The Expected Finale…

Well, the expected outcome has finally occurred. My heart sank as I watched the reports, from the 5:00 local “info-tainment” through the State of the Union Address, and after the 137th Westminster. The images of the burning cabin and the spotty reporting, where the details changed often, solidified what I’d thought from the beginning. First reports at 5:00 stated that the cabin had been burning for about an hour, indicating that the fire had started around 4:00 p.m. (PST). Police claim that the fire started after they exchanged fire with the suspect and then launched a tear gas canister into the building – supposedly, a single gunshot was heard after the canister was launched, but before the fire started. So a dead man started a fire? No, let’s get it right: they launched an incendiary device into the cabin in a supposed attempt to “flush out” their prey. They deliberately set the fire themselves, in order to cover up the bullet holes in the cabin walls – that way, there will be no way to find out the calibre of weapons they used to shoot at Dorner. Remember, they only wanted him dead and they were determined to destroy any other evidence he might have had on his person. Using .50-cals with armor-piercing rounds isn’t trying to take a suspect alive, and burning a body is a good way to distort bullet wounds. Of course, they’re already saying that it was a suicide so the autopsy will only report one supposed ‘self-inflicted gunshot wound’. From the BBC:

“California police say they have found a body in a burnt-out cabin where murder suspect Christopher Dorner is believed to have made his deadly last stand.

The 33-year-old former policeman is thought to have exchanged fire with police after barricading himself in.

A single gunshot was later heard inside the building, which then began to burn.”

The BBC report also states that officers were using a demolition vehicle to tear down the walls of the cabin – more evidence-destroying action? It looks that way to me…

I found it interesting that, following the State of the Union Address, reports stated that Christopher’s body had been removed from the cabin and was positively identified – but the 11:00 news backpedaled, saying that the cabin was still too hot to enter and that they had made no “positive identification” yet.

I’m pleased and not surprised at the accounts of the civilians who encountered Christopher before the LAPD closed in. The two women married couple who encountered him were merely tied up and he took their car, leaving a cell phone on their coffee table. After crashing in the car, he got the truck from the Scout camp leader – again, without violence and bloodshed. It will be interesting to see if his camp gets a mysterious monetary endowment in the next few months. The reward was supposedly only for information leading to an arrest; again, we all know that an arrest was never the intention. Will he get the full bounty, or will it be a 3-way split? We probably won’t even be told that. By now, as expected, all of the pre-written police reports and incident details have been agreed upon, and will be carefully filtered to the media at their leisure.

Christopher Jordan Dorner is the latest Black murder victim of the LAPD – it’s as simple as that. He was murdered because he tried to expose the corruption running rampant in that, and other, departments across the USA. Davey D pointed out something on his blog that I’ve been noticing for ages:

“I want folks to look at some of what I mentioned and really think about this..I know many who dislike the police would like to believe that one man had one of the most militarized and largest police forces in the world, was spooked over threats and subsequent actions from one man..Some have gone so far as to call Dorner a modern-day Django. Others have noted that Dorner with his military training gave him a tactical edge and made him the most dangerous suspect ever faced by LAPD…On the criminal tip, Southern Cali is home to some of the most ruthless, well armed and vicious organized gangs.. The Mexican mafia, Armenian mob, Aryan Brother Hood, Skin heads, Biker gangs like the Mongols & Hells Angels Russian mob, drug cartels of every stripe, Crips, Bloods etc.. This is gang land for real..and many of those gangs are openly hostile to LAPD, yet we have never seen the resources and all stops pulled up to confront them, the way they did Dorner…We never saw this much power even after some of those gangs were deemed domestic  terrorists..and even after we’ve seen some of these outfits do everything from murk entire families to terrorize entire families or ethnic groups..”

His mother now has to lay her child to rest – and that’s a crime. Let the grand cover-up begin.

He’s a martyr and a hero who sacrificed himself in trying to see justice done, IMHO. That should be his legacy.

