Full Frontal Thursday: Racism & Anti-Semitism

In today’s edition of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam finally shines the spotlight on the racism and hatred that has exploded exponentially over the past few months, now that Jews have been openly targeted.

Black people have been the target for ages and I’ve talked about the dog-whistles and coded language used by the fascists and nationalists in the past. It isn’t new.

Moment of Silence: 13 August 2017 (Re-blogged)

Re-blogging this because it needs to be seen, if only by one person.

Black people aren’t the ones who are painting whites with the racism brush. Other whites are.

Especially the ones who claim that anti-racism is “anti-white.”


No Words…

I’m absolutely speechless…I just saw this news.

If people actually and actively displayed empathy for others, instead of just talking about it and paying lip service, would horrific events like this take place? I wonder…I really, really do.


…comes in many forms. The most obvious form is what occurred last Friday, when the cop who murdered Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011 was acquitted of the crime. Jason Stockley shot and killed Mr. Smith with an AK-47, then tried to plant phony evidence justifying the murder. He gets off scot-free, thanks to the new “justice” department under klansman Jefferson Beauregard Sessions.

Just yesterday, a racist scumbag was arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after murdering two Black men over a two-day period last week. Ken Gleason, 23, shot Bruce Cofield, 59, and Donald Smart, 49. From BBC News:

“A suspect has been arrested in the US state of Louisiana for the murders of two black men, which authorities said were “racially motivated”. Baton Rouge police have also charged Kenneth Gleason with attempted murder after shots were fired at an African-American family’s home.

Investigators say they discovered the 23-year-old’s DNA on pistol shell-casings found at the crime scenes. A lawyer for Mr Gleason, who is white, said his client denies the charges. During a search of the suspect’s home over the weekend, authorities discovered a speech by Adolf Hitler, as well as cannabis and human growth hormone, US media report.

Bruce Cofield, 59, and Donald Smart, 49, were both shot in separate incidents while walking on the streets of the Louisiana state capital last week. Mr Cofield was homeless, and Mr Smart had been walking to his job as a dishwasher at a cafe popular with Louisiana State University students.

Authorities believe the two victims were first shot from a car before the attacker walked over and continued firing at them as they lay on the ground. The attacks happened two days apart, and police say they believe neither man had any previous interaction with Mr Gleason. Police also believe Mr Gleason may have opened fire on the home of a black family in his neighbourhood, where he lives with his parents. Nobody was injured in that attack.

Baton Rouge Interim Police Chief Jonny Dunnam said on Tuesday: “I feel confident this killer probably would have killed again, and could have potentially created a tear in the fabric that holds this community together.” Mr Gleason had just posted bail for unrelated theft charges when he was arrested for the killings. He has been booked on two counts of first-degree murder, two counts of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated criminal damage to property and illegal use of weapon, according to the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office.”

23 years old, and still living with his parents? Typical white-trash loser being enabled by his inbred, white-trash parents. Most likely doing nothing but posting self-righteous bullshit on Facebook and Twitter, while ignoring the festering hatred their words and deeds fertilized. If the narrative follows true to form, the usual empty platitudes of that asshole’s family and friends will be spouted: “We had absolutely no idea…” “He wasn’t raised that way…” “There was no indication that he would do something like this…”

Bullshit. Those empty words ring hollow, because they are complete and utter bullshit. See, injustice also takes a sinister and covert aspect when people actively, and willingly, ignore glaring red flags – especially when those flags are being waved by their own family members or friends. They tune out the people who are trying to say, “Hey – something isn’t right, there.” They shut us out and tell us, “Shut up! You have no clue what you’re talking about! YOU’RE JUST BEING JUDGEMENTAL!!!” Those people then go on and on, justifying the unjustifiable, excusing the inexcusable, and defending the indefensible. Then they act all shocked and surprised when a horror such as this occurs.


Silent Moment Saturday…Domestic Terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia

The events in Charlottesville, Virginia of last night and today leave me heartsick, speechless, and sadly, unsurprised. It was only a matter of time, what with the hateful and vitriolic language and attitudes spanning the internet. Pointing out the obvious was labeled as “ranting” by others and deemed unworthy of listening to, while those who spread the racist rhetoric are adored and fawned upon. The amount of sickness out there is staggering, to say the least. The articles below are testament to how little is really being done to address this madness, which has long been festering in the hearts and minds of many.

Charlottesville: One killed in violence during U. S. racist rally (link to BBC article)

Fascist, neo-nazi groups on the march in Charlottesville chant: “Blood and soil,” echoing the words of their hero (link to HuffPo article)

One dead as white terrorists march through the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia, USA (link to CBC article)

Protected: Timothy Caughman: Victim of Domestic Terrorism

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Ah, Orlando…

Speechless, yet again…I’m so tired of hate, and those who spread it like disease.

Protected: Not Again…

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Full Moon Musings…1st July 2015

Just a few random thoughts and comments on this Wednesday…June was quite eventful across the country and around the world; July is beginning in much the same way.

