Beta Testing

Beta testing for TESO’s newest chapter begins soon, and I can’t wait to check out the new stuff. I’ve participated in a few beta tests, some before the game officially launched, and a couple since then.

The sneak preview on Friday’s Twitch-cast has me drooling. New lands to explore. New skills to learn. New homes to acquire.

Last, but not least, the new chapter fits seamlessly with my ongoing fan faction and fills out the back-story of my main characters.

This multiverse keeps providing much entertainment.

There’s far more to it than the amateur role-playing that many seem to engage in.


TESO: The Next Chapter

One of the best things about The Elder Scrolls Online is that the anniversary of the initial launching occurs just after my week-long birthday celebration ends.

A free-play weekend is going on, leading up to the Jester’s Festival which coincides with the aforementioned anniversary event. A new chapter is coming on 5 June. Gaming geeks such as myself, who have pre-ordered the special collector’s edition, will get to start our adventures during the last week of May.

I’m looking for my beta-test invite in my email inbox. I’ll be streaming some gameplay over the weekend as well. My list of viewers is finally growing. I just needed to work with people who actually do what they say they will, and who know what the definition of work ethics really is.


* UPDATED Friday, 23rd March *

Just a quick correction: The 5 June release date of the new chapter, Summerset, is for Xbox and PlayStation users. 21 May is the launching of the new chapter for PC and Mac users.

Mercury is retrograde in my sign of Aries, so miscommunications and misunderstandings might occur more often.

See? I can acknowledge when I’m wrong.

Others would do well to do the same.

Especially when they pretend to be perfect, give unsolicited advice, and look down on everyone who isn’t in their remedial little clique.


Blue Moon Friday!

Today marks the 2nd full moon in this month. When there are two full moon phases in one month, it is known as a ‘blue moon’ – so I figured I’d celebrate this event by doing a purely random, rambling post!

It’s another beautiful Friday in the Pacific Northwest; I guess it’s a holiday weekend for those who have full-time employment, since Monday marks the Labor Day holiday. It’s been sunny and warm for weeks now – it’s barely rained since we’ve been back from our cross-country trip. We’ve been riding around the local area, just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. Counting our blessings and being happy! I still worry about my son’s well-being and his state of mind…haven’t heard from him in a couple of weeks, and his land-line still works but his cell-phone seems to be out of commission, so I’m hoping he’s not letting things fall apart out of depression or despair. I hope he knows that he can call me anytime he needs to, for any reason! He doesn’t need to suffer alone. He has so much pride…almost too much…and I understand where it comes from. I am not the people who raised me, and I’m not a liar and thief like his father was, so I can be trusted and relied on. Hell, my fiancée and I were the only ones to fly to his rescue when his father passed – I hope he remembers that, at the very least! NOBODY from his father’s side of the family offered any support whatsoever, but I’m not surprised – fucking useless losers, every single one of them. They closed their doors in my son’s face when he went to visit them during his college vacations, just like they made excuses to never meet me in person, much less talk to me on the phone or correspond via mail. They treated me shabbily, and they treat my son – their blood relative – in a shabby manner as well. He thinks that being ‘friends’ with them on Facebook is a ‘real relationship’…how sad and limiting that is! Well, my son is learning what a douche-nozzle his dad was; perhaps, soon, he’ll figure out the truth about that entire side of the family tree – and do some heavy-duty pruning, LOL

Our wedding date is set and the plans are moving forward…since it will be small and informal, and the location is already picked out, there is relatively little to do! Invitations will be sent out first – that will be done with a “year-end” family letter. Also, there is something else brewing in the works that has me excited and on pins and needles! I hope it comes to fruition; we expect to know for certain by the end of next week – and, even if it doesn’t, we’re in good shape to make it happen sometime next year, or sometime down the road…no rush or stress that way. I don’t want to say anything that could jinx it; I have a tiny bit of a superstitious side, but I will say that I have visions of a blacksmithing forge, black bamboo, bonsai trees, and a little greenhouse to let my green thumb go mad in! Ah, creativity…

I’ve thought about going back to bartending. I prefer a more casual working environment, and offices always have the bullshit ‘office politics’ atmosphere floating around. As a bartender, you only have a few co-workers to deal with at any given time, and you can be more upfront and straightforward with them – less room for the ‘accidental misunderstandings’ and ‘personality conflicts’ that invariably arise in the cube farms! Customers are always great fodder for books, too – ready-made characters to choose from! I have a few deceased friends who are being reincarnated in my stories…I hope I do them justice.

I am happy. Life is grand. No fucking drama in the house…our kids create their own drama, but they live elsewhere so we can avoid the Sturm und Drang which surrounds them. I wonder about people who create drama, and I wonder about the people who need to be co-dependent with that sort of a hurricane. They confuse me, especially if they complain about the drama. I mean, seriously – if you don’t like it, you wouldn’t be around it. Just like people who are married, but then separate – and then get back together, yet keep complaining. Why the hell did you get back together once you separated? There was a reason for it, right? If you use it as a means of control, then there are other issues in operation and that’s a ‘relationship’ that is doomed. No balance or equality…craziness.

Well, time to crack open an ale or three and roam the roads of Skyrim for a spell. Have a great weekend, one and all – wherever in the world you might be! Enjoy this great song, as well…blessed be.


Daryl Hall: “Dreamtime”

It’s coming…FINALLY…

The Hobbit is FINALLY going to make its big-screen, ‘live’-action debut!  December 14th, 2012 is the day that it will open in theatres, and I’m ecstatic – I enjoyed the animated film, produced by Rankin /Bass Productions, as a child and loved my cherished, valuable, hard-backed book full of illustrations and cels from the animation.  It will be grand to see it treated as well as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, if they do it the same justice!  🙂

I generally abhor most movies and television shows – if I attend five movie showings in one year, that is an anomaly – I think we saw three last year, total!

Fantasy and sci-fi have always been my top genres in books and movies; favoured authors include Octavia Butler, Stephen R. Donaldson, David Gemmel, David Farland, and Piers Anthony. Reading is fun – it should be encouraged!

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