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Internal Dialogue – Part II

Act I, Scene II

[Opening scene, again at Stonehenge, weather unchanged: The Aries, Kali, and Sepultura13 are relaxed in their chairs, drinking their libations of choice. A gleam appears in the eyes of The Aries as his sake spreads warmly through his system. His left hand holds his sheathed sword like a cane as he sits, and he spins it idly from time to time.]

The Aries: Sssoooooo…how ya feeling, Seppy-chan?

Kali: Any new thoughts that you care to share?

Sepultura13 (staring at her bottle of ale): Well, now that you mention it – there were a few new things that came to mind, and they bother me greatly.

K: I presume they concern your son.

S13 (touching one finger to the tip of her nose and pointing at Kali with the other): Yes indeed…he is first and foremost in my mind for the time being…EVERYTHING about him is concerning to me, namely this – in his desire to avoid and escape the painful truths he’s uncovering, he seems hell-bent on plunging headlong into a situation that will bring nothing but disaster. It seems that this debacle has been brewing for over a year now, and the worst part is, nothing I say will be heeded. All of my knowledge and life experiences won’t help save him from himself, and that’s one of the hardest things to do as a parent – watching your offspring make things more difficult for themselves and suffering. I wanted to guide him in the right direction, but my efforts were sabotaged by people who professed to care.

A: Pisses you off a bit, doesn’t it? I can feel it…

K: …and you have a right to be angry, milady. I think you are a bit disappointed, no?

S13: Yes and yes, to both of your questions. I thought I’d instilled some pride in him! I can’t believe some of the outright dumb things he’s done recently…unbelievable!

A: ‘Dumb’ is being too kind! (Laughs raucously)

S13 (swigs angrily from bottle): You’re right!! He’s been fucking STUPID!! Breaking his hand by punching a metal pole, then not going to the emergency room to get it set and treated properly?!? Gawds…another thing – why the FUCK didn’t he ever let me know that he was homeless? His schooling was top priority; when I was working I would have helped him secure a stable place to stay, if he’d just asked! (polishes off one bottle and lets it drop)

K (softly, with an edge of iron in her tone): We mustn’t litter in this sacred place, milady…please, stow your empties back in your pockets and dispose of them properly when you return.

S13 (grabs up bottle and shoves it in her coat): Sorry, sorry…I forgot…

A: Anyway, why the hell was he punching a post? Seems to me his fist would have been much more satisfied by punching a face!!

S13: Because of some stupid, silly-ass drama created by that foul, loathsome, inbred white-trash cunt he thinks he’s ‘in love’ with…FAH!! Her cuckolded husband keeps his head in the sand when it comes to the men she drags home to share her bed, while he works shite hours to pay the bills to keep a roof over her worthless, thoughtless head! He’s a fucking moron, in my opinion…he REALLY believes that ANY of those kids he’s raising are biologically his?!?

A: No kidding – a real man would be calling her out on her shit and laying down an ultimatum or two – not working all night to pay bills, then coming ‘home’ to a fucking pigsty and the state CPS knocking on the door! Moron… (swigs from sake bottle, then corks it and replaces it in the folds of his haori)

S13: Gawds – fighting with some other dickhole over a fat, stupid slag…it’s like a fucking Jerry Springer nightmare come to life! Not only that, this cunt keeps calling HIM to ‘lean on’ while she waits for her court date to get her kids back, and this isn’t the first time, either!! Shit…I really thought I raised him to have better morals than that…just goes to show you that desperation can weaken the strongest foundations – and if he’d only contacted me instead of leaving me out of the loop, he wouldn’t have been so desperate for a roof over his head! (opens another bottle and guzzles deeply)

A: Don’t forget – the dickhole who your son wanted to punch isn’t that rank slob’s husband, either! That spineless tool seems to have dug his own grave and is content to be there.

S13 (snarling): This is true – he knows she spreads for any swinging dick in a 25-mile radius and chooses to stay with her, so that’s his own damned fault – ONCE should be enough cheating for anybody with a functioning brain! Anyway, aside from that, there seems to be one more powder-keg a-brewing. If my ears didn’t deceive me and I heard what I THOUGHT I heard, well…sometimes, people forget that voices carry. (swigs from bottle)

K: Do tell…

A (impatiently): Yeah, spit it out! We’ve been wondering what the big secret is that you’ve been holding in your footlocker – you know that when you want to hide things from us, you do an excellent job!

