Friday, 13 May…2016!!!

Happy Friday, all – and it’s the 13th, LOL! I love this day and always have…I’ve never understood the superstition of bad luck that’s supposed to be associated with the number, but I think it actually has some obscure biblical reference, if I’m not mistaken. Something to do with the “Last Supper?” Meh – something like that. I’m not bothered enough to look it up, so there you have it!


Let’s see…what is going on in the world today? Well, I can say that I feel badly for the parents of Trayvon Martin, who have to relive the murder of their son YET AGAIN because of the unconscionable actions of the subhuman shit-stain who murdered him in cold blood. I can’t say that what he did recently surprises me, because the actions of complete fuckwads tend to be impossible to understand by those of us who possess a brain, a soul, and some semblance of self-control. I can think of only one good use for that firearm…and that’s all I will say!


What else? Oh, there was a story that the late-night talk shows were laughing about, something to do with China cracking down on websites that show women eating bananas in a “seductive” manner. I’m not into fruit, personally, but there are definitely some freaks out there who think that fruits and vegetables are erotic – I’m guessing that they’re “hard-core” vegans, ROFL! Some creepy dude has a photography blog; one post prominently displays a picture of a woman eating a banana, and has a supposedly “titillating” title. I’m not sure if she knew he was taking the picture or not; at any rate, it seems to be his top-rated post, so fruit fetishes are common, it would appear!

I’m in a good mood – the sun is shining so it’s time to get outside and take more pictures…I’m trying to capture some nice shots of the plants that have exploded around my house, as well as more pictures of the deer. The fawn from last year is sporting some fuzzy nubs on his forehead this year – so, there will be another young buck running around with the big ones during the next rut, it would seem!

My calendar tells me that today is the birthday of two awesome people: musician, producer and songwriter Stevie Wonder, and actor, comedian, and singer Stephen Colbert. In their honour, I’ve posted a great Stevie Wonder song, and a clip from the first show that I saw Stephen Colbert in: Strangers With Candy. Enjoy, and have a great weekend…gamer posts coming soon!

Midweek Musings…20 April 2016

Just a few, random thoughts are going through my head this morning as I sip my coffee. A year ago today, a young man named Freddie Gray succumbed to horrific injuries sustained at the hands of Baltimore police. His arrest was on 12 April, 2015…it took him eight days to die. Sickening, saddening, and maddening. My heart goes out to his mother and father, family and friends today.

It’s been 737 days since the girls were abducted from their school in Chibok, Nigeria. Stolen from their loved ones because they wanted an education. My heart goes out to them and their families today.

It is also 4/20, the day celebrating that lovely little plant, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. A side-note for Star Trek fans out there, it is also the birthday of one George Takei. Interesting little tidbits for people who are curious, LOL – so, enjoy some music while you find the hidden links!

Happy Birthday to my ‘Baby’ Sister!!!

The party continues…WHOO-HOO!!!



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Happy Birthday, Beautiful Boy

The ‘birth anniversary’ of my son occurred just this past weekend, so I just wanted to give him some advice. He is now the age I was when I had a huge, personal epiphany that began my journey towards self-discovery and happiness. He is very angry at the world, himself, and me, just as I used to be – and still am, sometimes – I despised myself, the world, and the people who brought me up. If he would use that anger to build himself up and blaze his pathway towards the future, he would be unstoppable. Right now, he wants to wallow in self-pity instead of talking to family members who can help. For some reason, the fake sympathy of online ‘friends’ is more meaningful to him than good, sound advice and genuine care. So, just a couple of words of wisdom from an old soul to a young, indecisive Libra:

Love yourself. Let go of the past and the pain and LOVE YOURSELF. When you see what a truly wonderful, beautiful, intelligent young man you are, it will be easy! Don’t waste your youth on bitterness. You have so much potential – find it and use it! I know you can do it…you could own the world if you wanted to. Look inside yourself and find that hidden jewel – I know it’s there, because it, and you, is part of me. Hold onto it!

Now for some music – five songs from a mother to her son. A parent’s love, at its best, is the purest thing in the world… ‘tis a shame than many corrupt that love in horrendous ways. These songs represent the love I have for him, even across the miles. I posted the lyrics and semi-edited them to fit where applicable; my apologies to the original songwriters!

Electric Light Orchestra: “So Serious

Night after night
I try to make it all fit together
Night after night
I see you as someone I remember
You took me by surprise
Opened up my eyes
Now we gotta talk this over.

