Monday Musings…25 April 2016

It’s a nice quiet Monday after one hell of a busy weekend! Had to attend a retirement dinner for friends of family on Saturday, which entailed a bit of driving around in cruddy traffic. Portland, Oregon, has some of the worst traffic in the country, and Seattle isn’t much better! Trying to time how bad traffic will be at any given time, weekday or no, is next to impossible. Still, all of the hassle was worth it because I got my noms on hardcore: oysters and sushi at my two favourite places to go on the rare occasions we dine out! I’ll download and post the pics later; damned cell-phone update has my settings buggered, so I need to mess with it a bit!

Billy Paul: 1 December 1934 – 24 April 2016

I wanted to note the passing of a legendary singer, Billy Paul. He is best known for the hit song “Me & Mrs. Jones,” which a good friend of mine, Earl “The Pearl,” covered on a regular basis at a local karaoke hangout in Seattle. Billy Paul sang many other epic songs as well, so if you get a chance, look up a few of his other hits – I don’t think that you’d be disappointed!

Speaking of karaoke, did you know that yesterday marked the beginning of National Karaoke Week? I used to be a karaoke superstar in a way, LOL – one of the few singers that did service to that form of entertainment! Yes, I entered a few local (non-televised) contests, and yes, I won money! I wasn’t enough of a performer to win first place, but I definitely placed high enough on a regular basis that I had my own fan-following, LOL

Speaking of entertainment, I have supposedly gotten the notice of the gamer known as SypherPK – “he” has a comment waiting for publication, but I figured I’d go one better and dedicate a post solely to the comment, and my imaginary response, since it isn’t as if we’re having a standard dialogue! If such a major gaming celebrity took the time to notice my Random Ramblings and Myriad Musings, then tried to correct and “man-splain” The Elder Scrolls Online to me, someone who is actually IN a fucking video-game, I figured that “he” deserves a post acknowledging his privilege and prowess! Stay tuned…you all will get a kick out of it, I’m certain! I’m also working on my long-overdue response to TheHumanFloyd, another gamer who seems to think that he knows ALL about the role-playing community. That respective community is extremely exclusive in the way that the Ku Klux Klan is…so, my verbal shredding of that bigot will be almost as enjoyable as taking down “Sypher!” I’ll be deactivating my Enjin guild-site soon and moving it to Facebook, as well. I’ll have a Facebook account of sorts, very soon…and I’m not quite certain how I feel about having to do so, LOL!

This movie just started on TV, so I’m off to watch it…it’s hilarious, and I could do with some laughter in the midst of my mourning…enjoy the clip!

Creativity, Writing, & Music

My mind works in mysterious, fantastic ways.  I do not question my high intelligence, and get irritated and annoyed with people who talk down to me.  I tend to put them in their places!  If that sounds arrogant to you, so be it – allow me to be righteously ‘arrogant’!  🙂

I learned to read when I was 2 years old.  I love word games like Scrabble® and I do crossword puzzles daily.  Former co-workers of mine have said things like, “Hey ‘S’, have you ever thought of joining MENSA?” or “You should try out for Jeopardy! and/or Who Wants To Be a Millionaire!”  True statements, these.  I did research MENSA out of curiosity, but the thought of paying money just to belong to some group and have some certificate on my wall proving that some people think that I’m fit to belong to (provided I have the money, of course) just didn’t appeal to me.  The game shows, on the other hand…I wouldn’t mind trying out for at all.  Seems like easy money, there!  Still, writing books and making money from my imagination and the worlds I’d create is what I’d rather do.  I could certainly write something far better than that juvenile crap shat out by Janet Evanovich!  Cripes…a stupid Jersey Snooki-type broad named Stephanie Plum decides to be a bounty hunter, is obsessed with her pathetic figure, has a stereotypical Black Best Friend (BBF) named Lula who was a prostitute that Stephanie rescued from the streets.


That first book in that pile of worthless tripe has apparently been made into a movie.  Sad, no?  Ye gawds…

I have different ways of inspiring my creativity: For one, my writing room looks out over a nice lawn which is dotted with trees – birds and squirrels are always darting about, and are fun to observe.  I have a variety of plants in the room, and they are all healthy and growing nicely – the room is serene and inspires my muse.  I peck on my antique typewriter; that is one of my eccentricities…my novels will only be written in that specific old-school way, on a manual typewriter from the 1920s.  It has class!  I love it…

I listen to music while I write, as well – generally classical, but sometimes I change it up just to get some juices flowing for battle scenes, graphic back- and side-stories for character development, and when I have to research unpleasant shit for believable fillers.  The images that play through my head when I listen to music is like a movie…full-color and intense!  I have vivid dreams and have had them since I was a wee one; I used to have night terrors and recurring dreams, which I recall in great detail even today.  I’ve even analyzed one in-depth had a personal epiphany – bear with me for a moment…

The dream is stark and barren in appearance…the only one I recall having where there is no real color, just many shades of grey.  I am floating through a grey sky filled with clouds and fog.  The only sound I hear is the wind howling mournfully.  As I come down through the clouds, I see a huge labyrinth spreading out in all directions.  The maze appears to be made of concrete and has high, thick walls.

I land in one of the maze’s passages.  The walls tower over my head; the passage leads off into darkness.  I have a sense of foreboding and impeding danger, but don’t know which way to go.  Suddenly, a small spark of light appears in front of my face and dances about.  I watch it, and it begins to move away from me.  I follow it.  It leads me down the passage and goes right at an intersection, then left down another.  The last passage seems to lead to a dead end, but I raise my hand to the wall and a door opens.  I follow the spark through the door and am in a fairly large room, which is empty save for a massive, stone fireplace and a small skylight which allows a tiny amount of gray light in.  The door vanishes behind me and is replaced by a scrolling tire-tread pattern.  The feeling of fear dissipates.  The spark floats into the fireplace and begins to dance in the fireplace in a mesmerizing way.  I sit cross-legged in front of the fireplace, and watch the spark dance.  I am safe.

That was my ‘safe place’ as a child…the one I went to when nasty things occurred.  Recurring dreams have meaning, in my belief.  I sure built some high, strong walls to protect myself – but that is part of what my name means.  I am the royal fortress in the meadow; the castle in the killing field.  Walls are a good thing to possess…

These two songs, here, are ones that always get my mind soaring through the universe and inspire my imagination.  I look through pictures that the Hubble Telescope has taken and I drift away and dream.  I’ve always been fascinated by both astronomy and astrology, along with the close connection the two fields have had through history for centuries.  Enjoy…

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