S13 (sips from bottle and gazes at it): Well, you know that my son has been talking with that slag ever since he left Arizona. She blows up his phone on a regular basis, and he seems to be at her fucking beck and call – he claims that it’s due to her upcoming court case involving her children, but she should be turning to her fucking HUSBAND for support, no?!! Well, the other evening, when I was watching Toonami, I could hear him on his cell phone in the other room. I know that he was talking with that pasty, obese beefalo! You both know that I don’t deliberately eavesdrop, and he always forgets to use his ‘indoor/library voice’ – well, I heard two sentences that disturbed me greatly… (swigs from bottle again)

(Kali and The Aries wait)

S13 (gathers her thoughts): I heard him ask, “Did you do what I said? Did you take it and hide it? You know, that thing?” I guess she asked him a question, because the next thing he said was, “You know, that thing…the test.”

(The Aries raises one eyebrow, while Kali’s face becomes an inscrutable mask)

S13 (angrily): I’m at my wit’s end with that!!! The possibility is there, and the timing is too coincidental to ignore…I know he’s been banging that bucket of slop, but to do it without protection…fuck-all, that’s THE fucking worst thing that could happen! If my suspicion is correct and it proves to be true, I’m washing my hands and clearing right the fuck out…and nobody better tell me that I’d have to accept any so-called ‘grandchildren’ born out of wedlock with a married female who would fuck a dog if no one else was available!!! Fuck NO!!! Even with a gawddamned paternity test!!!

(The Aries is speechless and sips at the sake bottle; Kali gathers her thoughts for a moment, then finally speaks)

K: Sometimes, our best efforts aren’t enough. All you can do is note that you did your best, and you were sabotaged…you can’t be faulted for that. Not everyone is blessed with your internal strength, too…take some comfort in that.

S13 (sighs): I came close to being homeless a couple of times in my past because of undependable people…but I didn’t sell myself or my standards to survive – I worked hard! I learned that relying on myself has been the only way to go. Depending on losers isn’t a recipe for success!!

(Kali and The Aries both nod silently)

S13: Then, when I wasn’t expecting it or even looking for companionship, The WindRider entered my life – that seems to be the rule; when you stop ‘searching’ for love, it drops right in your lap! Anyway, we have moved forward together in a loving, mutual relationship. He’s been my rock…not discounting you one bit, ‘Ken-kun’! You’ve been an important part of me for a long time – your strength has helped me move mountains.

A: Aye…I knew that once you found your strength and sense of self, you would draw a strong one to you. He is your counterpart in every way…that’s good to see.

K: Indeed…it would appear that you found your Lord Shiva!

S13 (smiling): Yes…yes, I have – it’s amazing. Sometimes I wish he and I had met a few years ago…we would own the fucking world by now!

A (laughing): Well, it’s not too late! You are both still in your prime, and your travels are already legendary…you’re well on your way!

S13: A toast to us, then – Skoal!!

(The Aries pulls out another sake bottle from his haori and clinks it against Sepultura13’s bottle of ale; Kali touches her flask to the other containers and they all drink deeply)

S13 (leans back in her chair and stretches, staring up at the sky): I think I feel a little bit better, now…that was a lot to hold in.

A: You know we’re always here for ya, Seppy-chan…we will carry your burdens for you as long as you need us to.

K: You don’t have to fight these internal battles alone…you know this – that is why you called us here, no?

S13: Yep – and now I feel cleansed in a way…I can move forward with determination and don’t need to apologize for my thoughts and feelings. I own my actions, unlike some!

A: Unlike MOST – don’t forget that! This is the true meaning of being a 1%er…those fucking idiots you encounter every day are clueless to that fact! Politicizing everything…silly, stupid, cretins!! But, that’s a topic for another day…

(gets up from his chair)

A: It appears we are adjourning so I’ll take my leave, if I may? (he bows to Sepultura13, then to Kali)

A: Ladies…until the next time.

(he turns and walks towards the north; Kali and Sepultura13 watch him until he fades from view)

S13: He never waits for thanks, does he?

K (smiling): He knows that your gratitude is deep and genuine…it is enough for him. He doesn’t like leaving the door unguarded, you know.

S13: True, true…and thank you, Lady Kali – your presence is most beneficial. Your voice of reason always cuts through the anger and the pain, and it helps immensely. Thanks again…morning draws nigh.

(her eyes close and she grows opaque, then fades away altogether)

[Kali remains seated while Sepultura13 vanishes completely. She chants a soft mantra while the sun is sets and the shadows grow longer. Storm clouds are building, and the sinking sun washes them in brilliant gold, bright yellow, blood red, and deep purple. A massive gray edifice appears out of the gloom on the eastern side of the ‘henge. Kali continues her chant as she waits on whoever deigns to make their presence known. She has a feeling she knows their identity, but has not had the opportunity to directly communicate with them since Sepultura13 and The Aries took control.]


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