Can it really be so serious?
To be all broken up and delirious
I guess we’ve really been out of touch
But can it really be so serious?
(Serious, so serious)

Day after day
I know it’s not the way that you wanted it
Day after day
I try to find the key, but it don’t fit
But you know how it is
No matter what I did
We gotta talk it over.


Tonight, tonight
I’m thinking over everything you said to me
Tonight, tonight
I’m sorry, but I just didn’t see
And now it’s up to you
There’s nothing else to do
We’ve gotta talk it over.


Serious, so serious
Is it so serious?
Serious, so serious…

Ozark Mountain Daredevils: “Jackie Blue

Ooh-hoo, Jackie blue
Lives her his life from inside of a room
Hides that smile when she’s wearin’ a frown
Ooh Jackie, you’re not so down

You like your life in a free-form style
You’ll take an inch but you’d love a  mile
There never seems to be quite enough
Floating around to fill your  lovin’ cup

Ooh-hoo, Jackie blue
What’s a game, girl, son, if you never  lose
Ask a winner and you’ll prob’bly find
Ooh Jackie, they’ve lost at sometime

Don’t try to tell me that you’re not aware
Of what you’re doing and that you don’t care
You say it’s easy, just a natural thing
Like playing music that you never sing

Ooh-hoo, Jackie blue
Making wishes that never come true
Going places that you’ve never been
Ooh Jackie, you’re going again

(guitar  solo)

Ooh-hoo, Jackie blue
Lives a dream that can never come  true
Making love is like siftin’ through sand
Ooh Jackie, it slips through  your hand

Ev’ry day, in your indigo eyes
I watch the sun set but I don’t see it rise
Moonlight and stars in your strawberry wine
You’d take the world but you won’t take the time

Ooh-hoo, Jackie blue
Lives her his life from inside of a room
Makes you think that her his life is a drag
Ooh Jackie, what fun you have had

Ooh Jackie, ooh Jackie
Ooh Jackie, ooh Jackie, ooh Jackie
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Alphaville: “Forever Young

(lyrics in the video)

Rod Stewart: “Forever Young

(lyrics in the video)

John Lennon: “Beautiful Boy

Close your eyes
Have no fear
The monsters gone,
He’s on the run and your daddy’s mommy’s here,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Before you go to sleep
Say a little prayer
Every day, in every way,
It’s getting better and better,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy,

Out on the ocean sailing away,
I can hardly wait,
To see you to come of age
But I guess we’ll both
Just have to be patient
Yes it’s a long way to go,
A hard row to hoe
It’s a long way to go
But in the meantime,

Before you cross the street
Take my hand
Life is what happens to you
While you’re busy making other plans

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy

Before you go to sleep
Say a little prayer
Every day, in every way,
It’s getting better and better

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy

Darling Sean J.R.

Seattle Mariners Home Opener – What a Game!!! ** UPDATED **

I had to do another post about the Seattle Mariners the mighty Ms had a grand home opener last night; I wish I could have attended in person, but we still had the best seats in the house! No crowd, no pushy arseholes in my way, no sticky floors, and no long lines for overpriced junk food! Seeing that big-ass new screen would have been nice…the last time I went to a game at Safeco Field was back in 2001, a few months before I moved out of Seattle. From KING-5 News:

“Notes: Former Seattle pitcher Jamie Moyer threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Before the game, the 50-year-old said he has not officially retired. Moyer pitched 11 seasons in Seattle and made 10 starts last year for Colorado. … Houston’s J.D. Martinez left the game after popping out in the fourth inning. He was replaced by Rick Ankiel. … Seattle had lost its past three home openers.”

One thing I noticed, which was a bit of a bummer, is the fact that if you don’t count the Japanese and Latino players, well…this seemed to be the first ‘whites-only’ Mariners squad I’ve seen in my lifetime! There will be a separate blog post about that at another time, though – right now, let’s talk about the game!

