Happy 4th of July

A Little Bit ‘o Drunk History…

Jush becaush…*HIC*

Censoring history does no good. Hiding facts is futile. ‘History’ might be written by the victors, but there will always be those who remember the reality and document it…so, enjoy a little bit of ‘Drunk History!’

The following quote is equally applicable to those of the male gender…any who take it personally must resemble the remark, IMHO!



It’s the Firth of Forth…2015!

It’s the 4th of July here in the States…it is NOT ‘Independence Day!’ Why? Simple – not every American citizen was ‘independent’ at the inception of this country…for that matter, not every citizen was counted as, or considered, a ‘citizen.’

I see that I have some new followers; welcome, and nice to meet you! Join in on the pandemonium, LOL

With that, enjoy a few songs – it’s “Sing-along Saturday,” just for the hell of it!


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