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This was deserving of a re-post; multiple factors contributed to the decision! I also put the links of a couple of my past posts here, since re-blogging is only allowed once. I think that bloggers should be able to reblog our own posts as many times as we want, but that would probably contribute to laziness – and there are plenty of people who use that excuse far too often, LOL!



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Midweek Musings…20 April 2016

Just a few, random thoughts are going through my head this morning as I sip my coffee. A year ago today, a young man named Freddie Gray succumbed to horrific injuries sustained at the hands of Baltimore police. His arrest was on 12 April, 2015…it took him eight days to die. Sickening, saddening, and maddening. My heart goes out to his mother and father, family and friends today.

It’s been 737 days since the girls were abducted from their school in Chibok, Nigeria. Stolen from their loved ones because they wanted an education. My heart goes out to them and their families today.

It is also 4/20, the day celebrating that lovely little plant, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. A side-note for Star Trek fans out there, it is also the birthday of one George Takei. Interesting little tidbits for people who are curious, LOL – so, enjoy some music while you find the hidden links!

Ferguson, Missouri: One Year Later

Credit: editorialcartoonists.com

It’s been one year since Michael Brown was murdered in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri. Some pictures of weekend events have been posted below, as people take time to reflect. From the Huffington Post:

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — One year after the shooting that cast greater scrutiny on how police interact with black communities, the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, will be marked with a somber march and a moment of silence.

The march late Sunday morning begins at the site where Brown, who was black and unarmed, was fatally shot by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9, 2014. A grand jury and the U.S. Department of Justice declined to prosecute Wilson, who resigned in November, but the shooting touched off a national “Black Lives Matter” movement. After the moment of silence, a service commemorating the anniversary is planned at a Ferguson church. The events are among several this weekend in Ferguson and nearby St. Louis.

Brown’s father, Michael Brown Sr., led a parade involving several hundred people on Saturday. Brown said his family is still grieving, but he believes his son’s legacy can be seen in the increased awareness of police shootings, and renewed skepticism when officers describe their side of events leading up to those shootings. Some people who marched in the Saturday parade wore T-shirts with likenesses of Brown or messages such as “Please stop killing us” or “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” which became a rallying cry during the sometimes-violent protests that followed the shooting a year ago.

Some carried signs or wore shirts commemorating others who have been killed in confrontations with police. But the focus of the weekend is largely on Brown, who graduated from high school weeks before the shooting and planned to go to trade school to study to become a heating and air conditioning technician.

We all want to be treated decently and with respect. We continue to peacefully call for more to be done in demilitarizing the police force. We still want answers and justice for Sandra Bland, Samuel DuBose, Christian Taylor, and many, many others.

Credit: ww2.kqed.org

It’s May Day.

Sharing some good things…from the relaxing, to the informative, to the downright beautiful.

Larry Wilmore has been keeping it 100%. If you’re not watching yet, you’re missing out, IMHO – check out his 30th April episode, specifically…please.   🙂

Have a great weekend, all.

Billy Joel: “Allentown

Eddy Grant: “Electric Avenue

Yusuf Islam: “Morning Has Broken

Yusuf Islam: “Peace Train

For my brothers and sisters and arms…the Scorpions: “We Built This House

Tuesday Afternoon; Moody Music.

Freddie Gray was laid to rest yesterday. Subsequently, the justifiable rage and despair over yet another Black man brutalized and murdered by the police has boiled over. Opportunists bent on chaos are detracting from the truth of what is going on, while mainstream media outlets nationwide (and overseas) gleefully focus on the footage of burning vehicles, shattered glass, and rampaging vandals. Their collective verbiage direct scorn and derision on the protesters  – yet they conveniently ignore the facts of the events that led to the expressions of outrage. Al-Jazeera and NRK are the only overseas outlets that seem to be giving any reasonable coverage of the events in Baltimore, from what I see…but you can be the judge of that (this translator works well for viewing the site in your native language).

The text reads: “This is the true form of despair.” I wonder…

The girls have been gone from their families for 379 days; 4,000+ people are confirmed dead after the Kathmandu earthquake, and the numbers continue to grow…the pain goes on. Different Day, Same Shit, indeed…that, this, and this are some excellent observations on what’s going on today. I think I’m going to step outside, for a while…
Nina Simone: “Everything Must Change
Nina Simone: “Baltimore

So Much to Say – So Little Time…

Wow…so much going on, again…still…it’s overwhelming, yet again – but I will press onward, if only briefly.
I have been sickened, literally, by the murder of Freddie Gray. The footage of him screaming in anguish nauseated me to the point that I passed out – I was that viscerally affected by it. It’s hard enough to write about…I weep just typing these words. His final moments had to have been filled with unbelievable suffering. A spinal injury of that magnitude doesn’t just happen on its own…how disgusting and vile. There are no excuses for this.
A 7.8 earthquake has hit the city of Kathmandu in the Himalayan country of Nepal, and many are dead and injured. The seism was so powerful, it triggered avalanches on Mt. Everest – during the height of the tourist-climbing season. The horrors from that area are only beginning to surface.
The girls have been gone from their families and loved ones for 376 days, and nothing is being done by the governments who could be doing…something. Shameful.
 The family of Rekia Boyd was awarded a settlement in her wrongful death, but the man who murdered her was acquitted of all wrongdoing by a judge who essentially said, “This man isn’t guilty because you didn’t charge him with the correct crime.” How foul…Black women are just as likely as Black men to be murdered by cops and wanna-be vigilantes here in the U.S. – it’s a sad fact.
I have been busy outside in my yard, tending to the bushes so they don’t run rampant. I try to focus on the pleasant things in life, such as baseball, gaming, and the new acquaintances I’ve made in-game and in the blog-o-sphere…yet, my mind is never far from the goings-on in the world. Things happen outside of my little universe, but they affect me greatly. They cannot be ignored…nor should they be. At any rate, I just wanted to tip a hat to a few others that I read and / or follow but can’t or don’t always comment at their sites.
First off, I hope that Bayoucreole is enjoying the NOLA Jazz Fest, which began yesterday and continues through to Sunday, 3rd May…I hope you post some pics if you attend! I haven’t seen a post since Mardi Gras, so I hope things are well in your part of the country.
 This next blog is from a person I saw comment on other blogs a few years back, but he sort of moved away from them…understandably. I myself don’t read those blogs as much as I used to, myself – redundancy and repetition that go in endless circles tend to make my eyes roll back in my head. At any rate, I’m unable to comment on his blog, as it is a BlogSpot publishing, so there seems to be an issue whenever I try to post. I just wanted to say: hey, Zek J. Evets – I am a regular reader and enjoyed your latest few postings…I was just unable to leave the comment at your site. Gamers need to be able to talk more, even if they don’t play the same games or utilize the same platforms!
Finally, I wanted to mention this blog, entitled Nobodysreadingme…I had to follow it simply because of the name, and I have been informed and entertained whilst reading it – I hope you like it as well; just wanted to give the site an honourable mention.   😉

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