Tuesday Afternoon

September already. The year has flown by quickly since time flies when one is having fun!

My Facebook, Twitch, and Instagram accounts have a modest following. I love the fact that I haven’t had to jump through ridiculous hoops to gain an audience, and the support is genuine. People actually notice your participation and give you props.

The local air has finally cleared of the smoke from the fires in and around Washington state. Usually the coast isn’t affected much by fires further inland, but the weather patterns this year made for no offshore winds and stagnant air pressed down on us like an old, dusty veil.

Now that the air is better we could finish up some of the yardwork and landscaping begun over a month ago. The shrubberies have been cut back to reasonable size again, and the local deer have come through to graze on the clippings and the foliage they couldn’t reach. Plenty of new fawns this season mean that they are healthy and still got plenty to eat and drink, even with the lack of rain.

People are back at work after the holiday weekend and school has resumed for those who attend regularly. It’s a nice Tuesday afternoon, so here are three songs for your audial appreciation.



Blessed Samhain…2013!

A merry Samhain to you, dear readers! The first frost of the year happened here a couple of days ago; the night was clear and cold, and morning saw frost on the grass and the rooftops. Mist rose thick over the rivers and streams…a perfect Autumn morning! The rain returned today so it is a bit warmer than it was the other day – cloud cover helps.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on their World Series victory! Fantastic games…I hoped that they would win, simply because they are in the American League. My A.L. Mariners couldn’t do it, and it was impressive to see the Red Sox go from “worst to first” – I always root for the underdog! They did pretty damned good. Baseball season is over for the year…looking forward to next season! I wonder what the Mariners lineup will look like…

I’ll get back to blogging as usual over the weekend – for now, enjoy some tunes!

Alice Cooper: “This House is Haunted

Oingo Boingo: “Dead Man’s Party

The Hooters: “All You Zombies

Rob Zombie: “Great American Nightmare

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: “Voodoo

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