Political Pondering…

If Congressman Conyers and Senator Al Franken are required to resign due to the allegations being made against them, then why is there even going to be an election for Senate candidate Roy Moore?

I’d ask someone from Alabama, but I don’t think I’m up for their unhinged psychosis. Inbred southerners are prone to snap in the same way Dobermans and pit bulls are reputed to!


Week In Review…

Another week nears its end; a new month draws nigh. Let’s take a look at some of the happy ‘news’ from the past week, shall we? Forgive the formatting errors, as well – I get in a rush at times, LOL

First, a white nazi terrorist deliberately smashed an aeroplane into the French side of the Alpine mountain range, killing all aboard. This heartless cretin locked the captain out of the cockpit and set the auto-pilot on ‘descend.’ According to various transcripts of the voice recorders, the pilot can be heard pounding frantically on the door whilst passengers scream in horror in the background. The nazi, meanwhile, breathes quietly and calmly during those final moments. It truly takes an unfeeling, callous bastard to do something like this! As expected, reports have handled this with kid gloves, posting a benign picture of a smiling young white guy sitting on a seawall near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The questions of “why?” and the desperate search to make sense of something senseless begin anew…the only person who can answer the “why” is dead. He chose to take a bunch of people out – it’s as simple as that. A suicidal individual dies alone. A homicidal maniac with megalomaniacal tendencies does what this guy did…and he thought it out beforehand. That’s the act of a sociopath – end of story.

‘March Madness’ is apparently in full swing…young athletes pound themselves ragged on basketball courts for nothing but applause, whilst gamblers, coaches, team owners, and EA Games make insane amounts of money. Modern-day enslavement that a majority of people happily engage in…I’m not one of them.

Speaking of sports, young sister Mo’ne Davis has shown exemplary class and grace in the face of some prick who decided to slur her on social media. Some fuckwad thought it was funny to call her a ‘slut.’ Really? A 13-year-old baseball pitcher is a ‘slut’ simply for being female? Wow. Reminds me of that Onion ‘article’ which labeled 8-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis a ‘cunt.’ Yes, how classy. People will call young girls horrible names, solely for having dark skin. On top of that, it seems that many people who get up in arms over non-issues like ‘Kimye’ are silent when Black women are insulted. I can’t find one blog that said anything about the insults heaped on Venus and Serena Williams. I’ve only found one that half-assedly acknowledged the latest racist insult hurled at Michelle Obama, as well as Raven-Symone’s subsequent shit-mouthing. Outrage will abound if someone dares to say anything negative about Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes knockin’ boots, but it’s *CRICKETS* when we ‘Dark Girls’ draw unfavourable, untrue comparisons. I can’t say that I’m surprised that Mr. Foxx likes scrawny, pale toothpicks – he enjoyed dressing up as ‘Wanda’ far too often during his time on ‘In Living Color.’ His hatred of Black women has been apparent for some time! I guess having Tom Cruise’s sloppy seconds tastes like heaven to him…go figure.

College shenanigans continue – hate runs rampant. A noose was draped over the neck of the statue of James Meridith down in ‘Ole Miss.’ A Facebook page dedicated to the sexual exploitation of drunk, drugged women has been linked to yet another fraternity. Makes one wonder how any studies get done, what with all of the time spent partying and racially or sexually harassing your fellow students. Fills me with such a sense of confidence that these pricks will one day be running a corporation or running for office!

The brutality of cops against Black and brown people escalates: Martese Johnson was beaten last week after he was denied entry to an establishment. An older gentleman, Floyd Dent, was violently pulled from his car, Tasered, and struck in the head 16 times. A 57-year-old man, Sureshbhai Patel, visiting from the country of India, was hospitalized in February after being beaten by a former police officer in the state of Alabama. The suspicious death of a homeless man, 54-year-old Otis Byrd in Vicksburg, Mississippi should be called what it is – a lynching. “Strange Fruit,” indeed… *SIGH*

It is Ram Navami…so I will close with these three songs. Also, belated birthday wishes to the legendary Chaka Khan! Aries woman, birthday on 23rd March – you rock!
George Harrison: “My Sweet Lord
John Denver: “Looking for Space
Steve Winwood w/ Chaka Khan: “Higher Love

Sports & Feuerwerk!!!

Ah, yes…fireworks after a win by the Mariners! Damn, but I envy the lucky bastards who were at Safeco Field tonight – the Seattle Mariners beat the Chi-town Cubbies in the 10th inning; the weather was flawless, and the choreographed pyrotechnics were a delight to see! I love a great baseball game and I love a great fireworks show…brought back childhood memories of lighting bottle rockets, Roman Candle fights with my brothers and our friends, burning and branding some racist little fuck on the arm with a sparkler, and seeing one of the more adventurous nutbags we knew running down a path with a smoke-bomb in his mouth and green smoke pouring everywhere! Anyway, I hope the Ms take the series – a sweep is almost too much to hope for, so I’ll settle for two out of three. It was nice to see the show…I’m glad that they televised it.

