Election Day


Last Week Tonight: Family Separation

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John talks about the unnecessary and racist policy of family separation, which has caused hundreds of children needless and long-lasting trauma.

Fear-mongering and racism have been the hallmark of this administration since the thing descended the escalator and announced that it was running for president. All of that has exploded now that it resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Streaming Schedule: November

Live-streaming schedule for November:

Saturday, 3 November – 4 November: 0900 – 1200 PDT, 1500 – 1700 PDT and 1900 – 2200 PDT.

Friday, 16 November – Sunday, 18 November: 0700 – 1100 PST and 1300 – 1700 PST.

Friday, 30 November – Sunday, 2 December: 0700 – 1100 PST and 1500 – 1900 PST.

Times are subject to change. Special rewards (!drops) will be enabled for ESO players.

My Twitch channel can be found under the ‘Multimedia Links’ tab, so bookmark it and watch the fun.


A Song on Sunday

A little bit of music as we “fall back” on this Sunday, ostensibly gaining an hour as Daylight Saving Time ends.

Five on Friday: R. E. M.

Life is great and irons are in the fire. Short-term plans are in motion; long-term plans are being penned. Things are happening.

Enjoy these five awesome songs from R.E.M. and have an excellent weekend.


Full Frontal Thursday: Racism & Anti-Semitism

In today’s edition of “Full Frontal Thursday,” Sam finally shines the spotlight on the racism and hatred that has exploded exponentially over the past few months, now that Jews have been openly targeted.

Black people have been the target for ages and I’ve talked about the dog-whistles and coded language used by the fascists and nationalists in the past. It isn’t new.

Samhain Blessings

Blessed Samhain to one and all.

A Trio of Tuesday Tunes

The latest in-game event is drawing to a close and I’ll be live-streaming off and on over the next few days now that my schedule has eased up again.

Here are three excellent songs for this installment of “Tuesday Tuneage.”


Last Week Tonight: State Attorneys General

In today’s installment of “Last Week Tonight,” John discusses the upcoming election and focuses on State Attorneys General. The one in my state isn’t up for re-election this year, but over 30 other states will be choosing a new one or keeping their incumbent.

Saturday Scenery: Murkmire

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