Seven Black churches have been burned since Dylan Roof murdered nine people at Mother Emanuel on 16th June. Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that this is more racist terrorism. The “night riders” of the KKK have been doing this since the 1800s. This isn’t an attack on religion, as some would love to believe. The fires weren’t started by storms, they were started by members of StormFront and their ilk. Meanwhile, people who adore their heritage of treason, domestic terrorism, and racism are holding pro-confederate flag rallies and demonstrations, and violently attacking people who want to retire that flag to a museum where it belongs. The more paranoid flag-lovers are screeching and moaning, claiming that others “want to take our flag and heritage away!” No, no, and no, you silly, stupid shits. You have every right to fly that flag – on your own, individual,┬áprivate property. Adorn yourselves with it; decorate your trucks and houses, get it tattooed on your faces. Let everyone know what hate-filled fuckwads you are. I mean, if it’s solely about Southern pride and “heritage,” then you shouldn’t need to hide your faces under your white, pointy hats, no?

Credit: gallery4share.com

Relations between Cuba and the U.S. seem to be moving forward, as embassies will soon be opening in Havana and Washington, D.C. The country of Greece is (once again) on the verge of financial collapse, due to defaulting on an IMF loan payment. The island of Puerto Rico struggles with a massive, $74 million (USD) debt.

The racism on the island of Hispaniola has been, however briefly, re-exposed as Haitian migrants, and Dominicans of Haitian descent, are being forced to leave the Dominican Republic due to some obscure court ruling in 2013.

Yes, I do pay attention to things beyond the border of my state and country…shocking, I know! Speaking of which, the girls abducted in Chibok, Nigeria, have been gone from their families and loved ones for 443 days. I’m still counting…

Nintendo is apparently making history by allowing same-sex marriages in a game. From the Huffington Post:

At last, the powerful warriors and wizards in Nintendo’s “Fire Emblem” franchise can be gay.

Gaming site Polygon reported Tuesday that players will be able to have same-sex relationships in the upcoming “Fire Emblem Fates,” a new entry in the strategy role-playing franchise that made its debut on the original Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990. A Nintendo spokesman confirmed this information to The Huffington Post.

“Fates” will be be released in two separate versions, “Conquest” and “Birthright.” Nintendo told HuffPost that each will feature a different same-sex coupling — male in one game and female in the other.

“In the Conquest edition of the game, there is a male character that the game’s player may have his/her male main character marry after they bond in battle. Similarly, the Birthright edition features a female character that a female main character may marry after bonding in battle,” a Nintendo spokesman told HuffPost, echoing the statement given to Polygon.

Having both same-sex relationships in the same game may eventually be possible, since Nintendo says there will be a downloadable component that opens up the content that both versions of the game lack.

For the uninitiated, relationships often play a central role in “Fire Emblem” games. Your characters can make friends and, in the case of the recent “Fire Emblem: Awakening,” hook up with characters of the opposite gender and make beautiful warrior children who travel through time and space to assist you in battle. (There will be procreation in “Fates,” but it’s unclear how this will pertain to the same-sex couples.)

Not bad, I suppose – but, The Elder Scrolls Online beat you to it, Nintendo! Same-sex marriage has been allowed in the game since it began, and same-sex relationships have been in the Elder Scrolls games as far back as ‘Morrowind.’

Dravin Leonciele and his husband – The Elder Scrolls Online

I’m happy to see marriage equality, personally. If you love someone, then you should be able to be with them – if you’re of legal age of consent, of course!┬áAmidst all of the celebrations, however, there are some voices that need to be heard.┬áThis article, “Under The Rainbow,” is something that should be read by all. It was written by James Coco, a “Southern Bird of Paradise.” Here’s a small excerpt:

With it being Pride month again, I always try my hardest to feel some sort of elation over what should be a happy time. A happy time to celebrate history and where we, as a community, have been and where we are going. To celebrate the different things that bind us together, and what make us different and unique in our own right. To celebrate the people who flipped cars and rioted to make our present the reality it is, because without them, we’re nothing.

So, why do I feel so tired? So drained of energy and cynical about Pride Month? In the wake of rampant police brutality, the #CharlestonShooting and dozens of other anti-black incidents across America, I just don’t feel it.

Call me perpetually under the rainbow, but I just can’t vibe with one aspect of my existence being uplifted while another piece is reminded of its inhumanity every single day. I’m sure it’s been said before by many others on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum, specifically those of color. Those who constantly have to deal with being erased, ignored and killed because of living intersectional existences plagued by racism. To watch black lives across the board get plagued by so much violence, institutional and through other means, is exhausting.

It happens every time a black person is slain by the police. There are mass protests, or some form of hugely racist injustice. I always look to the popular LGBTQIA+ outlets to maybe say or post something. I always expect some type of solidarity, since it should be understood that you can be black and LGBTQIA+ too…

Yep. Just as there is rampant racism online and in the gaming world, so it exists in other, ‘marginalized’ groups. Everybody needs a whipping boy – horrible pun, but there it is.

Finally, the people in upstate New York can rest a little easier, now that one felon is dead and the other is in custody – I was half-right about their expected capture. I’m not surprised that the prison superintendent, and 11 other prison employees, have been put on leave since this entire shady escapade began. I wonder what sort of so-called prison environment that was, to allow such fraternization between violent felons and prison employees? We may never know.


The NRA has never been about protecting the rights of American citizens to own guns…I learned this many years ago, when I had a 3-year membership in that organization. I’m not Colion Noir.


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