I’ve Been a Busy Bee!

The weather has been great here for the past couple of weeks, so we’ve been outside tending the yard and enjoying the ‘dry spell.’ The decorative shrubs and plants need to be pruned soon…they have been prolific and look fantastic! Everything is delightfully healthy. My indoor plants have exploded with growth since we’ve moved in and I transplanted a couple that needed it; the are big and beautiful and growing wonderfully! Did you know that plants respond to touch? People always say that talking to your plants is good, which is true – you’re giving the plant the carbon dioxide it thrives on – but they also like being brushed and caressed. When you feel the leaves, you get an idea how the health of the plant is by how resilient the leaves and stalks are. Turning the pots from time to time, to equalize sun exposure, is also good for plants.

The deer have been regular visitors lately; we’ve seen the single doe three times in the past two weeks, and the doe with fawns was seen five days ago. She was on the outside of the fence, while the single doe wanders through the yard, front and back – we’ve watched her hop the fence and browse through all of the plants.

The frog pond is doing well: the lily seems to be growing just fine, as we’ve seen new leaves unfurling and flattening out on the water. We put a sturdy branch in the water so that the frogs can use it to get out and migrate when the time comes. Speaking of frogs, I saw a large one in the back yard yesterday evening – it was much bigger than the tiny grass frogs that are common, and was brown in color. Our outdoor menagerie grows!

The birds seem to be migrating: the juncos and flickers are scarce now, and there are fewer hummingbirds at the feeders – I don’t have to fill the feeders as much or as often lately.

I’ve been writing quite a bit on my typewriter – I simply love its workings! It is a joy and a delight to go ‘old school’ in the telling of my life story; soon, that story will be shared with the world. I’m looking forward to it!     😎

I’m currently watching the Seattle Mariners get their arses handed to them by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays – yes, I still call the Florida team by their old, original name! Sucks that the Mariners are losing the series to a team that is in last place in their division! Gawds…the Ms were doing pretty damned good before the All-Star break; now, it seems that they can’t catch a break! At least they finally sent Tom Wilhelmsen down to AAA for some much-needed pitching practice; he’d blown too many games where there was a comfortable lead – Danny Farquhar has been excellent as a closer, except for last night when he blew his first save of the season. I guess that’s not a bad statistic when you look at it, but still…damnit all!

We’re getting ready to upgrade our surround sound system and our DVD/VHS recorder – the recorder got blown by a power spike caused by some moron running into a power pole, and the surround sound has a short in it which causes the speakers to cut out intermittently. Time for some new electronic equipment! We plan on getting some new surge protectors as well, so it will be expensive but worthwhile.

That’s it for now…I realized that I hadn’t posted anything for a bit! Time’s fun when you’re having flies…LOL


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