Five On Friday: My Blogging Rules For Myself

Have you ever noticed this specific blogging phenomenon known as the “my blog is better than your blog” attitude? I see it often, and it always reminds me of high school interactions or shitty co-workers. These bloggers know everything about everything, and feel the need to troll or spam other bloggers with their arrogant, know-it-all personal attacks.

Some petty little asshat recently got all butthurt over me asking it to respect the boundaries of my blog. Sorry sunshine, you have your own blog. You do your shit your way, and I’ll keep on keeping on doing my shit my way. Because, you know, this is MY blog. I’ve never told you what to write, have I? That answer would be no. So, don’t tell me what to write, m’kay? It’s pretty fucking simple, but even simplicity is far above the heads of some.

With that, here are the five rules that I have for myself when blogging, and have stuck to them from day one…for the most part!


1. Don’t react to other people’s inane bullshit. What they say isn’t about you – and if it is, it is most likely baseless bullshit. If they don’t know you personally, then what they say is moot.

2. Respect the rules of another’s blog. If you aren’t sure what those rules are, then ask – don’t assume.

3. Don’t jump in the middle of a conversation in the comment sections of other people’s blogs, especially if you really don’t care about the topic being discussed. Saying something just to get attention is weak, and egging others on is pathetic. Let them duke it out verbally. Just grab the popcorn and watch the fun!

4. If you comment, be sure that the comment is about the topic. It makes no sense to mention murder victims on, say, a post about photography or planning a wedding – and yes, I have seen those very comments. It is also a good thing to keep in mind if responding to a person’s comment on a blog which isn’t yours or theirs. Derailing conversations is pathetic.

5. Last, but certainly not least: just have fun! Write, write, and write some more – there are no limits for the truly creative! Some people need prompts or other tips to get ideas, and that’s fine – not everyone is dependent on grade-school level topics. I find that adults tend to appreciate adult things, and ‘Adult’ doesn’t always mean sex-heavy or gratuitous pornography. For me, it means that I will use adult language from time to time!

Those are my personal blogging rules for myself, which spill over into gaming and any other online interaction I might engage in. They’re straightforward, and they work for me. With that, enjoy these three songs to get the weekend started early!

Happy Belated Blog-o-versary To Me!

Today is a perfect day to belatedly mark my own, personal blogging milestone: seven years and counting! I marked the event on the official day by re-blogging my sixth blog-o-versary post, which you can find here if you didn’t see it the first two times, LOL

I’m currently tweaking and adjusting my YouTube settings, as I have decided to begin doing the vlogging thing! Some of my gaming buddies have offered to help me with my live-streaming so guild events will become a more regular feature; possibly on a bi-monthly basis. Also, one of the larger in-game guilds that I belong to decided to have a Facebook-hosted guild page which is private and for guild members only, so I now have a Facebook page for socializing with my guild-mates outside of the game! It will be nice to be able to communicate with them on a more regular basis.

I firmly believe in “never say never” – it just took something worthwhile and of value for me to finally join the evil cult of Facebook, ROFLMAO! If you want to find me there don’t bother trying, as you won’t find me…BWWWAAHAHHAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAHHHHHH!


I have enjoyed blogging for these past seven years, and don’t plan on quitting anytime soon! I might find things to dislike about blogging and the community in general, but that’s simply the way things are. Anything which involves interacting with other people is always going to bring the good, the bad, and the ugly things each person brings to the table at any given time. Me, I will keep on keeping on: this means having fun and being myself by writing and gaming; singing and dancing, and speaking out about things which might get overlooked and under-reported. I am also getting closer to my two main, short-term goals: getting my autobiography published, and finding the perfect tattoo artist!

When it comes to blogs which I read and / or follow, I still look for those related to outdoor activities, space exploration, wildlife, cooking, fashion, photography, travel, writing, gaming, music, or graphic novels and anime – or, any combination of the above! When one has many interests, it should be easy to meet others with similar interests anywhere, at any time…unless, like me, you prefer meeting people face-to-face!

Beautiful Images…15 December 2016

I found out this morning that I have been nominated for a blog award, and I’m prepping for a B2B (blogger-to-blogger) interview! I’m humbled and honoured to be noted by these bloggers, and am very appreciative of their support. I can’t thank them enough!

I’m combing the vast corners of cyberspace for inspiration, and happened to find these wonderful images and pictures – so, I figured that I’d share them! Enjoy…


(Image by Terry Love, Love Plumbing & Remodel)

6 Years!!!

Well, will you look at that! This blog has been up and running for 6 years, now…SIX!!! I had logged in to address two blog-awards that I was nominated for at the end of last month, and noticed the little icon that looks like a trophy in the notifications corner. I click on it, and see the lovely ‘Happy Anniversary’ notification – what a wonderful thing to see this morning!

You know what that means…time for some music and pictures that sum up my fiery, iron-willed essence! Enjoy…


The Happiness Tag!

Let me begin by thanking my blog buddy T. Wayne over at the blog A Joyful Process for nominating me to participate in The Happiness Tag award / recognition. It looks like a lot of fun, and I agreed to participate – I was nominated on 4 July, but obviously, the horrific events of the past week dimmed my enthusiasm for a time. Thankfully, there’s no time limit or expiration date on these things – and, today is a new day! It’s the beginning of a new week, so let’s see if we can get the bad taste out of everyone’s mouths.

Now for the short list of rules. The rules for participation are:

1. List 5 things that make you happy.
2. List 5 songs that make you happy.
3. List 5 bloggers that make you happy. Let them know they have been nominated, and you are done.

Allrighty then…let’s do this thing!

