The Eye of the Beholder


Did you think that this was going to be a post about beauty?

Nope. I’ve said my piece on that in the past. It’s a subjective thing.

Debating it is irrelevant. You don’t really care what I find beautiful.

The feeling is mutual.


Geek Love

While it is an excellent book, that isn’t what this post is about.

I got a wonderful gift the other day and my geeky inner child is still squealing in delight over it. You know that special person in your life really “gets” you when they give you something like this:

Tiamat is the one, the only, and the original “Queen of the Dragons” and she makes a perfect addition to the other figurines in my collection. Life is sweet!


Game Review: “The Elder Scrolls V – Skyrim”

I am a gaming geek.  I love Role-Playing Games (RPGs) and the ultimate expression of same, the Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG).  I’m a nerd an proud of it – I let my freak flag fly!  I was a regular at the local arcade once I got over my fears and walked into the ‘Teen Center’…hell, I was 8 years old – of course I was going to be hesitant and filled with trepidation!  Teens don’t want little kids hanging around them, for the most part…but, I definitely developed a bad case of ‘Pac-Man fever’ that still recurs to this day!  🙂
The reason for my latest attack of geekus freakus is a game recently purchased by my fiance for an xmas gift: the game called Skyrim.

Skyrim Wallpaper

This game provides hours and hours of entertainment and challenges – literally!  It takes me back to when I first started playing computer games on our home computer.  Having a computer at home didn’t keep me away from the arcades; no, it merely expanded my imagination and creativity in new, cunning ways.  The first game I played on the old Apple II+ was called Zork – a text-based game which mainly utilized ‘if/then’ statements.  That’s an old programming term; basically, you are presented with choices, anywhere from 2 to 6 options.  The choice you made would direct the game’s actions towards you – so, ‘if’ I’ve opted to talk with the bartender in the local alehouse, ‘then’ he might give me a menu of things to buy in his establishment.  Then, that action would set up another ‘if/then’ selection.

I won’t give away too much of the game – I could go on and on about it, for sure!  Some of the challenges and puzzles that I’ve solved so far have been delightful…I love exercising my brain with crossword puzzles and the like – I used to play Clue and Monpoly on a regular basis; Scrabble, Risk, and Stratego were also favorites of mine.  The day we got an Atari game system for xmas, back in 1980, was one of the best days of my life!

I loved the game Adventure – it was corny, but fun!  You were a little dot that roamed around, looking for different keys that would open different castles.  The color of the key would correspond to the color of the castle; once you entered, you had to navigate a series of mazes searching for a chalice, while avoiding the jaws of a rampaging dragon!  Fortunately, you are equipped with a sword (if you could find it right away) so you can defend yourself.  You could slay the dragon, leaving it curled up in a corner – otherwise, you would get blasted and eaten, and end up dead in the belly of the beast, ROFL

Damn…graphics certainly have changed from the earlier days!  😎

Back on the computer gaming side, I absolutely loved the game Atlantis, and I was introduced to Richard Garriott’s land of Britannia as well – in the game Ultima.  I had already been playing Dungeons & Dragons for about 3 years when I first got my own treasured, pirated version of the game.  Ah, those were the days – the big ol’ 3.5″ floppy disks!  If you got one that was one-sided, with the little rectangular notch in the upper-right side, no matter; just take a trusty hand-held paper hole-puncher and make a notch on the other side of the disk, opposite from the pre-notched spot – voila, you have your double-sided disk; that’s what ‘double-density’ meant on the label!

This game, again, provided hours of entertainment and puzzle-solving.  Find this item in this dungeon; collect gold, level-up by fighting monsters and gaining experience – but watch out for balrogs and daemons!  In the picture above, the four adventurers disembarked from their ship to explore the dungeon, but four balrogs came out to confront them.  If they get back to their ship, they could back away and hit the balrogs with cannon-fire from a distance…will the brave heroes do so?  LOL…  🙂

Update: 12/28/11 @ 5:58 a.m.
I am off work this week because the company I work for gives us a paid week off between xmas and New Year’s – since I’m recovering from a rare cold, I’ve been home all weekend and through today, which is why I’ve been able to devote extra time to playing my new game!  My fiance was playing it for quite a while as well, and he realized that he needs to upgrade his computer for better gaming performance!
Anyway, digressing – I wanted to talk about what I like about the game without giving away any major strategies!  First off, the graphics in Skyrim are amazing.  The details are fantastic.  When you walk up to a person, you can see the wrinkles or scars on their faces, depending on if they have them and how bad they are.  Battle scenes are smooth and fluid, and delivering a coup de grace adds a little extra footage – for instance, I did some major thrust move with a sword; my character basically grabs the enemy by the throat and runs them through, then yanks the sword out and hurls them to the ground!  Your own death scenes are pretty dramatic as well.  One battle I was in involved a sorcerer with pyromantic abilities, so I was surrounded by fire.  I succumbed to my burns within seconds; my character basically combusts and slumps slowly and dramatically to the ground as a small pillar of fire.  Another scene, where I was killed by the same sorcerer, happened at a riverside.  In that one, my blazing character falls into the water and floats gently, burning all the while.  What an ignominious end for such a stalwart warrior!
The way people fall when they die is pretty interesting, too – you’ll see some amazing back-bends and bridges; splay-legged semi-nudity, where some of the guys look like they pulled a Roger from American Dad and have a serious ‘savior bulge’ going on, LMAO!  Also, if you search a body and take everything, they ar basically nude except for some underwear of sorts – so when you strip them, they’re stripped!  Damn, it’s a lot of fun…

Yes, I could go on and on about games for hours…I kicked ass at arcade games like Phoenix, Tempest, Joust, and Rygar on a regular basis, and spent many a quarter in the infamous Gauntlet!  There’s an arcade in downtown Portland (OR) called Ground Kontrol, and it has a good number of the games that I like to play for nostalgic reasons – I just wish they’d install Total Carnage!  Now, there’s a game…

Finally, here’s a game-related song from the 1980s! Believe it or not, this was high-tech shit back then…ROTFLMAO

Buckner & Garcia: “Do the Donkey Kong


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