Thoughts for Thursday: 13 April 2017

In this post, I let John Oliver explain one of the many issues in the USA when it comes to voting: the reality of gerrymandering.

Talkin’ Politics in AmeriKKKa: What a Joke!

I despise trying to talk about religion, politics, or any other man-made social construct which is meant to divide and conquer.  Too many emotions and prejudgments, as well as solidly-ingrained hate, prevent a lot of meaningful dialogue.

I despise the RethugliKKKan party for their obviously racist tactics, their shameless hypocrisy, and their sickening propaganda.  They are bullies who talk in circles, deaf and blind to their cognitive dissonance.  So-called ‘grass roots organizations’ like the Teabaggers are really not: they are carefully orchestrated, well-organized, highly-funded (*Cough cough * KOCH BROTHERS * Cough cough *) racist movements which have exploded on the scene ever since Obama was elected president.  The ‘Thugs have now had their umptillionth debate.  What, exactly, are they debating?  They’re all on the same fucking team, for crying out loud, so – what is there to debate?!?  A debate is generally held amongst a panel of people with widely differing opinions, much like many blogs, newsgroups, and discussion forums are (or used to be, LOL).  The only difference between any of the party members seems to be how far to the right they hang!  Don’t get me started on the ‘Occutards’, either – coat-tail riding, “college-know-it-all”, white, privileged hippies who are complaining about having to deal with issues that other groups of people have been asking for equality in for decades.  I don’t see any of the occupiers going into office buildings and making sure that the average employee is genuinely protected from false attacks by psychotic, paranoid co-workers!  They don’t speak for me.  The ‘Thugs don’t speak for me; neither do the ‘Kraps.  I’ve not heard one politician talk about anything that’s meaningful to me – I’m not in any special-interest group.

The shameless pandering gets worse as well.  I’ve been following politics quite steadily since the 5th grade, which is when politics and the election process were first introduced in our school.  It’s hilarious to me when ‘Thugs screech at non-white people, “You only voted for Obama because he isn’t white!”  Um, okay…so, that means that you believe that I only registered to vote when someone who has a similar skin tone to mine was available for election?  Wow…presumptuous, much?  Is that why you dragged out Uncle Tom of the Year, Herman Cain?  Was he supposed to be your ‘legitimate candidate’ to take on Obama – just because he’s black?  For that matter, what about the Sarah Palin bullshit?  You dragged her up next to McStain in a shameless pander to women after Hilary was shot down in flames.  Excuse me?  I’m supposed to vote for some brainless, amoral cunt with slutty daughters, simply because she has a vajayjay?!?  Wow…arrogant, much?  Incidentally, it made statewide news when Ms. Failin’ was the mayor of Wasilla – she was the fucking joke of the land, I shit you not.  Her insane pork-barrel projects made her a laughingstock.  I didn’t vote for Hilary Clinton, and most likely never will because I simply don’t have much faith or trust in her.

At any rate, notice the pandering to the white, blue-collar (but non-union) voting bloc.  Suddenly, Mitt Romney has a southern drawl, sings about Davey Crockett, has been endorsed by Jeff ‘You Might be a Redneck’ Foxworthy, and talks about cheesy grits as if they’re going out of style.  Reminds me of the time when he last ran for president, and pandered shamelessly to non-white people in Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and Detroit – by singing “Who Let the Dogs Out” to a group of young children.  Wow…stereotype, much?

I could go on, but I’ll let Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A., explain later on.

Oh, I can hear the nazis now!  “You’re not being fair – you’re obviously a die-hard left-winger!”  Not so, not so…before you get your BVDs in a bunch, you worthless, inbred, white-trash tweakazoids, check your knee-jerk, emotional responses at the door.  If you really believe that I think that the DemoKKKraps are any better, then that just proves that your inbreeding has rendered you incapable of comprehending basic facts.  I also found a great way to determine how racist you ‘people’ are, simply by uttering two little words: WHITE TRASH.  The angrier a white gets at that term, the more racist they are – it’s hilarious, obvious, and too damned true!  🙂

I used to have views that could safely be called right-wing: I used to support the death penalty, was very pro-gun (and a member of the National Rifle Association – how do ya like me now?), and laughed at the idiots of PETA who screamed that ‘fur is murder!!’ as they sit naked in cages as if that proves something.  I still laugh at the PETA asshats and their pathetic flailings to stay relevant.  I can never take any organization seriously, when it has to resort to paying famous models to pose in the nude.  I’m no longer a member of the NRA, either – I opted out after 3 years of membership, because I got sick and tired of the political propaganda and nonsense that got mailed to me on a regular basis.  I can think for myself and will vote for the candidate I choose to, not the one that I’m expected to go lock-step with.  Guns aren’t in danger of being outlawed anytime soon.  The Commander-in-Chief has much bigger fish to fry – the number of guns that Inbred Jed and his sister-mama, Bobbie Sue, own, has been low on every president’s list from George Washington’s first day in office.  I also got out of the NRA because I was uncomfortable being a member of a group that would fight WAY too hard to defend the rights of some neo-nazi asshole who ‘feels threatened’ by me going to the store for (GASP) organic brown rice!  Their insane conspiracy theories are evident in the ‘newsletter’.  Stephen Colbert puts it brilliantly in this episode, but be sure to check out the entire week:

Also, don’t forget the Daily Show – excellent points were made that week:

I wanted to join the military and have a career in ‘law enforcement’.  To me, the ‘Kraps are a toothless, spineless group of wimps who would roll over and piss like a beaten dog if Vladimir Putin bared his buttocks and blew a fart in the direction of the USA.  I know about the southern history of the ‘Kraps and the fact that they were just as instrumental in upholding the Jim Crow laws as the ‘Thugs were.  They had no morals then and have none now.  It’s safe to conclude that the ‘Kraps will put nobody up against Obama – I guess there really aren’t any valid contenders in that rabble, but c’mon…the fucking ‘Thugs really don’t have anyone with chops, yet they’re cramming themselves down our throats via robo-calls and FauxNews.  From what I gather, that means that I really don’t have a choice in who I vote for, and I find that offensive.  Where’s the choice?  Where are my options?  Ron Paul?!?  Yeah, right – that guy is too close a friend of David Duke and the John Birch Society for my taste!

When I turned 18, I registered to vote.  I registered ‘Independent’, because I have moderate views and hate the limitations of the two-party system.  Lately, though, I have to use the term ‘Unaffiliated’, as the fucktard Teabaggers have destroyed the independents by turning it into a ‘party’.  Wow…ignorant and uneducated, much?  Having a ‘party’ is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of ‘independence’ – it’s called an oxymoron, MORONS!!  Like ‘jumbo shrimp’…think about that for a while.  These people can’t understand a double negative, much less a complete, simple sentence or question – the mental and verbal gymnastics they engage in, when you challenge their repetitive nonsense that they regurgitate from their daily diet of spoon-fed propaganda, is astounding – hence those dumb-ass bumper stickers that say “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012”; I have a link about that in an earlier post, so if you can find it, watch it and laugh…

At any rate, that’s all I have to say about politics.  I’ll talk about my disgust with organized religion at a later date.  I was brought up in a religious family and had that shit force-fed to me from an early age – it felt good to purge myself of the nonsense once I left home.

Here’s Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A., with some excellent info about politics.  Enjoy…

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