Public Enemy: “Fight the Power

Something’s Fishy in Salem, Oregon…

I’ve now been unemployed for a little over seven months, which is the longest time I’ve been without work in the past five years. I almost made it four full years with my last employer; technically, I worked for that place for over four years, if you count my three months of temporary service. I was a temp-to-hire for them and thought that I’d landed my dream job when they offered me the full-time position, but the “Bitches’ Coven” of ‘Sally Mart-Insane’, ‘Princess L. Morgana Montgomery’, and ‘Ambler DeStadtler’ saw an end to that. On a side note, I find it fascinating that there is no law preventing former co-workers from gossiping about you to OTHER former co-workers! I can see that people who still work in the same office would do that; it is childish and juvenile, but that’s how people are. I don’t understand, though, why a former co-worker would gossip to a person who elected to leave the company more than a year before I was let go…it’s strange – but, people are strange and Jim Morrison said it best in the song!

Anyway, this topic isn’t about my shitty, conniving former co-workers – no, it’s about the hell I’ve gone through with regards to getting my unemployment insurance benefits, which I have paid into for years because I’ve worked for years! It’s almost as if I’m being punished for having a good work ethic and a steady employment history – go figure! Let me take you back a bit…

I am an excellent employee. I give 1,010% for any (and every) company I work for. I am loyal, punctual, and healthy; I rarely get sick with the flu or catch a cold, so have almost always had perfect attendance for a year or more, everywhere I’ve worked. The proof is in the awards I’ve won, and the promotions and raises I’ve been given, generally within the first year of employment. There have only been three companies that I left to pursue a better opportunity, and one place went out of business so there was no fault there. Generally, due to the economy (and more often, with the ‘help’ of spiteful, racist managers or co-workers), I have rarely held a job for more than three years at a time. Fortunately, my resume speaks for itself and I generally find another job fairly quickly – I simply haven’t applied myself toward that goal, because I feel I deserve a vacation, and the thought of working my ass off for some ungrateful shitbag with skewed values makes me nauseous. I want to devote a good year to writing and getting a couple of books published, and I’ve been writing quite a bit lately! Anyway, in the past five years I had been unemployed twice: once for three months, the other for one month to the day – exactly. During the three-month span, I applied with a number of temporary agencies, which I generally do in order to stay busy one way or another. If I apply with five, I have a good chance of one or two of them finding me some sort of temporary work; when it’s long-term ore temp-to-hire, those are the ones I strive for and express the most interest in. Even when an agency finds me work, if it’s only temporary then I let them know that I am still looking for full-time work on my own, and if I find it, I will accept a good offer. Honesty is the best policy, and it also shows the agency that I’m a go-getter and I’m not just going to sit on my ass and wait for them to find work for me – I will keep looking until I get what I want. Anyway, during that three-month lapse I got a long-term temporary position at a local cell-phone company. The term was supposed to last for three months because the office manager was going on maternity leave, and the Administrative Assistant, who also acted as the Receptionist, was going to take over for the Office Manager. I was supposed to fill in as the Receptionist until the other manager got back. Keep in mind that the company told the temp agency that I was going to be doing office duties (answering phones, sorting mail, ordering supplies, cleaning the break room, collecting timesheets, etc.), and the agency had a policy which stated that if I felt I wasn’t being treated fairly or if the company had misrepresented itself in any way, that I could let the agency know and they would pull me out of the contract with no fault. When I got to the place on my first day, both the Office Manager and Admin Assistant/Receptionist was there and they were both going to train me on my duties. This didn’t happen, because the Office Manager went to the doctor’s office because she thought she was having contractions and was out for the rest of the day. The Receptionist only trained me on covering the phones for the lunch hour and how to order funds for the postage meter, then she took me into a converted meeting room filled with small boxes. She said, “So what you’re going to be doing for us, mainly, is assembling these boxes, putting pamphlets and advertising materials in them, and posting them for shipment. When the mail comes in, you will be taking all of the cell phones that are being returned by the customers down to the returns department, and bringing back the ones that are being shipped out.” Basically, I was going to be a warehouse worker, not an office employee – breach of contract on their part, right there. I asked about the office duties, and was told, “Don’t worry about them right now – we’ll get to that.”

