Notable Passings: Tata Madiba

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela: 18 July 1918 – 5 December 2013

I heard the sad, but expected, news late last night…Tata Madiba, known worldwide as Nelson Mandela, has shed his mortal cloak and gone to the ages. He passed away at his home in Johannesburg, South Africa, shortly before 19:00 GMT (21:00 local time). More from BBC News:

“South Africans have gathered in Johannesburg and Soweto to mourn their former leader, Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday aged 95.

Mr Mandela had been receiving treatment at home for a recurring lung illness since September, when he was discharged from hospital.

As soon as the news of his death broke late on Thursday, small crowds began to gather in Soweto’s Vilakazi Street, where Mr Mandela lived in the 1940s and 1950s.

Crowds also gathered outside Mr Mandela’s current home, in Johannesburg’s northern suburb of Houghton, where he died. A stage has been erected there and speeches are being given and hymns sung.

President Zuma visited the house in the early afternoon to pay his respects.

Across the world, leaders, celebrities and members of the public have been paying tribute.”

Al-Jazeera had an interesting piece about him. Here’s an excerpt:

“Nelson Mandela will be celebrated primarily for the dignity with which he emerged onto the world stage after decades in prison and for the forgiveness that he displayed toward his former enemies in forging a democratic, multi-racial South Africa from the poisoned legacy of apartheid.

As a global statesman of grace and humility, he was long courted by Western leaders drawn by his irresistible story of triumph over tyranny. Yet Mandela, who died on Dec. 5 at age 95, was also a more radical and politically complex figure than has been commonly acknowledged by his admirers in the West.

As a young man he had close ties to the South African Communist Party and plotted an armed uprising inspired by Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution in Cuba.

For many who followed his life closely, that commitment to socialist values and instinctive solidarity with those he saw as fellow strugglers against oppression, colonialism and imperialism continued to burn strongly even in the years after his release from prison and the end of apartheid.

“He came out of prison a senior statesman in waiting. He went into prison as a militant revolutionary leader,” Peter Hain, a veteran anti-apartheid campaigner and friend of Mandela’s, said.

“He was seen as a burly freedom fighter, learning how to shoot in Ethiopia and traveling to revolutionary Algeria and other countries while he was underground. We must never forget he was a freedom fighter.”

A great fighter, indeed. His spirit was never broken during his unjustified 27-year imprisonment; he maintained the drive, dedication, and determination necessary to emerge from that cell to become one of the greatest leaders of all time. More from the Huffington Post:

“The thing about Nelson Mandela was that he made the rest of us want to be almost as noble as he.

Imprisoned for 27 years, the anti-apartheid leader who had declared at his 1964 trial that he was willing to die for his beliefs in human dignity and racial equality emerged from that experience not filled with hatred, but courtly, magnanimous, humble and good-humored.

His very demeanor served as the rebuttal to all those who peddled fear and foretold disaster and bloodshed should black South Africans get the vote and take power in Pretoria.

It is easy to forget what a seething cauldron South Africa had become by the early 1990s as part of its white minority struggled to hang on to the three centuries of privilege made possible by apartheid. I remember it vividly while covering the country’s democratic transition as AP’s southern Africa bureau chief in Johannesburg in the mid-1990s.

Khaki-clad farmers with pistols at their side were setting off bombs and pledging never to submit to majority rule. The townships with their shantytown poverty were ablaze with guns and violence as ANC activists and backers of the government-encouraged and Zulu-dominated Inkatha Freedom Party fought with terrifying ferocity. In Guguletu, outside Cape Town, a young American Fulbright scholar Amy Biehl was chased down and killed by a mob of youths shouting racial taunts of “Kill the farmer.” An anti-apartheid Communist leader, Chris Hani, was gunned down and killed by a right-wing Polish immigrant.

The nation felt like a tinderbox, a stage set for a bloodbath.

But what Mandela ushered into history instead was his profound regard for the rights of all South Africans to claim a share of the national patrimony. It was a point he boldly made on almost every public occasion, whether to householders in the white and affluent Johannesburg suburb of Houghton or on a stage thrown up at a dilapidated football stadium crammed to the rafters with township dwellers clamoring for economic justice.

