Rod Run to the End of the World…2017!

This event is one which we have attended and participated in for the past three years: the Rod Run to the End of the World. It is an enjoyable event for those of us who love the allure, artwork, and sheer poetry of the classic, American-made automobile. This is the 34th time that it has been held, and the town which hosts it has changed very little in those 34 years.

Other than the vehicles, the only other reason to attend is for the opportunity to taste some of the best barbecue this side of the Rockies! Terrell’s Texas BBQ, out of Portland, Oregon, is slow-cooked to bring out the juicy tenderness of ribs and brisket. Award-winning and succulent, even southern-fried rednecks can’t help but glomp down on a spicy ‘Hot Mama’ and smile! Nomnomnomnomnom…

Here are just a few of the pictures I took today. The sun came out after some refreshing rains – we even had a thunderstorm blow through, clearing away the dryness and bringing much-needed fresh air and moisture. Believe it or not, I do get away from the computer once in a while!

😉 😀 😎

LEGO Cars: Artist Recreates Classic Vehicles in Everyones Favourite Bricks

LOL – I love these! You can’t go wrong with classic cars and LEGOs…



In the hours 41-year-old Ralph Savelsberg is not working as a physicist for the Dutch Ministry of Defence, he is recreating classic vehicles in everyones favourite bricks.

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Classic Cars With Their Modern Versions

What can I say…I love the allure of the automobile!



There’s nothing like a classic car to give you that old taste where a car was a dirty rough machine that made you feel alive.

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Autumn Approaches…

Ah, September – school is back in session, the end-of-season tourists are passing through as they head for home, and the snowbirds are readying for their journeys south. The Rod Run to the End of the World is gearing up for weekend festivities; I can’t wait to see the classics as they wend their way through town! The registrations are going on today, and there will be slow drags in Ilwaco this evening. Tomorrow the vehicles will be shown at the Beach Barons Car Club grounds, then the awards will be given out on Sunday, 8 September. Our roadster won’t be able to participate, as it still has some repairs being done to it – so, we’ll be on our bike again! We might roll with the vehicles for a lap or so, then find a spot along the road to watch the ‘parade’ and take some pictures.

There was one hell of a storm in western Washington yesterday; we could hear the thunder in the distance from the north, even though we couldn’t see any flashes of lightning, and we didn’t get drenched like Seattle, Chehalis, or Portland (OR) did. A guy on a motorcycle got hit by lightning while riding up Interstate 5 with his ‘Iron Butt’ club-members. The Huffington Post reports:

“SEATTLE — A motorcyclist survived a lightning strike in western Washington as a tumultuous day of weather saw thunderstorms and rain roll through the state on both sides of the Cascade Mountains.

Washington State Patrol Trooper William Finn says the biker was driving on Interstate 5 through the town of Chehalis when the lightning hit Thursday.

Witness Martin Zapalac told KOMO-TV the man had just passed him when he and his bike “lit up.” The biker managed to pull over on the highway shoulder, and the witness drove with him to a nearby gas station.”

It is basic, common sense to get under cover during a serious storm – in some situations, it is possible to ‘outrun’ or ‘ride alongside’ a front…but it isn’t highly recommended! Still, the time we rode the edge of a tornado-spawner was exhilarating…far less frightening than the accident we had back in July.

I love thunderstorms and could watch them for hours…the Midwest has the best that I’ve seen so far, although I understand that there are parts of the world that make those storms look like mild static electricity! I’ve also been treated to some decent lighting shows here in the Pacific Northwest and in Alaska.

Time to head out and enjoy the weekend…have a great one, everybody!     😎

Cruisin’ on the Commons…

We attended the Unique Tin Car Show in Longview, Washington this past weekend – it was at the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds; white-trash and redneck central! That’s the downside of car show, bike shows, and swap meets: they always seem to be held in the boonies of hillbillyville and one is subjected to the visual assault of iron cross decorations and confederate flags and the words “Redneck” on every window decal or bumper-sticker. Fat, slovenly people slouch and slump around, and you see the scrawny tweakers and skin-poppers skulking and sneaking about, looking for a jacket or purse to lift or pick through. Gotta watch your belongings carefully at those events!

Anyway, the vehicles were fantastic – it was a pleasure to see so many amazing cars lined up, shining in the sun, paint gleaming…but there were also some ‘rat rods’ and unrestored classics, and they looked just as nice as the shining ‘beauty queens!’ Nothing beats an old Chevy or GMC pickup truck with a flat, matte-black paint job…it just looks right. A 1956 Pontiac Chieftain caught my eye – it was a stunning purple colour and shone like new…it rivals my desired Bonneville in size and nice, clean lines! There were a few old Willys Jeeps, a good number of Model T Fords from the late 1920s and early 1930s, some Buicks from the 1940s, and plenty of Corvettes, Mustangs, and Chevy Bel-Airs…car porn at its finest! Sadly, none of our vehicles were ready in time to enter: the hot-rod is being repaired after our accident; our Plymouth truck is still being finished up, and my Mercedes-Benz is getting the rear end fixed and a new oil pan is being installed – any of them could have been in that show, too! Oh well, there’s always next year…besides, we entered the show with our bike – we went with a high school friend of my fiancée and the family of his friend. They were showing a 1966 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, a 1955 GMC truck, and a 1968 Volkswagen Bug between them all. They had brought a pop-up sun-cover so we had shade to sit underneath, and we were able to lock our things in the truck of the Caddy for extra security while we walked around and drooled.

After the show, we did the cruise which circled the Longview Commons, which was made as the original center-hub of the city at its founding. It was a lot of fun, and we were able to make our point as to why our own hot-rod wasn’t in the show: we had a t-shirt made by a vendor at the show who was providing that service for a reasonable fee, then hung the shirt on the back of the bike and made sure we rolled nice and slow so that people could see who was responsible! It was tons of fun, in spite of the rednecks…the cars made it easy to ignore them, and they always steer clear of me so I don’t have to deal with their idiocy!

Anyway, we hope to enter the Rod Run at the End of the World on 7 – 8 September in Ocean Park, Washington; it’s supposed to be big and well-attended, and I hope to see many more cars than were at the Unique Tin. I hope the weather cooperates, because car shows are so much nicer to attend when the sun is out…the beauty of the vehicles is best appreciated in full sunshine!

With that, I’ll leave you with a few songs that are great to listen to when you’re bumpin’ down the road…enjoy!

Commander Cody:  “Hot Rod Lincoln

Bruce Springsteen:  “Pink Cadillac

Fastball:  “The Way

Tom Cochrane:  “Life is a Highway

Billy Idol:  “Hot in the City

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