Busy Week Ahead

My calendar shows a busy, eventful week ahead.

Game-wise, the latest DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online drops on Monday. Dragon Bones hearkens back to The Elder Scrolls Online V: Skyrim in the same way two other chapters paid homage to TESO III: Morrowind. The history and lore maintains accuracy and cohesion, thanks to the dedication of their lore-masters.

Tuesday is Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday.”

Maha Shivaratri will also be celebrated.

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. Is that ironic or what?

Thursday marks the only New Moon in February 2018; there is no full moon in February 2018. Another rarity is January and March both having a “Blue Moon” in the same year. Neil DeGrasse Tyson might know when this phenomenon will occur next!


Last, but certainly not least, Friday marks the Lunar New Year. Officially it is Chinese New Year 4715, a Yin year of the Earth Dog.

In light of these festivities, I decided to set off a Cherry Bomb to start the week off with a bang.

More explosive demonstrations are forthcoming. More music will follow as well.

Ready to party? Let’s go.


Mid-Week Music: Celebration Time! (Re-blogged)

Time for a re-blogged bit of mid-week music. We’re one week away from a full “Blue Moon” and a total lunar eclipse! Quite auspicious.

Eyrie Of An Aries

It’s time for a mid-week party! Why? For the sheer joy of it, of course – what better reason could there be? Enjoy these five celebratory songs, with a smile!


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Three More Days

I’m counting down to New Year’s Eve! I’ve always loved the parties, festivities and socializing around this time of year. Staying healthy in the midst of flu season can be tedious, but it is doable! Also, one must expose themselves to the occasional virus now and then, if only to remind the body of how to fight them off.

Almost time to head to the store and get some last-minute items for the celebratory meal! Our version of Oysters Rockefeller is mouth-watering and noteworthy, and only a few select family members and friends are allowed to sample. Much like the Little Red Hen, we are more than generous with those who lend willing and ready helping hands during times of need. Those times are few and far between, but we duly note those who are there during those times.

This song is for those who know what friendship really is! You know who you are, new friends and old. Thank you.


Autumn Approaches…

Ah, September – school is back in session, the end-of-season tourists are passing through as they head for home, and the snowbirds are readying for their journeys south. The Rod Run to the End of the World is gearing up for weekend festivities; I can’t wait to see the classics as they wend their way through town! The registrations are going on today, and there will be slow drags in Ilwaco this evening. Tomorrow the vehicles will be shown at the Beach Barons Car Club grounds, then the awards will be given out on Sunday, 8 September. Our roadster won’t be able to participate, as it still has some repairs being done to it – so, we’ll be on our bike again! We might roll with the vehicles for a lap or so, then find a spot along the road to watch the ‘parade’ and take some pictures.

There was one hell of a storm in western Washington yesterday; we could hear the thunder in the distance from the north, even though we couldn’t see any flashes of lightning, and we didn’t get drenched like Seattle, Chehalis, or Portland (OR) did. A guy on a motorcycle got hit by lightning while riding up Interstate 5 with his ‘Iron Butt’ club-members. The Huffington Post reports:

“SEATTLE — A motorcyclist survived a lightning strike in western Washington as a tumultuous day of weather saw thunderstorms and rain roll through the state on both sides of the Cascade Mountains.

Washington State Patrol Trooper William Finn says the biker was driving on Interstate 5 through the town of Chehalis when the lightning hit Thursday.

Witness Martin Zapalac told KOMO-TV the man had just passed him when he and his bike “lit up.” The biker managed to pull over on the highway shoulder, and the witness drove with him to a nearby gas station.”

It is basic, common sense to get under cover during a serious storm – in some situations, it is possible to ‘outrun’ or ‘ride alongside’ a front…but it isn’t highly recommended! Still, the time we rode the edge of a tornado-spawner was exhilarating…far less frightening than the accident we had back in July.

I love thunderstorms and could watch them for hours…the Midwest has the best that I’ve seen so far, although I understand that there are parts of the world that make those storms look like mild static electricity! I’ve also been treated to some decent lighting shows here in the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska.

Time to head out and enjoy the weekend…have a great one, everybody!     😎

Busy weekend…

Ah, it’s holiday party time – time to go to various office functions and hang out with people who are, at best, phony and trite.  Forced socialization with ass-kissing sycophants.  Trying to smile at the veiled hostility and pseudo-racist comments of supervisors and management.  Joy to the fucking world, right?  My fiance and I attended his holiday event last night, and it was great – now my holiday function is tonight, and I am already steeling myself against the shit-slinging that is sure to follow.

Holiday parties are not all bad, don’t get me wrong – it’s just that shitty people can make a fun event nothing short of a nightmare.  My office party is tonight, and I chose to attend so that I can show the Cuntzillas up.  That’s my name for the rest of my so-called administrative ‘team’ members.  There is no team other than they, the fucking bitches’ coven of fat, resentful, hateful backstabbing cunts.  Am I angry?  Of course I am!  Who wouldn’t be, when office politics are so fucked up that the ass-kissing suck-ups skate through without having to lift a finger, and take the credit that should go to the ones who actually did the fucking work!  It’s insane.  No recourse for people who request a fair audit or hearing in front of a panel to air grievances and find a solution.  No, their solution is to be as petty and hostile as possible.  I fail to see how being bitchy to me is ‘starting over with a clean slate’, as was promised would happen months ago…

Anyway, it will be nice to socialize with the co-workers that I do get along with!  A good number of them asked what I would be wearing this year – the dress I wore last year was smashing, so people wondered if I would be wearing something else just as nice – I have a knockout number this year, too, so I don’t think they’ll be disappointed.  My fiance was quite happy to help me choose an outfit; I had fun modeling the clothes for him, and he definitely enjoyed the show, LOL   🙂

I won’t bother dancing this year.  The same boring-ass DJ will have been selected by the fat, bloated, overgrown infant named Cuntzilla Supreme; the party is being held at the same venue as last year, same menu, same everything.  If choosing who plans the holiday party was done fairly, then anyone who wanted to help out would be allowed to do so – but,due to favoritism, the same three people do the party planning every year and will only allow their buddies in their little clique to be in on the fun.  Pretty juvenile, no?  Oh, I can hear you now: “But Sepultura, isn’t it juvenile to complain?  You don’t have to go if you don’t want to!”  Yes, this is true – but, I’m going to the party to prove a point.  I also won’t be attending any future company gatherings anyway, as I sincerely doubt I will be with the company much longer.  If I’m able to leave on my own terms, then that will be the best I can hope for.  Dead-end jobs are pointless and futile, especially when your supervisor is a racist cunt who wishes to hold you back and deny promotions.  I need to look out for my own best interests, and it’s glaringly apparent that being with this company will not help me achieve my future goals.  The economy in this country sucks ass, but it’s time to make a leap…I’ve done so before and always landed on my feet – time to set the plan in motion.

Yes, this was a rant – purging the system of ugly feelings is a necessity!  At least I only do it here on my own blog, where it belongs…I have a great handle on my own hate.  Coming soon will be rants against men in general, then rants about my own female gender.  See, people in general piss me off, and it can’t be boiled down to religious beliefs or lack thereof; nor can it be boiled down to ethnicity – male people irritate me, and female people irritate me!  It’s as simple as that…


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