Last Week Tonight: The Presidential Pardon of Joe Arpaio

In this newest installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John Oliver talks about the presidential pardon of Joe Arpaio, and what precedent it sets while this regime is in power.

Pre-trip Random Shit…

Just a few rambling thoughts and observations before we hit the road again for another 2-week trip, give or take a day or three – we’re heading south towards New Mexico, this time!  Hoping to do some stargazing at the Grand Canyon, stare stupidly at giant redwoods and sequoias, and maybe pass through Reno and Las Vegas…never been to Nevada or south of there before – it’ll be fun!  Heading to the high desert of Arizona and maybe go see the Carlsbad Caverns in NM; again, beautiful states with ignorant residents!  Pity, that…crowds in general, but crowds of tourists, specifically, irritate and annoy me to no end.  Rude, racist assholes annoy me the most; no matter how much I try to stay out of their foul range, they seem to go out of their way to try to get in my face, shove in my way, stare with dyspeptic expressions, and just make asshats of themselves in general.  It’s fascinating to see people with nothing better to do with their time than fester in hatred and wallow in ignorance…

A lot of white people have gone absolutely apeshit lately, in every corner of this country.  It seems to be spreading globally at a rapid pace – they have been infected with the disease of racism, and the third-stage symptoms are finally becoming flagrantly obvious to any intelligent people who actually utilize their brain-matter.  Even more sad, is that the infected people are killing others – people with skin darker than cream- or beige-colored paper are the victims of this pathological disease.  There are still those, however, who wish to disbelieve and deny that racist homicides are occurring, and cite completely false statistics to justify these modern-day lynchings. Those cretinous trolls ARE these same rabid racists, and many of them are ready to explode into violent action like pus-filled boils.  Comment sections of blogs that examine this racist hysteria are full of shit-stain spatters from racist trolls who swoop down like vultures with their broken-record ‘arguments’ of pseudo-science, skewed crime statistics, and stereotypes.  Here are a couple of links to those blogs – look at some of the comments; aren’t they amazing?  Isn’t it fascinating to see the psychotic level of hatred that those racist fucktards possess?  It boggles the mind…one douchebag calling themselves ‘Allegory’ even claims that ‘only whites love to travel – PoC only want to sit and stagnate’.  Really?!?  Not in my experience!  I love to travel and see new places, and I can guarantee that my skin is nowhere near translucent – and some of the most stagnant places I’ve seen (in the States, so far) have been lily-white; what’s even funnier is that fact that these small towns have ROADS, so there’s no excuse to not explore and go somewhere else to see and experience different things!  Not like the small, isolated, island-bound, lily-white town that I grew up in…and I got out of there, LMFAO

It doesn’t surprise me that Michigan made the list of most racist states; when we were back east recently, we stopped at a Harley-Davidson® shop in Sturgis, MI and the store personnel were quite rude to my fiancée and me.  I wasn’t surprised though, as I noted that a lot of the clothing for sale was emblazoned with the confederate flag.  Anyone with any sense knows that the confederate flag is just as big a racist symbol and emblem as the iron cross or the swastika are – denying it is insulting; the south lost and will NOT rise again, so get over it!  Hell, the Japanese were never allowed to fly their original ‘Rising Sun’ national flag after WWII, so the confederate flag should go the way of the dodo.  I desire to burn those flags every time I see one, and I feel sorry for this young man of color who has been so brainwashed that he actually defends this symbol of racism, hate, and slavery:

The confederate flag is directly used by the Ku Klux Klan, a well-known racist group, just like the swastika was adopted by the nazi party and is still used by neo-nazi groups as a ‘club symbol’.  Just look at these charming people in this news story, and pay close attention to their apparel:–158462855.html

Yes, I am very leery of crowds that are uniformly pale – they are so rude!  Goats and pigs have better manners…  ‘Whites-only’ stores, events, bars and neighborhoods DO exist, as does color discrimination when it comes to jobs, business opportunities, housing availability, bank loans and credit cards, or schooling quality and availability.  Denying these facts does no good, nor does making excuses for the status quo.  There is no excuse for systematically denying entire groups of people the basic human right of being treated…well, like a human being!  Something’s got to give…

On to more pleasant subjects, now!  My beloved Toonami on [adult swim] has returned – new anime shows to watch!  Bleach is still fun with new episodes, although I really want them to get back to the ‘Hueco Mundo’ storyline.  Anyway, the new shows are delightfully dark and a bit twisted – Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland – they kick ass!  I would like to purchase the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood series, as well as Blood+, Trinity Blood, and Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit – those are great shows as well.  I already have Death Note, which is another excellent series.