Five Things That Make Me Happy:

• Music, singing and dancing – for me, they all go together!
• Reading: I learned to read at a fairly young age and enjoy it immensely.
• Writing: Reading inspires me to write – so, I do!
• Cooking: Almost nothing is more satisfying than cooking up a nice, healthy, delicious meal from scratch. Fresh, local, seasonal foods only!
• Last, but certainly not least, family and friends. For me, close friends are essentially my family, so one doesn’t need to be related to me for me to consider them part of my ‘pack!’

Five songs that make me happy:

Five? Only FIVE?!? That’s a fairly tall order, for me to only choose five songs that make me happy, out of the thousands that I know! Still, with a bit of thought, I came up with a quick list of songs that always make me smile. I hope that they make you smile, too!

DiFranco / Dolph / Reunion & Joey Levine: Life is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)

David Bowie: Blue Jean

Dire Straits: Walk of Life

King Harvest: Dancing in the Moonlight

Tom Petty: I Won’t Back Down

Finally, five blogs that make me happy. This was difficult, because 1. I read a buttload of blogs, and 2. many people are electing to go “Award-Free” as of late…so, it gets harder and harder to nominate people who wish to accept! I will list five, but I’ll waive notifying them…this way, they won’t feel ambushed or obligated, LOL

Bonnywood Manor

Buffalo Tom Peabody’s Blog


Cindy Knoke

Good Black News

Monday Musings & Music…27 June 2016

I’ve had a very busy weekend, so I’m currently relaxing and unchaining my brain from the hassles of the terrestrial plane. I’m also working on a shit-ton of posts, so I’ve had to sort them in order of importance and attempt to be somewhat organized in my thoughts, LOL! Some have been on the back burner for some time; others are relatively new, but no less important…so, all in good time!

At any rate, I have yet to post my verbal slaughtering of my fellow gamers, since things keep happening IRL that take precedence! Today, I deferred everything and decided to post three awesome songs, and a few great in-game screen-shots – they essentially sum up my state of mind these past couple of weeks!

I learned that I might have the joy of jury duty during the month of July – I’ve at least been selected to sit in a room all day to see if I get as far as voir dire, at the very least. I have to call a district court number every day, from today until 31 July, to see what is scheduled, then show up based on some arbitrary, alphanumeric, randomly-selected date and time. Stay tuned for all of the fun details on that…goodie goodie gumdrops!

Finally, I have to do a few more tests on my gaming broadcast…there are still many glitches to work through, it seems! It works one minute, then fails the next – pretty typical, though. It’s the interwebs…what can you do?

Time for me to catch up on some reading, writing, and gaming! Enjoy the songs and scenery…I shall return!

Friday Fun…Random Screen-shots

Tuesday Afternoon…

…a little musical interlude, this final day in May, just because! Enjoy…

Dragon’s Loyalty Award…#2!

This is the 2nd time that I have been nominated for this esteemed, hard-earned, rarely-given award! My sincere thanks to T. Wayne over at the blog A Joyful Process for thinking of me – it’s good to get some genuine cyber-love!

Since I began my own, humble little blog, I have met many awesome, fascinating, and amazing bloggers! I am honoured to be nominated, and I am grateful that so many of you take time to peek into my little corner of the interwebs every once in a while, and enjoy what you read, here.

As with any award, there are rules…damnable rules! The rules for this award are as follows:

1. Display the award on your blog.
2. Announce your win with a post and link back to the nominator.
3. Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.
4. Link your awardees in the post.
5. Write 7 interesting things about you.

Seven interesting things? About ME?!? Wow…so much pressure! I’ll give it a go – the old “college try,” as it were, ROFLMAO! Here goes nothing…it isn’t as if what I find interesting about myself will be of interest to anyone else, LMAO!

1. I like tattoos.

2. I prefer my own company.

3. I’m an open book, if you don’t judge me by my cover.

4. 10 years of my life has been spent living on boats of various sizes.

5. My face is in a PC / Mac game.

6. I’ve worked in radio – both on-air and behind the scenes.

7. I don’t like it when people waste my time, insult my intelligence, and / or lie to me.

Now, about these six bloggers I’ve got to nominate…some have already been nominated, or they get mentioned weekly in the blogs of others, so they get plenty of attention. Others have “award-free” blogs, so I will respect those wishes. A few others have made their blogs private for some reason – I guess that I’m persona non grata in those circles.

I’m taking a pass on nominating people this time around…I think I can be forgiven that tiny transgression. I’ll spare everyone my unwanted attentions for the time being. It appears that it’s time to cull my list of bookmarks, yet again!

For now, I’ll just play three songs…music is soothing when people are chaotic. Gaming and live-streaming, and checking in on some blogging get-togethers, will take up the rest of my weekend. I’ll return…whenever.

Monday May Musings…2016!

May, already? Wow…the year is nearly halfway over, with summer just around the corner! I think I missed mentioning Beltane, but considering that Mercury is retrograde until the 22nd of this month, I think that I can be forgiven that minor lapse of memory, LOL – or, chalk it up to that so-called “short-term-memory loss!”

I’m working on some posts, including the epic verbal thrashings, so stay tuned for those – I can’t promise that anything I try to schedule will be on-time, but I hope to have them posted by the end of this week! Also, the weather has been too nice for me to stay inside…I’ve been getting my face away from the computer a bit and out in the wind again – nothing beats cruising along a beautiful coastline, especially on a motorcycle, or in a nice convertible with the top down. The car-top, now, not MY top! Heads out of the gutter, people!

Well, back to reading and writing…time to catch up with my favourite blogs! Here are a few screenshots of in-game scenery, along with a song to start your week off right. Later, gators!

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