Saturday Scenery: Woodland Friends

Here are a few pictures of the local wildlife paying a visit. They do so on a regular basis and I enjoy watching their activities and antics.

This is the final weekend of Midyear Mayhem, so today’s live-streamed gaming session begins at 1500 PDT. I hope that you tune in for the AvA action!


Foraging at the fence-line

Striking a pose…

…but she noticed the blinds moving, even though I was being cautious!

“Bob” the squirrel, raiding one of the feeders…

…a chickadee flew in to wait her turn…

…she jumped on the side opposite “Bob” to grab a seed.

“Easy there, greedy-guts! Save some for the rest of us!”

This feeder is just outside of my front door.

“Bob” kept a watchful eye as I got a bit closer…

Ready for your close-up, little buddy?

He finally had enough of me standing there, and gave me the stink-eye before hopping down and scampering away!

A Feathered Friend

I hear these birds every morning, but they have always been hard to locate. The plants and trees in my yard are flourishing and the birds are nesting, so all of the shrubbery will stay thick and full until autumn.

Anyway, after a few weeks of “talking” with this specific species, one finally decided to strike a pose for proper identification:

It is a white-crowned sparrow – very pretty!


5 On Friday: Flying High

Spring is here and the birds are numerous! All of my favourite little buddies are back.

For this “Five on Friday” post, here are five songs related to birds and flying high.


Tender Moments For Tuesday: 15 August 2017 (Re-blogged)

’tis a busy week, so enjoy this “Tender Tuesday” re-blog of music and some local scenery.


Eyrie Of An Aries

I need a break from all of the hate. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking shit and nonsense. I see people doing nothing but ensuring that they are part of the problem, and doing nothing to be part of the solution. The lunatics have officially taken over the asylum, from what I’ve seen. At least my sanctuary in my little corner of the world remains solid, fortified, and secure. The royal fortress in the meadow stands tall!

Apologies for the quality of the pictures; they’re the best that I could take on short notice, with only my cell-phone camera!


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Happy International Vulture Day

There are a lot of turkey vultures in my neck of the woods…they’re neat to watch!

Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess


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A Feathered Friend…

I wanted to reblog this post from July – I’d emailed one of the pictures of the sparrow to a friend of mine in Hamburg, Germany. He identified it correctly, and told me that it’s also called a “badger sparrow” – I can see why! The stripes on its head are nearly identical to the stripes on a badger…pretty neat, eh?

Neat Saturday Stuff

I like living on the coast and close to nature…it’s soothing to me. The best part is being able to watch the animals do what they do, with no schedule or planning required.

One afternoon, I was sitting on the deck off of my bedroom, enjoying an ale and some green in the sunshine. I had sunglasses on and was relaxed and still, and I noticed a rabbit sitting by the clump of bamboo, nibbling on a dandelion. Then I saw that a squirrel was sitting on the back fence. A hummingbird was perched above a feeder I have there, guarding it from rivals. It was very pleasant, just sitting there watching them while they were watching me. After 10 minutes or so, they went away – the hummer to feed, and the rabbit and squirrel were off to do their respective rabbit and squirrel activities.

This past Thursday morning, I was looking out of the kitchen window as I was doing dishes after making up some soup. The sun was out and the air was warm, so I had most of the windows open to let the cross-breeze through. I heard some of the sparrows chirping, so I ‘talked’ back to them for a bit. Two decided to perch in a bush close to the window, so it was easy to see them – a third was somewhere below the window, chirping away as he or she added to the conversation. The resident hummer buzzed through, inspecting the sparrows closely before zooming away. So, I had four birds saying “hello” and “how are you?” – it’s nice when that happens.

Yesterday, one of the many deer was relaxing in its now-favourite spot in the backyard. She was there for most of the morning, even when my husband got the bike out and ran some errands – she didn’t move even though she most likely heard us talking, the door opening and shutting, and the noise of the motorcycle leaving and returning. I guess she is comfortable and used to hearing us move about. Later on, she was in the yard next door with two other does; one was with the fawn that is almost two months old, now. It still has spots, but they are fading fast. Anyway, they were all running around, back and forth, butting at each other and the fawn – deer training school was in session. There are coyotes and bears on this little peninsula, so the deer were basically putting the fawn through its paces at evasive maneuvers – it was fascinating to watch. Sometimes, there just isn’t time to grab the camera…and trying to line up a good view for a capture might startle and disturb them. So, I have many great pictures in my mind – I just might invest in a GoPro before my next road-trip, though! That seems like it would be the best way to get more photos, especially from a motorcycle.

