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May The 4th Be With You

Sunday Funnies

Guess What Day It Is

Gaming Memes & Music

“Full Frontal Thursday” will return next week with a brand-new installment. I decided to re-package my favourite memes and music for my fellow gamers as we thwart each other’s attempts to earn anniversary rewards during The Elder Scrolls Online in-game event.

There are many similarities between my fellow gamers and my fellow bloggers. It must be an internet thing.


You’re Still Offended?

Third test completed and passed easily. No doubts there! On to test number four.

Enjoy these funny Monday memes. I certainly do.


Friday Fun: Mercury Retrograde Memes & Music

The title says it all. Enjoy.


Some Songs on Sunday

The spring rains are returning and my week-long birthday celebration has commenced. Enjoy these five choice Sunday songs.


Happy Pi Day

It’s Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s birth anniversary. Tap in to your inner geek and enjoy these funny memes.

While you’re at it – Eta Beta Pi.


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