I’ve set up my DVR for the few weekly shows that I enjoy; I’ll catch up with them when we return.

Oh, a Skyrim update for those of you who have been following my progress updates: I attained the title of Thane of Eastmarch – I did it!  😎
I finally had the proper conversation with Ulfric Stormcloak himself; he finally acknowledged me as a “true daughter of Skyrim” and bestowed the Axe of Eastmarch to me as a token of esteem – it was not the first weapon I was given by this noble, stalwart warrior!  A powerful Daedric Blade of the Blaze was given to me as well…it is grand!  I will soon begin a new set of adventures with a different character, and choose a different path.  It should be interesting to see what I accomplish with a completely different skill-set and what I decide to master.

The woman in this story should be an inspiration to all!  Personally, it’s been years since I worked out seriously, but it’s not obvious unless I tell people, LOL – but I’ve been prepping myself to being an exercise regiment again.  All this travel has pushed it aside a bit, but I have always possessed healthy eating habits.  If I increase my intake of water and cut down on coffee and dairy products,  then that would be a good start…I just don’t feel the need to cut out things that aren’t that detrimental to my diet!  I had the hardbody from hell in high-school and could eat whatever I want, and that hasn’t changed…I definitely want to be taut and toned like that again, but not at the expense of my curves!  At any rate, the woman in this article looks fantastic – hard to believe that she’s 75!  I note that she has her version of the ‘3-Ds’ on her shirt; my personal ones are: “drive, dedication, and determination”…they work for me!

Well, time to finalize packing and get the shopping list finished – gotta get some road food, a few little extra camping untensils, and other necessities that we ran out of – bug repellent and SPF 50 sunscreen.  I’ll leave you with three good songs, and a bit of humour to end the post on a lighter note…enjoy; I shall return, dear readers!


Big Country: “In A Big Country”

Cranberries: “Free To Decide”

The Pretenders: “Complex Person”

…and finally, here’s my favorite redhead, Conan O’Brien, exploring his Irish roots in Chicago – by learning how to step-dance!

Counting Down…

Here we go again – road trip number two!  We’ll be leaving next Friday; at this time next week I’ll be making sure the bags are ready to be packed on the bike, so when my fiancée gets home from work we’ll load everything up and hit the road.  I’m looking forward to it – we’re heading south to Arizona to visit my son, who is graduating from ITT.   I have never been to AZ yet, so I have more miles to travel and more states to plant my feet in!  I’ll have to tally the number up when I return…we should be back by the end of this month.  We’re going to plot our course of travel over the weekend – we need to decide if we’ll go the California route, or go through Nevada and Utah and hit the ‘Four Corners’ marker.  The weather will also assist with determining which way to go, LOL – and of course, plans always change!  We wanted to travel Route 66 on our last trip, but the unscheduled delay made it impossible – we were going to go south from Chicago and go all the way to Santa Monica – so Route 66 will be ridden another day.

