Protected: ESO Fan Fiction: Scenes From the Battle, Part III

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Evening Scenery…

Here are a few new screenshots from some recent battles…enjoy.

Break out the battering ram!

Ballista bombardment – hit the wall with the life bar!

Sieging the outer wall…trebuchets and ballistae at the ready!

Turning in a bounty…easy money on the battlefield, LOL

Successful capture of a castle – well done!

Siege from the wall…preparation for the capture.

Hello…anyone home? *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK*

Freeing the tiger…

There…happy kitty!

My sanctuary, complete with a scroll and marked on the map!


“Hold fast…secure the rigging!”


So…are you ready for the torrential flood? Are you ready for the onslaught of emotion and cut-to-the-chase intensity? Some are, and some aren’t…c’est la vie, non?

Those who have followed me and can read between the lines get it…and I appreciate them immensely, even if I don’t express it on a daily basis. All the rest are still trying to figure me out and place me in some narrow category. That won’t work. The more you try, the less you know…own it and accept it, and meet me on my grounds – otherwise, don’t even try.

The following links will either make things clear, or they will be lost on those who are trying to overthink things – I could care less either way. I speak pretty plainly. People who don’t understand me have chosen that option for themselves… *SHRUG*



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