World Environment Day

Here are a few pictures of the great outdoors to celebrate World Environment Day.


Travel Photographs: Cemeteries

I’m sorting through my travel photographs, getting them organized into some semblance of chronological order, and came across some pictures I took of various tombstones in different cemeteries. As a child, I would go to the library and check out books, then ride my bicycle to the goat farm, or to the main cemetery – there were three in all – and sit behind one of the biggest tombstones to read. For me, it was a place to be around people who weren’t bothered by my presence, and who wouldn’t bother me.

Cemeteries, to me, are peaceful and serene places. I also think that it would be nicer if trees were planted in memory of people. Still, the artwork of tombstones, and the tales they tell, are fascinating.

Songs on a Saturday…

I’m out running errands, in doing some housework, then back outside to do some gardening and planting! I’ll get around to reading and catching up with the blogs I follow tomorrow, when I allow myself a day of laziness on Sunday. In the meantime, enjoy these five, soothing, Saturday songs!


My “To Do” List for the Week…

Another Monday, and I have my own little “honey-do” list for myself. I use terms of endearment on myself, because it’s fun! I’ll randomly post little personal affirmations around the house on days that I feel down, which inspires me to look out the window and appreciate the live-action of nature.

Anyway, this is what I have planned in the works for the week…as always, these are subject to change due to the whims of the schedules of others!

* Get my new cell phone.

* Take my computer in for a preliminary “check-up” for upgrading it – it’s time!

* Go to the beauty salon and get a professional touch-up to my ‘locs. I’ve been managing to keep them tidy, but they could use some TLC – and my arms get so tired!

* Practice some live-streaming of my dueling and other PvP action in my game, so that I’ll be able to post some great footage once my computer is an upgraded powerhouse!

* Update my gaming guild-site so that the recruitment application functions properly – potential members have been unable to register and apply! Annoying, but fixable.

* Seek out and read other blogs, making new friends and acquaintances along the way.

* Write, write, and write some more!

Thursday Thoughts; Small Update

Hello, all – just a tiny update of what I plan on doing through the year’s end and well into next year: writing, blogging, vlogging, and getting myself and my little face out there more! Peeking out from behind my walls and seeing the world…and letting the world see me. So terrifying, but I have to do it…I must! So, I’ll be getting my new cell phone next week and checking on getting my computer upgraded. I need a better video card, and I’m pretty sure I can expand the memory considerably, so I just have to look at what awesome, LED-riddled gamer case I want!

My ‘locs need some professional tending, so I will be getting my hair done next week as well…it’s been a while since I splurged on any beauty-salon visits – definitely past due! I need to make sure I can put my best face forward, LOL – here comes my vain streak. I don’t like being vain, but sometimes I am…sad but true. This means that I’ll be taking *GASP* selfies! Ermehgerd…stop the presses! I like clothes, and I love steampunk fashions – I think the only reason I wanted to model was for the clothes, but that was before I learned that you don’t always get to model the clothes that you like!

I’m going to be playing around a bit more with the settings and features of my blog…there are quite a few that I haven’t explored yet, and seeing what others do with their blogs has inspired me a bit. I won’t make any drastic changes because I like the layout and appearance of my blog, but there are things that I’ve wanted to add for some time – so I’ll experiment here and there, as necessary.

Tomorrow is the last 13th Friday of this year, so I am working on a post to publish first thing in the morning…local time, that is! For now, enjoy this song and a pretty picture of a tired little lady. Running, prancing and dancing with rampant stags wears a gal out! Shhhhh…nighty-night.

Scenic Serenity…

Yesterday, some deer graced us with their presence:

He stands at attention as his lady enters the scene…

…watching closely as she passes with dainty steps.

His eyes watch her every move…

…even when she disappears from sight.

Hmmm…where is she now?

Over there, perhaps?

Time to go looking…

…he knows she’s close!

Back over that-a-way…later!

Friday Milestone…100 Followers!!!

I am ecstatic, elated, humbled and honoured! After grinding in my MMORPG from 2:30 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. PDT (-8 GMT) and taking a much-needed nap after completing an in-game campaign, I woke up to this wonderful notification: 100 WordPress followers…wow!

I’m speechless, LOL – I didn’t think I would reach 100 followers before the end of the year, especially since I sometimes seem to lose as many followers as I gain! There is at least one person who has been here from day one…I STILL SEE YOU, HERNIE!!! For now, I’ll simply post five in-game screenshots from the past 24 hours:

…also, here are five great songs to start the weekend off right – enjoy!

New Moon Tuesday…

It’s the ‘Dark of the Moon’ again…time for some introspection and reflection. Thinking about strengths and weaknesses – we have ones that others point out, which might be different from the ones we think we have.

I hate that I need to have a picture taken of myself, in order to promote any of my writings. As if I’d be taken seriously if people could see what I look like? “Face-time” is overrated, IMHO…why are people so obsessed with looks and appearances? Why are they so desperate to see you – then toss you aside and ignore you if you show them? Perhaps it’s just me, LOL…go figure.

I’ve been uninspired to write much, still, but I do my best to write something every day – even if it’s only a short sentence or two. My family isn’t communicative at the moment; my so-called friends are busy with who-knows-what, and my acquaintances all have things going on. Still feeling out-of-sorts, blah, and kinda…meh. Better than the weekend, at least – but still…
It’s been awhile since I’ve felt depressed for no reason, so it irritates me.