Through tedious and patient negotiations over several years after his release from prison, the framework was set for the country’s first all-race elections in April 1994, even though almost until the last minute it was not clear that all the conflicting parties would participate. When the day finally dawned cold and clear, South Africans saw themselves as the rainbow nation they really were. More than 22 million people voted, their lines snaking over the verdant green hills, and it was evident to the majority that they were now, at last, full citizens in the land of their birth.”

I was still in middle school when I watched his ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ on the news. Such a powerful presence! I was amazed at the fact that he’d been in prison longer than I’d been alive; my fiancée hadn’t even been born at the time Madiba was imprisoned. To emerge with such dignity, grace, and good humour was a fantastic testament to this great, legendary gentleman.

Rest easy, Madiba. Your legacy will last through eternity.

A Quick Update…

I’ve been busy as hell recently! Planning my wedding, connecting with family and friends, winterizing to get ready for a mini-hibernation, and various other distractions have caused me to neglect my poor blog. I’m still around, though, and things will finally start to settle down here in short order. I have one post to make after this one, then I’ll return to regular posting in a couple of weeks – and I’ll at least post something on New Year’s Eve, at the latest! It appears that some nasty little trolls are just begging for my attention, as well, so I’ll get to them eventually. They seem to thrive on instant gratification and I deny them that pleasure. They can wait to be addressed and bashed, LMAO

Talk at y’all later…

Blessed Samhain…2013!

A merry Samhain to you, dear readers! The first frost of the year happened here a couple of days ago; the night was clear and cold, and morning saw frost on the grass and the rooftops. Mist rose thick over the rivers and streams…a perfect Autumn morning! The rain returned today so it is a bit warmer than it was the other day – cloud cover helps.

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox on their World Series victory! Fantastic games…I hoped that they would win, simply because they are in the American League. My A.L. Mariners couldn’t do it, and it was impressive to see the Red Sox go from “worst to first” – I always root for the underdog! They did pretty damned good. Baseball season is over for the year…looking forward to next season! I wonder what the Mariners lineup will look like…

I’ll get back to blogging as usual over the weekend – for now, enjoy some tunes!

Alice Cooper: “This House is Haunted

Oingo Boingo: “Dead Man’s Party

The Hooters: “All You Zombies

Rob Zombie: “Great American Nightmare

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins: “Voodoo

Windy, Wet, & Wild Weekend Weather!

Well, the final Friday of this month has come and gone. I haven’t done a ‘Happy Friday’ or a weekend post for some time, it seems…and I completely missed doing a post for the Friday the 13th that occurred a couple of weeks ago. It couldn’t be helped, and I certainly don’t want to be TOO predictable, so I won’t apologize for or excuse my absence…shit happens, after all! The seasonal transition of weather continues; it was windy and raining today and will be worse tomorrow, which is why I couldn’t get online earlier today. Stormy September weather is always expected on the coast, and it wreaks havoc with the TV and internet connection even though I don’t have the dreaded Dish Network! Go figure…

An Oregon tech blogger said he was able to unlock his iPhone 5s using his genitals. So, finally, a tech blogger has found a use for his genitals.

I figured I’d look at the lighter side of things for a bit! First off is something I saw on Conan O’Brien the other day. Unsurprisingly, some nerdy techie from a school in Oregon figured out that he could unlock his new iPhone by using his genitals. First it was fingerprints; next, it was ‘nipple-prints,’ now it seems to be ‘scrote-prints!’ Some people have WAY too much time on their hands, eh? Wow…

My Seattle Mariners lost against the Oakland Athletics yesterday, 8 – 2. Felix Hernandez pitched his final game of the season but the ‘W’ just wasn’t meant to be. Tonight’s game, on the other hand, was delightful – although, the slim-margin win wasn’t exactly what I’d hoped for, especially after the Ms had a great lead! Still, a win is a win is a win, so the 7 – 5 final score wasn’t bad. Brad Miller’s grand slam was nice to see! I’m hoping that tomorrow’s game ends in a win as well…end the season on a positive note, even though it sucks that Eric Wedge won’t be back as manager for the 2014 season. He seemed to do a good job for the clubhouse…we’ll just have to see what next season brings. In the meantime, I will only watch the MLB postseason if the Twins and / or the Pirates are playing…otherwise, time to focus fully on football!