I’ll close with some cute Pokémon pictures accompanying a loud song…feel free to mute the music if you don’t like it. I like music…a great saying that I heard once, and firmly believe, is this: “There are two kinds of music: good and bad. There are no genres!”



Quiet Moments.

It’s a nice, quiet morning…I wake up to birdsong before it is light out. An as-yet unidentified bird with a “cheer-up, cheer-up, cheer-up” warble sang loudly for an hour, then moved on. Next, the little dark-eyed junco sat in a bush near the living-room window…I could hear his distinctive “tweeee,” but didn’t see where he was perched. The towhees and flickers will be moving about in an hour or so; the crows and gulls have been noisy since the crack of dawn, and the doves do what they do when they feel like it.
I sit sipping coffee, letting my thoughts wander. Wondering how on earth does a man suffer a severe, traumatic spinal injury in the back of a police van, dying from it a week later? Wondering why the ‘gender reassignment’ of a former athlete from the 1970s is more newsworthy than the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico, five years after BP destroyed the area with their arrogance and greed. Wondering how people can rationalize Black men and women being killed by police on a weekly basis. Wondering why some worthless slag’s lack of clothing at Coachella is more important than over 200 young girls, who have been gone from their families and loved ones for 372 days.
*SIGH* It’s a bit much, to be certain. For all of the beauty this life has to offer, there is much ugliness as well. I do my best to focus on the good…but turning a blind eye to the bad isn’t the answer, either. Take a break from it when needed, then return to the fray. It’s what warriors do. Tend our wounds, mend our armour, repair and replace our gear, then charge back in. For now, some soothing music…

Springtime Sunshine!

Ah, yes…Spring has sprung! Yesterday was the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It entered the Pacific Northwest at 9:57 a.m. PDT (16:57 UTC) and the day was beautiful – mostly soft sunshine with a few light showers passing through. Other parts of the country aren’t as fortunate, as the snow on the ground reflects any sunlight, preventing it from melting. Since there is so much of it, it could be another two weeks (at least!) before people in Chicago or New York will see any bare ground. More sunshine today with intermittent showers, and a light, warm zephyr wafting gently – it’s positively idyllic.

Spotted towhee

It’s been fun identifying the various small birds that flutter around the house. Besides the hummingbirds, we have chickadees, spotted towhees, and dark-eyed juncos. I’ve been able to get some of them to respond when I whistle, and a few will stand by the porch when I scatter seed for them. Sometimes they forage on the porches if they don’t see me moving by the window – they’re so cute! I refuse to have birds in cages…it’s such a cruel thing to do. I like watching my little feathered buddies doing their birdy things in their own environment! The deer mosey through the yard regularly now that the shrubs are leafing out, and Mr. Fluffy-pants paid us a visit a couple of nights past.

Dark-eyed junco

Springtime means that baseball’s Spring Training is going on, and the Seattle Mariners home opener is 8 April – I’m looking forward to it! Their lineup has changed slightly since some trades were made, including the addition of Robinson Cano. Hisashi Iwakuma has been rehabbing a sprained tendon in his finger, Taijuan Walker was recently diagnosed with bursitis, and Stephen Pryor is recovering from a torn lat. Hopefully they have swift recoveries and return soon; their presences on the team are solid and their contributions are necessary!

There are many interesting happenings in the world, lately. Vladimir Putin missed the Cold War so much that he’s decided to throw the U.S. right back in the middle of it, what with his figurative buttocks-baring towards NATO, the EU, and President Obama. Not sure what can be done if Putin brings back the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, remodeled in the image that he grew up under as the son of a KGB agent. It’s fascinating that the FauxNews fucktard crowd seem to want a fascist like Putin for POTUS – they positively drool over Putin’s shirtless horseback-riding. Xenophobic racists have their new poster-boy for the 21st Century! Meanwhile, their juvenile name-calling of President Obama finds new lows on a daily basis. When the next white is elected POTUS, you can bet that they will get treated with kid gloves…especially if they are a darling of the RethugliKKKans or the nazis who are toolin’ for a warm tea-bag!

The Malaysian airliner is still missing and unaccounted for, even as the focal point of the search is now somewhere off of the southwestern coast of Australia…halfway to Antarctica. My husband and I had talked about what might have occurred and came up with an interesting probability, but I don’t want to speculate here – especially when there are so many grieving families. I will say, though, that the lack of a debris field immediately following the disappearance indicates that the plane didn’t crash after takeoff, as initial reports suggested. If and when the plane is found, it will be interesting to see what, if anything, the black box and the data recorders reveal.

