Sepultura’s Screen-Shots: Sundas, 17th Hearthfire

It’s been some time since I posted screen-shots of my in-game action, and there is quite a bit to catch up on! Enjoy the scenery, won’t you?


A rapturous explosion of sun-worship




Trajectory of a trebuchet: hit the wall which has the health bar!

Ballistae and a battering ram at the door of a keep – ’tis all about the penetration.


The Doctor has taken up the scroll…

…run, you clever boy!

The TARDIS has been crowned Empress!

Time for some much-needed, well-earned rest and relaxation.

Admiring a newly acquired statue…

Sepultur’a greets her consort.

Wine and music in the private courtyard…

Titanborn sings and plays a soft serenade for his lady love.

The empress, resplendent in her regalia!

Behind the Scenes: Safeco Field

Here are a few more pictures from the tour of Safeco Field which we took on Saturday, 6 May. See if you can catch the funniest one in this group, LOL! This will test a couple of things… *evil cackle*

Visitors’ dugout

View from home plate

Poster in the owners’ suite

The umpires’ room!

Dale Chihuly sculpture – baseball bats rendered in glass

Just A “Quickie,” LOL!

I just got back from a small trip to visit family and attend a couple of events, so I’ll catch up on my followed blogs over the next couple of days. I have a buttload of pictures to sort through and will get caught up on my posts soon; I thought that some music would suffice for the time being. Enjoy these three songs which might seem unrelated on the surface, but are actually connected. The connection is only obscure if you overthink it and don’t bother asking the obvious question, LMAO!

I shall return…

👿 XD 👿

Scenic Sunday Screen-Shots…

I’m having a nice, relaxing weekend and decided to post some recent screen-shots taken in-game. My next excerpt has to be broken up into two parts, and the screen-shots help illustrate the “lay of the land,” so to speak – so, I was sorting through a batch and decided to post them.

The screen-shots are the way that I keep the locations fresh in my mind as my characters travel about during their adventures. It’s not a cardboard cut-out or other tangible, physical rendition of a locale as other authors create, but it works for me!

I think that I’ll do a bit of live-broadcasting today, as well – most likely after noon PDT. It’s been a while, and I need to do a bit of ye olde AvA now that the campaigns have restarted. Gotta stay sharp against the no-sleeping, diaper-wearing, basement-dwelling “no-lifers!” Other genuine gamers know what I’m talking about, ROFLMAO!


Gifts from the Speaker after a dark assignment

Who’s this bloke, then?

Hmmm…an interesting bit of information!

Standing at a transitus shrine

Relaxing in the courtyard

A bit of primping and preening

Should I wear this? It looks nice…

…the robe is more appropriate, though – it might rain!

A tender moment…

…followed by a soft serenade.

A toast by the well – cheers!

The Elder Scrolls Online: 3 Years!

I can hardly believe that it has now been three years since I began playing the MMO known as The Elder Scrolls Online. It officially launched on 4 April 2014, and has evolved and changed exponentially from that date! Some of we obsessive…uh, DEDICATED! Yeah, that’s it, dedicated gamers – we did something called “pre-ordering” which allowed for an extra week of play before the unwashed masses hurled themselves into the world of Tamriel. Pre-ordering gave exclusive collector’s items (in-game and out), special pets, and a unique mount as a reward at the end of the first year. Of course, extra gaming time was had by those of us who applied for the chance to do some “beta-testing” – that’s where you play the game on a special test server and report any bugs, as the game developers are using that to work out major issues before the game is launched. I was involved in two beta tests; one in January of 2014, and one at the end of February of the same year.

