I can’t say I care if they accept me or not, any more than I care if my Black kin or Blackfoot Native kin accept me – I yams what I yams!     😎

On a side note, I’m on hiatus for a spell…not for too long, but it may be the first week in April before I’m able to post again! I’ll be a busy little bee but it’s all for good reason – so, for those of you who actually like what I do here, fear not…I shall return! I just might even have some awesome new things to talk about, and won’t that be grand? Also, I’m on my week-long birthday celebration…

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Meet and Greet – March

A “Meet & Greet” for the month of March…perfect timing! Happy Friday, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!

Chape Personal Trainer

Hello dears!

It´s Meet and Greet time again, and it´s time to make a change. I think I´m doing something wrong. I´m getting comments on all the Meet and Greet. That´s good, but I think you have more chances to promote your blog if you comment on the most recent post. It makes sense because all my readers will get a notification right after I publish this post, and they´ll forget about it in a few days.

So, I will do just one monthly Meet and Greet and I´ll reblog it on weekends, addressing to the original. This way, I hope to turn the Meet and Greet post into a Meeting Poing for Bloggers 😀

Please, let me know what you think about this change.

As usual, these are the basic steps to have fun meeting other bloggers:

  1. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog in the comment section. Share…

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Friday Fun: Club Vogue Edition

Happy Friday, everyone! This “Five On Friday” post shines a little light on one of the best clubs that I used to go to in Seattle, Club Vogue.

Thursday nights were always fun: no cover charge for women on “Ladies Night,” and the guys were more than generous with buying drinks! DJ “Dark Justice” was the king of emcees, holding court in the music-booth and blasting an awesome mix of music. Local bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Mother Love Bone, and Pearl Jam would appear from time to time and give their loyal, local fans free shows – I still have Eddie Vedder’s autograph!

There was always some wild and crazy stuff playing on the projection-screen behind one of the stages: anime such as Speed Racer and Robotech; MTV shows which were popular at the time, like Aeon Flux and The Maxx, footage of people surfing, skydiving, or parasailing, and even full-length movies.

Being a regular at a club, one can get a bit of a “following” of people who like your dancing style and the clothes that you wear, so sitting alone or being a wallflower wasn’t an option! That’s one thing I miss about that club: all you had to do was show up, and you were immediately a part of a big, eccentric, wonderful family. Making friends and acquaintances at Club Vogue, then, was easier than getting people to read my blog is, now! It was nice to just be myself, dancing with sheer abandon, with no worries of judgmental assholes looking to pick you apart for imagined slights. Being harassed was never an issue, either, as the owners had a zero-tolerance policy for that crap: anyone who walked in wearing nazi regalia and / or spouting racist, sexist shit would be turned away pretty quickly!

Ah, Club Vogue…those were some incredibly fun times! On that note, here are five songs that remind me of that long-gone venue.


Fun Friday Facts: 24 February 2017!

Happy Friday, everybody! It’s the final Friday of February of 2017; yes, an ‘offical’ one would be if the last day of the month fell on a Friday, but I’m not as anal about such things as others are, LOL! Anyway, I figured that my “five fun facts” would relate to unique household items that a lot of people wouldn’t normally see in the homes of friends or acquaintances. I was inspired to do this by the recent addition of player housing to The Elder Scrolls Online, and I’m celebrating the purchase of my first “staple” home in-game. Good excuse to talk about home décor, no? I listed these items in the order they were acquired, just for the heck of it!

1. I have a lava lamp, which I purchased in Seattle in 1998. It has travelled with me from Washington state, to Oregon, and back again. I like lava lamps…they’re pretty nifty!

2. I have a globe, a gift from a family member and received in 1999. It’s very nice, mounted on a hardwood stand with a wheeled base. It once belonged to the California State University in Sacramento, according to one of three labels stamped on it. It has a date of 1915 etched into it as well.

3. An antique typewriter graces one desk in my writing room. It is a manual, Royal typewriter of 1930s vintage, and I use it to type out rough drafts of my book chapters. It was a surprise gift from my husband a couple of years ago – he just brought it in one day after running errands. He knew that I’d been looking for one…it made my day when he carried it in the house!

4. A seven-foot tall grandfather clock catches your eye when you first walk into our living room. It is a Trend model, which used to be made by the Sligh clock company, but has long since been discontinued. It is quite stately, with a glass-paneled wood casing and brass hardware. I’d venture to guess that it has more moving parts than the exercise machine does! The clock is our engagement present to each other, since we both saw it at the same time and made the joint decision to buy it. We call it our “engagement ring,” as it rings out every 15 minutes and chimes the hours. It’s definitely a source of pride!

5. Last but not least, the Marcy home gym. I’ve been wanting a universal exercise machine for years, as circuit-training has always been an important part of my workout regimen. I finally have one of my own – no more dealing with questionable fitness centers or sketchy, so-called “personal trainers!”

Friday Fun: Five More Facts!

This post is inspired by a question posed by Brian over at Bonnywood Manor – he asked, “What in life have you NOT done?” It might have been posed rhetorically, but it got me to thinking: there are many things that I have done in life, and many more that I haven’t done yet – but, would certainly like to. There are also quite a few things that I have never done, nor would I ever do. So, here are five random things that I have never done!

1. I’ve never committed a felony. I like my freedom too much to even commit a misdemeanor or any petty crime; I also think that honesty and a sense of honour play a big role.

2. I’ve never traveled off of the North American continent – I have yet to even visit Mexico or the other countries in Central America!

3. I’ve never seen an episode of “Game of Thrones.”

4. I’ve never had a driver’s license – but, I can drive a vehicle whether it has manual or automatic transmission.

5. I’ve never done these drugs: meth, crack, cocaine, heroin, or PCP. No desire to, either, in case you were wondering!

I’m pleased to report that I’ve figured out the gaming software, so will be having a regular schedule of live broadcasts soon! The recording and uploading to YouTube is the only issue right now, but I’m not too bothered by that at the moment. Hopefully the issue will be fixed with a future update to it, but I’m very happy that everything else is working as it should. The game-streaming should be much smoother than it used to be, and the sound issues have cleared up, so settle in some time and watch some gaming action! I’ve also conscripted a close friend to start featuring some of my blog posts on Twitter…I’m pleased and grateful to them for the kind offer.

With that, how about some music? Talk to you all later…

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