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Guess What Day It Is

Protected: Funny Friday Memes: 13 January 2017!

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Friday, 13 May…2016!!!

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Live in the past, much?


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Protected: Happy Friday…13th November 2015!!!

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Friday the 13th…February 2015!!! *** UPDATED 15 February ***


Well, here it is – the first of three Friday the 13ths which will occur this year. The next one will be next month, in March, and the final one will be in November. I always try to write something on Friday the 13th, so here are some of my percolating thoughts!

February is the shortest month of the year, and marks Black History Month here in the States. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama on 25 March, 1965. “Bloody Sunday” occurred earlier that year, on 7 March. Peaceful protesters were regularly met with brutal violence, simply for wanting to be treated like human beings…and, sad to say, we are still crying out to be treated with dignity and respect. The more things change, the more they stay the same. People go out of their way to insult murder victims like Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and Michael Brown, whilst bestowing heroic honours upon their killers – and others demand that we support those killers blindly, saying that we are being hateful for demanding justice from those who claim to uphold ‘law and order!’ Ye gawds…

Speaking of unjustified heroic honours, a movie was made about a sniper because his death, while unsurprising, was certainly under odd circumstances. If he had been killed in action, we wouldn’t hear a word about him. For some reason this paid killer, upon return to the States after ‘fulfilling his duty,’ had the brilliant notion of treating PTSD by taking patients on visits to a gun range. A former soldier who was receiving this ‘treatment’ chose to shoot the sniper and one other person; his murder trial is now underway. What fascinates me about this whole thing is how a hired killer is labeled a ‘hero,’ while the man suffering from PTSD has been smeared by the sniper’s widow, the military, and the NRA. I had the opportunity to see a rather interesting email which claimed that the soldier had “only served 6 months in Afghanistan” and “claimed to suffer from PTSD,” implying that he couldn’t possibly have PTSD because his military service wasn’t long enough or something. I guess that means that nobody in New York City should have PTSD from 9/11…it was a relatively short occurrence! Anyway, the timing of the movie means that the soldier might not get a fair trial, as opinions have already been swayed by the movie and various conflated emails that circulate in certain circles.

Various awards shows have been airing – I ignore that useless shite, but still hear of the moronic hoopla surrounding those train wrecks/circuses. Things like attention-whore and noted gay fish Kanye West jumping on the stage to interrupt someone’s speech or something like that – as if he gives a flying fuck about PoC anywhere! Oh, right…he was ‘defending’ lily-white Beyoncé…never mind, then. Also, there are people bitching about how ‘white’ the Oscars are. Um…no shit, Sherlock! Do you REALLY expect anything different from ‘Holly-white’?!? Stop the madness and the insanity…don’t do the same thing over and over and expect a different result! If you keep supporting racist institutions and establishments and think they’re “diverse” because they hire Latinos and people from India, then you are incapable of critical thought…just my opinion. The sole purpose of ‘Holly-white’ is to shove the invented heroism, beauty, and ‘goodness’ of whites down the throats of every culture in the world…it’s a sad and somewhat frightening thing.

Brian Williams is now a ‘disgraced anchorman,’ whilst the flap about Bill Cosby seems to have died down somewhat. Larry Wilmore’s show, which is now in the time slot formerly held by Stephen Colbert, is quite good – I enjoy it. Meanwhile, Jon Stewart announced that he is leaving the Daily Show later this year. It’s a shame…I’ve enjoyed every year he’s been on it, and only started watching it when he took the helm. I hope a suitable replacement is tapped to keep it going – Jason Jones would be ideal!


VACCINATIONS DO NOT CAUSE AUTISM!!! I neglected to mention this initially, but better a day or so late than never! There’s been a lot of talk swirling around the measles outbreak, pitting morons who don’t believe in vaccinating their kids against those who feel that booster shots are necessary. The people who are against vaccinations are morons, for the same reasons that those who scoff about ‘global warming’ and humanity’s impact on the ecosystem are morons: they wave away scientific evidence and opt to believe the nonsense and pseudo-science spouted by complete and utter whack-jobs. Who is this Holly-white cunt who has written all of these ‘informative’ books about autism? Where are her medical degrees? What facts has she collated about what contributed to her child’s issues, and what were the sources of those facts? Does she have breast implants, and were they present before pregnancy? If so, did she breast-feed? What medications did she take before or during her pregnancy? See, I have a theory about why autism is more prevalent in modern society, and it has nothing to do with vaccinations – it has to do with unstable people procreating, and people taking unnecessary medications during pregnancy. See, it used to be that people who had behavioural ‘issues’ were simply not seen as marriage material – unless, of course, they came from a wealthy family who could essentially ‘buy’ a spouse for their difficult daughter or sullen son. Children were expected of these unions, so the genes for unstable moods get passed down. Fast-forward to the 1980s: the wonder-drug Ritalin was introduced as a means to control ADD and ADHD, which was suddenly the childhood epidemic du jour. “Oh, doctor – my little boy is running around and bouncing off the walls and furniture! He’s acting like…a LITTLE BOY! What do I do?” “Well, ma’am, just give him this Ritalin – it will calm him right down.” Yeah, prescribing medications to children for acting like children…that made perfect sense, no? On top of that, how many women with ‘personality disorders’ took medications like Paxil, Xanax, or Zoloft whilst pregnant? Sure, doctors said that those drugs wouldn’t be harmful to the fetus – but they said the same thing about an old anti-nausea drug called Thalidomide a few decades back, and look how that turned out. At any rate, vaccinations do not cause autism. It’s brain science, not rocket science. Look at this over-medicated society – what do YOU think? Go get those damned booster shots already! Don’t tell me you would rather see your child or young relative die of tetanus, or see polio make a comeback? Sheesh…get a real statement from a real physician that you know and trust. It’s that simple.