Speaking of tragedies, Seattle residents were horrified as a KOMO-TV News helicopter plunged from the station’s helipad as it was taking off in the early hours of Tuesday, 18 March. Both men aboard the chopper were killed on impact, while a third man is receiving excellent care and treatment in the burn unit of Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center. The man was in a car stopped at a traffic light when the chopper landed on the vehicle; he managed to extricate himself approximately 2 minutes afterwards, with his clothing alight, and a security guard at the KOMO studios helped snuff out the flames. That footage of the burning fuel from the chopper, running swiftly down Broad Street, was unbelievable…

What else…oh, it seems that some troll, who is overtly obsessed with Seth McFarlane, simply can’t stand that fact that I had the audacity to criticize the Family Guy creator in a post I wrote quite some time ago. They keep begging for my attention in a manner that befits a desperate, pathetic creature who needs the firm ministrations of a mistress. Backhanding them in the mouth with the butt of a whip would be a fun start! Anyway, I might get around to giving them the attention they’re crying for – when I get really fucking BORED, that is!

Back to important shit – yes, I’m still gaming…why wouldn’t I be? As long as computer games that appeal to me keep getting made, I’ll keep on enjoying them. It beats being a sad, little Internet troll with no life, LMAO! I’ve been sorting out some new and recent screenshots from HalfLife and Skyrim, and having a lot of fun exploring  Morrowind…that old game still has plenty of appeal! I noticed that there’s an expansion pack for Starcraft II coming out soon; I will definitely scoop that up and see if it’s any good…and, we’re seriously considering checking out TESO. Our curiosity got the better of us and we enrolled in a couple of Beta tests, so now we got sucked into another MMORPG. Oh well!

Belated Ostara blessings, dear readers…have a fantastic weekend!

I’ve Been a Busy Bee!

The weather has been great here for the past couple of weeks, so we’ve been outside tending the yard and enjoying the ‘dry spell.’ The decorative shrubs and plants need to be pruned soon…they have been prolific and look fantastic! Everything is delightfully healthy. My indoor plants have exploded with growth since we’ve moved in and I transplanted a couple that needed it; the are big and beautiful and growing wonderfully! Did you know that plants respond to touch? People always say that talking to your plants is good, which is true – you’re giving the plant the carbon dioxide it thrives on – but they also like being brushed and caressed. When you feel the leaves, you get an idea how the health of the plant is by how resilient the leaves and stalks are. Turning the pots from time to time, to equalize sun exposure, is also good for plants.

The deer have been regular visitors lately; we’ve seen the single doe three times in the past two weeks, and the doe with fawns was seen five days ago. She was on the outside of the fence, while the single doe wanders through the yard, front and back – we’ve watched her hop the fence and browse through all of the plants.

The frog pond is doing well: the lily seems to be growing just fine, as we’ve seen new leaves unfurling and flattening out on the water. We put a sturdy branch in the water so that the frogs can use it to get out and migrate when the time comes. Speaking of frogs, I saw a large one in the back yard yesterday evening – it was much bigger than the tiny grass frogs that are common, and was brown in color. Our outdoor menagerie grows!

The birds seem to be migrating: the juncos and flickers are scarce now, and there are fewer hummingbirds at the feeders – I don’t have to fill the feeders as much or as often lately.

I’ve been writing quite a bit on my typewriter – I simply love its workings! It is a joy and a delight to go ‘old school’ in the telling of my life story; soon, that story will be shared with the world. I’m looking forward to it!     😎

I’m currently watching the Seattle Mariners get their arses handed to them by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays – yes, I still call the Florida team by their old, original name! Sucks that the Mariners are losing the series to a team that is in last place in their division! Gawds…the Ms were doing pretty damned good before the All-Star break; now, it seems that they can’t catch a break! At least they finally sent Tom Wilhelmsen down to AAA for some much-needed pitching practice; he’d blown too many games where there was a comfortable lead – Danny Farquhar has been excellent as a closer, except for last night when he blew his first save of the season. I guess that’s not a bad statistic when you look at it, but still…damnit all!

We’re getting ready to upgrade our surround sound system and our DVD/VHS recorder – the recorder got blown by a power spike caused by some moron running into a power pole, and the surround sound has a short in it which causes the speakers to cut out intermittently. Time for some new electronic equipment! We plan on getting some new surge protectors as well, so it will be expensive but worthwhile.

That’s it for now…I realized that I hadn’t posted anything for a bit! Time’s fun when you’re having flies…LOL


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