When TESO was first launched, it was free-to-play (F2P)…well, the game cost money, obviously, but no subscription was required initially. That hasn’t changed much, in that one can still buy and play it. “Subbing” to the game, though, offers extra bonuses and benefits so I don’t mind paying a bit for those benefits. The subscription option started after the first year, and a “crown store” was also added. This “store” is basically a way to purchase in-game things with RL money, and of course, the “crowns” also cost RL money. So yes, the game is a business and they are always looking for ways to maintain a healthy subscriber base, while keeping the interest of the casual gamers who don’t want to subscribe for any given reason. I understand the pros and cons of “subbing” vs. “F2P,” and prefer to pay – it’s nice to have the choice, at least, and subbing gets you extra crowns every month. Save them up for those limited-time offers from the crown store, and buy extra when the crown packs go on sale if you want to splurge on something silly. Options are always good, in my not-so-humble opinion!

There has been so much added in the past three years that I’ll just focus on the three additions that I enjoy the most. This post will be long enough without trying to talk about every single thing! There have been so many changes already, and many more are on the way over the next few months. There is a lot to look forward to, even though I haven’t come close to completing a lot of the quests that are available. It just means that I will be entertained by this game for many years to come!

First off, the addition of “personalities” has been hilarious, and makes for a lot of fun during guild events or role-play. One can equip a personality which enables you to reel and stumble about like a drunken slob, stand with arrogant military demeanor, strut about cheerfully, or stand with shoulders slumped in melancholy – and those are just a few of the many that have been offered! The newest one, coming out tomorrow, allows one to don the thoughtful personality of a scholar. Can’t wait to see how that one turns out! I pretty much like the crown store in general, and it definitely forces me to hang on to my crowns and only spend them on something that really appeals to me. I never go overboard with shopping IRL anyway, so I’m thrifty and selective in-game as well!

Secondly, the addition of “crafting bags” have been a blessing for those of us who like to make our own armour and weapons. There was never enough bag space or bank space for holding all of the materials necessary to craft any given item – so, those of us who subscribe get the benefit of the crafting bag. It is, essentially, an extra storage spot which holds nothing but crafting materials; any materials collected are automatically stored in the crafting bag, which is shared with all of the characters you have on your account. No need to switch things in and out of banks anymore, and no need to be selective in which materials you pick up. Of course, this now means that you have to race other people to mine a node of ore, hack at a hunk of wood, or scoop up some water from a stream for your alchemical needs!

Last, but not least, the player housing. I’m really happy that it was finally added! Even though you can’t use your house as an extra storage area the way that you could in Ultima Online, it still offers a nice, private place for guild events or more “adult” role-playing. They are quite expensive, so it makes being in a good trading guild a must! At least owning every single house offered isn’t necessary for titles or achievements, and only three appeal to me, so I have plenty of time to save up the gold or crowns needed for the ones that I want. I have one already; only two more to go!

Well, I’ll just close this off with some “Then & Now” screen-shots which show some of the changes, amusing bugs, troublesome bots, and characters with hilarious avatars or memorable names – and, of course, the original trailers for the game. I will be broadcasting some game-play later on as well, so bookmark the link and tune in for the fun!

Close-up of a “bot-train”

Bots stacking up

So many lizards!

Run away, silly bot!

Um – a healing…what?

I found Smaug! He’s smaller than I thought he’d be…

OMG – it’s Manbearpig!

Sagittarius the Archer

That’s one big baby!

Rude goings-on in the bank

Before armour-dyeing capabilities…

…and after. Armour dyeing began in August of 2014.

Hmmm…something’s missing, here!

All Fool’s Day 2017: Jester’s Festival Mischief & Merriment!

It’s April Fool’s Day / All Fools’ Day! What better way to celebrate it than with some silly screen-shots from my online game? The merry-making of the Jester’s Festival is in full swing, counting down to the 3rd anniversary of the introduction of The Elder Scrolls Online. I will be broadcasting some of the Festival pranks in an hour or so – I hope that you tune in for the fun, and enjoy the show!

Midweek Music – Celebration, Continued!

Here’s some mid-week music as the fun and celebrations continue…I’m keeping the laughter in slaughter, LOL!