It appears that public masturbation is legal in Sweden, while some show in Britain is doing a live sex show. That’s beyond creepy IMHO, but it was really only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Freaks and extremists want to rule the world! Case in point: Lush Limp-Paw rewriting history via children’s books…which seems to be a very popular means of spreading subversive messages these days! Digressing…

The new season of South Park has begun, and the first episode had me dying! It was so pertinent and very true – we’ll see if next week’s episode will be worthy. I’ve noticed that in the past 7 or 8 seasons, the creators and writers have been exceptionally hit-and-miss with the humour in a lot of their episodes, IMHO. At least it’s still watchable!

After a long drought, I was visited by two “drive-by trolls” on my post about Seth McFarlane. I guess his name is Googled a lot, because that one seems to get a lot of hits! Anyway, one was highly unoriginal (as they all seem to be) and decided to be a 2-year-old name-caller. “You’re flat out racist,” is what the first troll stated, whilst using a fake email address to try to slip past the spam filter. I guess they jumped to that conclusion after skimming one post out of the 280 I’ve done since I began this blog. It’s hilarious that certain people conclude that pointing out racism makes the one pointing it out a racist…talk about cognitive dissonance! Here’s the pertinent info, in case you have a blog and want to dissuade this specific troll – I put spaces in the URL because I didn’t want people linking there from here and vice versa.

More information about name




 Whois: http : // whois. arin. net / rest / ip /

The second troll made a comment about how some of the images not loading properly. Um, yeah…that would be due to an issue beyond my control, and it could easily be a problem with your own internet provider or computer. Call the Geek Squad or something – they might be able to help you with at least one of your many issues!     😀

Here are three songs for those with one thing on their minds this evening…enjoy.     😎

Billy Idol: “Flesh For Fantasy

Jefferson Starship: “Miracles

The Chakachas: “Jungle Fever

2 August 2013: Happy Friday!

Wow – it’s August already! Summer will end soon; Autumn is just around the corner. At least the leaves haven’t started changing colours yet…that’s always a sure sign that the seasons have changed!

1 August marks the pagan holiday of Lughnassadh (Lammas), which is basically a celebration of the month of August. More on this holiday from All-Saints Brookline: “Summer’s over: Today is Lughna Day, the night stretches… …There are several clearly defined themes that underlie traditional Lughnasa celebrations and rites. Lughnasa is a harvest festival, marking the end of the period of summer growth and the beginning of the autumn harvest. A popular misconception is that Lughnasa was a fire festival. It was not. It was associated with water and earth, expressed in wells, corn, flowers, and mountains. Fire played no substantial part unless you count incidental fires to cook the feast and bring warmth on cool summer nights. Fire is just as closely associated with the solstices and equinoxes; the practice of calling the four Celtic cross-quarter festivals ‘the fire festivals’ is a modern one… Late July and month of August are traditional times for fairs because the weather is usually mild and the ground is suitable for traveling. Many traditional Lammas/Lughnasa fairs are still celebrated today. The Puck Fair, in Killorglin, County Kerry (Ireland) is one of the best-known traditional fairs when a male goat is crowned as king for three days and known as ‘ King Puck’ (from the Gaelic puc, meaning he-goat). At Lammas/Lughnasa fairs throughout Britain and Ireland various other male animals were enthroned and other symbols were displayed, such as a white glove, or the rods and wands of office belonging to local sheriffs and bailiffs. At the St James’s Fair in Limerick, which lasted for a fortnight, a white glove was hung out at the prison, and during this time no one could be arrested for debt. Many traditional summer fairs are called ‘wake fairs’. A wake is a vigil kept in the presence of the body of a dead person in the period between the death and the burial. Games, feasting and drinking play a large part in the proceedings. It was also the custom to hold a wake, with a vigil and prayers, on the eve of the feast day of the local saint and follow it with a fair on the next day. Over a period of time the religious element of the custom died out and all that remained was a secular occasion with feasting and merrymaking. One pagan association with Lughnasa is as an elaborate wake for the corn god who dies with the cutting of the corn. A symbol of the corn god or other harvest god was often symbolically placed in a graveyard. Another explanation for mid-August Lughnasa as wake refers not to the death of a pagan god but general mourning for the death of summer. Though warm weather obviously continued after mid-August, this can be compared to the U.S. custom of marking the first Monday of September as summer’s end, complete with elaborate cultural “mourning rituals” for the end of summer, even though relatively warm weather goes on for weeks.”

