Post-Election Thoughts…

It’s finally over. After an eternity, the election is done. Some propositions have passed, while others have failed. The robo-calls and junk mail can cease and desist! We get a lull and respite from negative attack ads, however brief it may be. I look forward to the removal of the political signs from roadsides and median strips, although I know that they won’t go away as swiftly as they were erected! Overnight they appeared, by the thousands – it would be wonderful to see them disappear overnight, too. Of course, we know that won’t happen! From what I’ve seen, locally, only the candidates who were backed by the teabaggers and the Koch Brothers have the biggest, glossiest signs and those are the worst offenders of the pollution. The candidates backed by unions and the like (you know, the REAL grass-roots organizations), had smaller signs which weren’t scattered willy-nilly over hell’s half-acre, and those are mostly gone now – the volunteers are on top of their game, unlike the wealthy, elitist snobs who can’t be bothered to clean up after themselves.

I’m disappointed in, but not surprised by, my fellow Washingtonians foolishly voting “Yes” on I-502, supposedly decriminalizing marijuana. This is exactly like the “Yes” vote on I-1183, to get rid of the state liquor board and privatize liquor sales: they didn’t read the fine print about changing the alcohol laws, so now alcohol costs nearly double what it used to. The people who voted for it seemed to think that they were “getting big gub’mint outta the liquor game”, yet a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream Liquor that used to cost $22.50 after taxes now costs close to $30. This is what happens when people only listen to catchphrases and rented opinions, and don’t do any fact-checking for themselves whatsoever.

I’m an advocate of making marijuana legal, and not just for medicinal purposes, but the proposition that people just backed isn’t all it appears to be. For one thing, it will make it easier for police to stop and question (harass) drivers, because they won’t need any reason to pull you over other than “you appear to be under the influence”. It isn’t any more legal today than it was a week ago, and the proposition won’t change a damn thing – it will only intensify the ‘war on drugs’ and will cost many more innocent people their freedoms and livelihoods, all because they wish to smoke a natural, home-grown plant and not genetically-modified, chemically-altered tobacco shreds. So those of you out there who are “blazing in support” of Colorado and Washington’s supposed bold move, please…just stop, especially if you don’t reside in either place. You’re clueless about the ramifications of this new law. Marijuana should be legalized, but what just passed will actually create more criminals – and that’s not right. The voters in the state of Oregon actually got it right, for once, by shooting down a similar proposition. If you read about who was backing the passage, you might just throw up a little bit in your own mouth like I did. Silly, silly fools…

I voted and was glad to do so – even if my little voice wasn’t heard, I understand the importance of the vote. A lot of people don’t know that Voting Day used to be a national holiday, for the most part: offices and schools were closed, as were banks and federal offices. Small wonder that a younger generation is more apathetic about voting than my own Generation X! No, when a corporation like Georgia-Pacific can mail voter’s guidelines to all of their employees in multiple states, and disenfranchisement laws are passed to keep people from voting, then you know it’s something worth doing. Sadly, more people think that camping for a weekend in a queue to see the next Twilight movie, or to buy the ‘new version’ of an Apple product (which is really just a slightly modified version of an older one) or a pair of overpriced, crappy shoes is such a valuable way to spend time, that they will tweet that inane shit to their vapid ‘followers’ while simultaneously updating their status on Facebook to “im shopping…WHHEEEEEE!!!!!!” or something like that.

I’m glad the nonsense is over. I hope I never have to hear another person say “Let’s take our country back!” I wanted to grab some of those morons and scream, “Who are you taking it back from, and which century are you going to take it back to?!?” Fuck-all! The malign, evil intent in those five words can’t be ignored any longer, and more people should have been discussing it every time it was mentioned. I hope more people will begin doing so now. For now, let the nutbags and the REAL rioters freak out!

My final thought? The best man won. ‘Nuff said.

Blessings to the President and the First Lady…congratulations.  😎

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