I think I’ll binge-watch some Doctor Who episodes…I DVRed some of the older ones with Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor but haven’t sat down to them yet. I also had an internet outage yesterday afternoon, so I really couldn’t post anything or check emails after 6:30 p.m. At least it was back up and running this morning, but the outages have been occurring far too often, recently.

Anyway, if I can’t cheer myself up with 1970s Doctor Who then I’ll go kill morons in my MMORPG…there’s a bunch of useless pricks in PvP who are just begging for me to take them out. Talk with you all later – for now, enjoy this song.

Monday Musings…14 September 2015


My ISP has been having issues! Three unexplained outages in the past two weeks – both the internet and cable TV go out at the same time, and are off for five hours or more. It would be nice if the company would offer a discount, or at least one month of free cable, to make up for the service interruption and the inconvenience of missing shows that I was doing the DVR thing with. I completely missed Stephen Colbert’s first show, for example, and only caught the first half of the first inning of a Mariners game another time. Oh, well…it could be worse, I suppose.

So, what have I missed? I realized that I completely forgot to mention that Tuesday, 8 September, was International Literacy Day…shame on me for that! As a writer and an avid reader, that is an unforgivable omission – so I will give myself 50 lashes with a wet noodle as punishment.


What else…oh, yeah – whatever happened with the three people who supposedly killed that cop in Fox Lake, Illinois a couple of weeks ago? That story went away so quickly; not at all like those two murderers who were set loose from the prison in New York by that stupid, “love-struck” wench. Wonder what the deal was.

The footage of those high-school football players blindsiding that referee was interesting, wasn’t it? Now everybody’s lawyered up and the finger-pointing has begun – nobody is saying how injured the ref is or was, so I’m guessing that the injuries must not be serious – if he has any. Perhaps the hit only looked more brutal than it actually was? Anyway, he’s not in hospital so I presume that his pride suffered the biggest hit.

Monday morning maintenance patch on my game is going on, so it’s off-line at the moment. I’ll take another stab at this video-game streaming thing – apparently, there are a lot of different options, Twitch being one and YouTube being another. I also use Steam for my games like Skyrim and Half-Life 2, so anyone with a Steam gaming account could watch me play. One game that I might get is called Surgeon Simulator…it’s hilarious! I watched one of my acquaintances play it for a half hour, and I was dying with laughter over it…it’s too funny.


Yesterday morning, I woke up very early – it was still dark out, but the skies were perfectly clear. I grabbed a cup of coffee and my peace-pipe, and stood out on the back deck to look at the stars. So nice to see them, with very little light-pollution to spoil the view. The moon was new on Saturday, so it wasn’t “out.” Venus was exceptionally bright, as well…just so beautiful. Made me think of the song “Starry Starry Night (Vincent)” by Don McLean; the Doctor Who episode in which The Doctor and his companion, Amy, meet Vincent van Gogh had been on earlier, and that was a fantastic episode – brings tears to your eyes. Well, it did mine, at least…so looking at a starry, starry morning was pleasant and relaxing.

I’ll close with the clip from the show, and that beautiful song…why not?


Formal Friday…Hello!


Hi. Nice to meet you. Come on in and have a seat, won’t you? Sorry about the sunflower seed-shell mess; I eat them when I’m watching a baseball game, which is almost daily when my team is playing. I’m a Seattle Mariners fan, just in case I haven’t mentioned it before!


So…what do you want to know? It’s hard for me to talk about myself unless someone asks, and even when they do, I don’t want to talk about myself too much – I’d rather know about you, which makes me seem like a nosy chatterbox, to some. I guess I come across as an extrovert for that reason as well, but I’m reallyย more of a solitary hermit. I can only take people the same way they tolerate me: in very small doses. If I feel accepted by someone then I think that I can “be myself” – but only on their terms, which seems a tad unfair. If you expect me to be a certain way, then you will always be disappointed…because I can only be myself; always have been, and always will be! The best way I can describe myself is a walking contradiction and an enigmatic pariah.

Let’s see…astrologically, I’m an Aries with a Leo ascendant and Moon in Virgo, born in the Year of the Metal Dog. Astronomy, geology, biology, physiology, and psychology are also subjects of interest. Music, reading, and writing have been life-long passions. Games of any type are fun: arcade or computer; strategy or role-play; pool, billiards, or darts. Crosswords relax me and make my brain happy. I’m not the most politically-correct individual, but I don’t go out of my way to be gratuitously offensive.

I like photography and being outdoors, looking for seashells on the beach and watching birds glide in the wind. I like riding motorcycles, going on long road-trips,ย and seeing different places. I like to laugh at funny, silly, or stupid things: self-deprecating humour is tops!

Speaking of comedy, I watched Jon Stewart’s final ‘Daily Show’ episode, and it was excellent. I’ll miss him as a host, obviously – but change happens and people move on, whether you want them to or not. Happy trails, Jon…and welcome, Trevor! I’ll be watching you, LOL

Here’s a great comedy clip with Conan O’Brien, Stephen Colbert, and Jon Stewart ‘brawling.’ The whole build-up of the ‘feud’ was some of the best comedy I’ve ever watched, and this backstage fight is hilarious!

Here’s a screen-shot of the game that I’m currently obsessed with and have been playing for over a year: The Elder Scrolls Online.

I’ll close with two songs: the first reflects my “mild,” gentle side, while the second reflects my “wild,” feral side. Enjoy, and have a great weekend!



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