I finally have my antique, manual typewriter! My fiancée surprised me with it yesterday; it now sits proudly on my desk in my writing room, where I have a great view of the hummingbird feeder and flowering bushes outside. Watching nature is part of what inspires me to write…I have found my muse. The best thing about using a typewriter is that you don’t have to worry about it crashing and eating up months (or years) of hard work!

Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d put up some comedy links…enjoy, and have a great weekend!

First, here’s another take on people who try to act “Blacker than thou” – especially when they have the benefit of ‘white privilege’ because of their ability to ‘pass!’

MADtv: “Dating an Octoroon

Next, it seems that the racist, white collective is ecstatic over George Zimmerman murdering an unarmed, 17-year old teenager. One of the biggest reasons they think it was warranted is because O.J. Simpson got away with murder back in the 1990s. Not sure how the two are even remotely related, especially given the circumstances surrounding both cases, but it is what it is. Here’s a take on O.J. Simpson’s interview following his ‘trial’ – I’ll bet that George Zimmerman will want to take some notes, here!

MADtv: “O.J. Simpson’s Bloopers, Blunders & Boners

Finally, the Greatest Fucking News Team breaks down the postpartum hype following the birth of the royal baby:

The Daily Show: “On Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix

Random Friday Ramblings: 19 July 2013

I wanted to open this post by saying “happy belated birthday” to Nelson Mandela, also known as Tata Madiba. He turned 95 years old yesterday, 18 July – his health has been exceptionally fragile for the past two months and he’s been in hospital for about six weeks. His family members have been at his side almost nonstop…I was happy to hear that he enjoyed his birthday and that the issue regarding the burial of three of his relatives has been settled. Hopefully his grandson will put that venerable gentleman’s wishes before his own and stop with the divisive nonsense.

Speaking of divisive nonsense, I’m honestly laughing at that fat, sloppy, slovenly drug addict of a so-called ‘radio host’ and his insistence that he can use the word ‘nigger.’ Yep, I wrote it out – surprised? Don’t be. I rarely use that word, but will to make a point. Anyway, a fat, slovenly, racist cunt named Drugged-up Limp-paw is attempting to generate controversy by insulting Black people everywhere…AGAIN. What’s really funny is that he’s been doing that shite for ages, but nobody really gives a rip. He gets paid to spew hate and he must do it well – so well, in fact, that he’s apparently untouchable! Just like other so-called ‘shock jocks’ like G. Gordon Liddy, Howard Stern, Tom Leykis, and Laura Schlessinger, he dropped that hateful, racist word on-air and gets to keep his job. Hell, he probably got a big fat deposit in his offshore account from the Klan Aryan Brotherhood Tea-Baggers and the NRA after that! I fail to see why anyone pretends to be shocked by anything he says or does anymore…this is the guy who mocked Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease. This is the guy who said that all drug addicts should be lined up against a wall and shot – I wonder why he didn’t take his own advice? * slaps forehead *

Oh, silly me, I forget…whites get to do whatever the fuck they want to, including murder, and get away with it. Of course they can spout racist shite whenever and wherever they desire! Just like that has-been baseball player, John Rocker – he dropped the ‘n-bomb’ sometime back in the 1990s; apparently he was in the news for saying that all sports players should be able to use steroids. Sounds to me like he’s been taking them for some time and wants justification for it or something…speaking of baseball, remember a fat, slovenly cunt named Marge Schott? Look her up sometime, if you don’t remember what she said about Black baseball players when she was the manager for the Cincinnati Reds. Another charming person to look up would be a person called Jimmy the Greek – he had some fascinating things to say about genetics and Black people a while back. Amazing that people practically quote him verbatim in the comment sections of other blogs, when it comes to racist pseudo-science! People who are clueless about human physiology and physiognomy are suddenly armchair experts in genetics when they get online…