29 June 2013 – Fireworks over Safeco Field

The weather should be grand for the next few days; while the rest of the west swelters (even parts of Alaska), we stay moderately balmy – no extremes of any sort! I watch the mercury readings in other states and note that some are just as hot now as they were when we were there, at this time last year. Phoenix, Arizona is steady at 117 F, Death Valley is set to hit a world record of 129 F, Salt Lake City is 102 F, and Sacramento reached 106 F. I recall what a blessing the misters at restaurants in Phoenix were, and lounging poolside in SoCal was divine…still, I’m glad to be home this summer. Travelling is fun, but there’s no place like home!

I spotted fresh bear turd in the recently-mown grass today – it wasn’t there yesterday! I noticed it when I was filling the hummer feeders and examining the bamboo growth. We have 10 tall shoots that have sprouted quite rapidly; the gentleman we spoke with at Shweeash Bamboo said that you could virtually see bamboo growing if you sit and watch it during a spurt, and I believe it! The only other plant that shows significant growth like that is a potted fern that I have inside; from what I can see, it takes about two or three days for a new shoot to reach its maximum height and branch out into fullness. Ladybugs like the bamboo, it would seem – I saw a pair in “tow-truck mode” trundling along the branches!

One final note: with all of the hoopla surrounding the recent decisions passed down by the SCOTUS; the non-issue of inbred, southern white-trash Paula Deen doing what white-trash southerners do best, and moronic fucktards lambasting Trayvon Martin’s friend on the stand, a couple of news stories have been completely ignored and / or sidelined. One story is happening right here in the Pacific Northwest, so naturally it isn’t on the radar of anyone beyond the borders of Washington state. This involves the arrest of a man, Alan Smith, who murdered his estranged wife in his home, then brought his girlfriend to live with him in the murder house. He was arrested today after a search warrant was served on him a couple of days ago, but the murder occurred in February. From KOMO-4 News:

“EVERETT, Wash. – A Bothell man accused of killing his estranged wife in February confessed to a friend from his church that he committed the murder, according to court documents released Friday.

The documents also show that the suspect, Alan Smith, asked a former girlfriend in October if she knew any way he could get rid of his wife, Susann Smith, without anyone knowing.

On the day of his wife’s murder, he bought latex gloves at Wal-mart, and in the hours after her death, was searching the Internet for tips on fleeing the country with his two children, according to court documents.

The disclosures in court papers come the day after Smith was arrested for investigation of first-degree murder, and about a week after police found him having loud sex with his girlfriend, Love Thai, outside the home where his wife was killed.”

Alan Smith

Creep of the week: Alan Smith

Next, if you are a fan of American football, especially the New England Patriots, then this next story should have grabbed you by the scrote and had your undivided attention ever since it broke earlier this week. I’m speaking, of course, about the arrest of one Aaron Hernandez, for the murder of a friend and fellow athlete, Odin Lloyd, that occurred sometime last week. From the BBC:

“A second arrest has been made in a murder investigation involving American football player Aaron Hernandez, prosecutors say.

Carlos Ortiz, 27, was detained in Connecticut accused of being a fugitive from justice, say authorities.

Mr Hernandez, 23, was charged on Wednesday with murder in relation to last week’s discovery of a fellow player’s body in Massachusetts.

The NFL player has now been dropped by his team, the New England Patriots.”

As I write this, another man is being held in connection with Odin Lloyd’s murder. It amazes me that NOBODY is talking about this on their oh-so-progressive, oh-so-popular blogs! Go figure, eh? Since it’s not a Black man who was the killer, but the one who was killed, it’s been ** CRICKETS ** – which seems to be typical. Michael Vick was roasted alive in the press and has had a target on his back over the past dogfighting charges (which he has done his time and atoned for), but a murder is ignored simply because the killer is not Black. Same goes for the sexual deviants in the NFL; nobody talks about or recalls the weenie-wagging of Brett Favre or the accusations of rape against Ben Roethlisberger, and we all know what happened when people covered up the paedophilia of that disgusting creep at Penn State. * SIGH *

Those were just some random things milling about in my brain today…I figured I’d drag them out and put them under a microscope!

Trayvon Martin’s Murder: Thoughts on ‘Stand Your Ground’

George Zimmerman, the murderer of Trayvon Martin, has been released on a pittance of a bail amount and is free to interact with his family and friends, who (as expected) have rallied behind him with the flimsiest excuses for his actions.  In short, this nutless, gutless, paranoid piece of shit profiled, stalked, and harassed a young man.  When that young man, reasonably fearing for his safety and life, attacked the suspicious individual (Zimmerman) who was following him (after getting no response to his questions of “Who are you?” and “What do you want?”), Zimmerman executed that young man in cold blood.  I’ve been thinking about that supposed justification a lot, being labeled the ‘stand your ground’ defense, since it has been bandied about the ‘interwebs’ from day one.  It’s fascinating, especially now that it is NOT being used as a justifiable defense for a young, black woman named Marissa Alexander, who fired her gun INTO THE AIR, NOT INTO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, in order to scare away her abusive husband when he was assaulting her.  Here’s the story, in case you haven’t heard of it:



