Monday Musings…25 April 2016

It’s a nice quiet Monday after one hell of a busy weekend! Had to attend a retirement dinner for friends of family on Saturday, which entailed a bit of driving around in cruddy traffic. Portland, Oregon, has some of the worst traffic in the country, and Seattle isn’t much better! Trying to time how bad traffic will be at any given time, weekday or no, is next to impossible. Still, all of the hassle was worth it because I got my noms on hardcore: oysters and sushi at my two favourite places to go on the rare occasions we dine out! I’ll download and post the pics later; damned cell-phone update has my settings buggered, so I need to mess with it a bit!

Billy Paul: 1 December 1934 – 24 April 2016

I wanted to note the passing of a legendary singer, Billy Paul. He is best known for the hit song “Me & Mrs. Jones,” which a good friend of mine, Earl “The Pearl,” covered on a regular basis at a local karaoke hangout in Seattle. Billy Paul sang many other epic songs as well, so if you get a chance, look up a few of his other hits – I don’t think that you’d be disappointed!

Speaking of karaoke, did you know that yesterday marked the beginning of National Karaoke Week? I used to be a karaoke superstar in a way, LOL – one of the few singers that did service to that form of entertainment! Yes, I entered a few local (non-televised) contests, and yes, I won money! I wasn’t enough of a performer to win first place, but I definitely placed high enough on a regular basis that I had my own fan-following, LOL

Speaking of entertainment, I have supposedly gotten the notice of the gamer known as SypherPK – “he” has a comment waiting for publication, but I figured I’d go one better and dedicate a post solely to the comment, and my imaginary response, since it isn’t as if we’re having a standard dialogue! If such a major gaming celebrity took the time to notice my Random Ramblings and Myriad Musings, then tried to correct and “man-splain” The Elder Scrolls Online to me, someone who is actually IN a fucking video-game, I figured that “he” deserves a post acknowledging his privilege and prowess! Stay tuned…you all will get a kick out of it, I’m certain! I’m also working on my long-overdue response to TheHumanFloyd, another gamer who seems to think that he knows ALL about the role-playing community. That respective community is extremely exclusive in the way that the Ku Klux Klan is…so, my verbal shredding of that bigot will be almost as enjoyable as taking down “Sypher!” I’ll be deactivating my Enjin guild-site soon and moving it to Facebook, as well. I’ll have a Facebook account of sorts, very soon…and I’m not quite certain how I feel about having to do so, LOL!

This movie just started on TV, so I’m off to watch it…it’s hilarious, and I could do with some laughter in the midst of my mourning…enjoy the clip!

Aaaahhh…Domus Dulcis Domus…

Back at home, a few days late and a few dollars short – but alive and in one piece, aching bones and all!  An unexpected development with the bike delayed us by about a week, so this minor journey became an epic saga – more details on that will follow at another time.  We picked up a nasty cold from a combination of extreme temperatures and an allergic reaction to mass amounts of cottonwood fluff encountered outside of Chicago, so we’ve been sleeping in since we got home to kick it from our systems once and for all.  Flu medicine makes eloquence difficult!  It felt good, though, to actually set foot in other states – went through 5 state capitals: Boise, Idoho; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Lincoln, Nebraska; Des Moines, Iowa; and Madison, Wisconsin.  Sampled some Wisconsin cheese…it wasn’t aged, so was smooth with a slightly creamy texture, and even the extra-sharp cheddar is moderately tangy.  Not bad at all, but I do prefer our locally-made Tillamook!
I’ve seen three of the five Great Lakes now, too – Michigan, Erie, and Ontario – and Niagara Falls was an amazing sight to behold.  I regret not having a passport yet; I would have liked to wander through Toronto and see the falls from the Canadian side, too.

20 days on the road takes its toll…the road fatigue makes you feel like an ancient, and you wonder if you have any semblance of an ass remaining after spending hours on end in the saddle of a bike.  Your neck gets stiff from bracing against strong, steady winds; your back, knees and feet ache, and there are times when the sight of a Best Western or Super 8 Motel is better than a plate piled high with slabs of rare, juicy prime rib!  Falling into a comfortable bed after an 800-mile push is absolute heaven, especially after soaking your aches away under the hot spray of an adjustable showerhead.

We left for the East Coast around 1:30 in the afternoon on Cinco de Mayo, and pulled into our driveway at home at 6:18 p.m. on Saturday, May 25th.  We ran into more rain during the last 25 miles of our trip than we did during the entire trip, as we were greeted by a wonderful lightning and thunderstorm – funny; we rode a little over 6,000 miles in 20 days, but saw none of the lightning back east – we had to come back home to see some real weather!  I asbsolutely love thunderstorms…riding through falling snow as we navigated the mountain pass between Montana and Idaho, was a slightly unexpected experience!  Good thing for electric gear, merino-wool ski clothes, and a next-to-skin layer of silk; that combination is imperative for any person who rides in any and all weather conditions.

So many sights, sounds, and smells to talk about and capture in the pages of my memoirs…the rugged landscapes of the western and mountain states merging into the carefully cultivated farmlands of the plains; tree-lined rivers carving deeper gorges for themselves, rolling hills lined with massive wind turbines stretching for miles.  The sight of Lake Michigan sparkling below the shining towers of Chicago on a clear, sunny morning; beholding a beautiful red sunset over Lake Erie while eating fresh perch, steamed lobster, and a delicious steak washed down with Yuengling lager…walking through boneyards and reading abbreviated familial histories etched in marble and granite.

It’s good to be back home…I’ve been catching up on some of the shows I set my DVR for, getting sleep, sleep, and more sleep, and enjoying ale again after seeing nothing but Buttwiper beer sold pretty much everywhere east of the Rockies!  Intellect and good taste are sorely lacking throughout the entire Midwest – small wonder that it’s Teabagger territory.  People in eastern Ohio and specifically in Erie, Pennsylvania, were some of the nicest folks we encountered during the entire trip; if we ever relocated anywhere else, that would certainly be a logical destination!  Screw the deep south and the Midwest, and hang California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and the ‘Four Corners’ states…I was amazed at the number of inbred, racist white-trash fucks that were everywhere.  What a shame that such beautiful areas of the country are inhabited by such ugly people!

Time for me to start cooking a big batch of soup to kick this cold’s ass out of my system, so here’s a little bit of homecoming music…enjoy!

Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Lookin’ Out My Back Door”

All of the big rigs we saw reminded me of this song that I hadn’t heard in years – I didn’t even recall the name of the singer until I looked it up, LOL

C.W. McCall: “Convoy”

We also went into a store in the Crow Agency, and I was pleased to see many Blackfoot artifacts on display and for sale.  My attention was especially drawn by a dragoon sabre from the civil war era, and a beautiful peace pipe carved out of the antlers of deer and elk and adorned with raven feathers and coyote fur.  I also spied a beaver hat which was nearly identical to one I’d seen my grandmother wearing, in a picture of her taken two years prior to her passing.  She didn’t like her picture being taken, from what I gather.  Anyway, the music that was playing over the store’s speakers was the haunting, soothing tribal flute music that makes my heart and soul soar whenever I hear it.  It made me think of these two songs…let them fill you…listen to them in a darkened room with burning incense and candlelight…they are beautiful.

Sacred Spirits: “Yeha – Noha”

Enigma: “Return to Innocence”

(the video doesn’t impress me much, I’ll admit…my imagination does the song much better justice, IMHO)

Oh, one final thing to mention…as of May 9th, this blog is one year old – happy birthday/anniversary to it!  😀

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