Anyway, I wasn’t planning on going on a rant over some old, bald, fat dickless wonder being his normal, racist self. Just like that fat, inbred, white trash cunt, southern-fried lard-ass Paula Deen – I pretty much expect a southern white slob to constantly yearn for slave days! Speaking of southerners, I don’t understand how other Black people can claim that living in the southern U.S. is somehow ‘better’ than living in the west or northeastern parts of the country, just because whites down there are more ‘open’ with their racism. Hey, if you want open racists, go to the Midwest or Alaska – whites are jacked-up in those states as well, and have no problem getting in your face with their hate, if that’s what yanks your chain. Canada is another option for emotional masochists, if you get sick of being a U.S. citizen…just a thought!

It’s another grand day to be alive, I can tell you that! The weather has been perfect – it rains overnight and the mornings are cloudy, but the sun comes out after noon and everything looks beautiful. The deer have wandered by quite a bit during the past week, and the bear was spotted a couple of days ago, raiding a hummingbird feeder in a neighbor’s yard. The hummingbirds in our yard have been feisty lately. One male sits in a tree near our garage and guards one feeder, chasing away other birds and bees that get too close to it. He also has an interesting call of warning – amazing that such a tiny bird can make such a big sound! I’ve named him the ‘Fighting Ruby-throat’ and he is very distinctive.

We went to a pond and dug up some big-leaved water lilies to put in our frog pond, because the tadpoles are growing up! We see a number of them with all four legs and skinny tails, and at least five of them have become tiny frogs – they sit and sun themselves on the lily-pads, but will scatter and hide if I approach too fast. The crows have made them skittish, which is how it should be!

We’re trying to get the hot-rod in rolling order for the car shows, but we have two other classics that we can go with if it’s not feasible to fix the roadster. Always have contingency plans when you’re putting things in motion – then expect the worst, hope for the best, and just see what happens…

The All-Star Game is in the books; the American League dominated the National League, once again. It was good to see Felix Hernandez have a good outing, and the game was fun to watch. The Mariners had their first sweep of the season before the All-Star break, soundly trouncing the Angels. They play tonight in Houston…I hope they kick the Astros’ collective arses all over the field, but in good fun! I’m thinking of doing a post about some of my favourite baseball players soon…and, speaking of upcoming posts, I will soon have a few more about notable Black women. I might even do an Open Thread, even though I don’t have enough regular readers to warrant one. We’ll see…

Alright, time for some Friday music! The song “That Smell” is dedicated to the cunt who ran us off the road on 10 July of this year; the lyrics are in the video. Enjoy the tunes and have a great weekend!

U2: “Zoo Station

Alice Cooper: “No More Mr. Nice Guy

Lynyrd Skynyrd: “That Smell

Friday Summer Solstice – 2013!!!

It’s the longest day of the year! Friday, June 21st marks the Summer Solstice, but it officially occurred at 22:04 PDT (5:04 GMT) on Thursday, June 20th. Summer has officially begun…well, in the Northern hemisphere, at least! The ‘real’ summer-like weather won’t arrive until July 5th – I’ve been in this part of the world for most of my life and can attest to the truth of that fact!     😎

I am remaining calm after yesterday’s fiasco of a baseball game…all I have to say about the Mariners right now is, “Wow…Really? SERIOUSLY?!?!?” Last night’s game had a phenomenal start: 3 – 0 in favor of the Ms at the end of the first inning; 7 – 1 to end the third, and 8 – 2 in the fourth. That all vanished in the 5th inning with a 5-run streak by the Angels, and finally ended in a 9 – 10 loss. I’ll have to grudgingly admit that they have a superb triple threat with Trout, Pujols, and Trumbo, and that’s just for starters – Bourjos is no slouch, either! Damn…what a crushing loss of a game AND a series! I thought we had it in the bag, but that’s baseball for ya. Sheesh…I want to throw a tantrum about it, but that would be a waste of time! I can only hope that the home-stand games, combined with the schedule of some days off here and there, will get them in a good mindset and a nice, long winning streak. We shall see…and, it sure seems as if Felix Hernandez has some bad mojo on him when he plays the Angels in Los Angeles! His record is 0 – 4 there. I’m SMDH in disbelief, and I know that I’m not the only one!

