Year of the Dog

Today marks the Lunar New Year, commonly referred to as “Chinese New Year.” It is a misnomer, as China isn’t the only Asian country which celebrates this occasion.

Astrology-wise, it is the Year of the Earth Dog (Yin), 4715.

For my “Five Friday Favourites” I give you five dog-related images and memes, and five songs with “Dog” in the title and lyrics.


13 Songs for 14 February 2018

We all know what day it is. The relevance of this day varies for many.

In light of that, enjoy these 13 song selections.

❤ 😎 ❤

Maha Shivratri

Happy Mardi Gras!

Busy Week Ahead

My calendar shows a busy, eventful week ahead.

Game-wise, the latest DLC of The Elder Scrolls Online drops on Monday. Dragon Bones hearkens back to The Elder Scrolls Online V: Skyrim in the same way two other chapters paid homage to TESO III: Morrowind. The history and lore maintains accuracy and cohesion, thanks to the dedication of their lore-masters.

Tuesday is Mardi Gras – “Fat Tuesday.”

Maha Shivaratri will also be celebrated.

Wednesday is Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday. Is that ironic or what?

Thursday marks the only New Moon in February 2018; there is no full moon in February 2018. Another rarity is January and March both having a “Blue Moon” in the same year. Neil DeGrasse Tyson might know when this phenomenon will occur next!


Last, but certainly not least, Friday marks the Lunar New Year. Officially it is Chinese New Year 4715, a Yin year of the Earth Dog.

In light of these festivities, I decided to set off a Cherry Bomb to start the week off with a bang.

More explosive demonstrations are forthcoming. More music will follow as well.

Ready to party? Let’s go.


Belated Imbolc Blessings

My excitement over the Super Bowl made me forget to do a post about Imbolc. I’m correcting that mistake now.

Belated Imbolc blessings to all.


Learning is fun. It is something that I have always enjoyed, thanks to the teachers I encountered when I entered school.

Some teachers aren’t so great, and that’s an unfortunate thing. Kids should enjoy learning something new on a daily basis, and carry that into adulthood.

Learning new words to add to your vocabulary is an awesome thing to do. Merriam-Webster and the OED are excellent dictionaries to use for this purpose.

Only the uneducated, ignorant and / or slang-addicted get their definitions from the online “urban dictionary.”

This explains why communicating with others is difficult. They aren’t speaking the same type of English that I am.


Monday Memes: Moggies!

Here are a few funny memes to mark this last Monday of January.

The Super Bowl and Lunar New Year are just around the corner as February waits to take the stage, and the Full Blue Moon will hang bright in the sky the day after tomorrow.

I hope there’s a break in the rainclouds by then.


I’m Glad That’s Over With!

…for now. My health is excellent and I only have one sexual partner, so I might not have to endure that again for five years.

It is a necessary evil.


How I felt whilst waiting in the examination room:

How I felt on the relaxing drive home:

Finally, an amusing picture just for the hell of it – it made me laugh!

Desperation & Neediness…

…used to be negative traits to be managed and overcome. Now, it seems as if they are encouraged, rewarded, and celebrated by many.

Meanwhile, I’m considered to be a heartless bitch because I’m just not interested in being around soul-sucking wastes of air, energy, space, and time.

Go figure.


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