I do enjoy riding, even on days when the road has been hard and long.  The bug bit me when I first learned to ride a bicycle.  I was 8 years old when I learned, because the first bike I had only had one training wheel on it so I could only go in circles…also, there was no room on the boat for bikes, and we lived on a boat for nearly two years straight.  When we first moved off the boat, we lived in an apartment building in downtown Wrangell, AK.  One of my brothers had a big, purple Schwinn bicycle that he didn’t ride.  I took that bike to the entry hallway of the apartment and practiced with it for what seemed like hours one day, trying to get the balance right.  Back and forth, back and forth I went, falling over and getting up again, getting back on that damn bike and rolling, then falling back over…I wanted to ride it so bad, and I was going to figure out how to balance it properly no matter what!  Finally…it happened…the ‘sweet spot’ was located and I could put my feet on the pedals and push…around in a circle I went, then back and forth in the hallway a few times – then I was out the door and down the street.  Freedom.  I was flying!  It was heaven…I rode everywhere I could after that, every chance I got.  It was excellent exercise and an escape from my house.  I would ride to the cemetery and read, or ride to the goat farm and sit in the goat barn and read.  I’d go to the beaches and collect shells, or go to the library and read.  I was 15 when I first rode a motorized bike – it was a 750 Honda that belonged to a friend of mine at school, and he gave me a couple of rides on it…it was fun!  Later on, at 16, I went 4-wheeling with acquaintances in Omaha, Nebraska and had a blast.  At 17 I got my first ride on a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle, and that officially set the hook in my heart and soul.  Nothing compares to riding – you get to really experience the world on a bike, and see and smell things that you miss out on when you’re ‘in a cage’: the reek of a dead skunk.  The stench of the oil and coal refineries; the bitter stink of paper mills.  Different parts of the country have different smells to them – farm country smells of manure, while the northwest has a fresh, clean smell like no other part of the U.S.  The area near the Great Lakes smelled better than the Midwest, as did Montana and Wyoming – except near the refineries!  You also feel everything – every jolt in the road; the wind pushing against you as the weather changes.  When we went to Sturgis in 2010, we rode the edge of a storm while heading to Devil’s Tower.  The wind gusts were amazing, and watching a funnel-cloud begin to form was an unforgettable sight!

On a bike you’re more aware of animals, since deer, elk, and other large game can be fatal to motorcyclists – so you pay attention to, and see, more wildlife.  Without the top of a car blocking your view, you see a broader view of the world around you, including the skies: birds fly everywhere, and on the endless plains you can see nearly every variation of cloud at once, spread out overhead in every direction.  Sometimes I wish for a helmet cam and cameras attached to my hands like Spider-Man’s webslingers…I would be able to ‘point and shoot’ everything I see, like the wild turkeys walking along the side of the road, so close that I could literally reach out and grab them by the neck – fresh turkey dinner, ROFL – and I could catch the aerial battles between hawks and crows, crows and starlings, and even starlings against hawks!  During spring, the birds are territorial of their nests, and hawks and crows are notorious egg-robbers – it’s fascinating to see.  My fiancée pointed out some turkeys in a field near the roadside one day – I thought there were only three, but he indicated that there were four.  I later realized that I had seen the fourth turkey; it was a tom which was preening for three hens and his back was towards me, so all I saw was his gray ball of a rear end!  Up front he would have been all puffed-up and gobbling away…LOL

Yes, I love riding.  To me, it is pure freedom and gives me great joy…my heart and soul soar as we ride, the road rolling away underneath us, and the landscape changing with the miles.  My mind is unchained and roams the firmament, inspired by the grandeur of this country’s natural phenomena.  It’s easier to put petty troubles aside when you immerse yourself in something spectacular and humbling…if more people did this, maybe they wouldn’t be like this nazi douchebag here!  What a fucktard…I’ve seen this guy in many variations trolling the comment boards of the local news sites, and that person with the moniker of ‘lips’ is just as bad: a racist cunt and self-proclaimed ‘recovered meth addict’ (no such thing).  They always spout off some racist bullshit and political idiocy on every news story there is…it’s amazing.  What a mature blog this guy has!  He thinks that nobody can figure out what he’s saying, just because he knows how to speak German – gee, I speak and understand German just fine, and I know I’m not the only one…that’s how I can see what racist tripe he writes!  What a fucking dumbass…LMAO

It’s Friday, so here’s a bit of humour…I’m not going to close a post with a negative douchebag!  Enjoy this phenomenal and talented musician, Reggie Watts – this guy kicks ass!

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