I’ve been having tons of fun exploring the island of Solstheim, encountering new people and critters; exploring new dungeons, barrows, and ruins; and finding more weapons and armor pieces to display in my various domiciles! For instance, I found a 2-handed weapon which I have lovingly named the ‘mighty meat tenderizer,’ because that’s what it vaguely resembles. Also, there is a ‘Smurf village’…anyone out there who plays will know what I’m talking about! I’ve played one character which willingly took the vampire’s ‘blessing’ and fed on unwitting humans, while another is happy to roam the lands in ‘beast mode.’ On a side note, I saw an online trailer when I was looking up music on YouTube – apparently, an Elder Scrolls Online game will be making its debut in spring of 2014. No, I won’t be playing. I got my fill of MMORPGs with Ultima Online! The things that fuck up the interwebs are the same things that fucked up the fun experience Ultima Online could have been; also, ELECTRONIC ARTS SUCKS DONKEY BALLS RAW!!!!! They used to have great customer service, but that’s gone the way of the dodo. They have made it impossible for me to update my payment information, so I can’t play anymore – and I refuse to start over with new characters! If EA wants to stop being hated, then they should probably start with players like me and correct their major fuck-ups! I put 13 years into that game, and all of my collections and rewards are gone…so, no more paying for online games for me. I love playing Skyrim and don’t want that experience destroyed by racist fuckwads, immature children, and women (or men) who have to be whores with everyone in cyberspace! I don’t mind being solitary and antisocial, as less contact with toxic people has been quite beneficial to my health.

Conan’s show has been on a break this week, and Jon Stewart is off the Daily Show for the summer – John Oliver has done a great job behind the desk so far; I think he’s a great choice for the spot! His co-workers seem to feel a bit slighted, as evidenced in this clip:

America Betrayed!!!

The “Failin’ Palin” is extruding fecal matter from her mouth again…how can Toddles stand to kiss that festering trench? I had wondered the same thing about the rented Negro boyfriend of Mann Coulter, when I found out that she went out and got herself a big, black cock to service her rank, oozing cooze! It appears that some Black people are so ‘blinded by the white’ that bedding a white racist is apparently a badge of honor amongst them. It’s similar to a straight female ‘seducing’ a gay man and convincing herself that she’s ‘converted’ him. People are strange…speaking of strange, it appears that fatassed, southern fried white-trash ‘chef’ Paula Deen is racist. Uh, really?!? A southern white woman using the ‘N-word?’ NO!!! That NEVER happens!     🙄

Besides, Jessica Williams of the Daily Show (sporting her nice, new extensions) has a quick fix for all of the white racists out there – check it out!

Fried & Prejudice

Finally, a little bit of music for the first day of summer…and get outside on Sunday evening to check out the ‘supermoon!’     😎

The Beatles: “Here Comes the Sun

Electric Light Orchestra: “Mr. Blue Sky

King Harvest: “Dancing in the Moonlight

Happy Final Friday…May 2013!!!

It’s a beautiful Friday today! No rain, the clouds have parted and thinned, the sun was out all afternoon, and the rest of the week looks to be fantastic. I can finally scrape out the moss that’s forming betwixt my toes! I wandered through the yard today and saw more shoots sprouting out from one of the existing bamboo stands – there are six total, running in a westerly direction. The tadpoles still have tails…I don’t see any evidence of legs forming yet, so I’ll have to dust off some of my old books about amphibians and read up on their timeline of formation.

From the Corner of Edgar & Dave
Game #55: Seattle Mariners (23-31) at Minnesota Twins (23-28) | 7:10 p.m. 

The Mariners had one hell of a slump going on and I didn’t want to post a topic until they pulled out of it, which is basically my own silly little sports superstition – I strongly believe that any athlete and / or fan has one, even if they never admit it outwardly. For instance, one superstition I used to have would be to not watch a game if the team I was rooting for was behind…I didn’t want my ‘evil eye’ to curse them! Silly, to be sure, but that’s what superstitions are. Anyway, since the Ms tied the series against the Padres and “blanked the Twinkies” as the announcers put it, by winning 3 – 0 against the Twins today, I’d say that they have shaken off their case of the rattles and are rockin’ steady…they got that gorilla off their shoulders! It’s nice to see them performing better. I sure hope that Michael Morse’s quadriceps strain heals soon – the “Big Horse” needs to be in the lineup, for many reasons…  😉

Speaking of the Mariners, I’d bought a team flag to hang and it came in the mail today – we hung it up during the game and will fly it again throughout the weekend in support. No fair-weather fan, here…I suffer through the losses and rejoice in the victories, and would freak out completely if the Mariners made it to the World Series! It’s a sports thing that few people truly understand, IMHO.

