Last Week Tonight: Facebook

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John talks about Facebook and how it is being used to spread hate and misinformation in other countries, just as it is used here in the United States.

Most “social” medial platforms are full of toxic people spreading their hateful lies. It isn’t limited to Facebook by any means.


Shameless Self-Promotion

After a few months of testing I’ve finally gotten the hang of the live-stream thing, so gaming podcasts will commence mid-September. That’s when most of the children will be back in school so the quality of gaming action will improve in all facets.

I have my Twitch channel operating; it is linked to my YouTube and Facebook gaming pages and I’m working on getting rewards enabled for dedicated followers and subscribers.

Loyalty rewards are always nice, so I figure I’d give some incentive for those who really want to participate in helping a channel grow! Real support should always be recognized, yes?


Monday Funnies: (Anti) Social Media

Full Frontal Thursday: Facebook, Sarah Huckasanders, & the Frightening Faces of Trump Supporters

In this edition of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam kills it with her spot-on statements about Mark Zuckerberg’s decade-long history of false apologies. He is directly responsible for the bullshit that was spread by his own creation, so he needs to own up to it. Enough with the talk and empty promises. Do something already.

Next, Sam skewers the lying mouthpiece of the rapist liar-in-chief. The blatant hypocrisy of everyone in the Drumpf administration is obvious, but his mindless and blind supporters are ignorant beyond belief. That ignorance and racism is on full display for Amy Hoggart when she attends a klan rally in Michigan.

I’m not surprised by those people at all. They were the same when my husband and I rode through that area back in 2012, and they’ve only gotten worse.

They breed like flies and roaches.

Happy Friday: 15 January 2016 (Re-blogged)

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy these three select songs from January of 2016 while I begin my weekend gaming session.

Amazing how all of the followers that I used to have disappeared after Baby-Hands McDrumpf took office! It appears that they were his supporters, and took offense to my distaste. It is what it is! C’est la vie. Now that I’m on Facebook, I’ll have more ESO gamers reading and following me. So much for the ‘supportive’ and ‘inclusive’ WordPress ‘community.’


The Manhunt for Christopher Jordan Dorner

The hunt is on for former LAPD police officer, Navy reservist, and college football player Christopher Jordan Dorner, aged 33. He was fired from the LAPD in 2008, allegedly for making false statements against another officer. My ears perked up when those details were released, and I have been following this story since yesterday afternoon. From the BBC:

“The hunt for a fired Los Angeles policeman accused of a shooting rampage has moved to a snowy mountain range.

Search teams combed Big Bear Lake for Christopher Dorner, 33, after his torched truck was found by a ski area.

Though the focus is on the resort area, the huge manhunt spans California, Nevada, Arizona and northern Mexico.

He is wanted over the shooting deaths of a couple at the weekend and attacks on Thursday that left one policeman dead and another seriously wounded.

Police used search dogs and helicopters with infrared equipment overnight in an attempt to track down the suspect in Big Bear Lake, 80 miles (128km) east of Los Angeles.

San Bernadino County Sheriff John McMahon told a Friday morning news conference that search teams would continue to scour abandoned cabins in the area.

Diversionary tactic?

Investigators said they believed fresh tracks spotted in the snow near the burnt-out truck were made by the former naval reservist, who is said to be heavily armed.”

I had some thoughts about what might have pushed him over the edge and the outcome of this rampage:

  • He was fired without just cause and given no recourse or satisfaction. As a result, his name was smeared and reputation tarnished, while those who lied about him and threw him under the bus kept their jobs.
  • He dared to break the “Blue Wall of Silence” by doing the right thing – he saw another cop brutalizing a mentally ill man and reported it as he should have. Instead of being congratulated, he was punished.
  • He is specifically after the people who directly did him wrong, and their family members are “guilty by association.” Friends and acquaintances of his targets will simply be “collateral damage.”
  • If found, there will be a standoff and he will not survive the final confrontation – the words in his manifesto are testament to this mindset. He will take out as many people as possible in his final blaze of glory, in hopes that people will start asking a LOT of questions about the continued racism and corruption in the LAPD.