On a sadder note, It breaks my heart to know that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been in hospital for some time now, in a comatose state. I wish her a full recovery and hope that people who care for her well-being are looking out for her. She has much to live for – for all of its ills, this is a beautiful and magical world.

Also, I’m disappointed in the decision by the Little League to strip Jackie Robinson West of their championship. How cold and callous to wait six months after their victory to pick over their roster and decide that the team was invalid for no reason. Sore losers from nearby Evergreen Park decided to be like RethugliKKKans dismantling the Affordable Care Act – they are nothing more than racist fuckwads who couldn’t handle being soundly trounced by a team that was obviously better (42 – 3). Shameful.


I can finally take these shoes off and get to gaming! I have a pair of shoes that are the highest heels I’ve ever worn, and it’s been a while since I wore anything with a heel over 3” – so I have to wear them for about 15 minutes per day whilst sitting down (of course) so that my feet adjust to the shape. I’ve had surgery on both of my feet to remove bone spurs, so it is a bit of a task – my right foot complains when I put the shoe on, and I can only stand in them for a minute! They are beautiful shoes, though…so it’s worth a small bit of discomfort to look good. Certainly not going under the knife like all of the plastic freaks out there… *SHUDDERS*

Today is Friday the 13th – tomorrow is Saturday the 14th, which also happens to be Massacre…I mean, VALENTINE’S Day…so have a great weekend and a wonderful, ‘romantic’ day, dear readers!

Friday the 13th #2! Music time…

This is the second Friday the 13th this year; there will be three in all.  For your listening enjoyment, I present two classics!  😎

Primus – “Tommy the Cat

Boyz II Men: “MotownPhilly

I also finally found an awesome song called ‘Velonica’, by a Japanese group named Aqua Timez.  An edited version of this song was used for the 9th season opening of one of my favorite anime shows, Bleach.

Here are the lyrics with the opening:

…and here’s the song! Enjoy…

Aqua Timez: “Velonica

Zasetsu mamire ryuukou ni magire
Shiawase na furi o shite utau
Motto hashire to iikikashite
Mubou ni mo sotto kazakami e
Kita michi o ichibetsu yutori wa gomen
Shimensoka sansen ni tsugu one game
“yama ari tani ari gake ari”
Chiri wa tsumotteku
Hateshinai tabi no tochuu de
Machi no hazure ni tachiyoru
Tsukareta ryouashi o sotto nagedashite
Nekorobu to kurikaesareru asai nemuri
Nando mo onaji ano yokogao
Nando mo onaji ano kotoba o…
“ikiteru dake de kanashii to omou no wa
Watashi dake na no?” to

Tabako no kemuri ga chuu o uneri utsuro ni kieru
Kitto mada chikara naki osanai hi ni

Minakute ii kanashimi o mitekita kimi wa ima
Koraenakute ii namida o koraete sugoshiteru
Honto no koto dake de ikiteyukeru hodo
Bokura wa tsuyoku nai sa tsuyoku nakute ii

Mochiageta mabuta sekai wa haru da
Sakurairo no kaze o kakiwakete
Haruka kanata e mukau tochuu
Kono na no hanabatake ni kimi wa ita no ka na
Kono sora ni tori no shiroi habataki o
Boku ga sagasu aida kitto
Kimi wa daichi ni mimi o sumashi
Ari no kuroi ashioto o sagashita ndarou na

Piero no you na kamen o haide
Taiyou ni wasurerareta oka ni tachi

Tsuki no hikari o abite fukaku iki o suu
Sara no wareru oto mo donarigoe mo nai sekai
Nukumori ga naku tatte ikite wa yukeru sa
Dakedo bokura ikiteru dake ja tarinakute

Mebuku daichi ya buatsui miki ya
Kiesaru niji ya sugisaru hibi ya
Yozora no supika shiki no fushigi ga
Oshietekureta shinjitsu o sagashitsuzukeru bokura ni

Doko made tabi o shite mo inochi no hajimari wa
Ikite ai saretai to naita hitori no akago
Koko de wa nai dokoka o mezasu riyuu to wa
Kokoro de wa nai dokoka ni kotae wa nai to shiru tame

Friday Songs: “Speed Racer” – DEVO; “Fish Heads” – Barnes & Barnes

It’s Friday the 13th – the first of three that will happen this year, which also happens to be a ‘Leap’ year so February will have 29 days.  But that’s not the topic at the moment!  No, this day calls for a bit of strangeness, so firstly, here is a funny little skit from Conan O’Brien:

‘January Jones’ returns to Conan O’Brien

Next, I give you a couple of songs which are funny and weird…listen and enjoy!  🙂

DEVO – “Speed Racer

Barnes & Barnes – “Fish Heads

I think I’ll buy a Powerball ticket – I generally have good luck on Friday the 13th.  I’m no triskaidekaphobe!

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