Jamie Moyer, the M’s “winningest pitcher,” threw out the first pitch to another former Mariner, Dan Wilson. It was a bit in the dirt, but what the hell – his age matches the number on his jersey! A little white kid got to run the bases, too…it made me wonder if the Make-A-Wish Foundation only gives a crap about white cancer patients – I need to check their percentages of wishes granted. I know, I’m a cynical bitch sometimes…but not without good reason. Digressing…

There are a pair of Saunders guys on the team, not related to each other as far as I know: starting pitcher Joe Saunders (#23) did an awesome job on the mound, and outfielder Michael Saunders (#55) stole a couple of bases to ensure the 3 – 0 victory. It was grand! Happy belated birthday to “King” Felix Hernandez, who turned 27 yesterday. Hisashi Iwakuma has a birthday coming up, as well – April 12th. I like keeping track of my fellow Ariens (and I’m NOT talking about those fucked-up, inbred, brain-dead, white-trash Aryans)!

Last but not least, I needed to correct my error from my last post. I mistakenly identified the catcher as Kendrys Morales; he is actually Jesus Montero…my apologies to them both! I really shouldn’t blog after hoisting a couple of pints, and beer goes with baseball as much as peanuts, sunflower seeds, and Cracker-Jacks!     😎

Here’s to a great start for the Mariners – keep up the awesome playing, guys!

Updated 15 April 2013:

Wow, what a run! The Astros absolutely CREAMED the Mariners after the home opener – I wanted to vomit with rage over that horrible 9 – 16 loss! THAT game started off badly, so I suppose it could have been worse, and I was happy that they were able to pull out of their 3-game losing streak. They couldn’t deliver for Felix Hernandez during his first home game, though! On the flip side, Hisashi Iwakuma had a great day on his birthday…he and the team gave him a great birthday present with that win!

Michael Saunders is on the DL with a sprained right AC…I cringed when he slammed into the wall going for that spectacular catch; at least he didn’t break his clavicle! Michael Morse is also out for a bit with a broken finger, so the outfield has some new faces and names for me to get familiar with. They face Detroit on Tuesday – Thursday, then travel down to Texas to face the Astros and the Rangers again. Hopefully they do better against those bastards this time around!

Lá Fhéile Pádraig 2013!!!

This past week and the upcoming one promise to be hellaciously busy, so I’m sending out my St. Patrick’s Day greetings in advance – Lá Fhéile Pádraig! Yes, I have Irish kin out in the world somewhere; I can’t say I care if they accept me or not, any more than I care if my Black kin or Blackfoot Native kin accept me – I yams what I yams!     😎

On a side note, I’m on hiatus for a spell…not for too long, but it may be the first week in April before I’m able to post again! I’ll be a busy little bee but it’s all for good reason – so, for those of you who actually like what I do here, fear not…I shall return! I just might even have some awesome new things to talk about, and won’t that be grand? Also, I’m on my week-long birthday celebration which always starts on St. Paddy’s Day and ends within a day or so of when I first emerged into this world…so yeah, I just might have a bit of a hangover here or there!

Take it easy all, and have a happy and safe St. Patrick’s Day – don’t drink too much green beer, and send any naughty leprechauns in my direction…I know how to school them with my shillelagh!     😀

Enjoy these various songs…

Irish Bagpipe Marches

Seven Drunken Nights

U2: “In God’s Country

Enya: “Orinoco Flow / Sail Away

The Cranberries: “Free To Decide

“Free To Decide”

It’s not worth anything more than what’s going on
I live as I choose
Or I will not live very long
So return to where you come from
Return to where you dwell
Because harassment’s not my forte
but you do it very well
I’m free to decide, I’m free to decide
And I’m not so suicidal after all
I’m free to decide, I’m free to decide
And I’m not so suicidal after all, At all, at all, at all
You must have nothing more with your time to do
There’s a war in Russia
and in Sarajevo too
So to hell with what you’re thinking
and to hell with your narrow mind
You’re so distracted from the real thing
You should leave your life behind, behind
‘Cause I’m free to decide, I’m free to decide
And I’m not so suicidal after all
I’m free to decide, I’m free to decide
And I’m not so suicidal after all, At all, at all, at all
I’m free to decide, I’m free to decide
And I’m not so suicidal after all, At all, at all, at all

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Happy Birthday, Tata Madiba

Tata Madiba is the clan name of an iconic individual, Nelson Mandela.  He turns 93 today.

I admire this man for his courage, willpower and the ability to remain strong in the face of insurmountable odds and heavy adversity.  A man who was made a political prisoner for decades, who became president of his fractured home country four years after his release.  I look to him for inspiration on days when I feel low, because he has overcome much bigger obstacles than I can even dream of.  He is heroic.

Here are a couple of links from the BBC, celebrating this living legend:

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