I have a challenge to randomly toss out to all of the brothas and sistas who ride, wherever you might be. Actually, I’ll just throw it out to ALL brothas and sistas, and if you happen to ride a bike of any sort, that’s a bonus. I also mean, literally, ANY SORT OF BIKE – even the pedal-powered ones. This is partially to see if anyone truly believes in solidarity, or if people are all talk and no action, as I cynically believe from personal experience. It’s mainly to bring some color to this tiny little burg and make the locals crap their pants, too! I want to see a huge showing during the “Rod Run to the End of the World” in Ocean Park, Washington on 7 & 8 September, 2013. Just make sure that your bikes, hot rods, and / or classic cars are heavily insured; tweakers tend to use Highway 101 as a major meth-transporting route, and we all know how those types destroy anything and everything they touch! Seriously though, cruise on through and check out the scenery. Stop in and say “hello” to Jerry at Bulldog Firearms; he said that dinner is on the house for all the bikers who park in front of his store and at least walk in to check out the merchandise. Just tell him that Sepultura sent you! I’m going to post this challenge on my two other ‘social’ sites to chum the waters a bit, too. I have made a $50 bet with my fiancée on this one, LMAO – I’ll post who won after the event!

Well, time to jump into Skyrim and explore the island of Solstheim! Have a nice weekend, one and all. Here are five awesome songs for your enjoyment.

Josh White: “Freedom Road

Shabba Ranks: “Kill Me Dead

Big Youth: “Green Bay Killing

Musical Youth: “Pass the Dutchie

Freddie McGregor: “Africa

Daniel Stisen. (Foto: Lars Haugdal Andersen, NRK)

Tornado i Oklahoma. (Foto: NTB Scanpix)

Protected: Happy 4/20…2013!!!

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Some Random Sunday Ramblings…

Aaaahhh…relaxing here on a quiet Sunday, listening to some music, sorting some books, and drinking coffee – I will switch over to tea in the afternoon. I decided to take a break and have a light lunch, then I’ll get back to looking through more boxes of books! For now, enjoy some interesting stuff I found whilst surfing the ‘webs.

First off, an article from Al-Jazeera about how Palestinian men and boys have been killed while attempting to get necessary goods such as food and medical supplies to people in the heavily-blockaded area:

“Gaza Strip – Gazans are crying foul after Egypt stepped up its campaign to wipe out an underground network of transportation tunnels by blasting raw sewage down them, sometimes with deadly results for Palestinian workers.

Some 2,000 men and boys work in the tunnel trade in the Gaza Strip. But over the past three months, more than 80 percent have lost the only work and benefits available in besieged Gaza, which remains stuck in an Israeli blockade.

That occurred after the government of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi ordered the destruction of the underground transportation network. As part of that effort, the military began dumping raw sewage into the passageways.

It’s the most serious – and arguably the most dangerous – attempt by Egypt to close down the tunnels since 2006, when Palestinians began digging the warrens after Israel sealed off its borders with Gaza following Hamas’ election victory.

An estimated 30 percent of goods that reach Gaza’s 1.7 million Palestinians come through the tunnels….

Israel’s air, sea and land blockade of Gaza has led to a booming tunnel excavation business that supplies basic food staples, medicine, and even cars to cut-off Palestinians.

Amer, who gave only one name as he feared reprisals for talking about the issue, sits against the wheel of a truck parked on the border area, waiting for a shipment to turn up. Every morning he comes from the north of Gaza to the south in search of work. He has been waiting for eight hours in vain, and is ready to return home empty-handed.

The owner of the tunnel where Amer works says it was destroyed by sewage pumped in by the Egyptian military.

For the past month Amer, 22, had mostly been hauling gravel, which like all construction materials is denied entry into Gaza by the Israeli government.

