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This was deserving of a re-post; multiple factors contributed to the decision! I also put the links of a couple of my past posts here, since re-blogging is only allowed once. I think that bloggers should be able to reblog our own posts as many times as we want, but that would probably contribute to laziness – and there are plenty of people who use that excuse far too often, LOL!



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1,000 Days.

Today marks a sad milestone: 1,000 days. Today marks one thousand days in captivity for the majority of the 276 girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram back in April of 2014. That’s tragic, frustrating, and quite maddening. Entire families still holding out hope that their daughters and sisters will be returned to them, if they’re even still alive. There have been a few hopeful occurrences recently – for instance, 21 of the girls were released in a deal brokered by the International Red Cross. Also, just the other day, a girl was found and rescued, along with her 6-month-old baby. From BBC News:

The Nigerian army says that one of the abducted Chibok schoolgirls has been found, along with her six-month-old baby. She was discovered by soldiers investigating suspected members of Islamist militant group Boko Haram. Nigeria’s military said the young woman is undergoing medical checks.

A total of 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram from the town of Chibok in April 2014. About 200 of them are still in captivity. More than 20 were released in October in a deal brokered by the International Red Cross. Others have escaped or been rescued. Over Christmas, 21 of the young women freed under the October deal returned home for the first time.”

However, it turns out that the girls didn’t get to see their families until AFTER the December holiday:

Families of the Nigerian “Chibok girls” freed by Islamist group Boko Haram say they are being closely guarded and were not allowed home for Christmas.

Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls in April 2014, but freed 21 of them in October after negotiations with the Red Cross. The freed girls have been in government custody since their release but were brought home to Chibok for Christmas. But family members told the BBC that the girls were kept in a politician’s house and barred from going home. They were also prevented from attending church services with their families.

The girls were take to the house of an assembly member in Chibok to be reunited with their parents but weren’t allowed to go to their own homes. “I can’t believe my daughter has come this close to home but can’t come home,” said one father. “There’s no point bringing them to Chibok only to be locked in another prison. They couldn’t even go to church on Christmas Day.”

Another said a soldier had confiscated his phone when he tried to take a picture of his daughter. He said: “I snapped picture of myself and my daughter but the security guys came and grabbed me by shoulder and snatched the phone from my hands and told me to delete all the picture I took. I told him I’m taking a picture with my daughter who was away for more than two years. He said to me that’s not his business, he deleted all the pictures including other pictures that were not taken there.”

One mother said: “I can’t believe my eyes that now my daughter cannot come home. How can I be happy when they don’t have freedom?”

1,000 days of heartache. 1,000 days of fear, terror, and abuse. 1,000 days of punishment for wanting an education.

Others have forgotten, or simply don’t care. I won’t forget. I can’t forget. I will continue with these updates until they are all returned home…if it takes another thousand days, or more.


Final Friday Mashup!

Well, here it is – the Final Friday for September! Today marks a New Moon in Libra, which also happens to be your astrological sign if you have a birthday today.

I have a few things percolating in my mind this morning, so I’ll just toss them out here so that I can clear it! I need fewer distractions in the upcoming weeks, as I plan on doing the NaNoWriMo thing this year – so I want to clear out the dust and cobwebs that are cluttering my poor brain!

Ah, the so-called ‘undecided’ voters…they make me laugh! Seriously, you expect me to believe that you’re still undecided about who to vote for? Yeah, right – hey, if you’re not going to vote, then that’s fine…just quit talking about it if you have no intention on doing so. Otherwise, get out there and vote for whomever you wish – just vote, damnit…VOTE! Bitch about shit the morning of 9 November. Until then, STFU. A lot of people are pretty freakin’ tired of hearing lame excuses on all sides!

Speaking of politics, though, I can safely say that I’m glad to live in Washington State. I’d be cringing in shame if I resided in Maine! Well, actually I wouldn’t, because I wouldn’t have voted for Paul LePage – so his moronic nonsense wouldn’t be my fault. I actually look at the voting records, background, and other pertinent information about politicians from multiple, LEGITIMATE sources…not tabloid bullshit or whacked-out conspiracy theories. A politician’s voting record is relatively easy to find.

Last thing: I registered to vote on my 18th birthday. However, I’ve been politically aware since the age of 10. The school I attended did many mock debates and elections from 5th grade on up, and encouraged us kids to pay attention to politics. Some people out there assume that I know nothing about politics, and have told me so…the non-reasons they gave are beyond laughable, to me!

Next, just a teeny-tiny criticism: people who have no “Like” buttons on their blogs. I fail to understand why they don’t seem to want their posts “Liked,” yet have a comment section which allows for comments to be “Liked.” There are at least five blogs that I follow that don’t have that little “Like” button…I wonder, why the hell not? Why don’t you want readers to “Like” your posts? Inquiring minds want to know, LOL!