Tuesday Tidbits: 28 February 2017

‘tis Tuesday – the last day of February! I’ve been busy editing my NaNoWriMo novel of fiction; I will have another excerpt posted here before the week is out.

Zenimax Online Studios (ZOS), the geniuses behind the marvel that is the Elder Scrolls Online, have decided to do some in-game testing this week, so there will be no Twitch broadcasts from me in the interim – watching endless loading-screens and constant crashes would be as boring for you as they are frustrating for me, LOL! Here’s a little in-game background: The Elder Scrolls Online was officially launched in April of 2014, but I began playing during the last week of March of that year. I was a beta-tester, and decided to pre-order the game for an extra week of gameplay before anyone else jumped into it!

Anyway, the base character levels are from 1 – 50. Once you hit level 50, you become a ‘champion’ and earn ‘champion points,’ or ‘CP,’ which can be applied to your character and enhance the build and skills you have exponentially. The old system used to just allow you to be a ‘veteran’ to a certain level and there were no champion points, initially. The only challenges available to veteran characters were a daily ‘grind’ in the PvP battlefields of Cyrodiil. With the addition of CP, many players feel that Cyrodiil is imbalanced, even though there are PvP campaigns which have CP disabled – so, those buffs don’t apply to your character, whether they are a lowbie or a veteran. This week’s testing has disabled CP for all players in all campaigns, and will give a double bonus of Alliance Points (AP). These points are only used in the PvP / AvA area, and can be used to purchase items such as siege weapons or specialized armour / weapon sets which are of great benefit on the battlefield.

The amount of AP you can earn or ‘farm’ gets you on the Emperor ‘leaderboards,’ where you can see how your score stacks up against other players. These numbers can give one a false sense of superiority, especially amongst people who run in the middle of a zerg-swarm. Safety in numbers doesn’t equate fighting skills, but telling that to some players is like telling a cosmetic-surgery addict that their looks don’t make them anything special. The responses from that are equally petty, as the suggestion to “GIT GUUUUD!” makes as much sense as the accusation of “you’re just JEALOUS!”

Anyway, this test requires as many players as possible to be online at the same time, spamming massive AoE spells of offensive and defensive nature; full raiding groups, and as many zerg-swarms farming AP at various choke-points as possible…more changes will be happening in-game in the near future, which is a good thing! Stagnation of any sort is undesirable, don’t you think?

Time for a bit of music while I take a gaming break, check my email, and get some dinner cooking. Beef stew is on tonight’s menu! Talk at you all laters…

ESO Fan Fiction: Search For the Sky-Crystals – Part I

Here’s a bit of my fan-fiction, originally posted in 2015. Chronologically, it takes place after the events I’m writing about in my NaNoWriMo short-story.

Random Ramblings; Myriad Musings

Tur’a wakes in the Warrior’s Rest Tavern, yawning and stretching in her bedroll. She has returned to Cyrodiil at the behest of her sister, who left a cryptic message before leaving to roam the desert sands with Dar. The message simply reads: “Remember the Chalamo.” Tur’a is still unfamiliar with the war-torn land, having only recently completing basic training there. She has used the siege machinery at the practice field, but that is a far cry from using them in the heat of battle. Rubbing her eyes, she sits up near the fire-pit. She is clad in a simple tunic and breeches; modesty and practicality dictate sleeping in light clothing, at the very least. She rummages through her bag for a quick meal – she has been cooking more and more for herself, finding hearty soups and stews more to her liking than the sugary-sweet fare her sister used to…

View original post 942 more words

Sunday Screen-Shots: 22 January 2017

I selected some screen-shots of a few of the pets that I “own” in-game. Every warrior needs a good companion, especially we solitary roamers! A friendly ear is always good to have around.


Winged Adder

Desert Hound

Floating Baby Jelly

Winged Orange Flame-Toad

Black n’ White Piggy

Turquoise Dragonfly-Pixie

Black Panthers

Miniature Mammoth

Sun Salutation

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