Talkin’ Baseball: Opening Day 2016

Ah, yes – it’s that time of year again; the “Boys of Summer” are back! My Seattle Mariners will play the Texas Rangers on their home turf, with our ace pitcher “King” Felix Hernandez starting on the mound.

I see some familiar faces returning when I look at the roster of active players (25): Hisashi Iwakuma, Taijuan Walker, Mike Montgomery, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager, just to name a few. The full roster (40) has a few more of the players whom I expected to see; I suppose we’ll see if they get added to the active list later on in the season. Other familiar names and faces include Norichika Aoki and Dae-Ho Lee, newly added to the Mariners roster.

I think that it’s a shame that Lloyd McClendon was let go as bullpen manager. I thought that he did a decent job and could have done more, if he’d been allowed to by his higher-ups. He had to deal with a death in his family last season, and that is an event that can affect the best and brightest, no matter what. Hopefully he finds a good place with another good team, but seeing as how segregation is still firmly intact in most sports, I won’t hold my breath. He probably isn’t, either.

The game is still going, so I’ll just leave off with my three favourite baseball and sports-related songs! Enjoy…

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