Last, but certainly not least – today marks a fairly sad milestone. It has now been 900 days since the 276 girls were kidnapped, at gunpoint, from that school in Chibok, Nigeria by the terrorist group Boko Haram. The lack of coverage about them is shameful, to say the least. Many people out there rail against abductions – but are mysteriously silent when queried about these specific girls.

900 days. Let that number sink in, if you will. 900 days. There are 1,095 days in three years; 1,096 if you count a Leap Year, so these girls have been away from their families and loved ones for nearly three years. I can’t imagine the grief and heartache involved in wondering, daily, where your child is. Imagining the worst, because you know what the abductors are capable of.

900 days.


I’ll close with three songs – why? Because it’s Friday, that’s why! Enjoy the tunes…and have a great day and weekend, all.


Mother’s Day Musings…2016!

Today is Mother’s Day here in the States. Last year, I did a post titled “Mother’s Day & 391 Days,” which marked how many days the young women abducted by Boko Haram have been gone from their families and loved ones. Today marks day number 755, in case you were wondering. Yes, I still keep vigil for them. They might be forgotten by many, but not by their families. Not forgotten by anyone who knows what it’s like to be abused. Not forgotten by anyone who has had their own child abducted from them by a spouse, family member, friend, or complete stranger.

The Mercury retrograde is so bad, I was remiss in marking the passing of a notable, courageous woman: Afeni Shakur Davis. From CNN:

“Afeni Shakur Davis, the mother of one of hip-hop’s most seminal and iconic figures, has died at age 69, the Marin County, California, sheriff’s office said Tuesday. Though she is best known as Tupac Shakur’s mom, Shakur Davis also was a Black Panther as a young adult and an activist and philanthropist in her later years.

Deputies responded to a family member’s call reporting “a possible cardiac arrest” at Shakur Davis’ Sausalito home about 9:34 p.m. Monday, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said. Shakur Davis was taken to Marin General Hospital, where she died at 10:28 p.m., the office said. There was nothing suspicious about her death and there’s no evidence of foul play, Lt. Doug Pittman said Tuesday. An autopsy was scheduled for later in the day.”

Afeni was a tireless activist, even in the middle of her own personal struggles. She did her best to realize her son’s dream, which is one that all should take note of and strive towards. There was far more to her, and to Tupac, that many are ignorant of. She will be missed.

Afeni Shakur (Davis), nee Alice Faye Williams: 10 January 1947 – 2 May 2016

Here are three songs with “Mother” in the title to celebrate the day.


Midweek Musings…20 April 2016

Just a few, random thoughts are going through my head this morning as I sip my coffee. A year ago today, a young man named Freddie Gray succumbed to horrific injuries sustained at the hands of Baltimore police. His arrest was on 12 April, 2015…it took him eight days to die. Sickening, saddening, and maddening. My heart goes out to his mother and father, family and friends today.

It’s been 737 days since the girls were abducted from their school in Chibok, Nigeria. Stolen from their loved ones because they wanted an education. My heart goes out to them and their families today.

It is also 4/20, the day celebrating that lovely little plant, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. A side-note for Star Trek fans out there, it is also the birthday of one George Takei. Interesting little tidbits for people who are curious, LOL – so, enjoy some music while you find the hidden links!

A Final Thought For Thursday…


I don’t often do “trigger” warnings, but…if you see yourself in this video, reach out and get support. You are not alone. For anyone and everyone who has survived this, and for anyone and everyone who might unknowingly be enduring it…this is for all of us. Abuse doesn’t have to be physical, either – it presents itself verbally, emotionally, and sexually – even in marriages.

Also, today marks 2 years since those brave young ladies were abducted from the school in Chibok, Nigeria, by the terrorist group Boko Haram. They have been gone from their families and loved ones for 731 days.

If I could end one thing…

…it would be hate. Ah, Ankara and Brussels…I weep for them.

Total Eclipse Tuesday!

What an exceptional day! There is a New Moon, and a total solar eclipse occurring, but I won’t get to see it unless I watch the live webcast. From Space.com:

Today (March 8) the moon will pass in front of the sun, causing the first and only total solar eclipse of 2016. For skywatchers around the world, here’s how to see the eclipse and what to expect. The eclipse will be visible across Indonesia, from the islands of Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and Halmahera. A partial eclipse will be visible over southern and eastern Asia, northern and western Australia, and Hawaii. Skywatchers in the rest of the world can watch the eclipse live in a webcast hosted by the Slooh Community Observatory.

International Women’s Day is observed on this day – and the young women abducted from the school in Chibok, Nigeria, have been away from their families and loved ones for 694 days.
Today also marks the festival of Maha Shivratri.

Here are three purely random songs…enjoy!