I was born and raised here in the Pacific Northwest – born in the state of Washington, schooled in Alaska, lived in Seattle for 10 years, lived in Portland, OR for 10 more; now I reside in Southwestern Washington state.  This area of the country is beautiful, but the people make it quite ugly!  I enjoy nature when I don’t have to see or hear my ‘fellow’ humanoids…

Anyway, I have been around guns for the majority of my life.  Hunting for food has always been the main reason; carrying guns for defense when you wander backwoods trails, knowing that bear encounters are likely, well…that speaks for itself, no?  To me, guns are not toys – they are tools that have their purpose and necessary education and training is important before utilizing them.  My father taught my older brothers and me about gun safety, and we always respected their deadliness.  We knew where they were kept in the house, but would never have dreamed of taking them out of the cabinet to show off to our friends – THEY ARE NOT TOYS.  Many of our friends had gun cabinets in their houses as well; for the most part, we would admire each other’s firearms as they rested behind glass panels – everyone we knew had a great collection!

When I moved to the city, I put my guns in storage – I was raising my son on my own and lived in a secure building, so I didn’t feel the need to have guns in the apartment.  I took self-defense courses, worked out, and rode bicycle or took public transit – didn’t need a car and had no space for one, so we lived frugally.  On weekends when my ex-husband was residing in the area, we shared custody and he had visitation rights every weekend.  When my son was with his dad, I would take solitary evening strolls along the waterfront and enjoy peace and quiet.  I didn’t like going to crowded, smoke-filled clubs all the time – getting some fresh air; watching boats and the lights of the city on the water at night, were some of the best times of all.

One evening – it was around 10:30, warm and in mid-May – I was walking along the pedestrian trail at my favorite park.  I passed some guy who stared at me for a second, then blurted out: “Hey, I just got out of jail – can I jerk off in front of you?”  I was stunned, then shook it off and laughed at him.  I said, “You do know that there are some places you can go to do that around here, and you only have to pay a quarter – those chicks will give you more for your money than I would!”  I even offered him a quarter, but he just mumbled and started walking away.  I resumed my stroll, then got an odd feeling…I generally trust my gut instinct, so I turned around quickly to see that the guy had started following me, and had unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly, and was spanking his monkey as he walked behind me.  I looked around on the ground for some sort of weapon (my belt would have done in a pinch, if I hadn’t located something adequate) and spotted a 2X4 with a couple of long, bent nails sticking out of it.  I grabbed it up and started walking towards the guy, telling him “If you wish to keep that pitiful little thing, you’d better get the fuck away from me – these nails look rusty!”  He turned and fled.  Guess what…a guy CAN run with his pants half-off, probably just as fast as a chick can with her skirt hiked up, right!  (Slam at you rape-excusers out there, LOL)

I walked straight to the nearest waterfront bar and had a couple of drinks to ease my rage, then called a cab to go home – my place was 10 blocks away, and I wasn’t going to invite trouble.  I have always refused to be a victim ever since I learned how to defend myself and fight back.  I would have had no problem whacking his tallywhacker off of his person, then taking it to the nearest police station for evidence!  Notice, though, that I did not escalate the situation.  I let the person know that I was aware of his presence, and quite prepared to defend myself against whatever ill actions he had in mind.  When he ran, I did not pursue – I went to the nearest place with plenty of people around, and made sure that I had safe transport home.  This does not mean that I feel that Zimmerman was justified in any way, shape or form – he instigated and escalated the situation, and nothing Trayvon could have done would have prevented his death.  I wholeheartedly believe that Trayvon Martin was doomed to die from the moment Zimmerman’s beady eyes fell on him.

Now, taking that entire scenario under careful scrutiny, would that cretin have had the right to shoot me?  I certainly would have had the right to shoot him, with multiple justifications:

  • Recently released from prison – on what charges?  Sexual offenses?  Was he a registered sex offender?  Why was there no curfew or house arrest?  White criminals seem to escape any real punishment.
  • Public indecency; lewd and lascivious conduct, sexual harassment, indecent exposure, intent to offend.  Those are just a few charges I can think of that could have been levied if they’d managed to catch his sick ass.
  • Following me with malicious intent, instead of taking the logical suggestion and finding a prostitute or going to a jack-shack.  A woman taking an evening walk in a jacket, jeans, and t-shirt is not selling anything unless she actively ‘gives you the high sign’ – get a fucking clue.

Yeah, I’ve been thinking about that incident a lot, as of late.  If I kill someone in justifiable self-defense, would I get the mobs of support that Zimmerman has gotten?  I think we all know the answer to that question.  We all know that there are multiple double-standards in operation on any given day when it comes to the in-justice system in this country, and it’s a gawddamned, fucking shame.



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