The Eye of the Beholder


Did you think that this was going to be a post about beauty?

Nope. I’ve said my piece on that in the past. It’s a subjective thing.

Debating it is irrelevant. You don’t really care what I find beautiful.

The feeling is mutual.


Half-Assed Laziness

I’ve seen quite a few examples of this during my search for worthwhile blogs to read and follow.

Blogs which are, essentially, clones of a blog, but with a different name, theme, and layout.

The so-called authors of same are so lazy that they only see fit to re-blog their own content on their other blogs, whilst claiming to be “hubs” for the blogging masses to find each other in.

Talk about half-assed laziness.

If you’re going to be that lazy, then at least try to use your whole ass.

I’m sure that it’s big enough.


The Master Baiters

Fishing is a fun and useful hobby.

You can feed yourself and your family if you are good at it.

Successful fishing requires knowing which waters support the fish you’re after.

Proper bait is also required. If you use old, rotten bait you will catch nothing but bottom-feeders.

Some people like catfish, I’d wager.

I’m not one.


Bait & Switch…

…is a reprehensible practice and tactic. It’s the oldest trick in the book, most likely coinciding with the world’s oldest profession. It amazes me how many people fall for it on a daily basis – and if you try to tell them that they’re being conned, they will call you a liar. Fascinating, no?


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