Thursday Thoughts…4 February 2016

This weekend is going to be busy, so I won’t be able to do much blogging until Monday or Tuesday – so I figured that I’d give you all a short rundown while my computer is showing me some love this morning, LOL!

Rosa Lee Parks: 4 February 1913 – 24 October 2005

First off, today marks the “birth anniversary” of Rosa Lee Parks, who passed away on 24 October, 2005. She is remembered as the woman who refused to give up a bus seat, but her life and activism extended far beyond that. From The Washington Post:

“Parks was a seasoned freedom fighter who had grown up in a family that supported Marcus Garvey and who married an activist for the Scottsboro boys. She joined the Montgomery chapter of the NAACP in 1943, becoming branch secretary. She spent the next decade pushing for voter registration, seeking justice for black victims of white brutality and sexual violence, supporting wrongfully accused black men, and pressing for desegregation of schools and public spaces. Committed to both the power of organized nonviolent direct action and the moral right of self defense, she called Malcolm X her personal hero. The Rosa Parks Collection, which opened in February, reveals how broadly Parks has been distorted and misunderstood. Her papers languished unseen for years following her death because of disputes over her estate, the hefty price the auction house put on the archives, and its refusal to allow any scholars to assess the papers before the sale. Last year, the Howard Buffett Foundation bought the archive and gave it to the Library of Congress on 10-year loan.

Though Parks later wrote an autobiography, her notes from decades earlier give a more personal sense of her thoughts. In numerous accounts, she highlighted the difficulty of navigating a segregated society and the immense pressure put on black people not to dissent. She wrote that it took a “major mental acrobatic feat” to survive as a black person in the United States. Highlighting that it was “not easy to remain rational and normal mentally in such a setting,” she refused to normalize the ability to function under American racism.

For her, the frustration began in childhood, when even her beloved grandmother worried about her “talking biggety to white folks.” She recounts how her grandmother grew angry when a young Rosa recounted picking up a brick to challenge a white bully. Rosa told her grandmother: “I would rather be lynched than live to be mistreated and not be allowed to say ‘I don’t like it.’ ”

Parks viewed the power of speaking back in the face of racism and oppression as fundamental — and saw that denying that right was key to the functioning of white power. Parks’s “determination never to accept it, even if it must be endured,” led her to “search for a way of working for freedom and first class citizenship.”

Friday, 5 February, marks the beginning of the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, which runs through Sunday, 7 February. That looks like a beautiful festival to attend! I love the snow sculptures, especially the way they are lit up at night…visually stunning masterpieces.

The Super Bowl is on Sunday…I look forward to watching Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers make mincemeat out of the busted Broncos! I would have loved to see my Seahawks do it, but – eh. Not happening this year!

There’s a New Moon on Monday – this marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year: the Year of the Red Fire Monkey!

Tuesday marks Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday.” I’d like to go to New Orleans…just not during that festival. Too crowded, too noisy, too many disgusting, drunk tourists…it just doesn’t appeal to me very much anymore. Some places are best seen “as they are,” without the phony mask put on for visitors. Also, Tuesday marks 666 days since the young ladies were abducted from the school in Chibok. Interesting coincidence, that…

Anyway, time for some coffee and a shower, then I have to get packing – we’re attending a concert on Saturday, if Ozzy Osbourne’s health holds up! He had to cancel a leg of his tour due to sinusitis, according to reports…I’ll have to listen to the Boneyard today and see if there are any updates. Speaking of which, I finally got a reply via email to be their ‘Ultimate Sinner!’ I’m stoked…my voice will be on the radio again, for the first time in 20 years! Not just tiny, local radio, either…no, I’ll be blasting across the stratosphere on SATELLITE RADIO!!! It’s going to be awesome – I’ll let you know when that’s scheduled!

Last but not least: here’s my latest ESO gaming video! I’m slaying a couple of trolls and their master, and they give me the worst of it at first…but not for long! I’m not bothered by posting my agonizing defeats along with my thrilling victories – I learn from watching my mistakes and missteps!

Friday Tributes…

Happy Friday before a Full Moon…can you feel it? I’ve been very busy this week. I think that my brain officially imploded due to all of the notable passings of the past three weeks, but the political quagmire is what has finally broken me. That steaming pile of shit just got even deeper during the past few days! I have several long posts in the works, but wanted to pay tribute to the legends who have gone on. It’s also been 648 days, in case anyone has forgotten. #BringBackOurGirls

Music while I dive back into my projects…and I hope that you’re able to find the hidden comedy link!


David Bowie, b. David Robert Jones: 8 January 1947 – 10 January 2016

John Howard Getty “J. J.” Johnson: 18 October 1947 – 7 January 2016

Alan Sidney Patrick Rickman: 21 February 1946 – 14 January 2016

Daniel Francis Haggerty: 19 November 1941 – 15 January 2016

Glenn Lewis Frey: 6 November 1948 – 18 January 2016

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