Three Tunes on Tuesday

Here are three great songs I love hearing when they’re played on the radio. I picked the long, original versions of them. The DJs need to do so more often.


“Weird Al” Wednesday

Midweek Musings: Weeds & Weather

After the small heat wave of last week, the weather has returned to the cool-but-dry pattern set near the middle of May. I suppose the fires in the B.C. area of Canuckistan aren’t helping matters much; the air quality in Seattle has been suffering for some time, due to those. I’m hoping that the clouds and haze clear up by the time the eclipse occurs! That will be a spectacular phenomenon to witness if the weather cooperates.

The yardwork and gardening is pretty much completed for this year; we cleared away branches from the trees and trimmed the shrubberies along the fence-line. When the burn-ban is lifted, we’ll have a nice little bonfire.

The bamboo is thick and healthy and ready for transplanting! We’re going to move some to the fence-line dividing our property from the one next door to create a natural privacy screen. After being empty for so long, it appears that it is finally being fixed up for selling. Unwanted neighbors, like unwelcome weeds, are in the foreseeable future.

Speaking of weeds, quite a number had to be removed from under the front deck. They were making themselves at home, out of sight! It’s a good thing we’re getting the weatherization of the house done; the hubster located the weeds when he was inspecting the crawl-space and saw where they were encroaching. Culling one’s garden of weeds every so often ensures the healthy growth of the plants and flowers that have been planted and tended to. When pests intrude, it is best to get rid of them with as little fuss and muss as possible, no?


The roof will be done this coming weekend, which will be the last bit of necessary repairs for this year. We’ll be able to budget for a cross-country trip in 2019 or 2020, which allows me to focus more on writing and getting my excerpts out there to reputable and respected publishers. Research, research, and more research! I’m even considering doing the NaNoWriMo thing again this year: I enjoyed the challenge of it, and it sparked a few more ideas for future stories. Anything that keeps my creativity flowing is worthwhile!

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Songs on a Saturday…

I’m out running errands, in doing some housework, then back outside to do some gardening and planting! I’ll get around to reading and catching up with the blogs I follow tomorrow, when I allow myself a day of laziness on Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy these five, soothing, Saturday songs!


Friday Fun-time: 11 September 2015!

Sorry about that – I ‘disconnected’ for a couple of days with no warning! Just from my blog, guild-site, and email – not from my game…I needed to vegetate a bit. I’ll be catching up on everyone’s blogs in a little while! I spent some time outside, in between rain showers, measuring the overgrowth and getting ready to butcher the plants around the property. They are encroaching on the path in the breezeway, around the pump-house and garage, and trying to take over in the driveway. I still don’t know what half of the plants around my house are, other than the rhododendrons, holly, pampas grass, sedge, bamboo, huckleberry bushes, and wild raspberries and salmon-berries. I think that I have honey-suckle near the front fence, and foxgloves and lilies flower nicely a couple of times during the summer, in random places. The deer have been foraging on a regular basis – I really need to get some vertical blinds so that it is easier to take pictures from inside the house without disturbing them.

I haven’t looked at the online news yet this morning, but I watched a little of the crapfest on TV last night. TV news is annoying to me, for the most part. I wanted to see what is going on in the world; same old, same old, apparently. What a pleasant woman that was, kicking a little girl and then tripping up a man carrying a child. How nice. Tom Brady apparently succeeded in pissing and moaning about his deserved suspension, so now it’s been overturned. You can be a cheating, lying douchebag and keep your job…as long as you’re famous, that is. As far as the political circus goes, every station seems to be doing their best “all Trump, all the time” grab for ratings. That makes me want to get the bumper sticker that Stephen Colbert displayed on his show! So glad that he’s back, and I’m glad that Stephen remained his Stephen-y self. My DVR will be getting a workout between Colbert and Conan O’Brien, while I watch Trevor Noah and Larry Wilmore! I need my medicine called laughter…in extra doses, these days.

I have recruited a few new people into my guild, and now the number balance is off – so I need to recruit a few more! Don’t ask…I’ll explain later. Just one of my quirks…we all have them, so I’m not alone in that! I’ve decided that now is the time to go for the achievement of being crowned empress, and that will be a chore and a half – I just know it! It will be a lot of painful fun, and very physically and mentally demanding…it amazes me that a long gaming session can feel like running a 100-meter dash – or, sitting in traffic for two hours!

Speaking of trying things…I love my husband. I really do. He just talks WAY too much! I told him the other day that I was going to buy him a “Mr. Slave” outfit and a ball gag, and put him in one of those swings for two hours, forcing him to watch a One Foot in the Grave marathon – I have the whole series on DVD. What do you think: sound like a good idea, or too extreme? Maybe I’ll just settle for the outfit and the ball-gag…as long as he’s quiet!


Here are three good songs to start the weekend off right – time for some fun!

I’m Back – No April Fool!

Aaaaaahhhh…it’s great to be back! I had a few minor, unexpected internet issues which were far easier to solve than they should have been. Basically, I can sometimes look for the most difficult solution to the easiest problems – for instance, if a television has a fuzzy picture, I would probably give it one or two light taps with a 50-pound sledgehammer, LOL!     😆

Anyway…what to talk about? Oh, yes – the Seattle Mariners beat the Oakland Athletics 2 – 0 today, this opening day of beisbol season…the “boys of summer” are back! “King Félix” had to go at the bottom of the 8th inning, but the team got the win!

Morales Jesus Montero, the catcher for the M’s, seemed to have a huge target on him because he got smacked but good! Ye gawds – I don’t blame him for looking rattled at the end…also, the field looked a bit barren without Ichiro  (鈴木 一朗, Suzuki Ichirō) out there in “Area 51”. Still, I wish him the best with the Yankees – perhaps he’ll get a much-deserved championship ring!

I’ve been puttering in my garden, doing some weeding in the yard and deadheading the flowering bushes. We finally figured out where to place the black bamboo, now we just have to find the right place to get it from! Decisions, decisions…otherwise, watching the hummingbirds, crows, and eagles has been grand – and we even heard a woodpecker drilling yesterday morning! It’s nice to live close to nature. We see deer on a regular basis, so I’m thinking of getting a motion-activated camera to go with the security lights in hopes of visually capturing the deer in the yard – we see evidence of their presence often!

Well, that’s it from me for now – the rain will be moving in soon, so I’ll be indoors and writing more…April showers and all that! It’s actually been dry for a time, so I was able to get outdoor stuff tended to. I don’t live in the snow-socked sections of the U.S., and I’m glad that I’m not one of those unfortunate souls living on the part of Whidbey Island, Washington that is collapsing into the water!

Oh, and please…don’t say you missed me, because that would be a lie! I’m back, so all is right with the world – everything in perfect balance…



The M’s did it again today! They soundly trounced the A’s 7 -1, with starter Iwakuma Hisashi delivering solid pitches through the bottom of the 5th inning! I have to say, though, that two of the biggest hits were IN the stands: first, the lone Seattle fan in the stands sporting his foam crown and yellow shirt proclaiming his membership in the “King’s Court” – dude, you have balls! Last but certainly not least, the headbanging sistah rocking out two or three rows down from the above-mentioned fan, whipping her ‘locks to Metallica’s song “One” – you go, girl! Rock it and whip it for all of us “Chocolate Thunder” bronze metal babes! With that, here are three songs to ring in the season of baseball…enjoy!

AC/DC: “Big Balls

John Fogerty: “Centerfield

Don Henley: “The Boys of Summer

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