The Expected Finale…

Well, the expected outcome has finally occurred. My heart sank as I watched the reports, from the 5:00 local “info-tainment” through the State of the Union Address, and after the 137th Westminster. The images of the burning cabin and the spotty reporting, where the details changed often, solidified what I’d thought from the beginning. First reports at 5:00 stated that the cabin had been burning for about an hour, indicating that the fire had started around 4:00 p.m. (PST). Police claim that the fire started after they exchanged fire with the suspect and then launched a tear gas canister into the building – supposedly, a single gunshot was heard after the canister was launched, but before the fire started. So a dead man started a fire? No, let’s get it right: they launched an incendiary device into the cabin in a supposed attempt to “flush out” their prey. They deliberately set the fire themselves, in order to cover up the bullet holes in the cabin walls – that way, there will be no way to find out the calibre of weapons they used to shoot at Dorner. Remember, they only wanted him dead and they were determined to destroy any other evidence he might have had on his person. Using .50-cals with armor-piercing rounds isn’t trying to take a suspect alive, and burning a body is a good way to distort bullet wounds. Of course, they’re already saying that it was a suicide so the autopsy will only report one supposed ‘self-inflicted gunshot wound’. From the BBC:

“California police say they have found a body in a burnt-out cabin where murder suspect Christopher Dorner is believed to have made his deadly last stand.

The 33-year-old former policeman is thought to have exchanged fire with police after barricading himself in.

A single gunshot was later heard inside the building, which then began to burn.”

The BBC report also states that officers were using a demolition vehicle to tear down the walls of the cabin – more evidence-destroying action? It looks that way to me…

I found it interesting that, following the State of the Union Address, reports stated that Christopher’s body had been removed from the cabin and was positively identified – but the 11:00 news backpedaled, saying that the cabin was still too hot to enter and that they had made no “positive identification” yet.

I’m pleased and not surprised at the accounts of the civilians who encountered Christopher before the LAPD closed in. The two women married couple who encountered him were merely tied up and he took their car, leaving a cell phone on their coffee table. After crashing in the car, he got the truck from the Scout camp leader – again, without violence and bloodshed. It will be interesting to see if his camp gets a mysterious monetary endowment in the next few months. The reward was supposedly only for information leading to an arrest; again, we all know that an arrest was never the intention. Will he get the full bounty, or will it be a 3-way split? We probably won’t even be told that. By now, as expected, all of the pre-written police reports and incident details have been agreed upon, and will be carefully filtered to the media at their leisure.

Christopher Jordan Dorner is the latest Black murder victim of the LAPD – it’s as simple as that. He was murdered because he tried to expose the corruption running rampant in that, and other, departments across the USA. Davey D pointed out something on his blog that I’ve been noticing for ages:

“I want folks to look at some of what I mentioned and really think about this..I know many who dislike the police would like to believe that one man had one of the most militarized and largest police forces in the world, was spooked over threats and subsequent actions from one man..Some have gone so far as to call Dorner a modern-day Django. Others have noted that Dorner with his military training gave him a tactical edge and made him the most dangerous suspect ever faced by LAPD…On the criminal tip, Southern Cali is home to some of the most ruthless, well armed and vicious organized gangs.. The Mexican mafia, Armenian mob, Aryan Brother Hood, Skin heads, Biker gangs like the Mongols & Hells Angels Russian mob, drug cartels of every stripe, Crips, Bloods etc.. This is gang land for real..and many of those gangs are openly hostile to LAPD, yet we have never seen the resources and all stops pulled up to confront them, the way they did Dorner…We never saw this much power even after some of those gangs were deemed domestic  terrorists..and even after we’ve seen some of these outfits do everything from murk entire families to terrorize entire families or ethnic groups..”

His mother now has to lay her child to rest – and that’s a crime. Let the grand cover-up begin.

He’s a martyr and a hero who sacrificed himself in trying to see justice done, IMHO. That should be his legacy.

Public Enemy: “Fight the Power

Free-running Thoughts…

My thoughts have been all over the place due to recent events in the country, so I’m just going to let them roam as they may.

First off, my thoughts are on the tragedy involving Kansas City linebacker, Javon Belcher. He engaged in the graphic, public murder of his girlfriend, who was also the mother of his 3-month-old child. Then, he committed suicide in the parking lot of the stadium, in front of the general manager and the coach. I’m saddened that a child has been stripped of her parents. It’s tragic that a talented young man felt the need to take two lives, giving no thought to the effects that would have on the new life that they (may have) created together. Let’s be honest about that, at least; we know that there are women who claim false paternity – and no, that’s no excuse either, money can punish parasitic people in the courts! Domestic violence is a beast. Men who kill in this manner are certainly suffering from a major mental malfunction, there’s no denying that. But I get annoyed at the ghoulish ‘friends’ who come out of the wood-work after the fact, claiming that they “always knew that something was wrong.” They probably couldn’t have prevented the murder, but do they need to make money by selling an embellished story to the highest bidder? My so-called friends would never listen to me when I was in an abusive relationship long ago; they knew the asshole was cheating on me, yet did nothing but ASSume that I already knew! People aren’t always as well-meaning as they claim to be, and those who are quick to shove in front of a camera following a tragic event like this are narcissist ghouls riding the bloody coattails for some sort of notoriety – it’s sickening.