When I got home that day, I immediately contacted the temp agency and left a message for the placement agent I was working with; unfortunately, that person had left for the holidays (it was near Thanksgiving) and wouldn’t be back until the following Monday. Since it was going to be a short week, I figured I could stick it out for that brief time. Meanwhile, I sent out some more resumes and applied for other jobs online. I always did that every Sunday; looking through the paper and mailing in resumes, or going to specific company sites and applying there. I even registered on, just to cover my bases! Also, if you only work part-time (which this assignment was – it was afternoons, only 20 hours per week), you are required to continue to file your weekly unemployment claim. If you make a certain amount of wages, you may get a partial unemployment payment – this is what occurred in my situation; I was getting $104/week from unemployment, while getting a gross wage of $240/week – this is what was reported to the unemployment office for my claim. When I didn’t work for the two weeks before my full-time job started, I got my full unemployment benefit of $362. This kept me alive, barely…anyway, I digress.

The next Monday, I got the call back from the agency and I explained the situation to them. The agency said that they would start looking for a replacement for me at the company, and they agreed that the company seemed to not be completely honest about who they wanted working for them and what the job duties were. In the meantime, I was to continue working until my replacement was ready or until I got another job – whichever happened first. As it turned out, I landed a full-time job on my own two weeks later, but wasn’t scheduled to start until after the beginning of the New Year – I basically had two weeks of vacation time to relax and get ready for my new job, and it was nice to say ‘Sayonara!’ to the shitty cell-phone company! The temp agency seemed happy for me at the time, and wished me luck on my new job. Things were going smoothly; life was pretty good. Bear with me, this is going somewhere!

So the first of the year comes along and I start my new job. I’m one of four receptionists at a company that manufactures vitamins and supplements; we take phone orders and register customer complaints, and act as guinea pigs for the various products made. At first it seemed to be a decent place, until you realized that you also had to act as personal assistants for the president of the company, AND the vice president, who just happened to be his wife! You had to screen calls and rush everywhere to find them if either of their precious daughters called; the person who was supposed to be their assistant was always in one of the other office annexes and could never be found to do her job, it seemed…

The two big things that killed the place for me were these:

  1. One of the receptionists was fired for not working well with another of the receptionists, which was insane: the one who was let go was one who actually worked, while the one that was kept was a lazy bitch who was out of the office more often than not, and used her child as an excuse. When she was in the office, she would spend all day chatting on MSN, MySpace (it was still popular at the time, LOL), and Yahoo! When she was told to do inventory for office supplies, she would take two hours to do a 30-minute job, because she would usually stand and talk with the people in R & D who would be in the warehouse playing pinball or pool because it was their ‘think tank’ recreation room. Having to take on the extra phone-answering duties sucked, especially when the remaining receptionist was going to take a month-long vacation to Las Vegas!
  2. The vice-president of the company suddenly got a bug up her arse and wanted to re-do the entire office that I worked in; she wanted new furniture, a new layout, and new color on the walls. This was all done spur-of-the-moment, with no warning whatsoever – we all came in to work one day, the middle of the week, and furniture is being moved around and papers being laid for the painters. It was batshit crazy, and nearly impossible to get anything done. That environment was too chaotic for me, so I began looking for work again. The company was ‘at-will’, meaning you didn’t need to give a reason if you quit, just like they wouldn’t really need a reason if they decided to fire you – this is why it’s better to quit on your own terms than be fired on theirs!