In the past, he could earn $26 per day, which helped feed his family and pay part of the school tuition for his two brothers.

When asked what he plans to do with work opportunities dried up, he looks frustrated. “I don’t know. This was the only way I could earn living and put food on the table for my brothers and mom. It may take some time to find another way,” says Amer.”

An opinion piece discusses the cognitive dissonance evident in the ‘leaders’ and members of the National Rifle Association (NRA):

“When the NRA finally broke its silence one week after the massacre of children in Newtown, its searing screed blasting everyone else for the carnage, and blaming everything but guns should have surprised no one.

Its proposed “solution” – protecting schools with armed guards – is ludicrously misguided in multiple ways, not least by the simple fact that Columbine High School was protected by two armed guards, to no avail, not to mention the statistical record, highlighted in a report from the Children’s Defense Fund, which shows that “the 5,740 children and teens killed by guns in 2008 and 2009 would fill more than 229 public school classrooms of 25 students each” – a rate of more than two Newtown massacres a week.

But if we want get to the core of the NRA’s madness, it helps enormously to consider its warped worldview on the one hand – where “the only way to stop a bad man with a gun is a good man with a gun” – and its complete misunderstanding of rights on the other hand. The Manichean good man/bad man view of things entirely ignores the fact that the Newtown killer had apparently been a “good man” up until the massacre day. In this, he is not alone….According to NRA theology, guns are synonymous with freedom, the very basis of our democracy. But according to John Locke – whose Second Treatise lays out the philosophical foundations for government by consent of the governed – this gets things exactly backwards: It’s the inability of guns – or any other private means – to secure our freedom that establishes the foundation for our civil government, and the freedoms it secures. The NRA is not alone in its misunderstanding, of course. But they are in the vanguard of getting the basis of American freedom utterly and totally wrong.”

As a former member of the NRA I can attest to that mindset, having read their propaganda-filled ‘newsletters’ during the three years I ‘belonged’. Funny that it took them this long to get their own ‘Token Black’ spokesman, as this blog post from Davey D’s Hip-Hop Corner shows:

I found this latest ad from the NRA (National Rifle Association) featuring a Black man named Colion Noir stating that African-Americans needs guns to protect themselves to be intriguing on a number of levels.  He talks about how the government  which has a history of racism will not be there for us, hence protecting one’s family is on us..

A couple of things to think about..In the ad Colion mentions the racist government but then tells us how the proverbial hood thugs ‘Ray Ray‘ and ‘Pookie‘ got guns and that President Obama and the govt wont be there to protect us hence.. He says its best we get our guns..

To a degree some of that may be true, but lets look at the sleight of hand Noir and the NRA pulls..While many African-Americans need protection from inner city crime, they also need protection from the government that also terrorizes Black folks..

Colion Noir

Colion Noir

In the ad Noir omits and redirects an important part of history, by inferring that the racist US government allowed white supremacist groups like the KKK to come after us.. Let’s keep it real many of those folks in wearing those hoods were police and government officials.  In their height during the 1920s when Black folks were being lynched left and right, the Klan was a major force in politics…”

There is no question that we need to arm ourselves, but those who own gun stores, or sell guns at various shows and exhibitions, are white – at least, in my neck of the woods they are! Because of this, I have had a couple of unpleasant experiences when I went to purchase guns about five years ago. On top of that, the craziness that has exploded because inbred, white-trash fucktards are afraid that “Obama’s comin’ fer our guns!” is being directed at Black people who may desire a firearm or two for personal protection. White fears of armed Black citizens create an atmosphere where discrimination can again run rampant. For instance, I have cause to suspect that the so-called ‘background checks’ being required of all who wish to buy guns are only being used very selectively – and they are used to prevent non-whites in general, and Black people specifically, from legally obtaining firearms. Do some research about the Brady Bill. Look up the restrictions which guarantee the ineffectiveness of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, & Firearms (ATF). In short, don’t believe the hype or the pandering of the NRA and other like groups, simply because they have a Black talking-head!

I’ll end with a trio of relaxing songs…enjoy!

Gene Pitney: “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

The Cranberries: “Dreams

Brewer & Shipley: “Witchi-Tai-To

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