Waxing Poetic: The Forge-Master

The moon phase has waned to new. Tomorrow marks the New Moon and the Perigean Spring Tide, but my creativity has been waxing strong lately. Here is a dream-inspired poem of mine, which is copyrighted. You have no permissions to it other than reading it.


Shaper of iron…rugged and strong

Wild, long hair and beard blow and flow in the wind

Cresting the hill, he approaches bare-chested

The forge is cold…long untouched…neglected, she slumbers

He sets powerful hands to the bellows – deftly manipulates

Coals glow under his experienced touch…heat rises

He reaches down, caressing the knob on the vent – the flames explode

He smiles, thrusting thick, raw pig-iron into the fire

Hands deftly pump the bellows – steadily…rhythmically

Iron glows red…then white-hot

Sweat streams down muscular thighs

Loincloth falls away, unnoticed in his exertions

Iron is doused with cool, soothing fluid…steam rises in a sigh

Mold me, forge-master…I am your smoldering ember

Happy Lunar New Year – 2014!!! ** UPDATED **

Today marks the Lunar New Year, also known as the Chinese New Year – however, China isn’t the only Asian country that celebrates it!

In China, the festivities are known as spring festival (春節) or Lunar New Year (農曆新年) — the new year is determined by the lunar calendar.

From late January to mid-February, Korea, Vietnam, Japan and other countries celebrate Lunar New Year.

Anyway, it is Year 4712, marking the Year of the Green Wooden Horse. I enjoy Chinese astrology as much as I like Western astrology, so I know what my sign and element are in each of them. It’s just a little hobby of mine for fun.

Both Chinese and Western zodiac have 12 signs. The Chinese signs change each year, while the Western signs change each month. The Western signs change on a fairly fixed date, while the Chinese signs change in January or February. Because the year follows the lunar calendar, the new year’s entry has to do with the date that a certain New Moon falls, and the New Moon was yesterday – it’s the dark of the moon.

It was a Blue Moon, since it was the second one this month. Two New or Full moons in a month is classified as a Blue Moon.

Each sign has a specific element and gender applied to them, but the gender doesn’t necessarily mean that a male with a feminine-associated sign will be more feminine, or vice versa. Also, there are different designations for the signs, depending on which chart you are utilizing (Chinese or Western). Western signs have planets associated with them, due to historical links with astronomy, while Chinese signs are more ‘Earth-bound,’ if you will – they are associated with elements on our own terrain.

On another topic, the big game is only two days away: Superbowl XLVIII. I’m stoked and ecstatic – I can’t wait. My Seattle Seahawks will face the Denver Broncos, so this is a rivalry for the ages! A lot of people forget that the Seahawks and the Broncos were AFC rivals for a good long while, so this is a game I’ve been waiting to see for 20 years or so. We are prepared!

First off, we have ingredients for a proper game-time feast. We’re making homestyle guacamole and Oysters Rockefeller; my husband is a fantastic chef and has a magic touch in the kitchen, so this meal will be decadent and delicious! We have plenty of ale and wine to wash it all down with as well.

I also have my “12th WoMAN” gear ready: a Golden Tate shirt, since I couldn’t get a Richard Sherman one, and these awesome shoes from Hourglass Footwear in Ballard, WA. I wanted to get the platform stilettoes but my feet just can’t handle heels that high anymore. That’s one downfall of modeling.

At any rate, we are ready to whoop and holler until our voices are gone. Win or lose I will post right after the game, whether in jubilant victory or agonizing defeat! See y’all on Sunday.

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