How Far Back?

The gaslighting and race-baiting from the neo-fascists has exploded over the past week as this country is taken back to the 1950s.

This is what “taking the country back” meant when Drumpf used it as his political platform, and what it continues to mean for he and his racially-charged supporters.

As expected, they resort to the logical fallacies listed in the chart below in order to defend the indefensible.

History repeats itself, and this country isn’t immune to regression. So much for “never again.”

Midweek Musings & Music!

Power outages are so annoying! The windstorm over the weekend didn’t knock the power out, and we’ve finally gotten some measurable rain, but the combination of both has saturated the soil, causing some weakened trees to fall on some power lines. So, the power was out for a little over 3 hours today; mildly inconvenient, but not the end of the world. The local utility company gets things back up and running fairly quickly, at least!

I use an old-school, manual typewriter for my writings, so the topic I was going to post originally is ready – I just have to re-type it here on the computer so it’s ready to post tomorrow. Speaking of topics, there seem to be some knee-jerk reactions to some of mine. Here’s a little tip: if you don’t like a post, don’t hit the ‘Like’ button. If you have a negative response, then take a deep breath, close the browser window, and do something else. Disconnect and disengage – it’s really easy to do! I see a shit-ton of things that I dislike, on the interwebs and IRL, and guess what: it’s called life. Deal with it. My blog isn’t about anyone else’s precious little fee-fees, just like other people’s blogs aren’t about my precious little fee-fees. That’s why I don’t have ‘trigger’ warnings or ‘NSFW’ warnings – this is an adult blog for adults, plain and simple! Anyone who wishes to try to bait me or debate me here will meet with silence: I DON’T ARGUE ONLINE – PERIOD. END OF FUCKING STORY. Some people like wading into that nonsense – me, I do my best to take the high road. Am I always successful? Of course not. Unlike some people, I don’t pretend to be perfect or know all of the answers. If I start feeling like I’m being dragged into a futile conversation, I disengage. Gaslighting is a petty act, and one that I can see a mile away. So, back up, Chuck – save the drama for your mama!

On that note, enjoy these three songs…time for some fun!


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