Bamboo Screen

The weather has improved quite a bit today and should be nice until the weekend begins, so some outdoor landscaping needs to take place in a hurry.

New neighbors require a natural privacy screen and the local bamboo provides it quite well. We have a veritable forest of it in the back yard and much needs to be moved. I didn’t want to get rid of it and neither did my hubster so we’re moving it to the fence-line between our property and the one next door.

It was nice to not have neighbors but now some fat slobs and their aged, 3-legged dog are moving in. They look to be the type to have grandchildren of the “special needs variety” and who needs to see walking abortions of that sort? I certainly don’t.

Bamboo screens are an eye-saver. The “green screen” will go up first.

The black bamboo will be added soon. The combination will be spectacular.


Midweek Music

Just a few tunes to get you all “over the hump” and sliding into the weekend.



“Stereotypes Have Some Truth In Them.”

That statement is one of the more popular logical fallacies I see used as an excuse for ignorance and stupidity. These obvious gas-lighting comments are rampant on the internet but particularly in the blog-o-sphere, in the comment sections of Facebook and YouTube, and have exploded exponentially on in-game zone-chat.

The people who use them the most are Trump-supporting race-baiters cherry-picked from the modern-day sideshows on YouTube, TLC, and the grossly misnamed Discovery channel. Gays who pretend that they’re discriminated against tend to use these strawmen to shut down non-white people while simultaneously discriminating against straight people.

People who pretend to be teachers, doctors, attorneys, or civil servants do the most damage. That’s what merit-based employment gets us: especially in the deep south where ‘southern values’ are rammed down throats and up asses.

I prefer having intelligent, reasonable discussions with intellectually curious critical thinkers. They are generally best conducted face-to-face.

If you’re looking for a like-minded goose-stepper who will agree with everything you say then please move on. I’m not one.

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