I can only imagine the hostile work environment he had to deal with – workplace bullying is bad enough, and I can bet that the LAPD would be amongst the biggest bullies out there. It’s also clear to me that both the Portland Police Bureau in Portland, Oregon, and the Seattle Police Department in Seattle, Washington, have taken their pages in “cop-training” directly from the pages of the LAPD handbook. Scandal and corruption have marred the LAPD for decades, which would grate on the conscience of any decent human being attempting to effect positive changes. Those of us who wish to see justice served the most, tend to be the ones who are granted it the least. I understand how Mr. Dorner feels – it’s a shame he felt so hopeless that he took this course of action. Still, I can’t say that I blame him. This isn’t George Zimmerman gunning down an unarmed teenager in cold blood. This isn’t Colton Harris-Moore, the “Barefoot Bandit”, thumbing his nose at everyone he stole from. This isn’t Bethany Storro, smearing drain cleaner on her face and blaming an “invisible Black perpetrator”. This is a well-liked, well-respected, hardworking young Black man who was unfairly and unjustly fired from his job…all because he was truly DOING HIS JOB.

It will be interesting – and telling – to see how this all plays out.

On a side note, some people are under the mistaken notion that I’m on Facebook, and that’s not so. I used to be on MySpace, but haven’t logged in for about five years. I guess they’ve decided to become Facebook v2.0 or something, now? Other than this blog, I’m on Black Planet and BikerOrNot, and haven’t logged in on either site for quite some time – I’ve been too friggin’ busy, ya know? I have a life and enjoy living it!     😀

Anti-Social Media

I’m a bit anti-social and somewhat of a dinosaur, I admit – I am one of those oddities known as ‘the non-Facebook user’.  I never saw the point of jumping on that bandwagon, and still see no reason to.  I’m quite happy with my MySpace page, thank you very much!  I invested a lot of time and care into creating it and like the people I’ve ‘friended’ there, so why switch?  I keep in touch with many of them via phone and email as well, so we can let each other know when we’ve added pictures to our profiles and updated the site.  I’m amazed at how many things are connected to Facebook:, Blackberry, and every TV show in existence.  You can’t look anywhere without being encouraged to “like us on Facebook!”  There are contests solely open to Facebook users.  It borders on insanity…the following is almost cult-like.  People look at you as if you have some sort of disease if you admit to not being on Facebook!  Many of my co-workers were Facebook friends; small wonder that I was left out in the cold – if you weren’t ‘in with the in crowd’, you were shut out of the clique!  I think it’s hilarious, though, that having a Facebook page is now fairly detrimental – prospective employers have the right to ask if you have a Facebook page, and I think that’s perfectly reasonable.  People give up their privacy with Facebook, but with MySpace you can keep your identity relatively secure.  Besides, Facebook now wants to allow children to have profiles – sorry, but I don’t need to deal with other people’s children; the adults online are bad enough, but now we need to babysit?!?  No, thank you!
Cripes – Facebook has even hijacked Project Playlist!  I just tried to log in and update my songs, and the thing won’t work any more…I suppose I’m expected to start up a dumbass fucking Facebook account to be able to listen to my music again?  No thanks!!!  Piss off, Facebook!

I used to have a lot of profiles in cyberspace on sites like Tagged and Fubar, but I wasn’t really socializing – to me, sitting at your computer all day waiting for a message from some random stranger across the country (or somewhere else in the world) just gets dull.  I like doing things outside: hiking, fishing, hunting, riding bicycles and motorcycles, skywatching.  I like being active.  Sitting inside makes you into a hermit, and isn’t good for your health!  I’ve since deleted many of my profiles and my old blogs, and am now only on four ‘social’ sites: MySpace, Black Planet, Classmates, and BikerOrNot.  I’m thinking of deleting my Classmates profile, though – I really don’t utilize it much at all, so there’s no point in spending money on it.  I hated high school and most of the people in it – why the hell would I want to look them up now?  I’ve not been to one of my class reunions and have no plans to ever attend any of them, to be honest…the few friends I had in school moved away before high school graduation, so I have no idea which schools to look them up at.  The online people search didn’t turn up anything, either…it’s harder to find people than it used to be!

I play one online game, Ultima Online, but I don’t socialize with the other people on there – most of them are douchebags, to be honest!  I used to have some acquaintances on that game and was a member of a guild, but the guild pretty much disbanded when the guild-leader passed away IRL.  I met some of the others face-to-face as well, but I think they were racist pricks because I never heard from them again, either in-game or IRL, and that pissed me off a bit…this is why I don’t talk to many people online.  I get tired of small-minded, inbred, white-trash fucks – and the ‘interwebs’ are crawling with them!  Speaking of which…that’s an upcoming topic; the three most common types of trolls which inhabit cyberspace, LOL – still, it’s frustrating to think that you’re making friends with people who have the same interests as you, only to find out that they are frightened of the color of your skin.  This is why I prefer to meet people face-to-face: it’s easier to see their body language and facial expressions as they respond and react to my presence!

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