New Year’s Eve: Party Preparations

In-game and in real life (IRL), plans for the evening festivities are in full swing! Enjoy these screen-shots and a bit of music to start the countdown. 11 hours remain in 2017 at the time of this post, in my corner of the world.

Here’s looking forward to the new year, as well as the new title for this blog. Cheers, everyone!


A little self-immolation to stay warm during the cold ride

A blazing orb matches the essence of Sepultur’a Stone-Fire

Admiring the latest addition to the newest abode

Looks magnificent and terrible – an excellent combination

A prayer-scroll graces the observation tower

Paying homage to the mighty “Father of the Orcs”

Relaxing indoors with a drink

Time to cook up the feast – the guild-members will be hungry

For the strange ones called “vee-gins,” a nutritious bland paste will be served

Awaiting the arrival of honoured guests – let the drunken debauchery begin!

Creeping Up on the New Year…

’tis just around the corner!


Eyrie Of An Aries

New Year’s Eve is a couple of days away, so I’m getting a proper post ready for it – out with the old, in with the new! Although, I fear that 2017 will be more of the same as we had in 2016…but far worse for many of us here in the USA. It is what it is, though! Poop doth occur – over, and over, and over again!

Here are three good songs for this Thursday. It’s time for my workout! Afterwards, I’m going to make a nice pot of chicken soup – after showering, of course – then it will be time for a bit of gaming, which will be live-streamed if no glitches happen. Otherwise, I’ll try to capture some footage and share it via screen-shots or YouTube…whichever one I can get to work correctly, LOL! Talk at you all later…

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Three Songs for Thursday (Re-blogged)

I’m re-blogging this post from November, to mark this final Thursday of December and the last one of 2017! Enjoy…


2017 Is Drawing To A Close

2017 is nearly over; 2018 will be upon us soon.

How were your holidays? Mine have been fantastic. Every year, I celebrate my birthday for a full week starting on 17 March. Each December I celebrate from the Solstice through to New Year’s Day, because 11 years ago I received one of the best gifts ever: the gift of my family.

Now that the end-of-year visits are over it’s back to some heavy gaming! I need to earn a few more things before the latest event is over.


Happy Holidays – Memes & Music!

Whichever holiday you celebrate around this time of the year, I hope that it is a happy one!

A Tale of Two Offices

Dealing with overpaid government employees is a fact of life for many people. Those times tend to be few and far between, fortunately. When they do occur, they can either be a surprisingly painless experience, or they can be a miserable ordeal perpetuated by an inbred autistic who has been guaranteed a “meaningful place in society” by the brilliant minds behind the no-longer-needed ADA. Two days were needed to do something which could have been completed in one day, due the cognitive dysfunction of a fat pig who couldn’t clarify her own statement.

Wednesday the 20th was designated as the day to renew my WA state identification (WA I.D.) and my license to carry a concealed weapon (CCL/CWP). Documentation was needed for my I.D., as it had expired at the end of 2015 and I was going to upgrade it to what is called an “Enhanced Identification.” Enhanced I.D. is used here in the USA by select states, and qualifies as a passport of sorts if we wish to travel to Canuckistan or Mexico. This is subject to change at any time based on the whims of the current administration.

Anyway, we chose to get my I.D. renewed first because we thought that it wouldn’t take as long as the CCL renewal, and doing the CCL would be on the way home. Smooth sailing wasn’t to be, as the waiting-room was full by the time we arrived. There were only three employees in attendance even though there were six service windows in all, so they were obviously short-staffed.

We waited a full half-hour before the imperious bitch waved her hand in our general direction. At the counter, her sniffy attitude indicated that her workday was done and she wasn’t going to be of any help. She was condescending and rude and insisted that I didn’t have the proper documentation, proclaiming in a haughty tone: “You need to provide your birth certificate as proof of residency.” Um, what? A birth certificate only proves that I was born in this country. It doesn’t prove residency, as I wasn’t born yesterday – literally. The only way a birth certificate proves residency is if the newborn isn’t a foster child or given up for adoption, and only if they were six months of age or less.

I mentioned this and asked her to clarify her statement. Her snippy retort was, “I have rules that I have to follow and you need to bring in your birth certificate!” She thrust a piece of paper at me, ordered me to read their website and get familiar with their requirements, then shut her window so that she could end her day. Never mind the fact that I had read the website beforehand and ensured that I had the necessary documents. Need for a birth certificate was listed nowhere on their website, nor was it listed on the paper she threw at me before slamming her little partition closed. Since she had wasted so much of our time, there was no way to get to the county sheriff’s office to renew the CCL. We treated ourselves to sushi and made it home safely, in spite of an accident on the road which delayed us for another 45 minutes.

Solstice Day, Thursday 21 December was supposed to be spent relaxing and enjoying the shortest day of the year. Instead, we had to go out on treacherous roads which we had planned on avoiding. Since the original schedule had been disrupted, we decided to go to the county sheriff’s office first in order to get the CCL renewal out of the way. What a completely different experience!

The woman behind the counter was open and friendly, requesting clearly which documents were needed to complete the process. I had my photo re-taken, as the OR CCL is a photo ID form in and of itself, then sat down to fill out the paperwork so that it was current. By the time I had the paperwork completed, my renewed CCL was finished. In all, the process from start to finish took all of 30 minutes.

Back to Kelso, WA for the enhanced I.D. renewal. All required documents with me, including the certified copy of my birth certificate. I guess that is the new America for me, for the time being: always be prepared to show proof of being born in the USA, since I don’t fit the stereotype of the American-born Black woman!

After listening to the overtly effusive and unctuous apologies from the self-proclaimed “supervisor” of that DMV location, I received my enhanced identification for the state of Washington. I won’t have to deal with government employees – pleasant or incompetent – until 2023.


License Renewal

I was subjected to polar opposites of government employee customer service over the past couple of days, as I had to renew two important, necessary licenses. I enjoyed writing the upcoming post and entertained myself immensely while doing so. Those reasons alone are why it is worth publishing.

Wait for it…


5 On Friday: Musical Favourites

The new year arrives 10 days from today.

I have updated, edited, and streamlined my ‘About’ page and ‘Comment Policy.’ This blog page will still be titled ‘sepultura13,’ but the tags of ‘Random Ramblings’ and ‘Myriad Musings’ appear to be overused and worn out. The new header for this blog will be revealed in the new year.

For this “5 on Friday” post I offer the songs which used to grace my ‘About’ page. There is one minor song change but I think that it will go unnoticed. Nobody really read the page to begin with. C’est la vie.


Solstice Blessings (Re-blogged)

Solstice blessings from me to you. Blessed be.

Eyrie Of An Aries

’tis the Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. The shortest day; the longest night. The cycle of the seasons continues on. Slowly, the days will start lengthening once again.

Blessed Solstice and Joyous Yuletide! I selected these songs and in-game screen-shots for your listening, and viewing, pleasure.


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Full Frontal Thursday: Apocalypse Soon?

In this final “Full Frontal Thursday” post of 2017, Sam talks about FauxNews and their incessant attacks on the FBI now that the investigation is exposing the corruption surrounding the Drumpf.

She also shines a light on the death-cult known as zionist xians – or is it xian zionists? – supremacist-oriented “evangelicals” who desire the “end of days.” I guess it is the only thing they have to look forward to at the end of their miserable lives.

Finally, Sam goes back to church and talks with A. R. Bernard, the only preacher who had the cobbles to leave the Drumpf’s laughably-named “evangelical advisory board.”

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