This incident reminds me of a similar one years ago, but the other incident is worse in a way. It involved a police chief in Tacoma, Washington, David Brame, who did a similar thing on April 26, 2003. He killed his estranged wife and then himself after meeting her in a public area to transfer their children, as they had a custody and visitation order in place. Their two children were ages 8 and 5 at the time. You can bet that they vividly recall what their father did! Why did the pre-employment psych screen not eject him from police work? How is it that many people were aware of his mental instability, yet covered up his madness so he could have a meteoric rise to the top of the cop shit-hill? There were many red flags in his screening, yet he was a shoo-in. A person who is supposedly going to ‘protect and serve’ should be of sound mental faculties, no? The facts are otherwise, unfortunately – that organization was never really formed to ‘protect and serve’…

I mention this because, sadly, there are too many brothers and sisters out there who are needlessly suffering from depression and anxiety. Untreated, these disorders lead to paranoia, isolation, and self-destruction – they also instigate debilitating physical effects; high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and addictions can be directly linked to untreated anxiety or depression. My series on mental illnesses is trying to separate the real maladies that many suffer, from the ones that have been created and invented to benefit a select few. I’m changing up the order of subsequent topics on that, so bear with me!

Last week marked the birth anniversary of Jimi Hendrix, and the birthday of the phenomenal, incomparable Tina Turner – both are fantastic musicians and I’m pleased to have a number of their albums in my massive music collection! True talent, there. Sad that Jimi left this world far too soon…he would have been 70.

I was laughing hard at the trailers for Red Dawn, a movie that was B-grade at best, when it first came out in the 1980s, but the remake is positively laughable – as are most though, so it’s not like I expect much from it. Hell, I’m not even going to watch it, it just strikes me funny that there is so little talent in Hollywood – nothing but re-hashed, regurgitated slop left and right. I’d recommend people watch the original; that way you can see the awesome anti-Russian propaganda of the times at its paranoid best! I’m thinking that Willard Romney was watching it with Paul Ryan before their respective debates in a pathetic attempt to brush up of foreign policy! Mmmmmm…makes me want to go guzzle some fresh deer blood, LMFAO

The trailers for The Hobbit look decent – we’ll see if they can do the book justice. Speaking of books, we’ll see how well MY books do, as none of them have protagonists of the caucasian persuasion! I’m not a white person pretending to be a PoC, so I haven’t been able to get proper publicity for it as others seem to be able to do…still, I will persevere – it’s what I do best! Sad that even the top Black producers refuse to promote other Black people – they’re far too invested to investing in and promoting whites. Go figure…

I saw a guest post on another blog, recently, which discussed makeup and beauty products. The main focus was on Fashion Fair, the beauty line for Black women. I used to buy it at the Bon Marche department store in Seattle, as well as Nordstrom’s. Nordstrom’s stopped carrying it, and the Bon Marche was taken over by Macy’s, which immediately stopped selling it as well – Clinique seemed to have taken over overnight, and I was not impressed with the products I saw, nor did the so-called ‘beauty consultants’ fill me with any confidence. Those pasty bitches were rude if they deigned to speak to me at all – customer service was non-existent. Completely unlike the women at the Fashion Fair counter, who were quite friendly and helpful; and, best of all, they knew my skin and undertones! They didn’t have to guess at a shade, they picked out a perfect color and within a half-hour had given me three wonderful palettes to work with. I was disappointed when I couldn’t get my favorite skin-care line over the counter anymore, so I resorted to what I did in Alaska: mail-order. I called and requested a catalogue so I could continue to support a company that I really believed in.

I discovered their website and have bookmarked it, but am sad to see that many of the things I used to buy have been discontinued – the oil-free liquid foundation, for one, is no longer carried in my shade (Bare Bronze). The souffle foundation is in my shade (Bronze), but I never liked the way it felt on my skin. I see that they have a new ‘liquid mineral’ foundation; I wonder how it will compare to the beauty line I currently use? I don’t even know which shade to use –  Powerful Bronze, Honest Chocolate, or Enduring Ebony? I’ll have to buy all three, it would seem. I’m going to do a product comparison and blog the results as I go, so stay tuned if you’re interested in me talking about girly-girl shit once in a while. Hey, I never said that I wasn’t vain! I’m just not overtly so…at least, I try not to be. I wasn’t encouraged to indulge in shallow behaviours in my youth! I see what people turn into when shit like that is valued, and want no part of it.

Time to play Skyrim! Yes, I still play on a daily basis – and we finally got the ‘Dawnguard’ expansion, as well as a fun little one called ‘Hearthfire’, which allows you to build your own manor and furnish it as you see fit. It’s the perfect land-steading, befitting a Thane of the realm! I’ll post some new pics soon; got my PhotoBucket crap finally sorted out.

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