Anyway, I had applied for county (government) jobs online, and after qualifying under their pre-employment exam and background check, I was offered a position and I gladly accepted. This was about four months after I had been working for the supplement manufacturer, and the wages and benefits were much better, not to mention the nicer commute! I quit that despicable vitamin company and began working for Multnomah County, Oregon. I worked there for eight months, but my position was cut due to budget cuts handed down from the federal government through the local ones. A hiring freeze was enacted and a major culling of employees happened. I bounced back quickly – I was only unemployed for a month, during which time I received $397/week in unemployment benefits. I got on with a temp agency which placed me with the engineering firm, and that was all she wrote. Everything was great until my supervisor was let go – then, when the new one came on board, my days were numbered. I was with them for nearly four years, two of which my wages were garnisheed by the State of Oregon, supposedly for ‘overpayment of benefits’, which I was not allowed to appeal, nor has it ever been explained to me. I repaid my supposed ‘overpayment’ and was certain that was the end of it – not so, not so!

When I was let go in January, I had a decent severance package so was able to put some money away for a time, but I continued to help with the bills because my fiancée was dealing with financial issues with his ex-wife; those have since cleared up, fortunately! Anyway, I applied for my unemployment benefits, but received a letter stating that I was not being paid – I was being penalized AGAIN for the supposed ‘overpayment’ of benefits, this time be being forced to make my weekly claim, but not receiving any money, for 28 WEEKS. Let me repeat that: NO MONEY FOR 28 WEEKS, BUT STILL HAVING TO MAKE THE WEEKLY CLAIMS, AND FORCED TO JUMP THROUGH THE HUMILIATING HOOPS FOR THE STATE. I’m still wondering what I’m being penalized for! Not completing a bogus contract? Daring to find work on my own? I feel like I’m being punished for fucking WORKING!!!

Now, here’s the hilarious part – this will make you laugh your arse off. Just this past week, the State of Oregon revealed that last year, in 2011, they mysteriously ‘overpaid’ people in unemployment benefits, to the tune of $41 million. That’s fucking ridiculous: for one thing, the rules for claiming benefits are so stringent it seems impossible for one to commit any sort of fraud. Hell, I was completely honest with my claims, and I’m being punished! It’s unreal. But that’s not the big thing…

No, the huge thing is, back in May of this year, it was revealed that a woman made an amazing claim during tax time. She only made approximately $34,000 in income this year, but decided to claim that she made $3 MILLION. A person who worked for the tax office flagged the claim for audit, but for some mysterious reason, the audit was never done and the woman received a tax return of $2.1 MILLION. Here’s how stupid the woman was; here’s how she got caught. Firstly, she spent nearly $3,000 on a crappy car, a 1999 Dodge Caravan. She also blew a buttload of money at malls, buying clothing and household items for herself – all told, she spent around $250,000. Somewhere on her shopping spree, she lost the card. Instead of staying silent, she decided to report it stolen and that’s when she was caught. She’s only been charged with aggravated theft and computer crime, which seems to only be a misdemeanor, to me…I could be wrong.–hand-back.html

There is something seriously wrong in the State of Oregon. Unemployed people are being punished, while tax fraudsters are rewarded. Finances are being seriously mismanaged in all sectors of the state government, but nobody bats an eyelid. I plan on writing the governor about being denied my benefits on top of all of this monetary clusterfuckery, but I doubt it would do any good. Politicians don’t give a fuck about the little guy or gal – this is why I don’t listen to their bullshit ‘talking points’. I want to hear real solutions, not tired-ass scripts. Do something about employers who want to keep their offices ‘whites only’. Do something about racism in the workplace. Quit outsourcing our jobs, and quit taking our rights away just because you’re too fucking cheap to pay for good workers. Quit blaming unions while you rape our 401k accounts for your own selfish wants. On top of that, there are some politicians who believe that people who are unemployed should take drug tests before getting their benefits, and I think that is such an insane, arrogant fucking idea that the guy who suggested it should be institutionalized! They are clueless about what it’s like to be unemployed…

See, when you work for a company and you get a paycheck, part of that money is deposited into a UI account, which is Unemployment Insurance. Basically, part of your money is supposed to ensure that you are not completely penniless if you happen to become unemployed. You should be guaranteed that fucking money, no? I ask again: WHY am I being punished? WHAT am I being punished for? WHY am I being DOUBLY punished? Something stinks in Oregon, and it ain’t the fish…

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